Cuckold Story Part 5 – Wife Takes Control

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Cuckold Story Part 5 – Wife Takes Control
After the Sunday session things went quiet for 3-4 weeks, and I started to wonder if Shelley had regrets. Whenever I raised the issue, she was vague and didn’t seem interested in fucking anyone. Then all of a sudden things changed, her mood seemed lighter and the next Friday she had off she sent me a text message saying ‘Well and truly fucked!”. She confirmed when I got home she had seen Simon, but wouldn’t give me much detail. For the next few months I noticed her coming home a little later, or having more coffees with friends than usual, that sort of thing. I was excited that maybe she was getting some cock, but disappointed that I wasn’t involved.

One day I came home early to find a car in the driveway that belonged to a buddy of mine. He was divorced and I recall Shelley had joked once he would have no trouble getting laid, so she obviously found him attractive. I was suspicious so parked down the street until he left. When I got home Shelley made no mention of him, so I concluded there must be something going on. Later that night I found the courage to confront her and she admitted everything.

She had loved what happened with Simon and wanted more, but was worried it was just initial excitement of something different. After a month of soul searching she decided it was what she wanted to do, illegal bahis siteleri and hooked up with Simon again, and it took off from there. She admitted to fucking my so called buddy, she said he had no hesitation when she sent him a text asking him over to fuck, and that day was the third time. I was shocked, and started to protest that it was supposed to be about us. Shelley cut me off.

“This is for me,” she said, ” I am fucking these guys because I want to, not to fulfill your desires.” I was dumbstruck. We took a few minutes to calm down, then re-started the conversation.

“I know you wanted me to be your slut, but I’ve realised I want to be my own slut,” she continued softly, “I don’t want to be an actor in your porn fantasies, I just want to live my own. And they are wild!” She giggled at the last part. She had admitted to sleeping with one other guy a few times, apart from Simon and my friend.

“So what does that mean?” I asked. Then she hit me with it. One of her work colleagues was transferring overseas on a 6 month project, and Shelley was thinking about house sitting for her, doubling as a trial separation. A week later she moved her personal stuff to the other place. As much as I was hurt, I was also turned on at the thought of my wife fucking and sucking an endless stream of men.

A month later she dropped perabet giriş by for a coffee and a catch up. She could see I was down and she offered to tell me a story, if I was interested. Indeed I was. We sat on the couch and she unbuttoned my pants, playing with my cock as she talked.

She had gone to an old 90’s revival rock show, with Simon and a couple of his buddies, one of whom lived near the venue. Kim didn’t go as she had other plans, They had a few drinks before the show, and by the time it started they were all a little drunk and the guys hit on Shelley, and she loved the attention and each of them copped more than one feel of her tits and ass. Afterwards the ended up back at the guys house, still partying on. Shelley had bought a tour shirt from the show, reliving her younger days. The guys told her to try it on, so slipped into the bathroom to get changed. When she came out she was wearing only the t-shirt and a pair of panties.

She flirted with the 3 guys, shaking her ass and tits in their faces. Of course it didn’t take long before the shirt was off and each of the guys played with her tits. She stood back and demanded to see some cocks, so they all stripped down and sat on the end of the couch, their three erections standing up like flagpoles. Shelley went to work, sucking on each of them in turn, making sure perabet güvenilir mi every inch of their cocks and balls got sucked and licked.

After each guy had some oral pleasure, Shelley stood up and said “I need a good fucking!”, and slipped off her panties. They moved to the bedroom, where she lay on the bed and spread her legs, asking “Who’s first?”. The alcohol and the situation had relaxed her and she was acting free and easy, which I find exciting. The guys mounted her one after the other, fucking hard and fast in a semi-drunk gangbang. Shelley was quite vocal, calling out “Fuck me hard, Bang that pussy, Make me cum!” regularly during the session. She was usually responsive when fucking, but not so loud and vocal, so this was something new and very hot. Fucking 3 men and begging for cock, she had now become a full on slut.

All of the guys were obliging in giving her a good hard fuck, all coming in her pussy. Simon went last and he told her he had never fucked such a sloppy wet cunt and he loved it. When he had blown and pulled out, he looked down and Shelley’s ass, thighs and pubic hair we slathered in cum and pussy juice, Shelley rubbed her cunt and giggled “I’m so full of cum, I love it. My pubes are all stuck together.” Simon told her she would have to shave them off then.

“Did you shave it?” I asked, she giggled and said “Wouldn’t you like to know?” I had been pestering her for years to go bald, but she refused.

Then she pumped my cock hard and fast until I came, covering my shirt and her hand with cum.

I cleaned up, and after she left she sent me a text message with one word – YES.

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