Don and Dan

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Don and DanMe and my Wife decided to go on a little trip again but this time decided on a different destination. We got packed like always and got dressed by putting on our sexy stuff under our regular cloths just in case we found some good places on the way to take some pictures. We took off and drove to our new destination and found a couple places to take some fun pictures on the way but nothing that we could strip completely and get the real sexy pictures but some of toes and stuff. We checked into the hotel and went up to our room and then checked around the place. It was a new casino so we had a lot to look at and really liked what we saw. We went out and checked out the area and then went back to our hotel and decided to go find a place to eat so we found a nice little bar in the casino and had a small dinner and drinks. We then went to a booth and sat and talked and had another drink. I could tell the wife was getting drunk so told her we should go and walk around and check the place out. We got up and looked around and found a nice little bar in the corner of the place, so we went inside and sat at a booth. We got another drink and sat around and I told her to drink it slowly. We looked around and saw a few people drinking but she was drawn to the two men in the corner. I looked at them and they looked maybe 30 and in nice shape. She said bet you would love for them to fuck your sissy ass huh? I was a little surprised but said well sure why not. She knew about my past and how I would get fucked all night long by men at a sex club and she knew I would love to do it and have her watch and help but she always said no. we talked for a while and I said I had to go to the bathroom, so I would be back in a short while and told her to behave. I got up and went to the bathroom and when I got back to the table the two men were sitting at our table. I was a little surprised and excited at same time so I sat down and wife said dear this is Don and his buddy Dan and they would love to fuck your ass for you tonight. I was in shock and said what? She said well they are both gay and came to the bar to find a fuck buddy so I told them about you and us, She reached over and grabbed my cock that was now getting balıkesir escort hard and said yup he is ready. The one guy close to me reached over and grabbed it and said not bad but I need to see are you really dressed in nylons and stuff. I moved around a little and took off my shoes and put my feet up on the seat next to him and he looked down and saw my nylon feet and red toes. He started to rub and stroke my feet and toes and said damn I love it. My wife said okay let go and we all got up and headed to the elevator and up to our room. She opened the door and quickly stripped me down to nylons garter belt and bra while the men watched. She said okay guys he is all yours have fun he is your slave now and will do whatever you want. I was excited and watched as they both took off their pants and I got to see some cocks. Both had nice cocks about 8” but I was finally going to get some after almost 30 years. They both came over and put their cocks close to my mouth so I took both and started to suck and lick on them nice and slow. I was loving it and sucked slowly so it would last. I looked over at my wife and she had stripped down to her nylons and bra and was playing with her pussy while watching us. I said I need a cock in my ass who is first and I lay down on the bed on my back and put my feet in the air for easy access. Don moved over between my legs and put his cock in my ass and started to fuck me slowly then started to hammer my ass hard and deep. Dan was watching so I told him to come over and fuck my mouth, so he got on the bed and stuck his cock in my mouth and started to fuck my mouth while his buddy fucked my ass. I heard a click and my wife was taking all kinds of pictures, so I was happy. Don fucked me for a while longer and then I could feel him about to explode so I said fill my sissy ass up. He had a big orgasm and filled my ass with a huge load of cum and finally got up and Dan took his place. I felt him enter my ass and then I felt something on the bed and my wife climbed up onto my face and sat down and said lick my pussy sissy. I started to lick and almost immediately she exploded in a huge orgasm. I kept on licking and she kept on exploding. After one of them Dan exploded escort balıkesir in my ass and filled me with a nice load of hot cum. I kept on licking my wife until she had almost 50 orgasms and she finally got off my face. Dan and Don sat down on the chairs in the room and we sat on the bed and talked. I found out that they both were gay and just loved my sissy ass and fucking it and would be willing to fuck it for me anytime I needed. My wife just smiled and said well we are here for another day so never know. I did enjoy watching that I must say. They both looked at me and my cock that was dripping and hard and smiled and said well it would be a shame to let this go to waste. They pushed me back on the bed and started to lick and suck on my cock. I then felt someone sucking my toes and looked down and saw my wife sucking my toes while the guy’s sucked my cock. I was in love and within a matter of minutes I exploded in someone’s mouth. I looked down and all three had taken turns getting cum from my cock. Dan Don and my wife. They all licked their lips and smiled. The two men got dressed and took off and my wife got their phone numbers and we sat around and talked about this. She said I was right she did enjoy watching It and she would love to do it again. I said thank you and now it was her turn she said what do you mean, and I said I want to watch you with another man fucking you deep and hard. She smiled and said well that might be fun also and I said yes it would. She said tell you what if we find the right guy then okay but only if he agrees to fuck me till he is ready to cum and then finishes off in your ass. I looked at her and said nope he finishes off in your pussy then you sit down on my face and I get to lick you clean. She smiled and said damn that would be better okay. We slept well that night still wearing our outfits and the next morning we took showers together and then put on some fresh outfits and went out to explore. We found a couple areas that we could get some real good pictures of us in just our outfits and even one area that she put on her strap-on cock and fucked me in the ass. We loved the area and it was getting late, so we went back to our hotel and ate balıkesir escort bayan and had a few more drinks. We went to the same bar and same table as before but this time the place was packed because it was a Friday night. We had a few drinks but nobody looked right for wife, so we decided to call it a night. We started to walk up to our room when Don and Dan called out from the hall and came up to us and said hello. We talked for a while and they asked what was going on and I said well we were looking for a prospect for my wife this time. They both looked at me and said huh? I told them that because I got my fantasy filled it was her turn and I wanted to see her get fucked by another man. They looked at each other and said well it is not our bag but we would fuck her for you if you want. I looked at wife and she smiled, and I said okay follow us so we walked up to our room and we quickly stripped. This time I had on red nylons and wife had on white and matching bra and panties. I quickly took off her panties and she lay down on the bed on her back. They both stripped, and Dan got between her legs and started to fuck her slowly and then fast. I got down and took Don’s cock into my mouth and started to suck on him to get him ready for wife. My wife was loving it I could tell because she started to have orgasm after orgasm until he finally exploded in her pussy and filled it with a nice load of cum. I got up and got between her legs and licked all of the cum I could get out of her pussy and then Don got between her legs and started to fuck her deep. He fucked her till he finally exploded deep in her pussy and I then got up and lay down on the bed next to her. She moved over and sat down on my face and all of the lovely cum flowed right into my open mouth and I swallowed it all down like a good sissy. I then felt someone playing with my toes and looked down and saw Don and Dan sucking my toes. My wife got up and smiled and sat down on my hard cock and rode it till I filled her sweet pussy with a nice load of cum. She moved over to my face and sat down on my mouth and I licked her shaved pussy clean while the guy’s sucked my toes. We sat around, and she thanked them for a great fucking and I thanked them for a great mouthful of hot cum in my mouth. They took off and we talked and we both agreed that this was great but probably would never happen again. I said unless we come back to this place and run into Don and Dan. She laughed and said hell yes, they were fun.

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Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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