David’s Remote, Reloaded Ch. 02

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(It was 2007 and Russ Baumann, 30 year old janitor at the St. Clair’s Mall was making use of a ‘FreezeTime Remote’ which had come into his possession. This had the capacity of freezing chronological time, so that people, became ‘frozen statues’ suspended in time, until the ‘RegularTime’ button was pressed. For some reason whoever was operating the remote was immune from it’s effects and was able to wander around within ‘FreezeTime’ and do anything they wished to do. This part is narrated by Russ Baumann)


An electric storm seemed to be brewing outside St.Clair’s and I was pleased to be under cover. I figured that I did not want to be walking around in ‘RegularTime’, or even ‘FreezeTime’ looking like some damn weird creep. I thought I may enjoy some ‘upmarket pleasures’ if I looked more business like and professional.

I had my hair cut short at ‘Anthony’s’ on the second level. I bought a dark gray suit from ‘Blocks Brothers’, and also a shirt and expensive necktie. I also bought some black Oxfords. My next call was the mall’s ‘maintenance suite’ in the basement.

“Hey Russ ain’t yer kinda early, I thought you were on the overnight?” said Ritmo.

“Yeh, right. I just need to take a shower right now and do some other stuff.” I explained, or rather tried not to explain or else both of Ritmo’s brain cells might have imploded at once.

I walked out of St.Clair’s looking like an extra in a Wall Street movie. My hair and suit felt so neat, crisp and sharp.

I ditched my ‘Browns’ bag and bought a lap-top case with shoulder-strap. The sales guy got suspicious when he saw me transferring handfuls of high denomination dollar bills into the case. I hit ‘FreezeTime’ and continued. I even had time to arrange them neatly. I was well out of range when I returned ‘RegularTime’ to the rest of the city.

My attention was caught by an attractive young woman sheltering in a store doorway.

I said “Pardon me,” hit ‘FreezeTime’, and began feeling about under her skirt. Her skirt was kind of wide and ethnic looking. She wore no hose and her buttocks felt warm and welcoming. Her panties felt moist and sweaty between her legs. It had been a high humidity day I guessed. In the mall it was always cool. I walked some distance away and pressed ‘RegularTime’ as I sniffed my fingers.

I crossed the busy street by clicking ‘FreezeTime’ and skipping through the frozen traffic. I returned to ‘RegularTime’ and decided to pay a visit to my ex wife’s divorce lawyer to thank her most sincerely for clearing me out most of my savings and investment accounts, and making me sell my beloved ’98 Camaro Z28.

Me and my metallic gray Z28 had been like brothers. Truth be known I loved that car more than Mellissa. It was her fault that I ended up a damn janitor.

Two blocks further along I entered güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri the ‘Isaacs Building’ on East Robinson Street. ‘Toni Midshepherd and Associates’ were located on the eighth floor. I nodded to the security guard and told him I had an appointment with Midshepherds. He asked me for I.D. and I hit ‘FreezeTime.’ The elevator door was open and hit ‘RegularTime’ just as it was closing. Two young cuties wearing short black flared kilts and black hose welcomed me as I squeezed in.

“Which floor do you want Sir? said the dark haired one and she pressed eight for me and I thanked her. I pressed ‘FreezeTime’ for me too.

My head was immediately under their kilts, feeling them up and breathing in their panty aromas. My hands massaged their crotches and felt them both becoming moist through their black panty-hose. I began to figure out that normal sexual stimulation was not frozen during ‘FreezeTime’.

My mind raced as I wondered about what I was going to do to Toni Midshepherd.

In the mirrored claustrophobic interior of the lift I enjoyed the scene. Here was some apparently ‘successful lawyer guy’ seriously molesting two nineteen year olds, his face staring out impassively from under their kilts. My hands were all over their butts and thighs. My hard-on was prominent.

“Damn,” I thought, “I can’t just walk into a lawyer’s office with a humongous erection, damn.”

I stood up and stared around me trying to focus on something non-erotic. The two secretarial assistants did not help. Their pleated skirt hems looked too exciting and inviting. I stood with my lap-top case over my pants front and pushed ‘RegularTime’.

The girls smiled at me and said that I was welcome. I was aware that they felt uncomfortable and whispered to each other looking down. I told them that I thought it was a very humid day and that the storm may clear the air. They agreed and I got out at the eighth leaving them to ponder their damp pussies.

In the eighth floor men’s room I sat in a cubicle with my pants down hoping some office pervert did not think I was waiting for him. Eventually my erection disappeared and I felt confident enough to meet Toni Midshepherd in person again. I figured out that ‘humiliation’ would be the correct approach and I thought something out in my mind. I weighed up the odds and decided to go for it.

I entered the large open plan office where the junior lawyers hung out. They were all rich city kids with fancy shirts and college boy haircuts.

“May I help you sir?” said the receptionist. She was a matronly type with blue glasses to match her hair. I said that I had an appointment with Miss Midshepherd.

” And what is your name sir?” she enquired almost too politely. I said I was Richard Simpson, Assistant District Attorney. güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri

She looked at the appointments diary on her computer screen and confirmed that she had no such entry for such a meeting. She told me that Miss Midshepherd already had a client with her, and her next client was presently waiting in the reception area.

I said that there must be some mistake and could she not just check things out with her boss.

Rose McKenzie,’ Office Manager’, stood up from her desk and knocked on Toni Midshepherd’s door. A couple of minutes later she returned and shook her head. “Can I make another appointment for you sir?”

“Just tell her that her husband’s been arrested.” I said casually, as I walked to the center of the open plan office, my back turned towards Miss Midshepherd’s door.

I was playing a dangerous game but guessed I could handle it if I held my nerve. I heard the purposeful clatter of high heels approaching me.

” Mr. Simpson how can I help you?” came a familiar voice from behind. Without moving I hit ‘FreezeTime’, turned and there she was.

“Boy oh boy, and how are you this stormy day Toni?” I said, squeezing her breasts affectionately.

She wore an expensive skirt and expensive blouse. Her shoes were black patents with three inch heels. She was a couple of inches shorter than me with dark hair. She looked younger than 45 and weighed about average. Only her hair color had altered since I’d seen her last.

My intentions were purely dishonorable and I started with her blouse which unbuttoned easily and came away from her skirt waistband.

“There you go doll,” I said to my frozen lawyer who stared lifelessly. The blouse came off with difficulty. I unhooked her white lacy bra but had trouble sliding the straps over her arms so I cut the straps off with scissors.

“May I sincerely congratulate you on your well preserved nipples,” I said, as I tweaked them into more sensitised shapes.

“My, my,” I said walking around her. She had a nice back. She also had a terrific ass.

Her skirt zipper became stuck but I had plenty of time, forever ultimately, to sort things out.

I so hated zippers. Every damn zipper I had as a kid jammed up. My high school buddy, Tom Nero, had to help me out of a windcheater on the baseball ground once. We probably looked like we were in love, the way the other kids commented.

“Heck,” I said as I struggled. Finally it gave way and I pulled her skirt down over her rounded hips. I realised that I just couldn’t ask ‘frozen lawyer’ to step out of it so I figured what the heck, and cut it off. What an expensive skirt and such a pity.

Underneath she wore regular panty-hose which I cut off easily leaving her with little hose ‘sockettes’ at her ankles. Her lacy panties güvenilir bahis şirketleri had to be cut off too. She looked a dream come true, my perfect naked divorce lawyer.

“Time for playtime,” I said as I knelt in front of her, my face in her crotch. She smelt fresh. She clearly used a vaginal deodorant. I could tell she was a woman obsessed with personal hygiene.

My tongue licked her outer lips but found the ‘alluminum’ metallic taste of her spray nauseating. I continued probing and nosing her for several minutes until I felt her natural lubrication begin to ooze.

“Well lady when you wake up you’re going to feel ‘yummy yummy’,” I told her as if I were some freaking hypnotist.

I continued fingering her for several minutes until a steady stream of vaginal fluid seeped down her inner thighs. I rubbed her clitoris for a while then stepped back to survey the scene from every angle. From the four corners of the room the view was perfect.

I figured out that she would immediately run back to her private office so I went in looking for a key. A key I could not find.

A very classy woman wearing expensive clothes sat in a leather chair in front of Toni’s desk. I pulled her blouse apart and unclipped her bra and slid the straps over her shoulders exposing perfect breasts.

She was some guy’s future former wife. Her skirt clearly required checking out but I had no time. I left her to share a future close encounter with her ‘zillion-dollar an hour’ divorce lawyer. Her husband probably owned a ‘Zonda’, poor guy.

I pulled several large ‘office landscape’ containers full of palms and fig trees across the room and arranged them aesthetically against her office door. “She’ll have a ball getting through those.” I thought.

Everything appeared to be ready. I walked out the main office and prepared to observe the scene through the outer glass doors. I had reservations whether I should freeze the highlights or just observe the whole sequence unfold in ‘RegularTime’. I preferred the latter.

I hit ‘RegularTime’ and Toni came to life and screamed, running on the spot. She ran to her office door and scrambled over the plants but was met by ‘client woman’ hiding her bosom trying to get out.

Each was screaming wildly and running around in small circles. Eventually they speeded towards me, pulled open the glass doors and threw themselves into the ladies restroom. The rest of the office was in turmoil. I looked on smiling in a satisfied way and waited for the elevator.

The door slid open and the same two young nineteen year olds I had met previously stood there before me.

“Hello again Sir,” they said, “Excuse our appearance but we are attending the Cosplay Convention at the Hemmingway Center this evening”.

It appeared that, entirely for my benefit, they had changed into cutie pie cosplay costumes and appeared to be ‘Gothic Lolitas’. Both were dressed in pink bouffant knee-length dresses, under which there were many layers of white petticoats.

I entered the small familiar mirrored sanctum, waited for the door to slide shut then hit ‘FreezeTime’.

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