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My wife had been gone six months when my sister Karen called, “What’s going on big brother? Moping?”

She meant it to be funny but it still stung. My wife Lori had walked out one day while I was at work. She left her ring on top of a note that read “I’m leaving. I’ve met someone through my game who gets me.”

Lori had started playing World of Warcraft and that’s when our two year marriage fell apart. She wasn’t working while we tried to start a family but she was quickly doing nothing else either but playing her game. Sadly my sister’s words didn’t sting because they were true but because I felt guilty for not moping. Lori’s leaving was a relief.

“Hey sis, no, I’m done moping. I’ve actually got a date if you must know,” I told her.

“Good for you! I won’t keep you then but I’ve got a huge favor to ask. How would you feel about a roommate? Jen is going to start grad school soon and if she has a Texas address she can get in-state tuition plus I’ll know that she’s safe and looked after. Think about it and you can get back to me,” my sister said.

“I don’t have to think about it. Of course she can move in. It’ll be nice to have another person around. I’ve got to ask though. Is this something she wants or are you forcing this on her?” I asked not wanting Jen to feel she had to move in.

“Actually this was her idea,” my sister replied, “You don’t know how much this means to me. We’ll talk more later. Have fun on your date. Bye.”

My sister is five years younger than me. At 17 she got pregnant and my parents kicked her out of the house. She moved into my apartment with me and for the first eight years of Jen’s life I was basically dad to her. With my support Karen graduated college and got her law degree.

She got a great job out of state and so I’ve not seen either of them as much as I would like. Jen got her mother’s smarts so I didn’t think having a roommate, especially one who would have her nose in her books all the time, would be a problem. It also might be nice to have someone young around the house; well, younger than my 45 years.

Jen moved in at the beginning of August and the mood of the house quickly changed. Where I tended to get home from work and read Jen wanted to see the town. We ended up going out to eat quite often trying new places I’d heard about but not tried. We went to movies and shows, hit some museums, and drove around so she could get acquainted with the town. I suddenly dawned on me that if Jen wasn’t my niece I’d think we were dating as much as we were doing together. The month passed quickly and we found ourselves with only one weekend left until grad school started for Jen.

I came home that Friday night to find dinner on the table and the house cleaner than I’d ever seen it.

“Jen, the place looks amazing! And what’s cooking? It smells so good,” I remarked as the smells of garlic and oregano hit me.

“I had to figure out a way to thank you. You’ve been doing so much for me I wanted to repay casino oyna the favor. I made salad, blackened chicken with pasta, and garlic bread. After dinner we’ll go to that new theater that serves food for a movie and drinks and dessert,” Jen said.

The food tasted as good as it smelled and we enjoyed a leisurely meal talking about everything but school coming up on Monday. Jen had already purchased tickets for the movie so we weren’t concerned that we were running late. Turns out we only missed the previews and so putting our dessert and drink orders in we settled back to enjoy the movie. The movie turned out to be a bit on the scary side and Jen ended up clutching at my arm a few times during the scarier parts even leaving nail marks in my skin during one scene. Once the lights came up we knew that the fun we’d had was about to end as Jen had some readings to do before classes started which would keep her busy most of Saturday and Sunday.

We got home shortly after midnight but, neither of us being tired, we cleaned the kitchen together and put the dishes away before saying goodnight and heading to our rooms. As we said goodnight I would have sworn that Jen tilted her head and leaned in to me a bit. If I didn’t know better I’d have thought she was looking for a kiss.

I laid in bed and read for a bit but was too restless to sleep. My mind filled in the gaps of what might have been if I had kissed Jen. I saw scenes of us in bed together and then, and much more likely, of Jen slapping me and moving out. What the hell was i thinking? Having had enough I got out of bed. Normally a nude sleeper I threw on boxers and a t-shirt before going out into the living room to watch TV. Turning on HBO I caught a movie I’d seen several times and before long I found myself drifting off.

I was startled awake by something cold but in my sleepy state I couldn’t figure out what was happening. Finally focusing I could barely breath when I discovered that the cold I felt was lube being rubbed on my cock by Jen. Before I could protest she climbed onto my lap and lowered herself onto my now hard dick. I knew Jen was beautiful but I had no idea just how sexy she was until this moment. She had a little extra weight that made her hips, belly, and butt nice and full. Her breasts were big, bigger than I’d even realized, and as Jen started to move they swayed and bounced with her. Her long hair swept down her back and I grabbed a handful of it pulling her away from me so I could wrap my lips around her nipples.

Jen rode me slowly grinding herself on my hard cock. This time when she tilted her head and leaned in she covered my lips with hers. I clearly felt Jen tighten up around my cock as she started to orgasm. The pulsing felt amazing and I soon followed with my own orgasm. I held her tight covering her breasts with kisses as I exploded over and over deep inside her. Inside Jen. My niece. Holding my shoulders Jen raised herself off me and turning, she walked back to her room.

I canlı casino woke up Saturday morning to the smell of coffee. Evidently I’d slept on the couch all night. Last night. Oh shit, last night. It all came rushing back at me. The cold feeling that woke me up, Jen straddling me, her leaving. Surely that didn’t…it was a dream…but it was so vivid…

Jen was at the kitchen table, books and papers spread out around her, and a cup of coffee at her elbow.

“Good morning. I made coffee if you want some and it looks like you need it. Rough night?” she asked.

Okay. It was a dream. Good. Right? Good? Yes. I downed the coffee and grabbed a shower before heading out to run some errands. “Need anything Jen?” I asked, “I need to get a few things done around town.”

“Double A batteries for the remote but that’s all for me,” she said, “I got an early start this morning so if you want to do something this evening I should be free.”

The errands took longer than I thought so on the way home I picked up food for us and grabbed a couple of movies. I found Jen where I left her and when I set the food in front of her she wolfed it down.

“Your first meal of the day?” I guessed.

“Mmm-hmm,” she mumbled through her mouthful of food.

When she could talk she said she had finished studying for the night and asked what I’d like to do. Images of Jen riding me flashed through my mind. To hide the fact I was probably blushing I turned my back on Jen and pulled out the movies I’d picked up for us.

Popping in the movie Jen selected we settled down on the couch. I found myself sneaking glances at Jen, flashes of her naked flesh running through my mind in an endless loop.

“Want some popcorn?” I asked in order to distract myself.

“Sure. Why don’t we pause the movie though,” Jen suggested, “I need to get something from my room.”

I left the popcorn in a minute longer than suggested because Jen likes it slightly burned. Grabbing the bowl I headed back to the couch and sat back down when Jen came back into the living room and my mouth dropped open. She had changed clothes and the body stocking she now wore was the sexiest thing I’d ever seen. My ex usually wore a long t-shirt to bed which was so not sexy.

Jen sat across from me in the recliner throwing her legs over the arms of the chair. I discovered that the body stocking was crotchless. As I stared, my brain screaming at me to look away, she opened a sack I’d not noticed her bring out with her. From the sack she pulled out a penis-shaped dildo and some lube. Putting some lube in the palm of her hand she slowly rubbed it around the head and shaft of the dildo. I couldn’t help but imagine my dick in her hand from last night and I instantly felt myself growing hard.

She turned a knob at the base of the dildo and a buzzing sound filled the room. Setting the popcorn aside I squirmed a bit as my erection was making things a bit uncomfortable.

“It’s okay if you kaçak casino need to take your dick out,” Jen remarked noticing what was happening with me.

“I can’t. You’re my niece. This is…no…I shouldn’t,” I said but it was a feeble protest which ended when Jen rubbed the buzzing dildo across her nipples. I popped open my button-fly jeans and soon had my hard dick in my hand. Jen gave me a smile as her eyes locked on my cock and she moved the dildo down her stomach and let the buzzing dildo linger on her clit.

Her moans soon filled the room as did mine when, using the fingers of one hand, she spread her pussy open and worked the dildo inside her. I stroked my cock to match the movement of the dildo Jen was using. As she started to increase the speed of the dildo pushing into her I moved my hand faster. I was caught by surprise when Jen suddenly stopped, stood up, turned and knelt in the chair, her ass up in the air.

I knew what she wanted and I wanted to give it to her. But this is your niece I heard in my head and I realized that the thought was actually turning me on. I was up and off the couch, kicking my jeans and boxers off as I cross the room, I grabbed Jen’s hips and plunged my stiff dick into her slick cunt. One swift movement and I was all the way inside her.

“Fuck me. Fuck your niece’s cunt,” she screamed.

I had lost all control and holding Jen’s hips tight I pushed her back as I moved forward slamming into her again and again. Faster and harder. Flesh smacking as our bodies collided.

“Cum in my ass. Please,” Jen begged as she picked up the lube from the end-table next to the chair and handed it to me.

Squirting the lube directly on her hot little pink pucker I rubbed it in even slipping a finger in her ass. Pulling out of her hot cunt was not easy because it felt so good but I wanted to make my niece happy. I rubbed the head of my cock against her ass teasing her and then, putting a hand on each side of her beautifully plump ass I spread her cheeks and pushed the head of my dick inside her.

“Oh fuck,” she screamed and whether from pleasure or pain I had no idea nor did I care any more.

Grabbing a handful of Jen’s long hair I held on tightly as I shoved more and more of my dick in her ass. Though she screamed I also felt her relax and I knew then that the screams were ones of pleasure.I felt a sudden tightness and, glancing down, I saw that Jen had grabbed the dildo and shoved it back in her pussy. She turned it on and held it inside her which brought her over the edge. I fucked her ass faster and harder feeling my own orgasm nearing and then I exploded. My hot jizz shooting deep into my niece’s ass as my own screams joined hers.

Pulling out of Jen’s ass I couldn’t believe what we’d just done. It felt wrong and right but I realized, no matter how wrong, I didn’t care any more. So caught up in my thoughts I didn’t realize Jen was talking to me.

“What was that?” I asked.

“I wondered if we could do this again tomorrow night?” Jen replied.

“Why wait that long?” I responded, “I’ve been wondering what that pussy might taste like,” and, taking her hand, I led her to my bed where I quickly found out.

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