Crossdresser and driving

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Crossdresser and drivingA little about me, I’m married, and wife doesn’t have a clue I like to dress up. I would love to have her know and accept it, but I don’t think she would. I do cam and love to get instructions from people that are watching on cam. Am I a sub? I think I am. I like to drive dressed. When I take a drive up to northern Wisconsin, I love to drive while dressed. It is always around 5 am when I leave a little dark but getting light. I can’t get dressed at home and walk out to my vehicle. I don’t have a garage either.So, I have to dress in my vehicle before I get on the expressway. So, I drive to a parking lot next to a restaurant. There are plenty of big windows at this restaurant and a lighted parking lot. I park, so my driver’s door is within view of the windows. I strip out of my man clothes the put on my girlie clothes. I will wear a bustier with stays for nylons, heels, g-string panties, blouse, wig, and a short skirt. Doing this gets my clitty very hard. Of course, doing this in a parked vehicle is not as easy as it sounds. Everything is not in its right place a little messy looking. To straighten my clothes out, I get out of the vehicle and adjust my clothes. I look at the windows and see no one looking at me. Not what I was hoping to see. Next time I do this drive, I get a little bolder and leave skirt off and put it on outside of my vehicle. My blouse is not long but just about tucks into my skirt. I’m doing this with my g-string showing and my ass in plain view for anyone to see. I don’t see anyone looking unless they did when I wasn’t trying to see if anyone is watching. Another letdown. I can’t drive all the way dressed, so I have to go to a wayside area to change. It is now bright daylight. I now have to walk into guys’ restroom and change. Carrying my guy clothes in a bag, I walk to the building knowing there are a few semi trucks parked but no cars. Every time I walk to this building, there is no one in there. I always feel comfortable doing this. One time, I told myself to get bolder and get out at the restaurant with no skirt and blouse and put them on outside. Looking at the windows before I got out more people were sitting at window than other times. Now my panic had set in, and I wanted to chicken out. But my hard clitty and my sissy brain said go for it. I opened the door and stepped out, and oh my god, a girl was looking my way and must have said something to her guy that I’m out there in just my lingerie. Can they see my hard clit? I know they see my ass hanging out in plain view. I put my blouse on and then pull my skirt up while bending over, so my ass is toward the windows. I’m dressed, and I get into my vehicle and drive away. What a sight I must have been.When I get to the rest area I see a few cars there so I wait for them to leave. Finally, I get to go inside to change. I walk into the guy’s restroom, and there’s a guy at the sink and turns to see me. I froze. Shocked that someone is in there. I couldn’t even turn and run; I was so scared. He said, “are you in the right room? You look like you’re in the wrong room but then you are likely in the right room as I look at your face.” So he says, “say something.” I stumble out a few words that, “I’m just in here to change my clothes.” He says, “well go ahead don’t mind me being here.” I walk to a stall to go in and change. He clears his throat real loud. I stop. I look at him. He says, “I want to watch you change, if I may.”OMG, I’m in here with this guy who is not a small person a lot bigger than me. I say, “I never done anything like this before.” “What dress like a sissy slut? Dress like a girl? What haven’t you done before?”I stutter, “that no one has been near me when I dress like this. I don’t mind if someone saw me from a distance so that I didn’t have to exchange words or looks.” “Well, it will be a new experience for you. It’s not that bad just undress like I’m not even here.” “But but I’m scared!” “Come on before someone else comes in and sees you.” I’m stuck he has now moved closer to the exit I can’t get out he might do me harm.Shit, I just better do this, and then I can leave. So I start with unbuttoning my blouse and removing it. The guy now has a big smile. I’m dying here undressing in front of someone. Next, I drop my skirt. “Stop,” he says! Now what I think. He says, “I want to admire what I see. Turn completely around.” Don’t forget I have this g-sting on and he will see my hard clitty in it. “Nice ass and hard on you have there.” I’m now blushing; my heart is pounding. He says, “ok drop those panties.” I now wish bahis firmaları I never came in here dressed; I should have changed in my vehicle. He roars, “what the hell you are waiting for drop them!” I pull them down and my harder than ever clit springs free. Panties are now around my ankles. He is staring right at my clit. I look at it, and there is a big wet glob of precum hanging from it. Embarrassed I try to remove panties from my ankles, but my panties are stuck on my heel straps. As I try to get panties off the straps I’m jumping on one leg, and my clit is bobbing around, and my ass is shaking. He says that what I’m doing is excellent.”I love how your clit is bouncing, and that sexy ass shaking is more than I could have asked you for.” I got my panties off, and now I’m going to remove my heels. I squat to unbuckle them. He says, “stop. Even though you squatted it is very nice with your clit pointing upward; I want you to stand back up so I can view you more.” I do what he asks. Once again I ask myself what the hell am I doing. I stand back up. He says, “could you do a few turns for me.” I think, come on now I need to get this done and get on my way. I also think I’m getting into this since I have not lost my hard clit. Is he hard? He has to be. He says, “stay like that for a few minutes.” He is now moving closer to me. I walk backward but can’t go too far there’s a wall behind me. He says, “how daring are you since to drove here dressed and walked dressed into the restroom?” He says, “how about you walk around the room for me?” “Okay,” I say, and I walk around. My clit was moving around while I walk. “Nice that you can walk in those slut heels. How tall is the heel?” I say, “5 inches, can’t walk in anything higher.” All of a sudden I think how does he know these terms, slut, sissy, and clit? He must have seen a sissy before either in life or on the internet. “Can you be even more daring?” “I don’t know, I say, “this is very daring for me.” “How about you walk like you are to the door and open it?” “No thanks,” I say. “Come on this isn’t a very used rest area. Sometimes when I’m here, it can be a few hours before someone else stops in.” “Go ahead and be daring.” So I walk to the door and listen if I hear anyone in the hall between women and guys restrooms. I hear nothing. I open the door and let it close. He says, “see no problem.” Precum is now getting my nylons wet. “How about you walk out into the hallway?” I say, “the hall is all glass and what if there’s a camera out there?” “So what I bet if there’s a camera it has seen a lot of things. And the glass should not be a problem that will be no one to see you.” Again am I crazy for following his directions. I’m scared but turned on to what he is making me do. I say, “ok I’ll do it. How far do I have to go and how long?” “Walk to near the windows and then to the woman’s room door and back here, I’ll hold the door open, so it is easy for you to do.” I walk out and do what he asks, and it is no problem, no one around. He says, “hold on I want to see something.” He walks out of the room and comes back a few seconds later. “I have another dare for you. Ready for this one?”I’m now worn down, and I say, “sure.” “Walk out to the front doors and go outside, I just checked there are no cars out there.” I say, “ok let’s get this over with.” He opens the restroom door I walk out, and I open the outside door and walk a few feet outside. As I turn to go back in he says, “walk further, how about to the parking area that’s about 15 maybe 20 yards.” I shake my head in disbelief, and I do it. It doesn’t take long but seems like it took forever. No one is around but remember I saw a few semis’s parked behind the building. One must be his, but what about the others. I walk back hoping this is it. Once we are back inside, he says, “can I show you my cock? This hard on is giving me problems all stuffed in my pants.” Oh no, where is this leading I say to myself? What can I say, no? I say, “sure, show me.” He gets a big smile on his face and can’t drop his pants and underwear fast enough. His hard cock is now pointing right at me. And what a cock it is. It has to be 10 inches or more and big balls. The head is enormous, and so is the shaft. Puts my 6 inches to shame. He says, “you like?” My eyes fixed on the monster, and my mouth has dropped open in awe. I say, “that’s a nice big cock you have there.” “You want to touch it? Can I touch yours?” I’m still in awe of his cock as I say. “yes.” What? Is this me? Who am I and what am I about to do? We move, and he grabs my clit perabet and gives it a tight squeeze. I moan. He says, “go ahead touch mine.” Shaking I reach out a grab it. Wow, this cock feels nice in my hand. He is caressing my whole clit and sissy ovaries. I try to do the same, but his cock is too big to do with one hand. So I use both hands. He is now rubbing my precum on my clit head. It feels so good, and my moans are none stop. He is now stroking my clit shaft. I better stop him I’m afraid it might go off. I stop him he says, “oh I get it your ready to shoot your load.” I smile. He says, “stroke mine it will not shoot a load for a while.” There I am stroking another man’s cock something I had never done before or thought I would ever do. “Grab my balls and give them a good squeeze.” He lets out a big moan. “We better stop this and get dressed and leave I say.”He must have seen some look in my face and said, “just put the blouse and skirt back on and we will walk to my truck and finish this if you want?” I’m a little light headed after what we just did, and I say, “ok.” “Unless,” he says, you want to walk out like you are?” At this point, I don’t care how I’m dressed or undressed. He has his cock put away, and I’m just standing there still half naked and hard as hell. My thought is my clit needs to shoot its load; I’m overexcited. “Is this another dare, I ask him, walking out like I am all the way to your truck?” He says, “yes it will be the biggest dare so far. You know someone will differently see you.” “At this point, I don’t care who sees me,” I say back at him. “You know you’re half-naked and have a hard clit sticking out. Also your sissy ass.” I say, “I give two shits at this point.” So he grabs my bag of clothes stuffing my blouse, skirt, and panties into it. He says, “ready?”I say, “let’s do this, and I do hope someone sees me.” He walks out the door first. We walk out into the hall, no one there. We walk out the front door, no one. But as we get closer to the corner of the building, there is a car driving into the rest area. By the time we turn the corner of the building the car is parking and in a way he or she can see me with my ass swishing as we walk toward the back of the building. I hope he or she got a good look. Now we are in full view of the trucks. There must be 6 or 7 that I could not see all from the car parking lot. Still walking with my hard clit swinging around we walk past three trucks to get to his. There in the third truck sitting in the cab are two guys. Smiles on their face as I walk by and I feel good maybe proud of what I’m doing. He unlocks the passenger door of the semi and opens it. I didn’t even realize that it is a climb to get in. As I climb up and in the truck next to us gives a toot on his air horn. The guy says, ‘they approve of you.”Once in the truck, we sit in the sleeper part of his truck across from each other. The guy says, “you don’t mind if I get myself comfortable?” I say, “whatever you want.” In a flash, he is stark naked and only has a semi hard on. He asks, “did you ever expect you would be doing this when you walked into the restroom?” I say, “I have walked into the restroom many times, and no one was around.” He says, “can I ask you a question?” “Sure go ahead,” at this point nothing is going to shock me.”Did you dress and walk out of your house like that?” “Nope, I said I dress in a restaurant parking lot while I’m in my car.” “I then step out to arrange my clothes before driving off.” “People around?” “Just anyone inside sitting at windows. But today was different; I got out of my vehicle dressed only in my lingerie to put on my skirt and blouse. Two people saw me this time unlike other times no one.” He still is not hard. I’m dripping away like a faucet. He is looking at my clit and says, “can I clean that wetness for you?” “What do you mean?” “Well not with my hand but my mouth.” I was shocked I thought we were here to jack off or at most jack each other off. I’m just not thinking straight at this point. I must be still thinking with my clit and sissy brain. I spread my legs wide and say, “if you want to go for it.” He laid between my legs and gave my clit head a tongue flick over it. Holy shit that was good I hope he does that again. Nope, he devours the whole shaft is one smooth swallow. My head shoots back in ecstasy. The guy’s mouth feels good on hard my clitty! He is just going crazy going up and down my shaft. He grabs my sissy ovaries and gives a squeeze, just the right amount. All of a sudden my ovaries are in his mouth being sucked on perabet giriş with a good pull. The guy is better than my wife has ever done. He has now stopped, and my breathing is so fast and hard. He said, “he stopped so I don’t cum yet.” “Why? Do you want me to jack off so you can watch me shoot my load or are you going to do the jacking for me?” “Right now if I may ask you to get me hard again?” “And how do I do that?” “Just grab it and stroke it that should do it.” I grab his cock and stroke the shit out of it. He gets hard as a rock. He moans softly. “Can you do to me what I just did to you? Please?” “Please is not needed I tell him.” “He says I thought you were maybe a sub but didn’t know till you started to do what I told you to do. So get with it sissy and suck my cock.” Well, there I was face to face with this guy’s big cock. The first cock that is so close to me or my face. I opened my mouth and stuck my tongue out to lick it. Kind of a taste I have never come across before. I keep licking the head when it started to ooze juice; I knew it was precum. I then tried to stuff that monster into my mouth. It took some doing, but I got enough in so I could start sucking the shaft up and down. He moaned, “you’re doing good for a first time slut. Suck it, good bitch.””At that point, I could go outside a suck his cock in front of the two guys next to us.” Did I say that out loud? He said, “what are you getting silly? A whore would do just that.” I moved to the door. “Are you game,” I say? “Bitch if you are so am I.” I opened the door and climbed out. The guys were still there and eyes wide open as he stepped out with his hard-on. The guys rolled down his window, and my guy said, “this whore wants you two to watch as the bitch sucks my cock.” “Can we get out to see better?” “Sure why not. The sissy will put on a show for you.” He sat on the step of the truck and said, “ok bitch suck away.” It took me a few seconds to engulf that cock. That’s all I heard were catcalls from the two. Not a clean word in any sentence. I heard clicking and wondered what that sound was. You guessed it they had their phone cameras out taking pictures and video. One guy said, “enough of her sucking you.” want to see you fuck her!”In a flash, I was on my knees with my ass pussy high in the air. “Well, look at that the whore bitch wants it. Get the grease and fuck the living shit out of her.” All of a sudden I felt my pussy being probed and getting slick. “Look at that sissies cock drip. Come on fuck her so we can get it on the phone.” I waited. Anticipating to be fucked. I felt his cock head press against my pussy. I thrust back on it, and I felt it starting to slide into my ass pussy. It hurt, but I wanted it in me. “Push it in her, make her know what it is like to get fucked like a whore.” He started to push without stopping. I let out a few squeals and all of a sudden his whole cock was in me. His cock filled me up. The pressure of his fat cock was almost too much for my tight pussy. He started to push in and out slowly; he knew I needed to get used to it. Those guys were going to burn those phones up with their pictures. Faster and faster he fucked me my whole body was moving with each stroke, and so is my clitty.I moved my head to see the guys because the clicking cameras stopped. They were stroking their cocks. About the same size as mine. I was so engrossed with getting fucked. I have no clue how long this guy was plunging my pussy. He kept going and going. I heard one guy ask if he could cum on my ass. My guy said, “cum all you want on her ass.” I felt hot cum on my ass. The other guy said, can I have sloppy seconds?” “The bitch has another hole use her mouth.” All of a sudden he was pushing his cock in my mouth, and it tasted awful. “Hey, no fair I only got to cum on the whore.” “Well, you should have asked.” Now I had a big cock in my pussy pounding away and a cock in my mouth. The guy I was sucking didn’t last long. He shot his fishy tasting load. Finally, my guy blew his load and pulled out with a pop. I composed myself and said, “what about my clitty?” Still hard and dripping. The two guys just laughed and said, “do it yourself, you bitchy whore.” My guy said, “I’ll do it for you with my hand or with my mouth. Take your pick.” “Mouth please, I said. I sat on the step, and he swallowed my clit, and it didn’t take long for me to have an intense orgasm.I said, “thanks for the fun.” “He said no problem and that he enjoyed me from the time I stepped into the restroom.”I dressed in my guy clothes on went on my way with a very sore pussy. I have gone back to the same rest area a few times but never went in dressed as a girl. Didn’t know what I would come across in the building. We didn’t exchange names, phone numbers or email addresses. Wish we did so we could have done this again.

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