Danielle in the Inner Circle Ch. 01

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I haven’t written for this site before but one night in a restaurant the outline of the story suggested itself to me. There will be more to come. The right people will enjoy this and should feel free to contact me. If this isn’t for you don’t need to read further chapters.


Danielle looked at herself in the mirror and took a deep breath. It was the end of the day and she’d been summoned to her boss’s office. She had done good work on her project and fixed a big mistake that almost cost the company a lot of money. Her team had made the mistake but they’d fixed it too. With a little luck her boss would get a deal signed tonight that made them a lot of money. It wasn’t her first project but her first big one and the first time she had been summoned upstairs. She liked her boss and was intimidated by him too.

He was powerful and almost legendary in the company. She admired him and wanted to be noticed. Once she was in a room with him and she thought he was checking her out. The next time they met he didn’t seem to know who she was. But she wanted him to be pleased with her work. She hoped he wasn’t unhappy. She was usually confident, at least with her other workers, but today she was very nervous.

She tried to calm herself as she went up the stairs and down the hall. She entered the executive suite and went to his assistant’s desk, the intimidating Mrs. Jones. “Hello, I’m here to see Mr. Smithwood.”

The older woman looked up over her glasses and seemed to be appraising Danielle. Then she smiled and said, “yes, dear. He’s expecting you. You’ll be at the dinner tonight, won’t you? Let me show you in.”

Danielle didn’t know what to say. She wasn’t expected to be at the closing of the deal and not tonight. But Mrs. Jones wasn’t the sort of person you corrected. She was imposing. She was the most business-like person Danielle had ever met. She was very attractive for an older woman but no one noticed because all they saw was power. Some people said Mrs. Jones was more powerful than her boss and no one talked about her and no one crossed her.

Mrs. Jones opened the door pointed to a chair and then closed the door behind them. “Danielle is here. She’s coming to the dinner but I knew you wanted to talk to her.”

Mr. Smithwood looked up. He say behind his desk. He was on the tall side and distinguished looking. Danielle tried not think about it but she thought he was very attractive even though he was many years older than her. He seemed nice but she was nervous.

“Danielle, I’ve been watching you. In three years your deals have been more complicated and your work is very good. This is your most complicated deal and the team working on it did well. I was disappointed that the numbers were bad and almost cost us millions of dollars. Based on the work that happened over the last few weeks I think we can save the deal tonight. But you’re coming to the dinner. Tell me what happened though that this almost went bad. Is there someone downstairs that needs to be fired or moved out?”

Danielle gulped. He seemed nice and he was being nice sort of. He gave her a chance to blame someone else and she almost took it. “Well, no sir. A lot of people worked together but it was ultimately my responsibility. I didn’t check something and then I kept using bad data and I should have caught it. I think it’s better now but no one did anything wrong except me. I should have caught it. I’m sorry sir.”

She was disappointed but she knew it was coming. She had worked hard to fix the mistake. She hoped he didn’t notice before but saw it coming back together. She was proud of the hard work but embarrassed by the mistakes. She should have known the meeting was about a mistake not anything else. She was conscious that she felt worse because she had disappointed him and she wanted to make him proud even though she didn’t know him well.

He walked around his desk and leaned against it just a few feet in front of her. He had smiled at Mrs. Jones in a chair by the door. “Danielle, that answer makes me happy and confirms the decision to bring you to the dinner where we can make this work. I like that you took responsibility. I don’t need to fire anyone and I don’t need to punish anyone or discipline anyone. Taking responsibility is what we need in senior managers. The only discipline or apology needed is yours then?”

His words made her feel good and bad at the same time. She was happy to have pleased him but also accepted that it was by admitting her faults. “Yes, canlı bahis sir. I accept all responsibility.”

He walked back behind his desk. “Good. Mrs. Jones, since this is Danielle’s first discipline and we see her leadership potential suggest an appropriate action.”

Mrs. Jones stood and moved a small chair. “I think a spanking sir. After all, you have to leave for dinner soon.” She then sat and motioned to her lap.

Danielle stared from one to the other. Spanking, they couldn’t be serious. That was ridiculous and possibly illegal. But they both looked serious and it was unreal.

Mr. Smithwood pointed to his assistant’s lap and said to Danielle, “if you consent, go ahead.”

This was a special moment for Danielle but it just happened. She was still confused but stood and looked at her boss. Then she turned and looked into the older woman’s eyes. They didn’t seem cruel and looked warm and caring still. No one spoke. Danielle carefully leaned and wiggled until she was laying across Mrs. Jones’ lap. It seemed strangely normal.

She didn’t dare look at Mr. Smithwood and then “smack.” One then another then another. It didn’t hurt a lot but she felt it and it was embarrassing. Then she noticed Mrs. Jones flipping up the back of her dress and then next three smacks were on her exposed panties. Instead of thinking about being exposed she was thinking about the mistakes she had made and deciding she didn’t want to make those mistakes again.

Mrs. Jones stopped and helped her to her feet. Mr. Smithwood nodded and said “that’s done and we’ll talk no more about it. We have a car arranged down in the parking garage. We should go.”

The three of them went down the elevator together to the basement garage. Mrs. Jones had handed Danielle a packet of her own files and everything she needed. Meanwhile she was briefing Mr. Smithwood. In the garage, he got in a car and Daniele did too. Mr. Jones didn’t come but directed the driver who didn’t speak to them.

They drove to an Italian restaurant downtown. The only thing Mr. Smithwood said on the way was to ask about a few sets of numbers. They walked in and the owner was very nice and respectful. Mr. Smithwood must have been a frequent customer. They were escorted to a small private room but were the first to arrive. Dinner was laid out for two but the seating was for five.

Two waitresses brought food without them ordering and a bottle of wine. They started eating and talking through the contract and the potential other side. She realized Mr. Smithwood didn’t trust the other side and was able to point out problems in the numbers and the improvements her work had made. It would be a good deal for them only if the seller came down a lot on price and stopped trying to oversell them. In a few minutes, Mr. Smithwood said “Danielle, they’ll be here in twenty minutes. Take a few minutes to think or clear your mind or whatever you need to do to relax. Being relaxed is the most important thing before a negotiation like this. Tension is your enemy.”

While she was sitting quietly going over the numbers in her head, the owner tapped on the door and escorted in a woman in a raincoat then he left. Actually the raincoat was a man’s raincoat and large for her.

Mr. Smithwood stood up and smiled. “Good evening Angela, how’s your mother? Tell her I said hello. Can I take your coat?” Mr. Smithwood always looked distinguished and always acted polite.

Angela was a very sultry looking and busty, dark-haired beauty. Danielle thought she looked very passionate and not at all like a businesswoman. She certainly didn’t have the cold powerful beauty of Mrs. Jones. She looked more fiery.

As Mr. Smithwood removed Angela’s oversized raincoat, Danielle was surprised to see Angela was only wearing heels stockings panties and a corset. She was shocked and had trouble even understanding what was going on.

Mr. Smithwood said “delightful.” He then turned to hang up the jacket and said over his shoulder, “Angela, say hello to Danielle, a colleague of mine from the office. Danielle, this is my dear friend Angela.”

Angela didn’t seem to feel out of place at all. She was actually enjoying the look on Danielle’s face and could just imagine what going through her head. “Good evening, Danielle, a pleasure.”

Daniele sat pushing the remaining food around her plate and nervously sipping her wine. She didn’t know what to do and was nervous. She watched Mr. Smithwood sit in a chair and Angela wiggle over to bahis siteleri him and rub her body up and down him.

Angela rubbed her breasts against Mr. Smithwood and pulled them out of the top of corset just before he grabbed her nipples with his fingers and pinched them both. Angela stuck her tonue out at him as she slowly knelt and Danielle heard a zipper. She didn’t dare look down even though she could see around the end of the table easily.

Danielle tried to look out the window and around the room to stop thinking about it but Angela was noisy and the slurping pushed into Danielle’s head. She couldn’t stop herself looking over.

There was Mr. Smithwood, his head back, eyes closed and hands on Angela’s head. Her boss was calm as could be with a strange woman giving him a noisy, sloppy blowjob. Danielle just stared.

She watched as Angela pulled her mouth slowly up the length of the shaft buried in her mouth then tickled the eye at the tip with her tongue. Danielle realized she was staring at her boss’s cock as she watched Angela move and spend some time tasting Mr. Smithwood’s balls.

She was embarrassed as Angela caught her eye, one of Mr. Smithwood’s testicles completly in her mouth, and winked at Danielle. Danielle turned red but didn’t look away. She was embarrassed but conscious that her thoughts included the words cock and balls and tongue all mixed in with her distinguished boss.

It wasn’t long before Mr. Smithwood grabbed handfuls of Angela’s hair and Danielle could see his hips tense and then thrust. Angela stayed where she was and he cheeks showed a lot of action. In a few minutes she pulled her mouth off and Danielle stared at the slowly softening cock. Angela made a lot of wet noises but then swallowed and smacked her lips. She looked over her conquest tucking himself back in and fixing his clothes.

Suddenly Angela tuned to Danielle. While tucking her magnificent breasts back in their corset, she said “Wet half of that napkin in your water glass.”

A very confused Danielle obeyed and handed over a napkin. Angela took it and dabbed a few spots on the front of Mr. Smithwood’s pants.

Mr. Smithwood was now standing and helping Angela into her coat again. “Thank you, Angela. I feel much better prepared for my meeting. Let’s have dinner one night when I don’t feel so rushed.”

Angela smiled and said “Why don’t you come over and I’ll get my mom to cook? Bring Jones or this one if you want or come alone. I’ll set up a date with the office.”

Then she left. Mr. Smithwood didn’t apologize or explain. Danielle tried to ask him but didn’t know how to start. Just when she thought of some way to start, the door opened and three people walked in.

A man named Jimmy walked in. Something about him looked crooked but it was hard to say what. He had a lawyer with him. The lawyer was thin, quiet, and had no expression. The third man tried to look tough but ended up looking annoyed. Jimmy ignored them and turned on what he thought of as his charm.

“Smithwood, we finally meet. You look like a man I can do business with. Your little girl Dani has been one tough customer here. Hi sweetheart.” He winked when he looked at Danielle. Everything about the man made her skin crawl. She wished she didn’t have to be here. One thing happened though. The creepiness of Jimmy and his team made her forget the strange things of the last few hours here and at the office.

Jimmy talked too much and he was too friendly. She realized he was nervous. She tried to think about how to tell Mr. Smithwood and get a better price. It turned out she didn’t need to do anything. Mr. Smithwood was smooth and had read Jimmy easily.

“Jimmy, we’re here to do a deal that works for both of us. Let’s get to it.” With that he took out a folder and started to open it on the table.

Jimmy held up a hand. “Slow down Smithwood. Let’s not rush business without pleasure. You need to please the customer, am I right? I’m glad you brought little Dani here because that’s the part of negotiation I’m looking forward too. Come over here honey and sit next to me.”

Mr. Smithwood stood up. “That’s enough. Danielle is her name and she’s a critical member of the management team of my enterprise. Keep your creepy fantasies in your head. We’re going to do a deal and do it quickly. I have terms with me. First your goon leaves the room. The lawyer can stay.”

Jimmy grinned and his bodyguard walked forward looking angry. Just then the owner of the restaurant bahis şirketleri walked in the room followed by two waiters. “Mr. Smithwood, my friend, I hope we are not interrupting. I thought my boys and I could clear but maybe we should come back later.” The owner stood at the edge of the table and his two very large waiters stood behind him staring at Jimmy and his bodyguard not the plates.

“Thank you for offering to clear. We’re almost done with business so maybe in a few minutes you could come back.”

The owner never looked away from the bodyguard who suddenly seemed nervous and backed toward the door. “Of course, Mr. Smithwood. We’ll come back soon. We’ll just make sure this man knows where he left his car. I’m sure he’ll want to come with us so it will be ready when you are done with his friend.”

He and his friends walked slowly to the door. The bodyguard seemed quickly interested in leaving before them and finding his car just as the owner suggested. The owner did stop at the door, bow very formally to Danielle. “I’m sorry for the interruption Miss but please know that we are just over here to take care of anything you need.” He frowned in Jimmy’s direction and left.

Mr. Smithwood never sat. He just handed papers to the lawyer. “We’ve uncovered seven financial errors which I’m sure were accidental not fraud but naturally lower the price. The new price is here and you will sign here and this is a check in that amount.”

The lawyer seemed to understand and nodded. Jimmy started to protest but was stopped by a look in Smithwood’s eyes. He signed and started to talk, “I just want to say…”

Smithwood cut him off. “Get out, now.” And both Jimmy and the lawyer were gone in less than a minute.

Danielle was almost dizzy from everything happening. She was very grateful to him for defending her and protecting her. She stared at Mr. Smithwood. Inside her head she realized how good is praise made her feel. She wanted to be worthy of it. She liked having him protect her. It made her feel safe and their work bond was even tighter because of it.

She was in the room and aware that the owner had come back and he and Mr. Smithwood were talking. It also seemed like they were leaving. She followed along still a little bit dazed. they went out of their private room and the owner directed them a different way than they had come. She followed down a hall into an office and out another door and toward a back entrance into an alley.

The owner smiled and took her hand and kissed it in a very old world way. “Please join us again miss and thank you for coming.”

She followed Mr. Smithwood and there were two cars in the alleyway. Both drivers stayed in the car but Mrs. Jones was there standing by one car. Mr. Smithwood handed her the papers and nodded. She opened one car door, leaned and said something to the driver.

She turned. “The driver knows where you live and will take you home. She’ll pick you up at 7:30 tomorrow morning and drop you in the executive garage. You can take your car home tomorrow night not tonight. You have an appointment with me tomorrow at 5:30. Have a god night.” And she turned and stepped to the other car.

As Danielle was about to get in, Mr. Smithwood touched her arm and she turned. He took a step in and stood with his face just a few inches from hers and their bodies almost touching. She didn’t know if it was awkward or sensual. He spoke quietly but firmly. “Thank you, Danielle. Your hard work made tonight possible. We’re going to make a lot of money instead of that creep. You will be very useful and I’m looking forward to using you a lot more. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Danielleheld her breath while he talked and found herself staring at his lips. Her legs actually felt a little weak. She never felt anything like this at work before. When he stopped talking, she couldn’t say anything except, “thank you, sir.”

She stood and watched him walk and was conscious that the ice cold Mrs. Jones smiled at her. Then Mr. Smithwood pushed Mrs. Jones into the other car with one hand on the skirt covering her shapely ass. He then climbed in and Danielle got in her own car as they drove away.

She got in conscious of a feeling of excitement and a little jealousy. She was going to say something to the driver but there was a colored glass partition so they couldn’t see each other and the car just started moving.

She leaned back and played over the evening in her head on the 20 minute drive to her apartment. She was tired and didn’t think about how she was touching her skirt as the events played back in her head. She thought a lot about what happened but somewhere hidden inside her she knew this was just the beginning of something.

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