crying orgasm!

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crying orgasm!I can remember my first time being penetrated and cummin! It was mind blowing! For as far back as I can remember, I always had this tingly itch deep inside of me that would drive me crazy to the point that I started finding objects to stick up in me to scratch that itch, and any chance that I had some alone time, I would explore what I was feeling with whatever I could find to stick inside of Me. The first thing I ever used was my drum stick from my drum set. All I know was it felt amazing! to the point that I didn’t want to stop. But, as I’m satisfying my tingly itch, I notice my little dic always would stiffen up and intensify my feelings to the point that I would stop and try to ignore that tingly itch, but easier said than done, but canlı kaçak iddaa the more I ignored that tingly itch, it just intensified more to the point that I wanted to find something a little bigger than the drum stick. So I ventured out to the tool shed to see what I could find and there was much to chose from garden tools, to snow shovels, I see that the snow shovel had a bigger handle than anything else, so I cleaned off the best I could but still wasn’t clean enough, so I took a bread rapper and covered it and greased it up with Vaseline and stuck my fingers in self for a slippery entrance, but the tightness of my ass wouldn’t let it slide in as planned, but I was determined to get it in me to the point where it was starting to hurt canlı poker oyna but feeling good at the same time, but wasn’t going to stop until I felt satisfied. But low and behold, my neighbor must have seen me go in the shed and came to Investigate, to see if was I ok as he peeked in and was watching me and busted in and hurry and closed the door behind him and said it’s ok, I won’t tell and he pulled out his hard dic and said let me help and said let me stick this in u, so he greased it up as said just relax as he bent me over the work bench as I can hear him breathing hard as he begin pushing in very slow but steady until he popped the head of it in and asked was I ok, as I whispered yes! At that time I can feel like I was getting wet internet casino inside from his precum, that was causing him to go in deeper to the point my legs were Trembling and I started feeling such a sensation that I couldn’t explain as he started going in and out faster, to the point he was starting to cum and all I can remember is that orgasmic feeling hit me like a bolt of lighting and a I remember busting out crying and he was in a such a zone to the point he didn’t know or didn’t care, but after we finished,he asked was I ok and said he was sorry and asked me not to tell anyone and I promised him that I wouldn’t tell, if he would do it often and he replied with a big smile and said, really!? And I replied , yes! And that led to me sucking his dic and allowing him to have his way with me for many years as he was training me to be a submissive little slutty cd. Until he moved away and joined the military and just left me Vulnerable to multiple men that took advantage of my tingly itch weakness!!!

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