Disney is Where Dreams Come True

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She entered one of the cottages that she knew was under maintenance and out of the way. It was nothing big, purely decorational, but it was made in proportion so that a small group of girls could go in and pretend that they were in an accurate, if cartoonish, representation of a countryside peasant’s house in one of the films that Disney made.

She shut the door behind her with her bum, her eyes adjusting from the dusk glare outside to the dim gloom of the tiny house. He was sitting in the center, on a proportionate chair, looking almost comical with how big he looked compared to their current… accommodations. This was no time to laugh, however. Crikey, she was damned horny. Even brisk walking to the cottage was unbearably stimulating, what with the rubbing of her thighs against her swollen labia, and the swinging of her bra-less tits under her peasant Belle costume as she thought of the coming depravity she was about to perform with this man.

She took a tentative step towards him, her chest heaving in anticipation. He was a spitting image of Gaston. Smooth, jet-black hair that was genuinely long, rippling muscles under a very tight red top, large hands, and large feet in heavy black boots.. He was accurate up to that haughty smile on his lips and the shrewd glint in his eye.

Ever since she was a little girl watching Beauty & the Beast, she’d had a singular fascination with Gaston. He was selfish and full of himself, but there was something about the way he carried on with such confidence that made her heart flutter, and weak in the knees… And now that she was a woman, she realized, very, very wet in her groin.

When bahis firmaları she, one of the hired women who played Belle for the young lady patrons of Disneyland, met the hired man who played Gaston… There could be only one outcome.

As she stood before him, their eyes locked, his hands moved at his tight black pants and pulled out his enormous cock, already stiff and twitching, as if beckoning to her. His grin deepened and she felt her breath hitch in her throat. Her knees gave out under her, and she practically crawled to him and settled meekly between his legs. Licking her lips, mouth watering, her slender fingers eagerly guided his 10 inch manhood to her mouth.

She sighed contentedly as her lips latched onto the head of his cock, tasting his saltiness, inhaling his manly musk. Her pussy salivated more at this. She sucked on the head gently, and he grunted throatily in approval. She raised her gaze to him as one hand started pumping his shaft and the other fondled his balls. His wolfish stare sent thrills down her back and into her pussy, making it ache for him. Still, she wanted to pleasure him more.

She ran her tongue up and down her length, letting her saliva and his precum smear her cheeks as she did so. It turned her on so bad! She grabbed the shaft in both hands and took his jewels in her mouth, scrotum and all. His arousal dripped from the tip of his cock, into her hands and onto her forehead as she alternately rolled his balls in her mouth, sucked on them with much gusto and nibbled playfully on the skin. Above her, he growled out his pleasure. She was so good with her mouth. Just as she felt his shaft and kaçak iddaa the rest of his body tighten and tense, he grabbed her wrists and pushed her away, putting his weight onto her so that he fell atop her on the floor.

He unceremoniously hiked up her skirts to her waist and jockeyed into position between her legs. He ran his calloused hands down from the creamy skin dipping at her waist and appreciatively thumbed the junction of her ass and her thighs. She had gone commando for this, and he was very, very pleased. His head cocked to the side as she reached down, blushing furiously and breathing heavily, and parted the lips of her pussy wide for him to see. She was quite swollen and very dripping wet.

Chuckling, he took two fingers and ran it up and down her sopping folds. She groaned pitifully, eyes tightly shut, back arching, and hips bucking towards him. He loved making her body beg for him like this. She let out a sharp but satisfied gasp as he plunged his fingers deep into her. There was a tortured moan as he twisted his fingers inside her and pulled out, causing her juices to spill out of her eager hole. Smug, he smeared her juices generously on his cock and braced his grip on either hip.

She screamed in ecstasy, her hands involuntarily grabbing his wrists for support as he pushed his cock into her hot depths. The muscles of her cunt writhed around him, welcoming him, almost making him lose his seed at that instant. He growled viciously, not yet. Not until he pounded her hoarse and tearful and begging him to cum inside her.

A few strands of his hair came loose as he began to thrust in and out of her with wild kaçak bahis abandon. Even through her bleary, lust-drowned gaze, endlessly bobbing up and down with each of his thrusts, her chest clenched with thrill and pure ecstasy at being fucked by her childhood fantasy. She hooked her legs behind him, willing their bodies to melt together. One large hand grabbed her breast through the fabric, squeezing savagely and possessively. Her desire for him spilled from her lips with a long drawn-out moan. She took the other breast in her own hand and kneaded and pinched her own nipple, as she played her clit with the other. Drool started trickling out her mouth as sanity all but left her in the torrent of pleasure he subjected her to.

“Deeper… Harder… Oh, please… Please… Fuck me more… Fuck me just like that… JUST like THAT… Please, pleeeease! OHHH, right THERE!”

“Such a noisy.. naughty.. cunt! UGH! Ugh! Mmmmh.. I should stuff you full.. with my cum to shut you up. Do you like that? Huh? HUH!?”

“Yes! YES! Fucking.. yyyessss.. My pussy feels so good! Unnhhh.. Yes… Please fucking please… shoot your cum in me!”

“You want it.. that bad.. HUH?! Ungh! Ungh! Umh! I don’t think I’m convinced. Mmf!”

“I want to.. feel you coming.. inside my pussy.. Unh! Please.. squirt it all inside!”

“If you.. UnGH! Insist!”

He groaned into his next few thrusts, which were hard, fast and rough. And she only loved it more, as she felt his hot semen coating the walls of her happy little pussy, and probably squirting deep inside her womb. A smile played on her lips as he bent down, thrusting once or twice more and bit between her neck and her shoulder while giving her an angry red hickie. This she would wear for the week until their schedules coincided again. She kissed his strong jaw appreciatively and purred, “I can’t wait for next week.”

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