Diaper Bound

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Serena had heard about this place from a trusted girlfriend; during a long and tipsy happy hour, the friend had described this place as a “sex fantasy amusement park/spa.” Her friend had given her a simple business card, with only a phone number on it. Serena brushed it off at the time, but after several weeks of wondering, she caved and gave the number a call.

Now she found herself sitting in a simple, yet fancy modern office. Across the desk from her was a calm, professional woman named Elizabeth, explaining all the paperwork and answering her questions. Elizabeth had given her a list of sexual situations, kinks and fantasies to look through. The idea was that each guest would craft a personal fantasy they’d like to live out, and for a hefty fee the establishment would create that “Experience” for them.

Serena browsed through the suggestions, and one of the menu items jumped out at her immediately – it was something she was always curious about, but never wanted to bring up with an actual partner. She quickly checked off some boxes, before she lost her nerve, and handed the form back to Elizabeth. Elizabeth looked over it and smiled, saying, “Wonderful, I’ll just need you to sign here and we can begin the experience.”


Serena wakes up slowly, she feels a little groggy, and it takes a few moments for her to blink her eyes open. She is lying down on her back, above her is a gray concrete ceiling. Serena tries to to rub her eyes with her hand, but she finds that they are bound together and secured above her head. She quickly looks down the length of her body to assess what else might be bound. She finds that her feet are also strapped down, each ankle is secured and spread slightly apart, resting next to the edges of the surface she is lying on. Serena can only lift her head so high, but it seems she is lying on a flat table, it has some padding and reminds her of the exam table at a doctors office, but longer to accommodate her full length. Serena is happy to find that she is somewhat clothed, wearing a hospital gown-like garment.

Looking around, it seems like Serena is alone in the room, at least for the moment. It’s a reasonable sized room, but it feels larger due to it’s cold and industrial nature. There are fluorescent lights, gray concrete floors and drab walls. Around the room are various cabinets and mysterious looking equipment, along with a small seating area. The oddest part is what looks like a large, caged-off area in the corner.

As she’s looking at the cage, Serena here’s a door open on the other side of the room. She whips her head in that direction and sees two men entering. Both are handsome and stoic, but one is clearly the leader due to his more mature age and general sense of confidence. Serena feels a shiver of hesitation, wondering what she has gotten herself into; here she is completely bound and barely clothed, apparently at the mercy of two complete strangers. The two men walk towards her and look her over with their eyes; Serena feels incredibly self conscious, but she cannot move any part of her body to hide.

The older man says, “Hello Serena, you may address me as the Doctor, and this is my assistant.”

Serena nods, unsure if she should speak or not.

“We will begin your experience with an examination,” says the Doctor, who gives a slight nod to his partner.

The Assistant takes action and wheels over a cart that has a multitude of implements on it. The Doctor starts with simple tasks, like taking her blood pressure and listening to her breaths with a stethoscope. Serena shivers with each touch, not yet used to this stranger’s hands. Without much warning, the Doctor slides his hand under the collar of Serena’s gown, and places his hand on her breast. Serena’s pulse quickens as he deftly examines her breast through touch. He removes his hand and moves down the table, this time he gently lifts the hem of her gown, and folds it over, exposing her from the ribcage down.

Serena pulls in a sharp breath; a quick peek confirms what she suspected, that she has no underwear on. The Doctor and the Assistant can both see her completely exposed vagina. The Doctor places his hands gently on her abdomen and applies pressure, moving his hands this way and that. The Assistant is holding a small bottle out towards the Doctor, anticipating his next step. After applying a small amount of lube, The Doctor swiftly enters Serena with two fingers. She gasps at the sudden intrusion, but the Doctor stays stoic faced as usual. He moves around, clinically assessing her vagina. Before Serena can even get comfortable, he is back out and nodding to the Assistant.

Each of the men unstrap one of Serena’s ankles, and the Assistant moves to take both of them in his hands. He holds her ankles shoulder width apart, and raises Serena’s legs up straight up. This leaves not only Serena’s vagina exposed, but also her asshole. The Doctor busies himself at the cart and when he turns around Serena’s eyes go wide; in his hand bahis firmaları is a butt plug, something she has never used before. The Doctor walks over and Serena starts squirming; the Assistant strengthens his grip on her and pins her down further.

Once again, the Doctor applies lube to his fingers and slowly starts tracing around Serena’s asshole. At first Serena is very tense, but soon she finds herself enjoying the sensation and relaxes. The Doctor presses the tip of his finger up against her hole, and slowly pushes in. Serena’s muscles instinctually resist, but the Doctor keeps pushing, eventually inserting his entire finger. Slowly, he moves around and around, in and out, stretching and loosening Serena’s asshole. Once satisfied, he removes his finger and grabs the butt plug.

Placing it against Serena’s opening, he slowly pushes it in. Serena gasps, it’s not huge but it is certainly bigger than a finger. The widest part slides past her opening and she can feel the flat bottom coming to a stop against the outside of her asshole. She clenches a few times, eventually getting used to the sensation.

The Assistant brings her ankles together and lifts upwards, raising Serena’s bottom off the table and surprising her. She hears a crinkling noise and looks over to see the Doctor with an adult diaper in his hands. Serena’s eyes widen, not sure if she’s ready for this. The Doctor unfolds the diaper and slips it under Serena’s hips. She certainly feels like a baby, with one man holding her up by her ankles and the other putting a diaper on her.

The Assistant lowers her legs down and her bottom comes to rest on the open diaper. The Doctor begins rubbing a cool cream all around Serena’s privates, moving over her buttcheeks, labia and pubis mound. Serena feels a flutter of pleasure run through her as he grazes her most intimate skin. Next, the Doctor lifts up the front of the diaper, and pulls it tight against Serena’s body, fastening it in place. It feels odd to Serena, it is snug and tight, almost comforting. It makes her aware of her still tingling clitoris, and of the butt plug nestled inside of her. She is also embarrassed though, in a diaper in front of these two men.

The Doctor gives the front of the diaper a little pat, and pulls the gown back over Serena’s legs. The Assistant walks to the head of the table and unclasps Serena’s hands, freeing her. The Doctor guides Serena off the table, and walks her to the corner of the room with the cage. With each step, Serena can feel the diaper tight against her skin. Approaching the cage, Serena can see that the ‘walls’ are about seven feet high, and the entire thing is made of vertical iron bars. Inside on the floor are some blankets, pillows and a few toys.

The Doctor stops, opens the gate and says, “This is your playpen. You will be left to yourself in here for the next few hours.”

Serena looks at them both in disbelief – do they really want her to go in here? The Doctor gives her a gentle, yet meaningful nudge on the back. Serena steps in, she can immediately feel that the floor is padded, making it comfortable enough to sit or lie on. The Assistant steps in and holds something out to her, it looks like a large baby bottle.

“For when you get thirsty,” the Assistant says while he hands it to her.

The Doctor closes the door and locks it shut; him and the Assistant both leave the room. She looks down at the bottle, there is no way I am drinking from a bottle she thinks, and sets it down. Over the next hour or so, Serena tries to distract herself, but there is no question that she is getting very thirsty. She has no real sense of how long it’s been since she drank that glass of water in Elizabeth’s office. Eventually, she picks up the bottle and takes a sip. It’s simply water, but it feels so good in Serena’s parched mouth. Without thinking she drinks the whole bottle, not even caring that it makes her feel ridiculous.

Afterwards, Serena realizes she’s also sleepy, so she lays down and takes a nap. When she awakes, unsure of how long it’s been, Serena feels the familiar pressure in her bladder, she has to go pee. Serena is of course wearing a diaper, but there is no way she is ready to use it yet. As the next half hour passes, Serena becomes more and more aware of her need to use the bathroom, it’s all she can focus on. Finally, the two men reenter the room; Serena gets up and stands in the middle of the playpen, waiting for them to approach.

The Assistant opens the gate and the Doctor enters. He steps to Serena and lifts up the hem of her gown, exposing her diaper. He reaches down and palms her pubis, Serena twitches at the contact, she can feel the slight pressure of his hand through her diaper. The Doctor can tell Serena has not used the diaper yet; he looks her in the eyes and then moves behind her. Serena can feel him untying the back of her gown – with a whoosh, it falls to her feet and she is left standing completely naked, other than the diaper of course. She moves to cover kaçak iddaa her chest, but the Doctor is too quick for her and intercepts her hands.

He binds them together in soft cuffs, her hands fall as one in front of her, grazing her diaper. He pushes her forwards and leads her out of the playpen. The Doctor stops her in the middle of the floor, takes her bound hands and lifts them up. What Serena did not see before was a hook hanging down from the ceiling, which the Doctor swiftly attaches her hands to.

Serena is hanging naked from the ceiling; her bound wrists are hooked high above her head, so that her feet are just barely flat against the ground. The doctor steps behind her and reaches an arm around, gripping one of her breasts. He pulls her body backwards, pressing her back against the wide swath of his chest. Still cupping her breast and holding her tight against him, he reaches up and lays his other hand against her forehead, forcing her head back against his shoulder, so her view is angled upwards to the ceiling. With the top of her body completely subdued, the Doctor forcefully nudges one of his knees in-between her thighs. Serena cannot resist much because any movement cause her to loose her footing. His knee forces her legs apart, and her legs are spread apart by just a foot or so; Serena can feel her diapered butt and pubis resting against the Doctor’s thigh. With Serena in position, the Doctor give’s Serena’s breast a final squeeze and moves his hand down to her abdomen.

Serena starts to panic, her bladder is so full that even the lightest touch causes her discomfort. The Doctor lets his hand rest for a moment, before he starts applying pressure to her abdomen. Serena resists the pressure against her full bladder for as long as she can, but after a few moments she loses control. She can feel herself relax as the urine begins to rush out of her and into the diaper. It feels like it goes on forever as Serena’s diaper goes from dry to warm and wet. The feeling is odd and slightly uncomfortable; she can still feel the Doctor’s knee pressing against her, and she is sure he can feel the diaper growing heavier against his leg.

She closes her eyes, ashamed at the position she has been put in. She can feel the Assistant’s eyes on her from across the room, watching her pee herself like a baby. When the flow finally stops, the Doctor reaches down further and places his palm against her wet diaper, he gives her pubis a firm caress before he pulls away and leaves Serena hanging alone.

Serena goes lax and hangs her head, trying to hide her face from the Doctor as he circles around to the front of her. The Assistant steps away from the side of the room an approaches her as well. While Serena hangs helplessly, the two men assess her full diaper. The Doctor reaches around to her backside and cups the diaper just below her cheeks, lifting to see how full it is. He slides his hand around to the front, and uses a finger to pull the diaper away from Serena’s flat abdomen, so he can peer inside. Behind her, the Assistant begins patting her down, pushing the wet diaper against her skin.

The Doctor steps away and says, “Very good.” Turning to the Assistant he says, “Prepare the changing table, I will be back shortly.”

Both men step away from Serena, leaving her hanging in her wet diaper all alone. The Doctor leaves out the side door, while the Assistant begins preparing the table on the other side of the room. Eventually he wheels the table over to where Serena is hanging helplessly, stopping about three feet away from her. He stands and watches her greedily while they wait for the Doctor to come back.

The door opens and the Doctor strides back in, he nods to the Assistant and says, “Bring her down.”

The Assistant approaches Serena, unhooks her hands from the ceiling and quickly scoops her up into his arms. He turns and deposits her onto the changing table; he lies her flat on her back and pulls her arms up over her head, securing her wrists to the table before she can even think of using her hands for anything else. Serena is left lying on the table, bound and wearing nothing but a wet diaper, her breasts completely exposed. The Doctor approaches, and looks down the length of her body. He trails a hand from her neck down to her abdomen. Gently, he pulls the tabs of her diaper, and peels the front down. Serena feels the cool air against her exposed pubis, which is still damp from the wet diaper. The Doctor grasps both of her ankles in one hand, and lifts her bottom up, taking the diaper with his other hand and handing it to the Assistant.

With her legs still up, he takes a wipe and cleans her up. Serena can feel the coolness of the wipe touching her most intimate parts. Once again, she closes her eyes in embarrassment, the handsome Doctor is wiping her like a baby after she wet herself. The Doctor wipes over her clitoris several times, and she cannot help but shiver at the touch and wiggle her hips to meet his touch. Unfortunately, the kaçak bahis Doctor moves on quite quickly.

He motions to the Assistant, who steps forward and takes Serena’s ankles, still holding her up in diaper position. The Doctor reaches down and slowly pulls the butt plug out of Serena. She gasps as the pressure increases and then is suddenly gone; she had grown used to the plug over the course of the morning.

“You will not need this for the next phase,” the Doctor explains.

The Doctor slips a clean diaper under Serena’s hips, and the Assistant lowers her legs. He spreads her legs slightly and pulls the front of the diaper up over her front, pulls the sides up and tightly fastens it. Serena can feel the diaper tightly wrapped against her.

The Doctor unfastens Serena’s hands and lifts her off the table, setting her on her feet. He places his hand lightly on her back and starts to guides her to the playpen. He closes the gate and both men leave the room. After an hour or so, Serena hears the door open and looks over to see the Doctor and Assistant enter, behind them however, she is surprised to see five more men enter. Serena scrambles to the other side of the playpen, she was not expecting so many people to be involved. The Doctor gestures the men forward, and everyone arranges themselves outside the playpen, getting a good look at the naked and diapered Serena.

“These are my trainees Serena, this is the first real experience for most of these men, a second time for some. They will be observing and assisting for the rest of your time here.”

Serena nods and wonders what they will need to assist with. The Doctor opens the playpen and scoops up Serena, bringing her to a nearby chair. He gently sits down and positions Serena in his lap, in a cradled position. The Assistant hands him a bottle; he gives it a slight shake and brings it down to Serena’s lips. She keeps them shut tight; she feels ridiculous cradled in his arms, like a baby. Serena looks around to all the trainees, they are intently watching her. She closes her eyes and refuses to open her mouth; the Doctor continues to prod her with the bottle and says, “Open your mouth Serena, you need to eat.”

Serena’s stomach growls, as if on command. She sighs heavily; she is actually very hungry. Reluctantly, she opens her lips and takes the bottle into her mouth. She begins sucking and a sweet, vanilla flavored liquid hits her tongue. Keeping her eyes closed, she let’s her head fall against the Doctor’s chest and finishes the bottle.

The Assistant takes the empty bottle away, and the Doctor looks down into Serena’s eyes, he lightly brushes a drop of the liquid off the corner of her mouth. Standing, the Doctor brings her back over to the hook hanging from the ceiling, and sets Serena on her feet.

Once her arms are secured above her head, the Doctor leans over gently kisses her. Serena is surprised by the action, but quickly finds herself responding to the kiss. She strains to meet his lips, and he deepens the kiss, expertly dancing his tongue within her mouth. Serena relaxes into the kiss, which is definitely the most tender part of the experience so far. He pulls away slightly and places his hand under Serena’s chin; he pulls her mouth open and before she can react, he is placing a ball gag in her mouth.

Serena struggles against it, but it is already fully in and suppressing her tongue while the Doctor quickly secures the strap at the back of her head. Once again, Serena finds herself bound and hanging from the ceiling, in only a diaper. But this time she is also gagged and there are five more people in the room.

The Doctor looks down at his watch and says, “We have about 15 minutes, feel free to examine Serena or get some work done. I’ll be back when the time comes.”

Serena tries to question him, wondering what is to come next, but her voice is rendered completely garbled by the gag. She looks down and realizes that the ball gag is shaped like a pacifier, just one more infantile sign of the fact that she is not in control. The Doctor exits the room, along with two of the trainees. The Assistant and one other busy themselves with notebooks and supplies on the other side of the room. Slowly, the remaining two trainees approach her.

She wiggles in her restraints, even though she knows it’s useless. The two young men start by simply looking at her, assessing the situation. Slowly, they begin to touch her, running their hands along various parts of her body. One of the trainees actually takes her pulse; he rests two fingers agains her throat and looks at his watch. Serena tries to calm down, but she feels so exposed and has no idea what they plan on doing with her next.

The other trainee slips a finger under the edge of her diaper, along her waist; he gives it a little tug, testing how much give there is. He finds that there is a little wiggle room, so he slides around to the very front, and slips his entire hand under the front of the diaper. Serena gasps through the ball gag; it is a tight fit and his palm is resting flat against her skin. The trainee cups her pubis and slowly trails his finger over her clitoris. Serena jerks in her restraints at the sudden sensation.

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