Cousin Becky Ch. 3

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After my parents passed away, I just didn’t know what to do with the house. I mean, I couldn’t bring myself to put it on the market. At the time I was a successful businessman, living in town and happily married. Until I found myself divorced and living in a cramped, too small apartment. I awoke one morning and thought ‘this is dumb. That house is sitting out there empty.’

So, I moved my things out here and started remodeling the place. I’d only lived here a few months when I got the phone call. After a hot dry summer and fall, it was now a wet, rainy, dark November. I’d got home from work when the phone rang. “Hi Frank.”

“Becky!?! It’s so good to hear from you. How are you?”

“I’m fine.” She didn’t sound fine, but I let her talk. When she went away to college, she stayed away, coming home only a few times for short visits. I hadn’t seen her since the funeral.

“Frank, I was wondering if I could drive out there and visit you and Linda?”

“Honey, Linda and I are no longer together. But I’d love to have you visit me. I’m living at my parents’ old house.”

“Neat! Well, then, I’ll be there about this time tomorrow. Ok?”

“Yeah, great.”

Yeah, that is neat. I couldn’t wait to see her again. The next day couldn’t go fast enough and I straightened up the house, and aired out her old room. I slept in my old room. My parents’ I made into a den. When she got here, it was raining again, or still. She ran to the kitchen door, while I held it open for her. Took off her coat and hung it on a hook behind the door just like she’d never left. We hugged and I kissed her cheek. “I made coffee.”

“Sounds great.” We sat at the kitchen table talking about everything and nothing. And finally she got around to it. “Frank, I lost my job. And I couldn’t pay to renew the lease on my apartment. I was really wondering güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri if I could stay for a little while. You know, to regroup and get back on my feet.”

“Honey, this place is in my name, but I consider it half yours. You can stay as long as you like, and I’ll love having you here.” We’d grown up together and remain great friends. I couldn’t look at her enough and make myself realize she’s really sitting here. “I take it you have bags with you?”

“Yeah, but you could wait til it quits raining.”

“It’s rained for weeks now, and I’ve been wet before.” I had to make two trips, but got her bags into the house and we went upstairs together carrying them.

“You gave me my old room back? Wow, it doesn’t look like it’s changed.”

“It has a new coat of paint and new carpeting, but that’s about it.”

“It’s almost as though you were expecting me.”

“Yeah, I guess it does seem like that. But anyway, I’m glad you’re here.”

“Me, too.”

I have since given up trying to figure out what it is about a woman’s presence that magically turns any house or apartment into a home. I’d kept it neat and clean of course, but somehow once she got here it was just all together different. Home. We soon fell into a routine. I was still driving to town everyday to work, but it’s not far.

I think it was the second Saturday she was here. We just finished breakfast. I didn’t have to work, and for once, it was actually sunny. “Hey, Becky, grab your jacket and let’s go for a walk.” She just got up, grabbed her jacket and we headed out the back door. That’s one thing I like about Becky, no complaints, no disagreeable arguing, she just goes along with my suggestions like….well, like she trusts me.

With an unspoken thought we just headed toward the creek. It is November after güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri all, but I knew she’d love this sight. I got to the tree line at the top of the ridge before she did, and I just stood back and let her come up by herself. “Frank…” I was smiling and she just stood there looking. “I’ve been gone thirty years, been all over, done all kinds of things. And this spot is exactly the same.” “I know.”

The creek makes a bend and the hillside just gently slopes down to it. We’d spent many days and every spare minute we could here. This had always been our spot and it hadn’t changed a bit.

She sat on the hillside and I sat next to her. She’d drawn up her knees the way girls do and we both were just quiet for awhile. Then I turned to her, and there was another unspoken thought. I held her face and kissed her. A long, deep luscious kiss that I’d been wanting to do for as long as I can remember. I broke and took a breath, waiting for her to protest or something. We were two grown adults, but still cousins after all. She said or did nothing to discourage me, so I resumed kissing her, laying her down in the grass on the hill. Oh, she tasted good and smelled good and it was truly like being home again.

We walked back to the house and the rest of the day I don’t remember really well, only that evening we got dressed up and I took her to dinner. We talked and when we didn’t talk, we were just quiet together. With Becky, I don’t feel like I have to fill up every moment with idle chatter. We had some wine and after dinner, drove home, and went to our respective rooms.

It was late, but I couldn’t sleep. I lay there with my head on my folded arms, looking out the window I’d looked out of my whole childhood and suddenly without a sound, Becky was standing there by my bed. “You’re not asleep, are güvenilir bahis şirketleri you?” She asked. “No.” I pulled back the covers, she slipped the robe off her in one movement and then she was naked lying next to me. I rolled to my side, taking her into my arms and resumed the kissing we’d started on the creek side.

Oh, she tasted good and smelled good. I’d dreamed of holding her like this for as long as I can remember. She had large beautiful breasts, I started running my thumbs and forefingers over her hardened nipples.

“You have a beautiful body.” “Thank you.” “I’ve wanted you for a long time.” “I know.”

My fingertips traced around her breasts and then I was going toward her lovely pussy. Oh, it was creamy and sweet and I just massaged it with my thumb and the heel of my hand. She was moaning like she loved it. I did that for quite a long time, and soon she was cuming into my hand. Oh, this was nice.

“Yes it is.” “I hadn’t realized I’d spoken aloud.” I got on my knees in between her legs and practically lay with my face nuzzled in her pussy. Oh, she was sweet and smelled so good. I licked her pussy lips and then found her clit and began a firm but gentle sucking on it. Soon she was cuming into my mouth, and her juices were heavenly.

“Oh, Frank, come in me, please.” I raised myself and came to her lovely face. We kissed and then my hard cock couldn’t wait any longer to be inside her, and I pushed him up in her. “Oh, yes, this is wonderful!” I wanted to take it slowly and savor every moment. I’d been waiting for her my whole life it seemed. But instead it was just so good to just fuck her.

“Oh, yeah….. oh, Frank, you feel so good……” I shot a load in her just as she was cuming again. Yeah, this did feel good. And right.

I lay next to her, holding her in my arms and she was nestled into my arms on my chest. “So does this mean I can stay?” I couldn’t believe she was asking that, she must be kidding.

“Yeah, Becky. Maybe we shouldn’t be doing this, but it just feels so right.”

“We should be doing this. You’re the only person I’ve loved my whole life.” And I knew that was true for me, too.

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