Educating Stan (Judy’s turn)

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Educating Stan (Judy’s turn)I always wanted to see how Stan would be with Judy if I wasn’t around. I guess I was curious as to how my prize student would do on his own and I had to admit, I just wanted to watch him fuck her without knowing that I was watching. I talked to Judy about it and, as horny as she stayed, she definitely was up for it. We developed a plan where I would tell Stan that I was going shopping and Judy would call him and say she thought there was a leak under her sink and would he come and take a look. Of course I was actually going over to Judy’s and get in position to watch. We put a chair in her livingroom closet which had a louvered door so I had a great view without being detected. When I got to Judy’s house, she met me in her robe and told me she had already called him. She untied her robe and opened it up, revealing that she was topless with only a pair of sheer red panties on. “What do you think?” she asked, to which I replied “I think that young dick is gonna be rigid as soon as he sees you.” We figured he would be there in just a few minutes so I took my place in the closet. Judy snickered and handed me a thick rubber dildo, explaining “Just in case you want to join in without actually joining in.” I looked at the dildo and back at Judy, feeling excited at the thought. “Well then I better get a little more comfortable” I said, unsnapping my jeans and pushing them to the floor. She reached down between my legs, running a fingertip across the wet spot forming on my panties. “Ooh, look at you” she giggled “You’re ready aren’t you? Don’t start without us.” Just as I began to answer her, we heard a knock on the door and she closed the closet. She had music playing so if I made any little noise, he wouldn’t hear it. She untied her robe and retied it a bit more loosely as she went to answer, calling out “Who is it?” to which I heard the reply “It’s me, Stan”.She pulled open the door, greeting him in a husky voice “ Well hey baby, come on in.” As he stepped into the doorway she slipped her arms around his neck, pulling herself up against him and purred “I really appreciate you coming over to help me. Whatever I can do to repay your kindness, just let me know” She was laying it on thick as she ran her hand down and squeezed his ass. Pulling away nervously, he answered “So you think you have a leak?” Nodding, she led him to the kitchen, still holding his arm. “I think it might be under the sink. I’m not sure because I spilled some water earlier and that might be just what it is but I want to be sure. Would you take a look for me?” I could see him stealing a glance down at her breasts that were almost exposed as he said “Sure, let me take a look”. He dropped down to his knees, opening the cabinet doors to check under the sink. In the mean time, with his back to her, Judy loosened the front of her robe a little more, letting it gap open further.When he turned back to her, asking “Do you have a flashlight?”, he was met with a view of the sides of her tits and her sheer panties just inches from his face. As his eyes widened, she chuckled and said “Sure baby, let me get it.” As she walked to the other side of the kitchen, she discretely untied the belt on her robe before picking up a small flashlight and turning back toward him. Stan began to squirm slightly as he watched her tits bounce and sway while she walked back over and handed it to him, saying loud enough for me to hear “Here you go baby.” Stan quickly took the flashlight and shined it under the sink, trying to take his eyes off of her. With his head under the sink, Judy leaned down and asked “Do you see anything?” When Stan pulled his head out and turned back to answer her, his face was just inches from her boobs hanging down in front of him. “No” he said, with a shaky voice “It looks dry under here.” She stepped back a little and ran a hand down the front of her panties, teasing “Well it sure isn’t dry under here.” As he quickly stood up, I could see his erection pressed against the front of his sweat pants. Judy reached out and rubbed it gently, cooing “Oh baby, what have we here? You should let me help you with that. You know, just return a favor for coming over.” Giving his cock a little squeeze, she continued “No one has to know.” Stan looked a little scared as he answered “Maybe not.” She grabbed his arm and led him into the living room, pushing him down on the couch. “Well at least let me get you something to drink. Would you like that?” He just nodded to her, staring at her backside while she headed alanya escort out to the kitchen rolling her ample hips as she walked away. Stan slipped his hand over his erection, having no idea that I was watching from just a few feet away. When Judy came back into the room and handed him a soda, she sat down beside him opposite of the closet, making sure she wasn’t blocking my view. Slipping her hand across his lap, she pushed his aside as she gripped the bulge in his pants, stroking it through the material as she asked “You sure I can’t help you with that?” Before he could answer, she leaned over, letting the front of her robe fall open, exposing her hard nipples as she breathed sexily “I would just love to.” Stan pulled back slightly and nervously replied “ You probably shouldn’t do that” but while he was saying it he raised his bottom slightly, push his cock up against her touch. Judy chuckled and stood, pulling her robe off and dropping it on the floor. I could see his erection throbbing against the sweatpants as a drop of precum seeped through the material.Judy walked over to her stereo and put some music on, moving with the beat as Stan stared at her plump ass. Dancing her way back over in front of him, she slid her hand down into the front of her panties again and began to rub herself. Moaning softly, she moved her free hand up and tweeked her nipples. “Come on, pull those pants down and let me see that hard cock. Fuck, I’m so hot baby just let me see it.” Stan looked a little unsure but he slipped his thumbs into the waistband of his sweats and pushed them down to his knees, his young erection standing stiff, curving up toward his stomach. Judy moaned louder “Oooh yeah baby” as she rubbed her pussy more intently “It looks so good. You like what I’m doing? Do you want to see me rub my pussy baby?” Stan looked dazed as he quickly nodded and muttered “ Uh Huh.” She pushed her hand further down into her panties and shoved her fingers up inside herself as she commanded him “Take them all the way off baby.” Stan pushed his sweatpants all the way down and pulled his feet out of them, moving them to the side. “Oh baby” Judy moaned “ I could ride that sweet dick all night long.” Turning her back to him, she kept dancing, swaying her round ass in his face. She slowly bent forward, pushing her panties aside to give him a rear view of her wet pussy. As he stared at her fingers sliding in and out between her swollen labia, his cock twitched and oozed a steady stream of clear precum. Looking back over her shoulder, she said “Don’t you wanna fuck me baby? Don’t you wanna shove that hard cock up inside my pussy and make me cum all over it?” Turning back to face him, she worked her clit furiously as she continued moving to the music. “ I need to cum baby” she moaned more loudly, pulling her panties aside, exposing her fat, wet slit. “Oh yeah baby, you want to watch me cum? Oh yeah, I’m almost there.” Reaching down with her other hand, she spread herself open and stroked her clit, which stood out like a tiny little erection. Moving up to straddle his legs, Judy moaned “Oh yeah, look how wet I am. I’m almost there baby, don’t you wanna fuck me?” Stan’s dick twitched beneath her as she leaned forward, pulling her fingers out of her pussy and slipping them into his mouth. Suddenly he cried out and raised himself up toward her as a stream of thick cum shot up out of his young cock, splashing over her thick bush and belly. That was all it took as she reached down, squatting over at his erupting dick, grabbing and rubbing the spurting head across her clit. She grunted and screamed “Oh yeah, Oh fuck!” as she bucked against his cock. Stan continued to cum, the white semen matting through her pubic hair, as he slid his hands around her and fondled her fat ass. I was so turned on watching that I slipped my hand down into my panties and began fingering myself. I was surprised to feel how wet I was.Not waiting any long for his permission, Judy moved down, straddling his lap. His climax subsided and the cum was just oozing out now, running down onto his balls but he remained erect. She reached down and guided him into her, lowering herself onto his hard cock. As she leaned in and kissed him passionately, she let out a muffled cry and I could tell she was cumming a second time. Stan moved his hands up and down her plump ass as he shoved his cock up into her. Laying her head on his shoulder, she moaned loudly as she rode up and down on him. “Oh yeah baby, fuck me, your cock feels so good. You like escort alanya that pussy? Fuck my pussy baby!” Watching them fuck had me ready. I pushed my panties off quietly and picked up the rubber dick that Judy had provided. Spreading my legs, I lifted them up, planting a foot on each side of the closet door. Nudging my clit with he tip of the dildo, I continued to watch them as Judy pushed her nipples into his mouth and Stan sucked them hungrily. Throwing her head back, she whispered “Oooh yeah sweetie, suck my titties. That feels so good.” Stan thrust himself upward, trying his best to work his cock in and out of her. Realizing her weight was making it difficult, Judy lifted off of him and took his hand, pulling him up as his erection stood straight out, bobbing in front of him. Crawling up on the couch, she positioned herself on all fours with her ass toward him. Pushing her legs apart, she looked back over her shoulder and whispered, almost commanding him “Give it to me baby! Fuck me good!” Stan moved up and pushed his hard cock inside her, running his hands down her fat asscheeks as he began fucking her. As I stared, fascinated at the sight of his dick sliding in and out of her, I pushed the dildo inside of my own wet pussy and began fucking myself to the rhythm of his strokes. Judy moaned and cried “Oh god, fuck me baby! Fuck me hard, I want to cum on that sweet dick!” Stan increased his thrusting, pulling his dick only about halfway out before slamming it back in, going faster and harder. He lifted and spread her ass cheeks, pushing upward to sink his hard cock as deep as he could. Her moaning became more intense as she gasped for breath and ground her ass back into him, getting closer to having another orgasm. Working the rubber dick in and out of my own wet cunt, I was right on the verge of cumming with her. “Uh huh, baby fuck that pussy!” she cried out again “I’m gonna cum, make me cum baby, fuck my pussy til I cum.” He shoved his hips forward more intensely, pounding his erection into her. Raising a finger to his lips, he licked it making it slick with saliva. Moving his hand back down, he slipped it into her anus just like I had taught him and began finger fucking her ass as he fucked her violently. That was all it took as she threw her head back and let out a scream as her orgasm hit. Watching them, I covered my mouth with one hand and shoved the dildo all the way in my own pussy and came as well. Rising up slightly, I shoved the rubber dick in and out, giving myself over to to sensation of my climax as I watched Stan fucking Judy.Slowly my orgasm subsided and I eased back down on the edge of the chair, still sliding the dildo in and out of my soaking wet cunt, enjoying the afterglow as I stared at them. She had her head down on the back of the couch, moaning softly as Stan pulled his hard cock out and bent forward. Pushing her cheeks apart once more, he slipped his tongue into her ass, another little trick I had shown him, rimming her out as she exclaimed “Oh my!” When he had thoroughly eaten her ass out, he straightened back up and shoved the head of his dick into her little brown hole. Pushing slowly, he eased his cock all the way into her ass before pulling it almost all the way out. Moving in and out, he fucked her in the ass, as she grunted and moaned, seemingly liking it as she whispered “Oooh yeah baby, fuck me in my ass. Uh huh baby, your cock feels so good in my ass.” She moved a hand down between her legs and massaged her own pussy as he continued to pump his dick in and out of her tight ass. Stan moaned and grimaced, looking like he was close to exploding as she became more vocal “ Oh yeah baby, your cock is so hard, cum baby, cum in my ass!” That was all it took as he grabbed her hips and let out a yell “ I’m cumming!”. Throw his head back, he buried his erection in her rectum and began emptying his seed inside of her. Moving her hand further back, she massaged his balls as he held her tight against him and continued to cum. As he pumped in and out of her ass, the white cum ran out around his shaft. She rocked back against him, moaning as he began to slow down. As his dick softened, it slipped out of her tight ass. Another small spurt shot out of his cock and ran down her ass. Falling down on the couch beside her, he let out a big breath. Judy moved down to his side, and cuddled up against him. After just a moment, he muttered “ I better clean up and get home.” As he started to rise up, she stopped him. “Hold on, I’ll take care of that.” Getting alanya escort bayan up, she went down the hall and when she returned, she had a wash cloth. Getting down on her knees in front of him, she began to wash his dick off. “Oh man, that feels so good” he whispered “So nice and warm.” As she cleaned him, she stroked his cock and it actually started to get hard again. She immediately leaned forward and took it in her mouth. Stan laid his head back for a minute, letting her suck his dick but then he lifted her head up and said “ I gotta go, she (meaning me) is gonna start wondering where I’m at.”Sliding off the couch, he grabbed his jeans and underwear. Slipping my panties back on, I got ready to make a mad dash as soon as he left, hoping I could beat him home but I didn’t realize she wasn’t quite done yet. Judy moved over on her knees in front of him and resumed stroking his erection. “ What are you gonna do with this?” Stan just stared down at her, not knowing which way to turn as she moved up closer, nestling his dick against her chest. Putting her hands on either side of her tits, she pushed them together and slid them up and down around his shaft. As he closed his eyes and leaned in, she pulled his hands down to take the place of hers. He began moving his hips up and down, sliding his hard cock between the fleshy globes as she encouraged him. “ Yeah baby, fuck those tits. You know you want to cum again for me. Cum all over my tits baby!” Slipping her hands around him, she fondled his ass, causing him to moan. “Ooh you like me playing with your ass? Let me make it real good for you.” Pulling her hand back to her lips, she licked a finger until it was slick with spit. Moving around him once more, she slipped it into his ass and began to finger fuck him. “Oh god “ he moaned loudly. Judy chuckled as she encouraged him even more “ Yeah baby, that’s good, fuck my titties!” Shoving her finger in and out of his anus, she slapped him on the ass with her free hand, coaxing him “ Ooh baby, you like that don’t you? You want to cum again baby?” Getting up off the floor, Judy took his clothes out of his hands and tossed them on a chair. Standing at his side, she pushed his hand down to his cock and made him stroke himself. Watching him jacking off for her, I pushed my hand down into the front of my panties and rubbed my clit. my mind was transfixed as I stared at his cock and felt my second orgasm quickly approaching.“Yeah baby, make it cum for me” she commanded him in a husky voice. Moving her hand back down behind him, she resumed fucking his ass with her finger. He bent his knees, spreading his legs to allow her to penetrate him deeper. “ Um-hum, you like that don’t you baby? Pump that dick for me sweetie!” Stan needed no further encouragement as he pushed his ass down against her hand and slid his hand furiously up his shaft. Judy turned slightly sideways and ground her pussy against his hip as she moaned “Cum for me baby, make your dick shoot that sweet load for me!” Pushing her finger all the way into him, she massaged his prostate as he grunted and and shook. “Come on baby, you want to cum for me? Yeah baby, let it go!” Squeezing and pumping his cock, Stan suddenly threw his head back and cried out “ Oh god I’m cumming again!” as a thick stream of white semen shot across the floor. Judy ground harder against his hip and seemed to be having another orgasm herself as she stared down at his spewing erection. “Oh yeah baby” she moaned “ That’s so good. Let it all out baby!” Moving her other hand down, she cupped his balls as he continued jacking off for her, spraying a seemingly endless stream of his young cum onto the floor. Seeing him cumming for her, I started to orgasm, shoving my hand over my mouth once more as the waves of pleasure ran through my lower half. Judy chuckled again, running her hand over the head of his cock, scooping up some of the semen oozing out and bringing it to her lips. As she licked it off her hand, she slapped him playfully across his ass and said “Run along now. I’ll be sure and call you over again when my plumbing needs attention.” He quickly dressed and before he could slip out the door, she kissed him once more.As soon as he was gone, I opened the closet and stepped out. She looked at me unsure before I smiled and whispered “Wow, that was too much! I had two orgasms myself just watching.” She grinned sheepishly, her dominant side fading “ Damn girl, your guy can fuck once he gets started. He made me cum big time. You are fucking lucky.” Pulling my jeans on, I giggled “Yeah, he almost has too much energy for me” She chuckled again “Well anytime you need a break, just send him over.“ Heading for the door, I hugged her and answered “ I’ll take you up on that, as long as I can watch!”Edit Delete

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