Dee’s Fantasy Part 1

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Dee’s Fantasy Part 1After 35 years of intense work, I took an early retirement with an excellent severance package. During those years I have been just about everywhere and done just about everything that I ever dreamed of. I was also single again, and after a lot of thought I decided to leave the city and move back to the little Midwestern town I grew up in. I found a ridiculously under priced 2 bedroom villa that was perfect for me. It is in a good neighborhood and close to the reservoir that I used to frequent in my youth. I took the trip to inspect it and bought it on the spot. I sold everything that wouldn’t fit in my new little place and after doing the math, I wouldn’t have to do jack shit for the next two years and not touch my savings.Once I had my place in order I went to the beach at the reservoir. That is where I met Dee. Dee is a short, mature brunette that has a very nice large rack, and she was showing off some ample cleavage in her one-piece bathing suit. I asked her if I could lay my beach towel next to her. She smiled approvingly and said, “No, not at all!” I could see her nipples harden through my sunglasses. Not too long into our conversation Dee was becoming forward, very talkative, and seemingly wanting to make friends with me. It was approaching noon and I asked Dee if she was up for lunch. Dee suggested we get a sandwich at the deli down the street and take it to the state park. Dee told me she had a favorite place, giving me directions as we drove there in my car. Every time I looked at her, Dee was leaning against the door and staring at me with a smile on her face. She took me to the area with the horse trails and I parked my car. Dee had her backpack and we headed down one trail with Dee saying, “I have my special place back here. It is perfect for a picnic lunch.” As we took a walk down the trail, she pulled out a joint and we smoked about half of it until we got to small opening in the woods. We dodged twigs and branches for about 100 yards until we got to a little clearing. There were several rock formations that she put together and it looked really cool. Logs were situated and in place for sitting down. It was secluded as you could get and I could tell that she had spent a lot of time here. I sat on a log as Dee pulled a blanket out of her backpack and laid it down. As she bent over to spread it out, I just stared at her nice shapely ass. I think she was doing it on purpose. Then she went to the other side and as she leaned over again, I got a great view down her cleavage. Her body was turning me on, especially her large boobs. But beyond her physical appearance, this is a woman who knows what she wants and knows what she’s doing. I got a quick adrenalin rush being the object of her desire and I was sure the feeling was mutual. I know she was just as attracted to me to the point that I didn’t have to guess where this was going. As we ate our sandwiches, Dee said, “I found this place 4 years ago. You’re only the 3rd person that I’ve ever taken here. The other two are my best friend Joann and my daughter Cindy. Joann is in Florida now, and Cindy’s job took her to San Francisco. You probably think I’m weird, but this is my little get away from the world spot.” I replied, “Dee, this is totally cool. I need to find a place like this for myself!” Dee smiled that I knew what she was talking about. I told her about growing up on a farm about 10 miles from here and I had my own get away place when I was a k**. Dee grew up out in the country also, 5 miles from here in the opposite direction. We talked about the solitude we experienced and the dreams we would make. I was silently thinking to myself that I would run through the fields to my place and jack off thinking about someone like Dee, and when, if ever, will I ever lose my virginity. Dee said, “Yeah, I had a place in the woods like this. I would ride my horse there. I scooted as far forward in the saddle that I could and rub myself against the horn. When I got to my spot, I was pretty turned on. Then I would slowly take off my clothes and imagine that a man was rubbing my body all over and I would get myself off. It felt so sexy being naked in the woods like that.” I replied, “Great minds think alike!” After a pause, Dee said, “Jesus, I can’t believe that I just told you that.” I told her my story, “There was a hill about a ½ mile from the house. Behind the hill was a pond that I would skinny dip in. By myself, wishing someone like you was with me. And I would get myself off also. Usually more than once.” “I know,” Dee replied, “After doing it, I always had to do it again!” Talking about sex was getting me hard. Dee looked down between my legs and saw the obvious lump in my shorts. She had this wicked smile on her that I will never forget. She looked up at me and said, “Here, let me show you what I mean!” She got on her knees and hooked her thumbs at the shoulder straps of her bathing suit. As she lowered the straps down, she said, “I’ve seen you giving my boobs an eyeful and I know you’re dying to see them. Here, is this what you want?” Sometimes when you get a woman topless, what you thought you would see is not actually what you thought it was. Not the case with Dee. Hers were bigger than I imagined and oh so nice. Perfectly pear shaped, red areola the size of my open mouth perfectly centered on her globes. They hung off her chest looking full and swayed invitingly as she moved. Did I say large? Not the biggest I’ve ever seen but pretty fucking close and as nice as anything on the planet. “Holy shit Dee! Nice chest!” She looked back down at my crotch and said, “Well, I do like the effect that it has on you. Here, let me rub it.” She leaned over, taking my hand and placing it on one of her big tits and rubbed the length of my cock up and down with her palm. Dee untied the string to my bathing suit saying, “Let’s see what we have here!” and pulled it down my legs casino oyna until my full 9” erection became exposed. “Oh my, Jackpot!” She grabbed it at the base and examined it all over. “Nice unit there Jay!” As if she had no control over her actions, she engulfed the head into her mouth and worked her way down the shaft until she had over half of it down her throat. I knew immediately that she loved oral sex. I could tell that she was really into giving pleasure. It wasn’t some kind of chore, it was a method of expression, like an art form. She was just really fucking good at giving head. After a couple of minutes I had to stop her. I pulled her head up and said, “Hey baby, you’re going to make me cum, and I don’t want to cum yet.” I lifted her face to mine and we kissed, tongues thrashing wildly in each other’s mouth. Our suits came all the way off in a flash and our hands were in each other’s crotch. She was sopping wet and more than ready to be filled up. I lay her on her back and she automatically spread her legs. I was face to face with a very nice shaved pussy. I said, “Here Dee, let me show you what I can do.” I inched my faced towards her snatch, wrapped my arms around her legs, and spread her lips apart. Her aroma filling my nostrils made me hornier. I licked up and down her slit, poking my tongue inside, then I started to concentrate on her clit. Gently sucking on it and licking her in circles, Dee’s hips started to rotate as she softly moaned, “Oh yeah, oh yeah. Oh baby, you know what you’re doing. Oh fuck yeah. Don’t stop, don’t stop. Keep going and you’ll make me cum.” It only took about 3 minutes and Dee was flooding my mouth. Her clit was really sensitive and she had to push my head away when her orgasm subsided, all the while moaning in pure pleasure. I got up on my knees and looked at her below me, she was rubbing her body all over, and my only desire at that point in time was to feel the inside of her pussy with my ever hard cock. I leaned down above her on outstretched arms and Dee said, “Oh yes baby, just stick it in. I want to feel you inside of me. Fuck me with that nice big cock. Do it!” I eased inside of her slowly at first as Dee rose her hips up to meet me. She was so wet I easily went in all the way in, slowly just an inch at a time. Her eyes were wide open until once I was all the way in, then she gave me the most sultry stare. I began pumping her slowly then withdrew all of my cock except the head. I teased her my just using my head in and out a dozen times while Dee bucked her hips up to take more of me in. I wouldn’t let her. I could feel her cunt muscles clamping down on the head. It felt so damn good. Then thrust all the way back in, held myself there for a moment and pulled all the way out again. After doing this four times, Dee was saying, “Oh fuck, I think I’m going to scream. Oh gawd yes you feel so good. Fuck me Jay, please just fuck me.” I started with long, slow deliberate strokes and picked up the speed. Well, I lasted a little longer than Dee but not by much. Dee was rubbing her fingers across her nipples really fast and I felt her cunt clamp down on me hard. I moaned, “Fuck Dee, you feel so good. You’re going to make me cum. Oh baby, here I cum, here I cum!!!” I pulled out and my sperm roped out of my cock with force and conviction. Dee watched as it streaked across her body time and time again. As good as it felt to get off with her, Dee had a very satisfying and happy look on her face that she brought me this much pleasure. Before my cock stopped pulsing, I put it back inside and collapsed on top of her. Dee hugged me tight and said, “Do you always cum that much? That was a helluva load.” I said back to her, “Only when I’m really turned on. And baby, you turn me on!!”After catching our breaths we dared each other to walk naked back down the path. I loved her sexual liberalism and although I didn’t know much about her, I did know that we were very, very good together sexually and I could tell Dee thought the same. It was daring and risqué to get caught, but being a weekday there was no one else around. As we neared the parking lot, we put our swimsuits back on. I dropped her off back at her car and she gave me her phone number saying, “Call me later. But not too late. Like, in a couple of hours.” She gave me a soulful kiss as if to thank me for making her feel good and while rubbing my crotch she said, “I’ll see you later you sexy, handsome man!”It was almost 2pm when I got back to my place, I took a shower. My cock was half hard thinking about having sex with Dee, and we’d be doing it again. I went to my desk and looked at the piece of paper with Dee’s phone number on it. It was still an hour away from ‘a couple of hours’, so I got caught up on the news at my PC. I took one toke of pot and as it crept up on me, my mind went back again to fucking Dee in the woods, christ it was such a turn on. I’ve had plenty of one night stands in my life, but there was something about Dee that made me want more. I wanted to know what her fantasies were, and I wanted to share my fantasies with her. I didn’t care about the time, I picked up my phone and called her.Dee immediately thanked me over and over for calling her so soon. She too had just got out of the shower and she made a point to tell me that all she was wearing was an extra large t-shirt and that her nipples were hard. The next thing out of her mouth was, “Why don’t you come over now and have a drink with me?” She gave me her address, and I told her she lives less than a mile from me. “Well, that means you’ll be here really quick, huh?” We both laughed. I grabbed my keys, my bottle of scotch, and my pot. I pulled in her driveway and the garage door was open, and she was there waving me to pull my car inside. I shut off my engine and she closed the garage door with her head peeking out from the door to her house. As I got out of my car she said, “Come canlı casino siteleri here, come on inside!” Once inside, I saw her wearing a short jean dress with almost all the buttons on the top undone. She literally jumped in my arms and started making out with me, pressing her big boobs tightly against me. I grabbed her ass, then moved my hand up to one of her tits. Dee was moaning until she finally broke us apart saying, “Fuck, we’re gonna have us a throw down!!” She saw that I had a bottle in the brown paper bag and pulled it out. “Oh, a scotch man are you?” Dee set my J&B in the counter, then she pulled one just like it out of her cabinet. “We even drink the same thing, what a coincidence!” Together, they made a whole 5th. She pulled out a glass, put some ice in it and a healthy pour of scotch. Dee handed it to me and grabbed my hand, pulling me into her living room. There was her drink on the coffee table in front of a large sofa with sofa sized ottomans. It looked like it could sleep 6. And a huge flat screen TV. She gave me a toast saying, “Here’s to making love in the woods!” As we took a swallow, our eyes never left each others. We set our glasses down and Dee stated in a firm manner, “Now listen. You’re good looking, you have a really nice cock, and you made me cum with your mouth. That is rare. I haven’t had any good sex in a long time and I really want to let my hair down with you. But don’t think you own me afterwards. I don’t want a relationship, I just want a good fuck buddy once in a while.” I relied, “OK, that sound really fucking good to me! I’ve been married before and I don’t want that either. I haven’t been with a woman in a long time either, that is until today.” I rose my glass and said, “Here’s to good fuck buddies!” We both took another drink leaving only half of the glass left. Dee told me to sit back and get comfortable while she used the restroom. She walked back in the room with a few more buttons undone. Her tits swayed feely underneath looking like they would burst out in the open at any moment. She stood before me and I gawked at the sight of her cleavage. She smiled. Dee said, “Do you like sex toys?” I replied that I had a lot of experience with them and she told me to follow her as she walked down the hallway to the master bedroom. She sat on the edge of her king-sized bed and pulled out the drawer of her nightstand. She had a stash of vibrators and dildos, picking up one and said, “This is my favorite, and it looks a lot like your big cock.” She left the drawer open and went to her dresser, opening the bottom drawer and she wiggled her ass at me when she bent over. The drawer was filled with more sex toys. There were strap-ons, restraints, lotions and oils, more vibrators and dildos, clit stimulators. some magazines and DVDs, even a box of spare batteries. I looked at Dee and said, “I have a box full of the same kind of stuff. I think this throw down is going to be fun!” Dee left that drawer open also and said, “Come on, lets go back in the living room and smoke a little pot. That always makes me horny!” Me too……After a couple of tokes and some more sex talk, Dee was giving me a good stare down and I couldn’t take my eyes off of her massive chest. With her drink in her hand and that devilish smile, she boldly said, “Take out your cock and let me see you play with it.” You could not wipe the smile off of my face. I replied, “You’re a horny little nympho, aren’t you?” Dee said, “Oh my baby, you don’t know the half of it! Yes, I like to play and judging by that lump in your pants I tend to believe that you like to play too!” I took off my shoes and said, “It’s been a while since I just let everything go with a woman. You may be in trouble.” I took off my shirt with Dee watching intently and she was u*********sly rubbing her nipple through the denim material of her dress. “Fuck, this is turning me on, you’re turning me on! Take off the shorts, I want to see it.” I hooked my thumbs at the waist of my shorts with the thought of knowing that I would be totally naked once they were off. As I pulled my shorts down my thighs it made my hard cock bend backward. I made sure that pulling them the rest of the way off was slow and deliberate. Dee was transfixed as centimeter after centimeter of my cock became more exposed. With the waistband almost to my knees, I held it right there and studied the look on Dee’s face. She pulled out one of her nice big boobs and was rubbing the cold glass against her nipple, then she spread her legs. She wasn’t wearing underwear either and she inched her other hand downward to her shaved pussy. “Come on!” she demanded, “Let me see that mother fucker!” I whisked me shorts off and my cock sprang free, pointing to the ceiling. “Oh my. I’ve seen bigger, but not nicer. You have a perfect cock.” I replied to her, “Take off that dress and get naked with me.” Dee stood up, ripped the rest of the snaps open, and the dress fell off her. She stood just a few feet from me and I have to say that even though we have reached the mature stage in life and are not in our 20’s anymore, we’re looking pretty damn good. Dee’s tits have a slight droop, the kind that I like, and are large and perfectly shaped. The blue veins running down the inside of her globes even turned me on. Dee copped a pose leaning to the side. She ran her hands up and down her sides, then to her tits, and then went down on her knees between my legs. With her hands caressing my legs, and her face just inches from my raging hard on, Dee said, “Jack it for me. I want to see you pump it in your fist.” Just wrapping my hand around my shaft made her sigh heavily. Dee began rubbing her twat and her other hand was rubbing and pinching her big tit. Under her breath she said, “Maybe if I just suck on the head.” And her velvet lips surrounded the head of my cock. Damn, this woman can suck cock. She slowly and deliberately concentrated casino şirketleri on the tip, using just the right amount of pressure with her lips, moving up and down on it. Then she started breathing heavily through her nose, never stopping her blow job in the least. After a couple of minutes I thought I might be getting ready to blow my wad and just then, Dee threw me on my back and climbed on top. She said, “Shit, you make me so hot, maybe if I just slip it in.” Dee slowly started to ease her cunt down on my cock. In just a few motions all of a sudden I was deep inside of her. I could feel her clit rubbing against my pelvic bone and I grabbed her ass with both of my hands. She began to move her hips in circles, raising up on outstretched arms and looked down at me with that lustful stare of hers. She dangled those big fucking tits in my face and said, “Suck on my nipple. Suck it. Yes, that’s it. Suck it harder. Oh yeah you suck tit so good, baby. Bite it, bite the nipple. Oh fuck yes, fuck yes. Here I cum baby, here I cum!” My mouth never left her nipple, she was grinding her engorged clit on me, even the way she moved her hips in circles to get herself off let me know that Dee was special. “Oh fuck yes that cock feels so good inside me. You just want to cum, cum, cum!” Dee slowed down to a stop and opened her eyes. Her previously contorted face was now all smiles and full of content. She kissed me full on the mouth, still wiggling her ass around, and got off of me. Dee sat on one end of the couch and I sat on the other end. We took another sip of scotch and Dee was still looking me up and down approvingly. I still couldn’t take my eyes off of her world class tits. My cock was not quite all the way hard now, and it was lying against my thigh with Dee’s wetness glistening off of the light. My own cock never looked so good to me in my entire life. If I could, I would’ve sucked myself off.Dee said “Hey, do you want me to take care of that?” I replied, “Not right now, I’m in no particular hurry. Let’s just hang out together for a while. I like being naked with you.” So we just started talking. I found that we were born in the same hospital two weeks apart. We lived in Los Angeles at the same time when we were in our 30’s and hung out at the same places. We had the same hotel room in a New Orleans hotel about a month apart back in 1990. We remembered the bed had mirrors over it and it was across the street from the fire department. She had a career as a national manager for a greeting card company and traveled all over. I was a national manager in Information Technology and I spent more time in hotel rooms that I did at home. I never thought I would meet anyone back here that had been around as much as I have. Dee said, “You know, there’s no place like home.” I agreed, “As much as I wanted to get out of this little hell hole when I was 18, it feels good to be back.” Dee was staring at my cock again and just the way she leered over it started to get me hard. Now I was ready to get off. I was also getting hungry so I proposed to Dee, “You almost made me cum 3 times with your mouth. Go down on me and then we’ll get something to eat.” She had me scoot to the edge of the sofa and kneeled in front of me again. Dee grabbed her boobs from the side saying, “I want to feel that big cock between my big tits! Do you want it wet?” I said yes, Dee brought her hand to her mouth and covered it in saliva, then rubbed in the crevice between her boobs. She wrapped those monsters around my shaft and moved them up and down. Wow, did it look great and felt even better. I told Dee, “Baby, that feels so good. I am in love with your tits!” I watched the head barely become visible popping up from her cleavage and Dee kept spitting on it for more lubrication. Dee was looking down, staring at her tit-fucking intently, working her magic on me. She said, “Fuck, this turns me on. I’m jacking your cock off with my big tits. It would make me really happy if you came right now. Go ahead, fuck my tits and come.” I started bucking my hips through her flesh, just the visual alone was going to get me off. I had been holding my ejaculation back for a couple of hours now and that was just making me hornier. Dee said, “Come on Jay. Give it to me. I want to see you cum like at the lake. Blow it all over me. I want your cum baby! Here, let me just suck on it for a minute.” Dee engulfed my cock in her mouth, pumping her head up and down ferociously, rubbing her tits in circles across her chest. My cock was as hard as Chinese Arithmetic. I was moaning out loud, “Oh gawd yes Dee, fuck you’re good. I’m going to cum, put your tits around my cock and I’ll cum all over them!” Dee did as told, pressing her tits hard with her fist at the side of her boobs. I was glad that she didn’t cover her nipples because it looked so much sexier. She said, “Oh yeah baby. Let it all out. Cum, baby, cum!” Her head was bent over, anticipating my eruption, and directly above the head of my cock as I thrust it faster and faster. I couldn’t hold back any longer and I knew there was a huge build up deep within my balls. “Here it cums Dee, here it cums!” I pushed all the way up and exploded. The first shot splattered all over her face. She opened her mouth and the next two shots went in her mouth and all over her lips. She looked up at me and smiled with gooey white sperm all over her face, dripping down her chin, and the remaining loads roped up in the air and landed all over her tits making them 10 times slicker than with her saliva. When I finished, she grabbed my cock and held up one of her tits, rubbing the head all over it and smearing my cum into her skin, especially her nipple. Then she did that with her other boob, spanking my cock against her skin until my penis was all the way flaccid. I laid back on her couch, totally spent, breathing hard, and Dee kept playing with my prick and rubbing my cum into my empty balls. She stood up, and I was still amazed at her body. I recovered enough to sit up and take a sip of my drink, but I was drunk from her sex, filled with powerful lust and satisfaction. And we had the rest of the night to go.Part 2 coming soon

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