Dad’s Little Room – Part 4

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Dad’s Little Room – Part 4
By: Q12Dad

(m/m mast oral inc)


A few days later John started feeling very horny again and decided he would
go see his Dad. Maybe they could get into some good hard sex again John

When John got to his father’s house he couldn’t find him, so he went into
his father’s bedroom to see if he was there. He wasn’t in the bedroom, so
John figured he should check the small room. When he went in the closet, the
door leading into the small room was open and his father was standing next
to the bed completely naked. His cock was fully hard and he was slowly
stroking it up and down. Sam was looking at some pictures, which he was
getting out of the footlocker at the end of the bed. The same footlocker
that John had been into a few days earlier.

John made a small noise and Sam looked over at him while still stroking his
hard cock and said, “I wondered when you were gonna show up! Where the hell
have you been? I’ve been horny as hell for the last few days but I didn’t
want to jack off without you. Come on in here I want to show you something.”
John went in the small room and asked his father what this place was. Sam
said “you know damn well what this room is about because you were in here
just a few days ago.”

John was shocked. How could his father know? “Dad, I wasn’t in here,” John

“Oh, really?” Sam said. “Then what is this?” Sam held up one of the white
cum rags out of the trunk. “This is your cum in this rag John because I know
it’s not mine.” John didn’t know what to say. “Besides”, Sam added, “I got
you on tape for your whole visit here”.

John said “what tape?”

Sam said, “I have security cameras hidden in the wall to tape anybody that
might snoop around in here and I caught you having a good time in here. You
want to see it?”

Sam reached down in the trunk and pulled out a tape and put it in the VCR.
The image that came up stunned John. canlı bahis It was a video of him holding a greasy
dildo up against his very hard cock. Precum was drooling all over his hands
and the dildo as he rubbed it all over his wet dick. He saw himself sit down
on the bed and start stroking his cock while rubbing the dildo between his
wide spread legs. Then he saw himself touch the dildo’s head to his own
cockhead to smear the precum all over it and then he started rubbing the
dildo all around his asshole getting it all wet and sticky from the precum.
John’s cock started to harden while he was watching himself on the screen
and watching his father jerking his cock as he watched John on screen. John
started to recall the feelings he had in this room just a few days ago and
he started to get very hot watching it again on screen. John’s father’s cock
was now starting to drool precum all over his jacking fingers and he was
smearing it all over his cockhead as he watched his son’s sex acts on the

“Pretty hot, huh son?” Sam looked at John and smiled while he was stroking
his big cock. “You better take off your clothes before you stain them
again”. John looked down and his pants were tented out from his now fully
erect cock and a big wet mark was seeping into his pants from the tip of his
precum drooling cock. He couldn’t help reaching down and grasping his cock
and giving it a tug before starting to loosen his belt and unzipping his

His father sat down on the bed and watched his son undress while John
continued to watch himself on the screen. He was starting to insert the
dildo now right into his asshole. He could see his ass ring open up around
the big dildo and just slide in smoothly. He remembered the feeling he had
when he did it. He had all his clothes off now except for a jock strap he
wore especially for this occasion. The jock was pulled away from his body by
the force of his hardon and Sam could see his son’s balls starting bahis siteleri to slip
out the bottom of his jock. John adjusted his cock in the jock and his
cockhead peeked over the top of his jock by about 3 inches. Sam could see
precum already dripping down the side of his son’s hot cock while he rubbed
it through the fabric of the jock. Sam told John to come closer to the bed
and John walked over slowly towards his father who was still stroking his
hard, shiny cock. He was stroking slower now because he wanted to build up a
really good head of cum. He hadn’t come in three days and he knew this cum
was going to a good one.

When John got to the side of the bed he looked down at his father whose hand
had started rubbing up John’s thigh getting closer and closer to his jock
covered cock. Sam slid his fingers along the edge of the jock and his
fingertips grazed his son’s hairy nuts. John let out a gasp of air and
pushed his hips forward forcing his father’s hand further into the pouch of
his jock. Sam now pulled one of John’s balls out the side of the jock and
kneaded it in his hand. John’s cockhead flared and let out a big drop of
precum which dripped down the side of his cock and onto the pouch of the
jockstrap wetting it.

Then Sam started running his fingers lightly over the front of the jock and
John could feel it all through his hard cock. John watched his father’s
fingers start to move up towards his cockhead and couldn’t wait for him to
touch it. It was bright pink and shiny with precum as his father’s fingers
gathered some of the precum flowing freely now out of the cock hole and
started rubbing it into the area behind the head where the cock is the most
sensitive. John could only last like this for a few seconds and pulled away
from his father’s fingers.

“I’m gonna explode if you keep that up”, John said.

Sam told John to stand between his legs. John moved between his father’s
legs and looked down at his father’s hard cock bahis şirketleri which was throbbing and
pumping juice out of the tip. Sam held his son’s hips right in front of his
face and then started to slowly pull the front of the jockstrap down and
away from John’s hard cock. As he revealed more and more of the cock Sam’s
hands started to shake and tremble with anticipation. He lowered the jock
strap all the way below John’s balls and looked at his son’s fully erect
cock jutting out towards his face just a few inches away.

He looked up at his son and saw a look of total lust on John’s face. John
was pushing his hips out toward his father’s face. Sam grabbed a hold of
John’s cock and pulled him closer until John’s cock tip was right at the
opening of his mouth. Sam stuck out his tongue and licked the head of John’s
cock swiping away a big drop of precum which had just drooled out. The
feeling was incredible to John. His father was actually licking his cockhead
and it felt fantastic! His father started stroking John’s cock now and at
the same time started stroking his own. He started rubbing his tongue all
over the head of John’s cock tip while jerking him off.

Sam was really getting hot now and took his hand off John’s cock, reached
behind him and pulled his ass towards him forcing John’s cock all the way
down his throat! Then he really started sucking and licking and pumping it
in and out of his mouth slathering it up with his spit. Johns cock got even
harder as he started pumping into his father’s hot mouth. He reached down
and grabbed his father’s head and started fucking his cock in and out of his
mouth. Sam let go of John’s ass and let him freely fuck his long hard cock
into his mouth while he started rolling John’s balls in his free hand while
increasing the tempo of his other hand on his own cock.

The scene was very erotic between father and son in complete horny lust for
each other, man to man. Each of their cocks had never been so hard and hot
with veins bulging and heads flared full, precum oozing steadily out of the
hot purple tips. They were both groaning now and pumping their hips getting
ready to unload their loads when they heard a voice call out, “Grampa?”

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