Cougar and Me

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This happened more than a few years ago, before I was married. This is a true story, which I figure makes for the best, as it is what actually happened.


I was in my late 30s and was always looking online to find erotic pics and to chat. I was on a site for swingers and came across a single woman. She had morphed her name for her online identity, but she quickly revealed to me that her name was Kristin and she was 42, divorced, with a couple of kids. She and I quickly became friends thru the site and we were chatting and sending each other pics. Within a couple of weeks the situation worked out great for us to actually meet, in person. I was in the process of moving to a neighboring state – clear to the opposite side of it, and it just happened to be the state she was from. The problem, however, was that she lived on the opposite side from where I was moving – however, in the process of moving I was able to arrange my route so I could see her.

After renting a U-haul truck and having family drive my car and help me move my stuff I had to drive back to my hometown to bring my family back. It was on the return trip when I would get to see Kristin.

This was shortly before everyone had cellphones, so I had her home number and re-routed my trip back to my new home to go a couple of hours out of the way, so we could meet at a hotel near the interstate. I called her when I was about an hour out and she told me to call again when I got to the hotel, as she only lived about 20 minutes from there.

I got to the hotel and checked in. I called Kristin to tell her I was there. I ran to a convenience store and bought some beer and soda. By the time I got back I hadn’t been in the room for more than a few minutes when I heard a knock.

I opened the door and saw Kristin – a lovely brunette with shoulder length hair, beautiful eyes, and a sexy body. She was wearing a black dress with white polka-dots on it that buttoned from the v-neckline all the way to the hem, and was carrying a purse and another small bag. I welcomed her in and gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek. I offered her something to drink as we chatted and got to know each other for the first time. We both had a beer, to take the edge off of our güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri nerves. I worked up the courage to ask her if I could kiss her and she leaned in and our lips met and our tongues found each other and they danced together.

I asked Kristin if she’d like to go to the hotel lounge to chat more and she readily agreed. She grabbed her purse but then remembered at the last second that she had her other bag with her. She had packed a pair of high heels to wear, having noted my love of women in heels in our online dalliances. She said she hid them in her car the night before so her kids and babysitter wouldn’t ask why she was wearing heels when she left for the afternoon and evening. She said she had to make up a story for wearing a dress.

Once she put on the heels I was even more aroused than before. Her legs were in black hose and were beautiful to begin with but were spectacular when she wore her heels. I took her hand and we walked through the halls to the hotel lounge.

We ordered drinks and we sat and chatted. There were just a couple of other people in the place – coming and going. I asked if she wanted to play some music, so we moved do the jukebox and I started to let my hands wander a bit. I could tell that she was wearing a corset under her dress. I felt her bottom below the edge of the corset and I didn’t feel any panties, so figured she was either without or wearing a thong or g-string. I was aroused and erect as we stood there. I leaned into her and rubbed my hard cock into her. She looked over her shoulder and smiled.

After picking a few songs we went back to the bar and sat. I placed my hand on her leg and could feel the tops of her stockings and the garter tabs from her corset attached to them. Kristin crossed her legs and i noticed that she had undone a few buttons on the bottom of the dress, so wear her stocking-covered knee was free of the dress. I placed my hand on her knee and worked it up and down her leg. I eventually placed my hand over her dress on her upper thigh and kept running my fingers over the stocking tops and garter straps.

Kristin leaned over to my ear and whispered that she was more than ready to go back to the room, but that güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri she needed to stop in the ladies room first.

I waited in the small hall outside the restrooms for her to return. I noticed that my erection had leaked a significant amount of pre-cum, making a spot on the front of my jeans.

Kristin came out of the ladies room with fresh lipstick applied. I grabbed her wrist and pulled her to me and kissed her long and hard, my tongue forcing its way into her mouth. I broke the kiss and showed her the front of my jeans. She giggled and pulled her panties from her purse and showed me how damp they were from her own arousal.

Taking each others’ hands we walked quickly through the halls to our room. Once inside I closed the door and pinned her to the nearest wall, grinding my hard cock into her as one hand cupped her breast and the other was squeezing her rear. Kristin moaned into my mouth as we groped each other. I then knelt down and lifted her dress and kissed her stocking-clad thighs and moved up to her shaved pussy. Hers was the first shaved pussy I had ever licked. My tongue went split her lips and my fingers spread them apart and my tongue zeroed in on her clit, flicking it until I heard her moaning. I slipped two fingers into her slit and pushed them deep, feeling her wetness seep from her.

I rose from my knees and started working on the buttons of her dress and slid it down her. As she stepped out I thought I might cum right then – seeing a lovely woman in a black corset, garters, stockings, and heels. Kristin then took her turn to kneel and pulled my shirt from my jeans and opened the button and fly, pushing my pants and underwear down in one move, my hard cock springing free and bouncing up and down. She grabbed it, kissed the head and then proceeded to inhale its length into her mouth. I was now the one leaning against the wall, which was a good thing, as I may have fallen without it there. I felt her stroking my cock with her hand and looked down to see her looking up at me as her tongue was licking my balls and then she sucked them, making a popping noise as they came from her mouth. I pushed Kristin’s head onto my erection and held her head as I stroked güvenilir bahis şirketleri in and out of her mouth. Knowing that I would cum soon if I didn’t stop, I pulled her to her feet and kissed her passionately as we moved to the bed. She sat and rubbed herself as I removed the rest of my clothes and placed a condom on the bedside table.

I pushed Kristin on to her back and realized that her corset is the style that zips in the front. I opened the upper portion of her corset so I could play with her boobs. The nipples on her b-cup boobs were extremely hard – like gumdrops. I swooped in on one and sucked it hard into my mouth while my fingers pinched and rolled the other one. I could feel Kristin’s hips raise as she moaned and her head snapped backward into the pillow. Kristin started moaning more loudly and I felt her start to quiver then shake as she loudly yelled that she was cumming! I slipped a hand to her pussy and started to vigorously fingerfuck her as my thumb worked her clit. She kept bucking and moaning as I felt wetness flow from her pussy.

After Kristin began to catch her breath she zipped up her corset and grabbed the condom, ripping the package open with her teeth and rolling it onto my hard dick. She pushed me on my back and lowered her pussy onto me, groaning as I entered her and began grinding herself on me. I reached to her clit and she grabbed my both of my wrists and pinned them by my head, and she leaned in and kissed me as she rode my cock harder and harder until she started cumming again. She leaned down on me and I rolled her onto her back. I lifted her legs and I kissed the heel of her one shoe and trailed kisses as far as I could up her leg while keeping my cock inside her. I started pumping her with my dick and pushing deep inside her, making both of us grunt as I finally reached my release point and shot a huge load of cum into the end of the condom.

I collapsed on top of Kristen, feeling her nylon legs wrapped around me. I my cock softened and slid from her. She pulled the cum-filled condom from me and moved me from her and unzipped her corset before dripping the hot cum onto her breasts and then rubbing it in like a lotion. I was mesmerized by this. After licking her fingers clean she pushed me onto my back and licked any extra cum from my limp cock.

After lying there and enjoying the sensations we shared Kristin noticed the time and that she had to get back home to her kids.

This was the one and only time I was with Kristin, but I do think of this encounter regularly.

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