Do you want to meet my Daughter

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Do you want to meet my DaughterI put a ad on a swingers site for les or bi females .Few days later i got lot of replies .Most them did have clear face pictures but older couple who replied the female half had picture she was about 50 but great looking. I replied back to her and told her ,i do not do men.If you are willing i am happy to meet her.She replied back in the evening.We arranged to meet next day during the day.I was not willing to give her my number and i told where to meet and the time .I waited for and i saw her and went greet her ,i said hi and she said hi.and gave her kiss on chick and she did the same .I said coffee,she nodded and we did small talk and i wanted talk in private .I asked her if she want to come and talk in private.i said i have car in the car park .We went to the car and we got in the car .She said you are a stunner . I said thank you.We looked around and we started kiss . I put my hand on her boobs and she went in between my legs.We played with each other for a while and said to come to my place .We drove at mine,got in and started kissing and i took her coat off dropped it on the floor and i took mine off bahis firmaları while i was still kissing her.Her boobs big she had them done just i did.I took her hand and lead her to bedroom.We took off the rest of cloths off i laid down on bed and open my legs she said oh yes she went down she got her tongue going in my pussy ,she was working it faster and faster this went on for long while then i came with shudder and pussy juice came out she lapped it up, this old bitch was good .I return pleasure .I told i wanted to ride her with the strap on .she agreed that .i put her on all four and i went up pussy with strap on slowly she making lot moan groan and faster and faster i went she came and i was tried and she was ready to go again .I told her i wanted o up her ass .which i did .and she became my bitch ,i fucked her few times and we became great friend.Any way she told me about her daughter that she broke off with her girlfriend.Her daughter told her that she was gay when she was 16.Her and husband did not care about that .She has not found any one after her .So Maggie is asking me to go with her.I know you been with lot of young perabet girls.But i said how am i going to get to know her .She said we go to this pub and you come there and soon as she sees you she will look at you and you can give a smile.And i will egg her on.I went the pub as arranged .Maggie and Lanny was already there .And Maggie was right see looked straight away ,i gave her a smile ,she smiled back ,i went and got a drink mean while Maggie egging her to come chat me up but she was reluctant ,so Maggie came over and ask me to join them ,so i went .Maggie introduce me to Lanny .Lanny could not take her eyes of my boobs.Maggie went to the loo and she left me alone with Lanny and started talking to her to ease her.Maggie came back and gave me a wink .So i said i am going to the loo ,mean while Maggie told Lanny to make a move .When i came back Maggie said Lanny think you are so attractive ,i said thank you and you are very sexy to Lanny .She gave me a smile and i said hope you dont mine Maggie but i like to ask Lanny if she wants to go for meal with me .Maggie said well do you want to go Lanny ,She nodded .I said lets perabet giriş go Lanny ,i said good buy to Maggie and both left.when we went out side i said what you want to eat she said pizza .We went and had a Pizza.We walked outside i said i know we just met but would like to come over to mine.She said may be.I know you fancied me.when first walked into the pub.I knew you are into girls .She said lets go to yours.I took her to mine and took my coat off and her mouth dropped you have amazing boobs like my mum.I said thank you bitch ,i was wearing short top and mini which she did not see because of my coat and she does not know i am not wearing anything else .i went up to her and started kissing her and she was pleased .i took her coat off while i was kissing ,then i said how long is it been since you been a girl.she said 3 months.I took her to bed room and said you like liking pussy ,she said yes .I said start baby and she did in no time i came she knew how to clean up .I said you going to my bitch ,she nodded .i fucked her all night and i introduce her 4 some i took her to one bitch i knew i dressed her up in ultra mini ,hills and big earings real slut and she loves it.Maggie was Pleased that she is seeing lot of other women and girls.Me and Maggie still see each other when ever we can and Lanny she is well into other women and she does not miss her girlfriend at all.

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