Cousin Dee Loses Anal Virginity

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Cousin Dee Loses Anal Virginity
Cousin Dee Loses Anal Virginity

Hi all, its Ali here!

I wanted to recount the next memorable incident with my horny older cousin sis, Dee. Many of you have read my previous posts and already know about me and my family. Before going into the story, read a little about me and Dee to enjoy this best.
I stand 5’10” tall, very fair with straight, dark long hair. I have a naturally athletic physique as I’ve been a soccer player since I was small. I belong to a conservative Muslim family and we live in one of the big cities in central India. We used to live in a huge gated, private building complex with my dad and his 7 brothers staying with their families comfortably together. We have a huge but close-knit family.
Dee is around 5’6” tall, dusky complexion and had medium-length, wavy hair. She had large eyes with a wonderful set of pouty lips. Apart from her face Dee resembled her mother, my widowed Aunt Sheen in body. She had firm, large boobs (36-C) and a slim wait. But the best part about Dee was her ass. Her ass cheeks were taut, very round and jiggled intensely every time she walked. Dee looked like the perfect black THOT, with a lovely bubble butt.
Coming to the Story…

Caught Licking Cunt

This incident is from back in June of 2007. We were in our late teens then and Dee had lost her virginity to me only a month ago in May. There was another week left of our long summer vacation. Despite having loads of time, we just didn’t get a chance to fuck again after the first time and we were very frustrated and desperate now.
I would often visit Dee at her home when her mom was home and we would make out intensely for a long time. All this time she had only been had the guts to give me quick blowjobs a couple of times in her room when Aunt Sheen was busy downstairs, working in the kitchen. She was too scared to be caught by her mom and wouldn’t let me do much more than finger her to orgasms a few times.
It was Saturday evening and we were in her room. Dee had closed the door to her room and we were on her bed. I sat with my back against the wall and she was sitting astride my thighs as my legs lay stretched out. It had been only 10 minutes since I had been in her room and as she told her mom that we were watching movies on her computer she was confident Aunt Sheen wouldn’t barge in on us. She played it safe though and was kissing me hard.
Dee had on a pair of pink-colored satin pajamas. The top was a little loose but outlined her breast mounds aptly. The pajama bottoms were however not loose enough for her lovely, curvy lower body. The soft, silky pajama bottoms clung to her like a second skin and outlined her perfect, shapely booty, thighs and calves noticeably.
I felt Dee push her tongue in an out of my mouth, teasing me as my hands roved over her lovely round ass cheeks. Without a doubt I was hard as a pole and Dee kept rubbing her soft crotch over my stick which had already made a tent in my shorts. I was busy grabbing her soft and large butt cheeks with my hands and squeezing them frequently. I knew she was not wearing panties underneath her PJs coz my hand was sliding smoothly all over the huge globes of her buttocks.
“Mmm… Hmmmm..” Dee moaned longingly as soon as my hand slipped underneath her big ass and slid over her crotch from behind. Feeling my fingertips brush against her pussy after so long suddenly made Dee squirm hard. I could clearly feel the dampness in her crotch which had made her PJs wet around her pussy.
I began to rub the tips of my fingers steadily over her crotch, gently moving them a couple of inches back and forth. Dee’s breathing became significantly hard and she grabbed my hair in her hands and crushed my face to hers as she began nibbling at my lips with pleasure and desperation.
I knew we didn’t have much time so when the idea came to me I didn’t waste another second. Breaking our kiss, I wrapped my arms around her curvy waist and began to get up. I got up to my knees somehow and Dee also knelt on her knees in, facing me.
“This is going to be good, Dee.” I whispered to her and smiled, looking in her lusty, half-closed eyes in the dim light from her computer. Still looking in her eyes and smiling, I put my hand around her waist and gently nudged her. Dee understood as she immediately turned around on her knees and now waited, with her back to me.
I scooted closer to her on my knees and put my left hand over one round butt cheek. With the other hand on her shoulder I gently pushed her down and she was now on all fours.
Dee was now bent in a doggy-style pose in the middle of her bed and I knelt behind her. I slowly lifted the top of her PJ and revealed her smooth, curvy back. I bent down and began to kiss her bare back from the top. As I made my way down with gentle, teasing kisses along her spine I could feel Dee pushing her round ass cheeks back, into my crotch, as if desperate for a touch on her cunt.
As I kept kissing my way down to her waist, I slid my fingers in her PJ and began to slide them down too.
“Aaahh.. Ali..” was all Dee could moan as my lips now reached the top of her big, firm booty. I got a whiff of her musky cunt as her juices now flowed glistening out of her pussy. I put a hand on her upper back and pushed down. Dee immediately pulled a pillow to her and buried her face in it. The movie played on her computer and the room was semi-dark, illuminated only by the glare of the computer screen. Still there was enough light to make out her room clearly.
As Dee rested her head on the pillow, her round ass was pushed further up. I immediately took a position behind her on my knees. I bent down and kissed her lightly over her firm booty cheeks before spreading them gently apart with my hands.
“Ssshhh…” Dee hissed as the cooling air from the fan hit her juicy wet pussy. I decided to tease her some so I began to her ass cheeks, alternating between the right globe of her ass and the left butt cheek as I made my way lower.
“Uunnhh..” Dee groaned in frustration as I delayed, and pushed her firm booty further back in my face.
I smiled to myself at having made her so horny and I made my way to the tight crack of her ass. As soon as my lips reached her pussy lips I could already feel the juices had spread around and moistened her crotch as well. I realized that Dee had unusually wet orgasms and squirted her juices out when she climaxed.
“Oooohh…” Dee moaned loudly as soon as my moist lips touched her sensitive and wet pussy. I flicked out my tongue and brushed it lightly against her pussy lips. I felt the sweet, musky taste of her cunt juices on my tongue and my cock began to throb very hard under my shorts. With the way she was moaning out loud I was anxious Aunt Sheen would definitely hear us downstairs but then figured maybe the sounds from the movie playing on her computer were louder.
Even then I knew we did not have much time so I tightened my grip on her ass cheeks and stretched them wide apart.
“Ow!” Dee exclaimed as I stretched her tight, firm ass cheeks wider. I pushed my face in her crotch as she knelt in doggystyle and grabbed her pussy lips with my lips.
“Haa… aaahhh..” Dee moaned even louder in approval as I immediately began to suck on her wet pussy lips. I stretched out my tongue and felt for her clit. As soon as the tip of my tongue made contact with her swollen clit, Dee seemed to jerk hard and started to hump my face with her lovely booty. This made my tongue to slip and slide hard over her swollen clit and my spit mixed freely with her dribbling pussy juices.
“Ooohh.. Ooohh… Ohh, Ali!” Dee began moaning continuously as my tongue flicked repeatedly against her hard clit. I was busy licking her hard clit with my tongue and felt Dee begin to breathe harder. Although I had began licking her pussy only a couple of minutes ago I realized that the pent-up sexual frustration within Dee was about to erupt.
“Nnnooo…” Dee groaned in disappointment as I suddenly lifted my head up. I was out of breath and had to catch my breath. I had a firm grip over her round ass cheeks and I looked at her sloppy wet pussy as it glistened clearly in the dim light. I had a grin on my face as I watched Dee wriggle and shake her bubble ass in frustration, impatiently waiting for me to bring her to orgasm as I had stopped right as she reached her climax.
“Huh!” I gasped in shock as soon as my gaze shifted to the door. There stood Aunt Sheen, peeking in from the half-open door to her daughter’s room. I felt more awkward than ashamed because despite having fucked Aunt Sheen for over a year I had not mentioned my active sex life to her otherwise. She had no clue that I had already slept with Aunt Fida, my twin sister Amna and my older sister Jasmine. I was good at keeping secrets and did not want her to find out about me and Dee, her daughter.
I looked at aunty with wide eyes and an embarrassed and awkward smile on her face, thinking of the best way to explain it while Dee had no idea about what was going on and she continued to moan in desperation.
“Come on, Ali! Please make me cum, sweetheart! I can’t take it anymore… Oh, please, baby!”
I was shocked when instead of entering the room, Aunt Sheen put a finger to her lips and smiled. In the dim light of the hallway, I could clearly see Aunt Sheen lift her white-colored nightie and begin to rub her crotch with the other hand. I could not believe it when I realized that Aunt Sheen was actually enjoying the show I and her daughter were unknowingly putting on for her.
It took me a few seconds to realize it but when I did my awkward smile turned into a huge grin. I winked at Aunt Sheen and saw her bite her lower lip, before putting her right hand over her large melons and she began to squeeze her D-cup boobs. Her other hand was quite busy in her crotch and I knew she was fingering herself, standing at the door of her daughter’s room as I prepared to lick Dee to orgasm.
I was thrilled with the sudden twist in the situation and silently sent a prayer of thanks. I finally peeled my eyes away from Aunt Sheen’s wonderful and voluptuous body and turned my attention to her daughter’s lovely, round buttocks.
“Ooohh yesss!” Dee hissed loudly as she finally felt my eager lips back on her waiting pussy. She was leaking already and the mix of my spit and her juices were making a mess in her crotch. Instead of focusing on her clit, I slid my tongue over her pussy lips. Her crotch was completely hairless and smooth. I enjoyed sliding my tongue over her pussy lips till she bent her back even further. This pushed out her pussy to the fullest and made it easier for me to reach with my tongue.
“Yeess… yess.. yess..” Dee continued moaning louder and louder as my tongue began to slide in and out of her hot and wet cunt. I quickened my pace and spread her ass cheeks even wider with my strength. Dee immediately began to pant and moan at the same time now, so I knew she was going to cum.
“I’m coming, bro!” Dee squealed quite loudly before her whole body began convulsing and her lovely, round ass cheeks shook against my cheeks. I immediately slipped lower and grabbed at her swollen clit with my lips.
“Aaarrhhhh…. Aaahhhhh…. Hhhhhmmmm” Dee growled low and long as waves and waves of orgasm hit her, making her sexy, curvy and smooth body shake and convulse as she lay writhing on her tummy in front of me.
“Oohhh God! Ooohhh fuuucckk!” Dee continued to moan loudly, without the slightest care that her mom might hear her as she enjoyed the throes of a strong orgasm. I looked on at her lovely, squirming figure lying in front of me and turned to face the door. I grinned widely when I saw Aunt Sheen had a hand covering her mouth as she fingered her cunt under the nightie harder and harder.
I watched with growing excitement as Aunt Sheen began to tremble hard within only a few seconds. Aunt Sheen immediately balled her fist and bit down on it to step herself from making a noise as she neared orgasm. Aunt tried to keep her eyes peeled to watch the scene of her daughter laying in the after-glow of orgasm with me kneeling on her bed but finally had to clench her eyes closed and took a step back to support against the doorframe. I watched as Aunt Sheen began shaking hard and lifted her head up to the sky.
My cock was now aching to fuck and it stretched my shorts visibly. Looking down at Dee I realized that it wasn’t possible for anything to happen right then so I turned with a hopeful eye to Aunt Sheen and was surprised.
There was no one at the door. I closed my eyes and shook my head, trying to figure out if that was just a hallucination or did I actually saw Aunt Sheen peeping in the room as I licked her daughter to orgasm. But then I remembered that the door was definitely closed before I began to lick Dee and now it was half-open. I was not completely sure that if I saw Aunt Sheen fingering herself while watching her nephew licking her daughter’s pussy.
I shook my head again illegal bahis siteleri and my throbbing cock caught my attention immediately. It made a visible tent in my shorts now. I ached for release but saw that Dee was lying on the bed. She was completely still except for her smooth, soft back with rose and fell with every contented deep breath she took.
I was rubbing my huge cock over my shorts as I watched the wonderful and perfect globes of her booty being lit by the computer screen. I was about to whip out my throbbing cock and lie over her back before pushing my dick in her slippery wet pussy when all my plans were dashed.
“Dee! Dinner’s ready..” Aunt Sheen’s voice came from the kitchen downstairs.
“Ooohh..” Dee groaned and shifted hurriedly as she finally woke from the reverie she was in after an intense orgasm.
“Coming mom!” Dee replied as she flung herself from the bed and immediately stripped off her sweaty wet pajamas. I looked at her lovely, perky boobs bouncing as she struggled to put a bra on. Her lovely waist flared into a perfect set of round and firm ass cheeks that made me want to spank them hard every single time I laid my eyes on them.
I got up with a naughty grin and began walking to her with the huge tent clearly seen in my shorts when she noticed me.
“No, not now, Ali. Mom might come any minute if we don’t go down.” Dee said in an urgent tone as she stepped into a pair of white panties.
“I want you now, Dee. It’s been too long, you know.” I responded as I caught her by her curved waist and pulled her close to me. Dee kissed me hard and quick on my lips, tasting her pussy juices too and said, “Tomorrow, I promise. Just be ready to go out for the whole day.”
“Where to, Dee?” I asked with a smile forming on my lips at the prospect of finally getting to fuck her again.
“Fun and Food. You know it, right?” Dee said as she pulled a tee-shirt over her head, still in my arms.
“Yeah! That’s a great place, Dee!” I said excitedly and kissed her on her lovely, pouty lips before helping her on with another pair of pajamas.
“Be ready at 8 bro, Ok?” Dee asked with a smile and hugged me tight before stepping out of the room. I followed her out, staring at the lovely way her round ass cheeks swayed with every step she took. I wiped my lips with the back of my hand as we took the stairs down.
“Ali, have dinner with us, sweety?” Aunt Sheen said to me.
“Ummm.. no, aunty. Mom would be waiting for me to have dinner too. I’ll join you guys some other time.” I replied, suddenly feeling awkward meeting her gaze as I remembered the vision of Aunt Sheen standing at the door.
Dee was seated at the dinner table and already serving herself, hungry after cumming so hard earlier.
I looked at Aunt Sheen before I stepped out of her kitchen and noticed she give me a knowing nod and a wink. I did a double-take and stared at Aunt Sheen with a confused look on my face.
She smiled widely as she looked at me, and then looked down at Dee as she sat on the dining table between us and again looked up at me and winked. I immediately understood that there was no hallucination. I was now partly shocked, partly embarrassed and partly ashamed at this turn of event.
Without another word I left Aunt Sheen’s apartment, remembering the wide grin she had on her face as I finally turned around and walked out of the kitchen. I was obviously wondering at the strange reaction from Aunt Sheen despite having caught me eating her daughter’s pussy.
It took me a long time to sleep, as I lay mulling over the ramifications of what had happened.

Bike Ride Tease

I was promptly ready at 8. Dee had called me to tell me she would meet up in the parking lot of a mall near our place. She planned to park her scooter there and we would go to the water/amusement park on my motorcycle.
I had packed a small gym bag with a couple of fresh undies, shorts and swimming trunks. I watched as Dee rode in on her moped and waved at me before entering the huge parking lot. She wore an Abaya and a Hijab covered her head (which were the only kind of clothes acceptable in our conservative Muslim family to wear outside). I watched Dee look around carefully before taking off her Abaya and Hijab. I was excited to see that she wore a pair of tight light blue colored jeans with a plain, fitting white t-shirt.
I sat on my bike and watched Dee as she walked up to me. She was wearing sunglasses and had on black, calf-length boots. She looked completely hot in the outfit and seemed ready for a bike ride.
“Hey, babe! Wanna ride with me?” I joked as she stepped close to me and smiled widely.
“Sure, handsome!” Dee giggled and replied.
“Hop your sweet ass on the bike then.” I said in an exaggerated accent and Dee laughed out loud as she playfully punched me on the shoulder and took the seat behind.
Dee carried a small back-pack and I kept my small gym bag rested on the fuel tank of the bike in front as we started on our way to the amusement park.
Fun and Food was nearly 40 km from our home on the west-bound highway. It was one of the largest amusement parks in the region and very popular among couples, especially unmarried couples. It had various swimming pools and rides. One of the best things about it was the various types of rooms available and freely given to (unmarried) couples. I had been there several times with my friends for birthday parties and such but had booked rooms only a few times when I was there with one of my fuck buddies.
Dee sat really close to me throughout the ride and would often tease my cock. She loved to tease me to desperation for the rough way I would later fuck her. We kissed and caressed a lot throughout the hour-long bike ride and I felt an ache beginning to build in my crotch. I clearly remembered I had not had an orgasm almost 3 days now.
Dee was enjoying rubbing her firm, perky tits on my back as she sat close to me on the bike seat. I had a hard-on by the time we reached the entrance to the parking lot of the amusement park. As I parked in a spot in the far corner of the lot, Dee stepped down from the bike and stretched her back. I parked the bike and we walked to the registration office building.
It took us only around 10 minutes for the booking and I was excited when we booked one of the cabin-like rooms they had. These cabins had a single, large room with windows on all sides and a bathroom attached to it. I had booked a cabin the last time I was here with my Aunt Fida.
We walked along the path that led to the back of the amusement park where the cabins were. Dee walked close to my left. Her lovely, firm tit rubbed against me as she put an arm around my waist. I turned to her and smiled as I slipped my hand to her lovely round ass cheek.
“Mmm.. I love this, Dee!” I whispered seductively in her ears and squeezed her ass cheek hard.
“Uff! I like it when you play with my bum, bro.” Dee said and giggled.
We reached out cabin and after unlocking it we stepped in. The door opened into the room which was around 15 sq ft. There were large windows on all four sides with another door opposite, leading to the attached bathroom.
“Mmpphh!” I exclaimed with a full mouth as Dee suddenly sprang on me and kissed me hard on my mouth. I recovered from the surprising force of her sudden kiss and put my arms around her tightly. I lifted her clear off of the ground as I kissed her back hard. Dee kept sucking on my lower lip as I bit her pouty upper lip.
“Mmmhhhh..” Dee groaned in her throat with desperation as my hands began to roam over her hot round buns in her jeans.
After about 5 minutes of kissing hard we finally broke our kiss. We were breathing hard as I gently lowered Dee till her feet touched the floor. I could feel my cock had become erect and strained painfully against my jeans.
“Oh, bro! You’ve got me so turned on!” Dee whispered as she bit her lower lip and looked up at me, with her arms clinging around my neck. She was pushing her body against mine and I felt her firm, perky boobs getting crushed against my chest.
“I know, Dee. Let me get fresh first. Wait for 5, will you?” I smiled and replied.
I took a pair of soccer shorts and a sleeveless Tee-shirt and stepped in the bathroom. I was sweaty and hot, especially after the hot kissing session with Dee. I smiled to myself and stripped out of my clothes fast. I stepped into the shower and felt the cool water wash away every crick in my back and legs. I felt completely energized with a couple of minutes under the cooling shower.
I wiped my body dry with one of the pair of towels already kept in the bathroom and changed into the shorts and sleeveless Tee. My long, dark hair was damp and hung straight down like needles, covering one half of my face and falling almost to my shoulders at the back.
I saw Dee waiting for me with a bunch of clothes in her hand. She smiled and gave a quick peck on my cheek as she passed me on her way to the bathroom. I heard the water turn as Dee stepped into the shower. I went and stood by the window and gazed out at the thick, vegetation that surrounded the amusement park, beyond the fence.

Dee Cums Double

It was 5 minutes since Dee had stepped into the bathroom and I heard the latch opening from within. I didn’t turn around but her the clicking of her boots as she took each step towards me. I felt Dee wrap her hands around me as soon as she reached and stood behind me.
“Hey, handsome!” Dee said in a naughty tone and giggled.
I finally turned around to look at her and was left with my mouth hanging open.
“Wow!” was all I could manage as I saw what Dee was wearing.
Dee had changed into a white, half-sleeve shirt and had on a crimson-red short skirt which barely came to the middle of her shapely thighs. The shirt was not buttoned down but was tied in a knot at the bottom. She had carefully chosen matching lipstick and had on the lightest of makeup. She had dressed to resemble a slutty schoolgirl I guessed and she had done an amazing job.
“Oh, you naught, sexy girl!” I growled as I reached around and pulled Dee to the front.
I stood her against the window and took a step back. The unbuttoned shirt showed her entire, deep cleavage clearly. It was obvious she was not wearing a bra underneath coz her dark, round nipples and areolas could be seen under the thin, soft fabric of the shirt. Dee smiled wide at the reaction she had managed to get from me and twirled around, giving me a tease.
Her smooth and shapely legs were great to watch as she walked around to show off her slutty outfit. I watched with a growing hard-on as her large, round ass cheeks swung wildly, suddenly realizing that she was not wearing her panties either. The slut was without bra and panties and ready to be fucked.
I caught her around her waist and pulled her to me as she walked back to me. We still stood at the window and I turned Dee around so she faced out. I stood close enough behind her to touch my thick cock within my shorts over the sturdy, large mounds of her butt.
Dee closed her eyes and kept her arms stretched out, resting them on the windowsill. I put my hands on her curvy waist first. I leant down and touched my lips to the side of her bare and inviting neck.
“Mmmhhmmm..” Dee moaned in pleasure and pushed her firm ass harder against my crotch behind her. Her lovely round ass was rubbing my crotch vigorously as I slid my hands to her tummy and slowly caressed it. She jerked her back and shoved her buttocks harder against my thickened cock. I kept kissing and licking her neck, while my hands began to slide to her chest.
“Ooohhh.. Ali!” Dee exclaimed as my hands gently cupped her perky, large tits under her shirt. I reached out with my thumbs and began to rub her already-hard nipples over the thin fabric of her white shirt. I could hear Dee begin breath harder, which meant she was really excited now.
Dee made a move to catch my hands at her chest and squeeze her tight, big boobs with them but I was quicker and slipped my hands away just in time.
“Oh, fuck it!” Dee growled in frustration with my teasing and immediately turned around to face me.
I immediately put my hands on her bare ass cheeks beneath the tiny skirt she wore and was grateful for the lovely, warm feeling. I pushed my hardened cock, making a huge tent inside my shorts, against her soft tummy. Dee instantly began to kiss me on my mouth.
I felt Dee moan and whimper as she kissed me with desperation. She was getting turned on even more with the way I ran my hands over her large, round buttocks. I kept caressing her from her hips to the tight crack between her bubble butts. Our lips mashed against each others as our tongue darted in and out of our mouths. Dee was now clawing at my back, trying to get my Tee off so I let go off her sweet buns for a second and allowed her to strip off my shirt. Dee flung my Tee away and grabbed at the waist band of my soccer shorts.
I took a step back without breaking our passionate kiss for even one moment canlı bahis siteleri and Dee was quick to pull down my shorts along with my undies to my knees. Kept kissing Dee and sucked on her lower lip now as I removed my shorts and stood completely nude.
I decided that this was one of the best moments of my life and I would make it memorable. I began to slow down with my kissing and eventually stopped as Dee put her hands around my waist and began to caress my butt. I felt a surge of blood into my cock with her touch on my ass.
“Come here, sexy!” I growled low and pulled her by her arm to the bed. I pushed her back and she fell on the bed. Dee lay on the bed, with her shirt undone and her round, large tits peeking out. Her eyes were half-closed and her breathing was hard as she lay with her legs spread apart. Her short skirt was crumpled against her tummy and her wet, dark pussy glistened with her juices.
I stood at the edge of the bed between her legs. I bent at the waist and touched my lips to hers gently. As soon as Dee felt my lips on her, she began to lick my lips. I didn’t give her much time and smiled at her as I moved my face low. I gave the first kiss right below her chin. Dee stretched her neck and I began to kiss her lower. I made my way down to her chest and slowly licked the space between her breasts.
“Hmmm” Dee moaned in approval and I felt her put her hands on my chest. I had been resting on my arms at her side and now I could manage to move them. So I gently caught her taut, large tits in each hand and brought them together. I caught a firm grip on her tits as I began to lick her right nipple.
“Mmmmm” Dee moaned and her fingers clenched my hard chest. I felt her hard, dark nipple and rolled it between my lips softly. I poked out my tongue and licked once around her nipples.
“Ooohhh.. God!” Dee moaned loudly in pleasure as I blew gently on her wet and sensitive nipple. I repeated the same thing with her left tit and she pushed her chest up from the bed. I immediately locked my lips around her right nipple and began sucking on it. I started off with soft licks around her nipples as I sucked her tits into my mouth with increasing force.
I took my time playing with her luscious round boobs before finally standing up.
“Noooo…” Dee groaned in disappointment as soon as she felt my wet lips let go off her hard nipple. She had just opened her eyes to look at me when I knelt down. Dee was lying with her upper half on the bed while her boots rested on the floor. I kept my hands on her knees and spread her legs even wider. Now I had a clear view of her dusky, lovely and wet pussy. She was clean-shaven as usual and her tight pussy lips were very inviting. I gently began to move my hand from her knees to her crotch as I bent down and kissed the top of her wet pussy.
“Yess..” Dee moaned again, this time with a tone of exciting anticipation in it. She knew what was coming and waited desperately for it.
I put my soft lips against her softer pussy lips. I could feel her musky scent and it woke an a****l instinct deep within me. I closed my eyes and buried my face in her soft, creamy thighs and poked my tongue out for the first taste of her pussy juices after a long time.
“Ooohhhh, Ali!” Dee moaned louder and her hips jerked once as if an electric current ran through her at the first touch of my tongue on her warm, wet pussy. I could now taste her sweet cunt juices and began lapping at them with the tip of my tongue brushing her tight pussy lips aside.
“Yes, yes, yes!” Dee groaned in approval repeatedly as she felt the tip of my wet tongue flick each time against her swollen and hard clit. I continuously licked between her lovely pussy lips and her hips began to jerk with every passing second. I could sense Dee’s pussy lips contract around my tongue and almost felt like a kiss as she neared orgasm. I quickened my licks and pushed my tongue deeper into her wet, hot pussy every time.
“Oh! Oh! Oh!.. Ali!!!” Dee almost screamed out loudly as her body thrashed against the bed. She had clamped her legs closed and accidentally trapped my face right in her crotch. I was very lusty by now and I slipped my arms around her thighs, which now rested on each of my shoulder. I caught my hands together at her tummy and gripped them tightly.
“Oh no, noo….” Dee moaned out but stopped midway as she felt my tongue once again on her very sensitive pussy now. Her pussy kept pumping out her juices as I clamped my lips around the top of her cunt. I sucked in her pussy lips hard in my mouth and felt her tight, little clit with my tongue. Dee, suddenly realizing what I was doing, immediately sprang her legs apart and tried to push my head away from her crotch. I caught her wrists and pulled her arms to her sides. I kept a firm grip over her arms as my mouth kept a firm grip over her slippery wet pussy lips.
“Ooooohhhh, I’m cumming!!!” Dee screamed this time as wave after wave of orgasm hit her. Her convulsing body inherently rubbed her pussy even harder against my mouth and chin and she finally lifted her legs and turned on her side. I was out of breath by this time and sat back, panting hard and gazing at her lovely, creamy pussy as it dripped her clear juices on to the white bed sheet.
I looked at the clock on the wall and was shocked to realize that it was already past an hour since we had reached. It took another couple of minutes before Dee caught her breath. Looking straight at me, as I sat between her legs, Dee said in a lusty tone, “I’m so in love with you, bro! God! That was awesome! I never imagined I could cum so hard and so much, Ali.”
“I’m glad you liked it, Dee. My turn now.” I replied, smiling and stood up. I was completely nude and my thick, large cock stood completely at attention. I wiped my mouth off her cunt juices with the back of my hand as I climbed on the bed. I scooted to the headboard and rested against it. Dee lay at my feet on the bed so she turned and faced me. I looked at her booted legs, so shapely, and moved my gaze to her thick, creamy thighs and then on to her lovely curvy slim waist before my eyes rested on the large, lovely mounds of her C-cup breasts.
Dee looked in my eyes and began to caress my feet. She played with my toes and tried to tickle me, but failed. I grinned at her seeming disappointment and spread my legs wide. Dee shifted herself on the bed till she now sat between my legs.
“Are you hungry, Dee?” I asked, feeling my tummy growl after having to work so hard at licking Dee to multiple orgasms.
“Now that you mention it, yes, I do feel hungry after those amazing orgasms, bro.” Dee smiled and replied.
Dee climbed out of the bed slowly as she was still feeling lethargic from the numerous immense orgasms.
She handed me a bottle of water. Dee came and sat at my side with a couple of packet of chips and a thick bar of chocolate. I wasn’t much worried about my hard-on now. I knew I would soon get release. I switched on the TV and flicked the channels till we landed on a funny movie playing on the cable.

Agreeing for Anal

Dee sat almost clinging to me as we shared the packet of potato chips and cold water. I had my left arm around her curvy, soft waist as she fed me chips and we enjoyed the movie. After resting for around half hour or so Dee again began to kiss me. The movie played on the TV at a loud volume. We had not bothered to switch on the lights within and the dim light from the TC screen seemed to illuminate us. The curtains on the other side of the room were dark and barely any light passed through there.
I was feeling horny, holding Dee in my arm as she caressed my chest and began making her way down to my crotch. My cock was getting aroused once more. Remember, I had not cum since two days and her touch was enough to make my thick cock erect again in a few moments.
“I love you too much, bro!” Dee whispered in my ear and caught a firm grip on my cock. Dee had already taken off her shirt and boots and was dressed only in the tiny red skirt she wore. The skirt barely covered half her enormous, round butts and I began to caress them lovingly.
“I know, Dee.” I replied with a smile.
“This past month has been the best time of my life. You know I have always been close to you and you have practically been a best friend to me, well apart from Amna (my twin sister), I guess.” Dee began explaining and shifted from my side so that she now sat astride my tummy. Dee held my face in her hands lovingly and kissed me sweetly on the lips. She sat straight up and continued,
“Dad’s death two months ago was devastating for us but I really appreciated the way you were always there for me. You never mentioned it directly but I remember every time I started to feel down about his passing away you always found a way to distract me and made me feel better. I was really touched with your concern for me, bro. And I guess this is the reason that I started to fall in love with you, or is it lust?” Dee said and smiled widely, looking at me with a twinkle in her eyes.
“Look, Dee. It felt natural to be there for you. And it means a lot to know that I made you feel better when you needed. Apart from that, I respect your feelings. I know what you mean and I love being with you too. You know you can always count on me, babe!” I explained and smiled at her, as I gently brushed a strand of hair away from her face.
Dee didn’t say anything and I could see from her face that she was in a dilemma.
“What is it, Dee? You want to tell me something?” I asked.
“I don’t know..” Dee said, with a sheepish expression. “It might sound really weird, or disgusting to you.”
“Huh?” I smirked, “Try me.”
“Well.. I watch porn, a lot. Especially after I’ve had these feeling for you. I must have fingered myself countless times imagining your sexy hard body fucking me in every way possible. I have been obsessed with fucking your lovely cock ever since. So I was wondering if you would want to try anal, maybe?” Dee blurted out as if afraid of losing her courage.
“What?” I said in mock shock and watched her getting embarrassed.
“Sorry..” Dee began before I cut her off with,
“What have you waited for so long to tell me that, Dee?” I said and grinned wide.
“Oh..” Dee exclaimed, suddenly realizing I was only k**ding earlier. “Oh.. is that a yes, bro?” she asked teasing me this time.
“You bet your sweet sexy butt, I have been dying to fuck your hot ass for weeks, Dee!” I confessed and suddenly Dee leaned in and kissed me hard on my mouth.
After she broke the kiss, Dee slipped off of my tummy and out of the bed. Taking my hand and guiding me till I was sitting on the edge of the bed, with my feet on the floor Dee stood in front of me and I put my arms around her huge ass cheeks and hugged her tight.
“Did you bring any lubricant?” I asked.
“Oh shit! No. I never figured to try anal today, bro. I just blurted it out. We can try it another time, though?” Dee replied with the suggestion and I started feeling a little disappointed. I quickly ran through the things in the bathroom and figured that soap would not be enough. My eyes rested on the side table and a smile formed on my face.
Dee was still standing in front, her lovely round boobs cradling my face and asked when she saw the smile, “What?” with a raised eyebrow.
“Get that chocolate bar, babe.” I said with a wide grin on my face, suddenly realizing that the thick, dark chocolate had enough butter to be slippery and lubricate sufficiently.
“What?? Are you serious?” Dee asked in shock when she suddenly realized what I wanted the chocolate bar for.
“So? You know how sticky and slippery chocolate bars get when they melt, Dee?” I asked back in response.
“Umm.. ok. It’s just that I’ve seen them use special lubricating gel for anal in the porn movie.” Dee said, sounding unsure.
“Well, Ali loves to improvise, Dee.” I told her in a smug tone.
“Ok, genius!” Dee responded in a mocking tone and smiled as she stepped to the table and came back with the chocolate bar.
“See, it’s already melted, Dee.” I said when I felt the mushy contents inside the packing.
I slit the top of the pack perfectly and revealed the dark melted chocolate inside it.
“Ok. That could work, I guess.” Dee said to me.
“It’s gonna be a mess on the white bed sheets though.” Dee pointed out.
“Well, it won’t be so messy under the shower, Dee.” I responded, happy at the quick thinking.
Dee turned around and began walking to the bathroom. I followed her without a word with the pack of melted chocolate bar in my hand. I was enjoying the view of the perfect round globes of her booty jiggling with each step she took. Dee stepped in the bathroom, let go of my hands, and began undoing the zip of her small skirt. Soon she stripped it and now stood completely nude. I switched on the small light bulb in the bathroom before stepping inside and latching the door from within. The bathroom was lit in a soft white glow of the bulb and Dee’s dark body contrasted bahis firmaları sharply with the clean, white tiles of the bathroom floor and walls.

Chocolaty Ass Fucked

Dee’s lovely body and her curves seemed intensely inviting as she stood completely nude under the shower. It was still pretty wet from being used an hour ago. I stepped in the shower area and kept the chocolate bar at the side, within my reach. Dee immediately flung her arms around my neck and clung hard to me. Her firm and curvy body felt hot to the touch and she trembled a little. I realized that despite being eager for her first anal, Dee was naturally nervous about it at the same time.
“Hey..” I whispered, putting a thumb under her chin to raise her head, “It’s going to be good, Dee.” I said and smiled at her, trying to calm her.
“Whew!” Dee let out a deep breath, before smiling and replying, “I know, Ali. I trust you completely.”
I smiled back at her and bent my head down to kiss her gently on her lips. I began to kiss her top lip lightly before making my way to her lower lip. Taking her luscious lip between my wet lips I began to suck on it gently.
“Mmmmhhmmm..” Dee suddenly moaned and smashed her mouth on mine. I slipped my hands below and found her lovely, round ass cheeks with my hands. I began to rub her butt cheeks with my hands, slowly making my way to the crack of her ass. Dee crushed her warm, nude body hard against mine as her kisses became rough. She began to nibble on my lips now. I let her do her thing as I focused on slipping my hands simultaneously inside the tight crack that divided her sexy round booty cheeks.
My large, hard cock was poking hard against her flat and soft tummy as Dee clung hard to me and kissed me with renewed passion. After a couple of minutes of deep kissing, I gently took Dee’s arms from around my neck and turned her around.
Dee was breathing hard from the passionate kiss and obediently turned her body. I came close to her from behind and whispered in her ear, “From this moment on, you will do exactly as I say. Ok?” I said to her in a stern and serious manner. I wanted to have complete control over the situation and meant to make it one of the most memorable moments for both of us.
“Yes, daddy.” Dee replied with lust dripping from every word.
I was taken aback for a moment. Did she just call me “Daddy”?!
Without losing a beat, I asked, “Mmm?… I think I didn’t hear you. What did you say?”
“Yes.. DADDY!” Dee said aloud, with her eyes closed as she leaned her shapely buttocks on me.
I felt an immediate surge of excitement at hearing her call me that. I had watched enough porn clips to know what she meant and was extremely excited to find out this submissive side of Dee.
“Yes. I like it, babe.” I whispered intensely in her ear before putting my hands firmly on her round, globular ass.
“Do you wanna fuck me, daddy?” Dee said again in a lusty tone. “I love your thick hard cock in me, daddy.” Dee whispered with pure lust as she pushed her ass cheeks firmly against my groping hands.
Still standing behind her, I spread her round, firm ass cheeks apart and pushed the top of my throbbing hard cock between it. I let go of her curvy buttocks and they snapped together, trapping my throbbing cock between them in a tight but moist grip.
“Ooohh..daddy..” Dee exhaled and moaned as she felt the thick head of my huge cock touch her tight little virgin ass hole. The feeling of her large, firm booty cheeks clenching my throbbing cock between was getting too much for me within seconds and I immediately pulled out my cock.
Without wasting another moment, I pressed down on her shoulder and Dee immediately went down on her knees. I bent down and guided Dee so that she was now on her hands and knees in the shower area. I was pinching the head of my cock with the other hand and took a few long, deep breaths to get control.
I bent down on one knee and grabbed the chocolate bar from the side. I dipped the forefinger of my left hand in the packet and scooped thick, dark and creamy chocolate with its tip. Looking at Dee’s lovely round ass cheeks ready and waiting filled me with even more lust.
“Pull your ass apart, baby.” I said to Dee and she stretched her right hand to her butt while she rested her head on her left arm. This made her bubble butt protrude out even more.
“Aah!” Dee exclaimed as she felt the warm and sticky chocolate-dipped finger on her virgin ass hole. It was very small and closed tight, seemingly impossible for my thick cock to penetrate. I was determined to go through with this and slowly began to rub the melted chocolate around her butt hole. I held her other ass cheek apart with my right hand and soon placed the tip of my finger at the top of her anus.
“Ready, baby?” I asked.
“Yes.. yes, daddy.” Dee almost whispered in reply, clearly nervous before her first anal penetration.
“Ummhhh..” Dee whimpered softly as the tip of my sticky, wet finger slipped in. I felt the tightness of her virgin ass hole trying to push the tip of my finger out. I gently began to apply pressure and my finger seemed to slip even more inside.
“Unngghh..” Dee grunted but held fast to her ass cheek and kept it spread apart.
“Ooohhhhh…” Dee groaned long and low as I firmly pushed my finger all the way in. Her body jerked once but she struggled to keep her grip on her ass cheek.
“Hold it tight.” I said sternly.
“Sorry..” Dee whispered submissively.
I began to take out my chocolate-dripping forefinger from inside her tight anus and it clung to my finger hard. Dee was breathing harder now but held on tight to her ass cheek as I spread her other ass cheek with my hand.
“Aaahhh…!” Dee groaned aloud as I suddenly pushed the first half of my forefinger in a single moment in her tight anus. I began to stroke my finger slowly in and out of her little asshole and heard Dee grunt softly with every thrust.
“Ooohh..oooo” Dee groaned harder when I began to twist my forefinger inside her narrow rectum. I took my finger from her anus and reached for the chocolate bar. I squeezed a little dollop of melted chocolate on my finger again and placed it right over her quivering anus.
I began to rub my forefinger and middle finger over the chocolate and soon had them dripping and sticky with chocolate again.
“Uuuuhhhhhh!” Dee grunted hard as she felt two fingertips begin to press against her tight asshole. “Ufffff fuck!” Dee exclaimed loudly as I pushed in two fingers deeper into her little anus. It was hard at first but I began to twist my wrist and stretch her anus gently.
“Aaah! Aaahhhh! Ooohhh!” Dee kept moaning hard as I managed to push both fingers halfway in her tight rectum. I began to gently slide in my chocolate fingers and pulling them out before pushing them back in with added force.
Dee was sniffling and moaning with the painful fingering her virgin asshole was being given. Within a couple of minutes though I felt the pressure from her anus relax a little and figured she was ready now for my thick cock.
My cock was completely erect and throbbed visibly, filled with lust with the anticipation of taking an anal virginity once more. I quickly reached out and grabbed the chocolate bar again. This time I squeezed plenty of melted chocolate on to my thick, throbbing cock. I kept the bar aside and began to spread the creamy, thick chocolate all over my huge dick with my sticky fingers.
I took a better position now between her legs. I reached out and grabbed the towel I had discarded earlier in the bathroom and rolled it into a ball.
“Here, baby, keep your head on this and spread your sexy ass wide for me.” I said as I pushed the balled up towel to her from the back. Without a word Dee immediately obeyed and after she rested her head on the soft towel she reached behind her and grabbed each ass cheek in her hands. She caught them tightly and spread them as wide as she could. I stared at the lovely sight of her chocolate-laced anus which dripped and mixed with her white pussy juices that had flown out as she got her first ass fingering.
I placed my throbbing, chocolate-streaked cock at the edge of her anus and gripped it tight at the base with my dirty hand.
“Are you ready, baby?” I asked simply.
“Yes. Please fuck my ass, daddy.” Dee moaned with excitement and nervousness mixed in her voice.
I was getting excited every time she called me “daddy” and the dominant feeling was extremely thrilling for me.
“Here it goes, babe.” I said and squeezed the slick thick head of my cock tightly between my thumb and forefinger. There was no way her half-inch asshole was going to take my 2-inch cock-head easily. So once I had pinched it to a smaller size I pressed it hard against her anus.
“Ummmhh..” Dee whimpered as she felt her anus stretch, trying hard to keep the thick head of my cock out of its narrow and warm depths.
“Aaarrrghhhh!” Dee grunted very hard as the thick head of my large dick finally slipped in.
Dee’s tight anus clung around my thick cock like a strong rubber band and it took a lot of force to thrust deeper in her rectum.
“Aaaaiiii!” Dee screamed this time as I gave a hard jerk and buried the first inch of my thick cock shaft in her virgin asshole. “Ooohh.. Oh God… Oh daddy…!” Dee sobbed and moaned hard .
I let go off my cock and gripped her curvy waist tight with my hands. Dee’s grip on her ass cheeks slipped as the anal penetration became painful for her.
Dee’s round, large ass cheeks came together with an audible noise and her butt cheeks tightened instinctively. She rested herself on her elbow and reached behind to grip my side with the other hand. I thought she was trying to push me away because of the pain but was pleasantly surprised when instead Dee clutched my side and dug her fingernails in my skin.
“Fuck me, daddy!” Dee groaned loudly and lustily and I realized that she wanted to go through it finally.
I gripped her soft, curvy waist tightly and pushed with incredible force.
“Aaaaiii! Aaaahhh… aaaahhh..” Dee screamed louder as I force another couple of inches of my slippery, thick dick deeper into her tight butt hole.
Hearing her painful but lusty grunts and groans, combined with the intense pressure her virgin anus was putting with its tightening grip around my thick cock, I could feel my balls begin to stir as I crept closer to climax.
I was beyond care now and began to give hard jerks. I had already buried almost half of my 8-inch cock in my cousin’s virgin asshole now and she writhed and trembled at the thick cock penetrating her tight rectum.
Her groans had now turned to sobs but Dee bravely held on to my side with her arm behind her. I felt the peak of orgasm building now. I slipped out my throbbing cock till only the thick head remained in her tightly clenched anus.
“Uuunngghhh!” Dee grunted really loud between her sobs and her nails dug deeper into me as I pushed in half of my cock with a single thrust this time in her tight rectum. The chocolate was definitely very lubricating as my thick dick penetrated even deeper this time.
“Unngh! Unnghh! Unnggh.. Daddy, I’m cumming!” Dee squealed after grunting for another couple of minutes and I was surprised. I had never imagined she would cum with an ass fucking.
“Come then, baby.” I said between pants as my thrusts continued to bury my cock in and out of her tight asshole.
“Ohh… Aaahhhh……” Dee seemed to choke in mid-moan and her whole body began to tremble as the first wave of orgasm hit her. Her shivering was making her lovely, firm bubble butt jiggle and squish the bottom half of my cock as the upper half lay buried in her warm, wet and tight asshole.
It was all I could take before I bent over her and rested my weight on her back.
“Aarrrhhh….!” I grunted loudly and long as we both crashed to the floor, with me lying on Dee, still with my cock buried in her milking anus as it clenched and unclenched with every drip of cum from her orgasm. I felt my hot sticky load shoot in her tight rectum and immediately begin to back up. Dee and I were both trembling a little from the intense simultaneous orgasm we were experiencing.
“Ohh. Daddy.. Oh daddy.. Oh daddy..” Dee seemed to moan in time with every spurt of my cum that hit the inside of her tight anal canal. I buried my face in her back and lay on her as I enjoyed the throes of a hard orgasm.
We lay there like that for almost 5 minutes before I groaned and slipped off from her. I lay on my back at her side on the cool bathroom tiles and began taking in deep breaths to calm myself.
“Thank you, daddy” I heard Dee whisper gently in my ears as she lay with an arm over me and her head rested on my chest. Her lovely firm titties felt great against my naked body.
We finally washed and cleaned. It was already 3 and we were drained completely so we decided to take a nap before we left for home.
I didn’t mention to Dee the fact that her mom, Aunt Sheen, had caught her getting her pussy licked by me last night in her room. This turned out to be a good decision as things began to get even better between my, Dee and Aunt Sheen with our first threesome.

That story is for another time. Though if you liked this incident feel free to type your thoughts in the comments section below. See you with another sexy incident next time!

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