Country Boy, City Girl Chapter 45

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Country Boy, City Girl Chapter 45After leaving Linda had gotten permission to spend the night with Holly, and it was obvious from how bloodshot and puffy her eyes were that Holly had a rough night. I drove them both to school, and they said they were going to the library until it was time for class to start.I went and took at our usual bench, and started reading my history textbook. About 5 minutes later Keith came up and dropped his backpack on the table. “Hey dude, where are the girls?”I looked up at him, and said “They’re not here. And I suggest you make yourself scarce around them for quite a while. And me as well. I don’t want to see or talk to you for at least a week or so faggot.”“Whoa, whoa, whoa, is this about the fight Holly and I had this weekend? Let me tell you my side…”“No, this is not just about the fight this weekend. Yea, that was a stupid thing to say and do. You hurt her badly with that, but she was going to talk to you about it today. But not anymore.”“Then what is this about dude?”“Keith, you are one stupid selfish motherfucker, you know that? It’s bad enough that you hook up with another girl the night after you have a fight with your girlfriend. But it was really really REALLY stupid to take your hook-up for the night to the Runway!”He turned pale white as I said that. “What, what are you talking about Pete? I never…”“Dude, we saw you there! The three of us went to Magic Mountain for the day, to try and cheer Holly up. Then on the way back she decided she wanted to go there so we could walk and talk a bit before she had to go home. She was actually pretty much herself by then, then we saw your fucking car! And yes, I crept up and looked, it was you and some blonde with a big rack, and the rack was obvious because she had no shirt on. Holly was crushed, and Linda spent the night with her trying to calm her down again.“I have been appointed to tell you it is over between you two. She said she never wants to see you again, that she never wants to talk to you again. Now between you and me, you are not to come to Wednesday night games for the next month or so at least. If she calms down enough and the two of you can at least be civil to each other you are welcome back. But until then, you are not welcome.”“What, you are picking Holly over me?”“You got that right! Holly is my best friend in the world. And the 3 people I love most in no particular order are my dad, Linda, and Holly. I will stick up for her against anything and anybody. So keep a low profile around us, and we will see how things are in a month or so, OK? Oh, and these are yours.”I took a small paper bag out of my backpack and set it on the table in front of him. Inside was everything that Keith had given Holly in the last 10 months. “She says the stuff you have you can return through me, throw away, or burn as far as she is concerned.”And with that, I picked up my backpack and walked away.At lunch, I was at our regular table with Linda, Holly, Kimmy, and Julie when Peggy walked up. She saw the girls were all gathered around Holly, and looking at her face asked her what was wrong.“Peggy, I have a question for you. What happened after the gig last night?”“Well, it was pretty normal really. We played for about 2 hours, with tips and pay we each had about $100, and we went home. Why?”“Was Keith spending any time with anybody there, or leave with anybody there?”“Yea, he spent quite a bit of time talking with Michelle Miller, and I think he said he was going to drop her off at home. What’s going on?”“Michelle Miller? That fucking skank whore!” Holly spat out. Peggy looked shocked, and Linda told her an abbreviated what had happened the night before.“Oh shit, I didn’t think anything of it at the time. I thought he was just being nice, I had no idea that he was leaving with her for other things!” she said, eyes wide and with a slightly frightened look on her face.Holly pulled her down and gave her a hug. “No reason for you to Peggy. Before last night if I had been told he gave Michelle a ride home I would not have thought twice either. Not because of Michelle, but because I trusted Keith that much. We had a fight Saturday night and I stormed out of his house telling him I never wanted to see him again. But by Sunday I was feeling bad and I was hoping we could apologize to each other today”“OK, remember I am still kind of new here. Who in the hell is Michelle Miller?” I asked.Linda shook her head, and said “Michelle Miller went to Van Nuys Junior with us. Now I may have had the reputation of being the ‘Handjob Queen’, but unquestionably Michelle was the school pump. I know at least 20 guys that have been in her panties, and I doubt if any of her has been virginal since 7th grade. She’s a real slut, and for a joint or just kicks she will let pretty much anybody ride her.”“I used to be friends with her in grade school,” Julie said. “There was a bit of a minor scandal in 7th grade because she got pregnant and got an abortion. After that I asked her one time if she did not worry about it again, and she said no because her mom got her an IUD.”Kimmy just nodded. “Yea, that’s about right. Now Linda here was not exactly ‘Snow White’, but compared to Michelle she is. There are rumors about her that include gangbangs, d**gs, the already mentioned pregnancy, and her willingness to lie down for any guy with a cock that wants a home for 5 minutes or more. Linda here may have been a bit loose in her own way, but she still had lines she did not cross, and was discriminating at least.”Linda smiled at Kimmy’s remarks. “Yea, that is true. I never dated guys that had a girlfriend, I made sure that they knew it was mostly for kicks and was not looking for a real relationship, and that it was just harmless fun.” She held up her right hand and giggled. “While Miss Palmer here was loose and easy, none of the rest of me was. And also Miss Palmer here does not have a reputation of having contracted several venereal diseases.”“Ewwww, grody” the other girls at the table exclaimed.“Well, that’s for sure another reason that Keith is never going to touch me ever again!” Holly exclaimed. “Ain’t no guy that has been with Miss Clap-Trap is ever touching me!” We chatted for another 15 minutes or so until the bell ring to return to class, and wisely Keith never made an appearance.That night Peggy, Holly, and Linda came home with me and we sat out in the back yard drinking soda and talking. And 10 minutes after that Mandy arrived and gave her girlfriend a big kiss and joined us. Peggy had no idea about the fight Keith and Holly had the night before the concert, so honestly thought nothing of Keith giving Michelle a ride home. Since he had gotten a car that was actually fairly normal for him to give others rides.“Oh, can you all come with me on Saturday? I got my license last week, and my Uncle said my car is ready! I want you all to see it, and then Mandy and I are going to go cruising that night before we go skating. Please oh please come with me!”Of course we all agreed, and I told them that we were going to be a player short this Wednesday. “I told Keith he was persona non-grata for at least the next month. After that I told him we would see. If he and Holly here could be civil to each other after that he is welcome to return, but if I had to choose between him and Holly, Holly would win every single time.”I got a big hug from all of the girls for that, and a soft kiss from Holly. “Thanks Pete. I was honestly wondering how I was going to handle that, and was trying to think of an excuse not to come.”“Nonsense. You are my best friend in the world, no way I am letting him come in the way of that. So that leaves us down a player, not a big deal. I can just throw in an NPC to make up for the loss.””Well, hold on a second there. I am pretty sure I can get Mike to come again, that way we will not be down a player. I will just tell him we had a last-minute cancellation and if he could do me a favor by helping out Plus he said the editor w
anted more information and a more in-depth interview, so that can probably help him out there at the same time.” I told her that was a good idea, and that was probably for the best. Peggy said she needed to practice her flute so her and Mandy took off, hand in hand.We all gave Holly a hug and kiss and she headed on home also as I took Linda home.Wednesday Mike joined us and we picked up Mandy before heading to my house. Mandy was making popcorn and Linda was setting konya escort out drinks as Peggy sat next to Mike and the interview continued. He had both a tape recorder going this time as well as was taking notes, occasionally adding the timestamp from the recorder on the notes.Most of it was expected. The games I had published, how I got started, how much money I had made, things like that. He then asked the girls what they thought of the game, and what I was like as a Dungeon Master. Towards the end, he shook his head and said “What is this Pete, your harem or something? I mean, D&D is mostly known as a nerd guy thing to do, and you have 4 cute chicks in your group and no guys this time. What gives?”“Oh, he’s not just our Dungeon Master, we call him Master most of the time we are in here!” Linda said, and crawled into my lap. And almost as if on cue, Peggy came and knelt on the floor on one side of my chair, and Mandy did the same on the other. Holly snorted in laughter, and before any of us could react Mike picked up the camera and took a picture of the 4 of us like that. I immediately protested, saying the girls were only teasing, and Mike laughed.“Oh, don’t worry, this will not be part of the article. But I could not resist, and now I have something I can use to blackmail Peggy with in the future. Maybe I can even have her allow me to take her out sometime in exchange for not letting her mom see it.” Peggy jumped to her feet and moved towards him, and Mike said he was only teasing.I looked at Holley, who was laughing at this. And I even caught Mandy grinning, I think she had a good idea that Peggy would not need to be blackmailed into going out with Mike. Finally deciding to return things to normal, I told them how I had learned to play in a group Holly had been involved with, and it was a pretty evenly mixed group.“A lot of them were Seniors last year, and when they graduated they moved on to other things, mostly College. I was already publishing by then, and my dad let me turn this into a game room, and since the start of the school year we moved it here. As for so many girls, the oldest members are Holly and myself. Linda was already my girlfriend, and wanted to know what I was involved with every Thursday night so she joined in. Mandy got curious, and she did also, but originally rolling for the monsters and doing portraits of the characters. And after she met Peggy she gt curious. We would welcome anybody who wanted to join, it is mostly because they are my friends that it is mostly girls. We did have another guy in the group, but he was uninvited recently. And also to please not publish that information, it was personal.” He nodded, and moved to other things.Finally he took some more photos. First of the game room, then of the posters on the wall. Then one with me in front of all the games I had published, then a group shot of all the girls and I. All in all it was actually a lot of fun, and I asked if he would sit in with us for the game tonight, since we were short a player.He agreed, and I handed him a “generic fighter” character sheet, and we had a lot of fun that night. I had set up where after entering a canyon, a rock slide prevented them from going back and between them and the other side were several s**ttered kobold villages. Lots of fighting, but nothing too hard for them to conquer.“Dude, that was great! I’m gonna add this as well, a dungeon with no dungeon. That seems to be a thing with you.”“Yea, most games I have played in the past were pretty routine. I like breaking the routine. And feel free to mention that the game tonight is part of an adventure series that will probably be available next year. We are still in negotiations about that though.”However, there was one thing that I was sure would not be in the published interview when it hit the school newspaper. Both Peggy and Mandy’s characters spent most of the game teasing and flirting with him. And after he left the girls were all giggling like crazy of it. “I’m not sure if he was scared or flattered with all that attention!” Linda said. “He’s not queer, is he Peggy?”“Nope, that he ain’t. I’ve seen him try to ask girls out a few times, but he is just kinda shy and geeky is all. And when Holly bent over to pick up that can that got knocked over, he was unquestionably checking out her ass. And while he never gets touchy with me when we dance, it was obvious more than once that he did pop a boner. He simply never tried to grind it into me like some guys do.”“Well, he sure blushes nicely,” Mandy chimed in. “When I told him it was getting cold when we spent the night in the canyon and that Peggy and I should join him in his tent to make sure we did not freeze, he turned bright red.”I laughed. “Especially since nobody bothered to ask me the weather. Like here, it was a nice 80 degrees so it was not like heat was needed.”“Besides,” Holly chimed in. “He was a human, you two are half-elves. Don’t you think there might have been… size issues?”“Nope!” they both chimed in, then giggled. “Pete here is of average human size, and Linda is smaller than either of our characters. If she can take all of him inside of her, neither of us would have no problem,” Mandy added. Did I ever mention how pretty my little girl was when she blushed? Or how catty she can seem when she is chasing her sister around the place screeching?Since we were now an odd number, I said I was going to take the girls home, and Holly smiled ruefully and gave us all hugs and headed home. Of course instead of going directly home we headed over to the little league field on the South side of the Sepulveda River rec area. The Runway was forever off-limits to us and we were never going there again.“Pete, how do you know all these places to park?” Peggy asked.“Well, having my own car made it easy to explore, and I’m always keeping my eyes out for places like this. You never know when one might come in handy.”“Yea, I can see that!” she said, as she and Mandy were crawling into the very back of Blue Whale, and Linda and I were getting comfortable in the back seat. “How many do you know of?”I thought for a minute, counting in my head. “Hmmm, 5 or 6 others. Each of them is somewhat unique, and for other groups we may be parking with. The Runway was where we mostly went with you two or Holly, we have others we use by ourselves, or with other people.”“Who else?” Mandy asked.“Nope, that you ain’t gonna find out sis. But we have a place we went with Keith and Holly, Pete and I have another place we go to when it is just us two. We have some secrets, but we did talk about it and you both can use this if you want when Peggy gets her car. We won’t come here in the future unless you two are with us.”“Hmmmm, that’s right. We get to break in my car this weekend baby! Are you ready for that?”Apparently she was, as after that the only sounds from the back were moans, sighs, and squeals. Of course Linda was doing much the same thing, especially once my fingers entered her panties and slipped inside of her.After bringing her to a slow shuddering orgasm, Linda pushed me onto my back and pulled open my jeans. And she almost devoured me as she lowered her head and took me into her mouth. The slurping noises she was making were echoed from the back with the sounds of one of the girls in the back doing a similar activity to her girlfriend in the back.I realized who it was when as I was getting close Mandy’s moans could be heard. She was urging Peggy to lick her faster and harder, when a hitch in her voice made it obvious she was cumming on her girlfriend’s face. And I was almost there also. Reachi
ng down I caressed Linda’s cheek and whispered “Look up baby girl.” She did so, and our eyes met and locked. Mouthing the words “I love you”, I moaned then came in her mouth.She continued to look into my eyes as I released into her mouth, and swallowed it all down. Once she had taken everything and my cock softened she came up and we kissed each other deeply, my hands on her pert little bottom. As we were kissing we could hear Mandy peaking in the back again, and the slurps being exchanged for kisses in the back.About 10 minutes later my alarm went off, so we got each other and ourselves cleaned up and got dressed. Then after a walk to allow the car to air out and windows to defog I drove the girls home.Thursday I went home with Linda, knowing that we would have the place to ourselves for about 2 hours. And I spent the time finishing escort konya up the series of entry-level adventures as she did her homework. Finally, I had 20 adventures of 90 minutes or less complete, suitable for levels 1 through 6. Linda was finished with her homework so I took her home and went to go make the copies. I mailed one set off to Mr. Cummings, and right next door to the post office was the Federal Building, with the recruiting offices inside.The Air Force was already closed for the day, so I went to talk to the Army recruiter. I talked to him for about 20 minutes, and had the feeling that he was trying to blow a lot of smoke up my ass. Talking about the Army College Program, how I could get duties at Italy, or Germany, or all these exotic places. I tried to pin him down on jobs rather than locations, and then it was all about how being in Combat Arms was the place to be, and he could get me jump school.Nope, I decided that I would wait a bit more and try again. But as I was leaving, the Marine recruiter asked me to come in his office. Now he was actually rather refreshing. He told me that first I had to take the ASVAB, to see what jobs I would qualify for. And only based on that he could start to talk to me about what I could do in the Marine Corps.As far as jobs, almost anything could be available, depending on test scores. But location, that was simply going to be where that job was needed. With 5 major Marine bases within 4 hours drive there was a good chance I could be stationed right here in Southern California, but he could never guarantee that. But if not here, then it was most likely I would go to either North Carolina or Japan, as that was where the largest concentrations of Marines were outside of California.I actually liked his honesty. I got the distinct feeling that he was selling the Marine Corps more than the glamour of the “Private Benjamin” life of going to exotic places like London, only to end up there for 6 months, then 3 years in some little village in Korea. He told me that most postings were 18 months to 3 years, so if I did a 6 year enlistment it would make me available for any job, and even if I get a bad base for my first tour, after 3 years I could request a new location and then it is more my choice where to go, and if I accept it or not.So I made an appointment to take the ASVAB the next weekend, and he said we would talk again a few days after that.I went to JD’s house to drop off a copy with his parents, then got home right after my dad did. I told him the results of my talking to the recruiters, and he think I had made the right calls. “Just be careful when you go for the actual enlistment physical, they will try to push you into any jobs they have been ordered to fill on a high priority, you don’t have to take them. You are free to leave, and say you will return in another month to see what is available. You have almost a year until you graduate, so you have time to be picky. Oh, and I will support you in anything you decide, and I will sign even if you decide to be a paint sc****r in the Navy, or a grunt in the Marines.”I went and filed my copies of the paperwork I mailed off, and did my homework until it was time for dinner.Friday, it had already been decided I would drop off Mandy in Reseda with Peggy, and the “Three Musketeers” and I would go to Skate! So after a shower and getting dressed I went to Linda’s to pick them up. This time they had really done a number, as all 3 of the girls were in matching turquoise sweater dresses! And not only that, each of them barely covered their bottoms! I was almost drooling as I walked them to the Blue Whale, and off we went.But it seems that tonight was not to be. We got to Skate!, and it was closed! A sign was taped inside the front door, saying they had closed up and would not be open again. I hugged Linda, and whispered into her ear “It’s OK baby, we will have our memories of this place forever.” She nodded and gave me a rueful smile, and we decided that instead we would head to one we had been to in Canoga Park.This was nice, the skate floor was a dark blue urethane, and the walls were all black with lots of neon lights. And top 40 music over the stereo. We decided that was acceptable, so went on in and got ready. Once we hit the floor we realized that most of the neon were black lights, and the outfits the girls had on actually glowed under the lights.They looked like angels on the rink, or like the sister muses in Xanadu. We knew nobody in this rink since it was about 15 miles from our usual area, but during the first couples skate it seems that Kimmy and Julie had no problem finding their own partners. And during the second one, Kimmy came up and took my hand as Linda went to sit one out and Julie continued to skate with the guy she had been with earlier.“Hope I am not stopping you from being with the guy you had earlier,” I told her, and she shook her head no. “Nope, by the end he was trying to hint more and more strongly that he had a car, and we could leave early. I told him I had just gotten here and was going to finish the session. He kept pushing and pushing, and when I asked what school he went to he laughed, and said he works at the GM plant. I finally got him to tell me his age, he is 26! He did not look that old, but I am not gonna hook up with some random guy as his teen jailbait for the night!”She then spun around and started to skate in front of me backwards, and licked her lips. “Especially since if all I wanted was to get some action, I have Linda and you and that is a guarantee that I will enjoy it with no regrets afterwards.”I smiled, and decided to have some fun. “So is that all we are? Guilt free sex without worries?”She looked pretty when she blushes also. “Like, oh my god! Oh no Pete, you two are never that! Like she is like my best friend, and you are probably the one guy I know I can trust to where if I say no, it will mean no.” She pulled herself in close so her breasts were lightly brushing my chest and whispered “With you, I am sure that if we were both naked and your cock was about to push into my tight little virginal pussy, that if I said no you would stop.”She blushed again as she pushed back to arms length away again, giggling and bright red. I smiled and nodded. “Yep, as much as I would hate to do so, I would never do anything that you did not want. But be careful, because if you did that to me too many times I might lose all control and slowly ease myself into your tight little virginal pussy anyways because I might not be able to stop myself. But I promise that if I did, I would not move in you, only slide all the way in and hold myself there. That way if we did actually start to fuck, it would have to be you doing the fucking.”She actually gave a little shudder and bit her lower lip at that, her eyes glazing over just a little bit. “But also, I’m finally living out a fantasy with Linda. I know that no matter what, at the end of next school year that whatever her and I have will be over. I am planning on going to Harvard or Columbia for Medical School, and she will be staying here. And who knows, I may even get a boyfriend before then. And like, we all know that with the 3 of us it is only fooling around, I will never get in the way between the two of you.”The skate ende
d, and Linda rejoined me. When the next couples skate started I looked around for Julie, and saw her and the guy she was skating with off to the side and they seemed to be arguing. I nodded my head at them and skated over with Linda.It seems that he did not like the idea of the girl he had been with all night skating with another dude. Linda smiled her 10,000 watt smile at him, and said it was simply a tradition we had. At each couples we trade partners, and she was being the most generous because that let the other girls skate with her boyfriend. It was simply fun, and a way of thanks to me for driving them around and putting up with them.“So tell you what. Julie goes out and skates with my boyfriend, and you can skate with me. This way everybody has somebody to skate with, and you are no more going to take me away from my boyfriend then he is going to take away Julie. Like dude, it’s just a skate. They are not fucking!”He finally agreed, and we got onto the floor just as the first song was ending. One nice thing about this place we had discovered is that all couples skates were 4 songs instead of 3, so we still had about 10 minutes konya escort bayan together.“Thanks Pete, I was not sure how I was gonna get out of that! He seems like a nice guy, but a bit clingy as you saw.”“Julie, want me to help you give him the brush-off after this? Just say the word and I will do it.”She shook her head no. “Naw, I actually kind of like him. But he needs to see that I am not his property, and that I can do things because I want to do them, not because he wants to do them. Besides, it is very possible that I will never see him again after this. And Rob is kinda fun to flirt with.”So we enjoyed the rest of the skate, and when she kissed my cheek and skated off she took Rob’s hand again, and Linda returned to me.At the end of the session we were changing over, and noticed that Julie was not to be seen. Linda and I were looking in the rink and bathrooms while Kimmy went outside. We were just returning to the front and we saw her standing just inside the door, crooking her finger at us.Going outside she grabbed Linda’s hand and pulled her (I followed) around the corner, and there they were. Julie was pushed against a white Toyota pickup, one of Rob’s hands in her hair and the other squeezing her bottom. But she was not making any attempt to escape, considering one leg was bent and wrapped behind his thigh, and her hands were pulling his bottom against her.Laughing softly, I pulled the girls over to the Blue Whale, and started warming her up. After about 5 minutes they were still occupied, but one hand was now squeezing her breast. So I drove over next to them and Linda rolled down the window. “Julie, you ready to go, or are you gonna spend all night out here!”The untangled themselves, and Julie came over and asked for a pen. I handed her one and an old piece of paper, and she wrote her number on it and handed it to Rob. He did the same thing, and after a few more kisses Julie climbed in.We had not even made it out of the parking lot when Linda climbed over the seat and joined the other 3 in the back. And they all had their heads pushed together and were talking and giggling softly. Apparently Rob as not as big of a jerk as I initially thought. I dropped Julie off at her house, and Linda reached out and squeezed my hand. “Pete, can we go to the dugout?”I smiled and nodded, and we were there within minutes. Once parked there we all climbed into the back seat, with Kimmy in the middle.She held each of our hands, and told us that she wanted to make sure that things were cool with us. “I mean, what happened that night was amazing! I would trade it for nothing, but, like, is it going to be a regular thing, or what?” Linda and I looked at each other, and she nodded her head at me. OK, so this was apparently all on me.“OK Kimmy. Was that a one-time thing or a regular thing? Well, that is really all up to you. Linda and I are a couple, and anything outside is with our full agreement, even if not participation. If you want that to be the only time, then so be it. It will have no affect on anything else we may do together. If you want to try it again, I know Linda and I would be willing to do that. All within your rules, at your instigation. The choice is yours really, so long as Linda and I agree.”“Yea, is kinda what I thought. Linds, I love you like a sister. And yea, I have been fantasizing about being with you for ages now, I am sure now that I am not a lesbian. Oh don’t get me wrong, I loved it! And I might wanna do it again, but like, not as a regular thing ya know? So no, not tonight. Although I would not object to us kissing a little bit before I go home. In fact, I think I would like that a lot, from both of you. And I want to kiss you again also Pete. But, one thing I am sure of, is that I do not want to go further than we did the last time.” She then closed her eyes and shuddered a little, then opened them again and looked right into my eyes.“God, you actually made me wet earlier, when you teased me back! There I was trying to tease you and see if I could make you uncomfortable, and you did it right back at me in spades! Just the thought of you pushing your cock against my pussy then stopping was almost enough to make me go take a 10 minute bathroom break to take care of things! And when you said you would not fuck me but that I could fuck you, it was almost impossible to describe how I felt. I know that between the three of us, it is just fun and games. I like the games with Linda, and also with you because I know that you will respect my rules. And I intend on remaining a virgin until I find the right guy. Even if not a guy I will be with forever, at least one that I actually love and will be with me for a while.”The girls then hugged, and at Kimmy’s instigation started kissing. A few minutes later Linda was kissing down her neck and Kimmy whispered “Just this, nothing below the waist or under clothes.” Linda nodded and started to nibble on her ear lobe.They each had a hand on the breast of the other and Kimmy was kissing Linda’s neck when I heard a car approaching through the half-open window. Glancing over, it was a cop! “Girls, break it up fast, the cops are here! If they ask, Kimmy was telling us about her plans for college,” I whispered, and they broke apart as if there were springs between them. Just as the cops opened their door and approached the car.A flashlight turned on in each side in the window, and blinded all three of us. “What’s going on here?” a female voice asked.I already had both my hands on the seat in front of me and smiled and said “Nothing officers, we are just here talking.” Lights shined over all 3 of us, thankfully fully dressed and with me on one side and Linda on the other. They turned off the flashlights and asked us to step out.Thankfully, it was the same cops from last year. The girls went with the female officer and the guy spent several minutes talking with me. “Seems like we have been here before k**. Last year, right?”I smiled and nodded. “Yea, that time was with my girlfriend over there. This time, it honestly was just the three of us talking. Just like last time. Kimmy, the Asian girl was telling us about her plans after she graduates to go to Harvard or Cambridge for medical school, and I was about to tell them that I was thinking of joining the Marines. But we were just talking, I am not such a stud that I would bring 2 girls here at the same time to have my way with.”He chuckled at that, and walked over to his partner. They talked for a few minutes, and motioned for me to come over.“Yea, it is like you said, but it’s Columbia, not Cambridge. That is in England. And I remember you two from last time, and since she is still your girlfriend it is not likely that you brought another girl up here to do anything with. But you need to find another place for your conversations, the park is closed after sunset.”I told them we would do that, and they let us go. “Like, god, I was so scared! They are not gonna call my parents or anyth
ing are they?”I asked if she gave them her phone number, and she shook her head. “Then no, mostly they just want to make sure that you are here because you want to be, and are not being forced. They did not see us doing anything, and we all wanted to be here so this is it. We just have to go somewhere else” I said.I went ahead and drove to Kimmy’s house, and we parked in front. “Well, this did not exactly end like I thought it would!” she said. “But in a way, maybe that is a good thing. Linda was getting me so hot, I was thinking about doing more than I had planned. If they had come 10 minutes later we might have not had enough time to put our clothes back together.”I reached back and took one of her hands in mine, at the same tine Linda did the same. “Kimmy, if that had started to happen I would have stepped in. Linda and I learned long ago that that place is not the best for being intimate. Cops patrol it all the time, so for anything more than kissing it is not safe. But it is a good place to go to if all you want to do is talk and kiss. That is why she suggested there, which would force us all to keep things cool.”Kimmy nodded at that, and said almost in a whisper “But I do want to do more, next time if we can. I have been having fantasies about both of you, and I wanna try that again. With both of you!”We each got kisses from her and she slipped out of the car. I am not sure if it is my imagination, but it seemed like her bottom was swaying more than usual as she walked to her house.I drove Linda home, and we spent about 15 minutes making out in front of her apartment before I took her hand in mine and walked her to the door. With a last kiss she went inside and I headed home.

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