Circle of Friends

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I get to the place and as I enter you greet me with a glass of wine. Then you start to undress me kissing me on the neck , ears and cheeks. Finally I’m naked just as you are. I love to watch your nude body move as you walk. As you already know I love a plumper. I want my women to have substance. Something to grab onto and ample flesh to caress.

Your grin tells me your up to something. Slowly stroking my penis you tell me that some old friends of yours will be dropping by for the evening. “I think you’re really going to like them James. They’re really your type of women. ”

I swallow the remaining wine. “That’s great. Do they know this is a clothing free zone here?”

“Of course , silly. They both think it’s a terrific idea and want to participate. ”

I hadn’t met many of Mona’s friends yet so this would be a real first.

We sat around and relaxed for the next twenty minutes or so drinking some wine while we waited for our guest. The door bell rang and I ran over to answer it.

I opened the door and was greeted by the sight of two wonderful full fleshed matrons. I smiled and stood there.

“You must be James. Can we come in?” asked the dark-haired woman.

Recovering from my awkwardness I stammered, “Please, by all means, come in”

“Here let me help you with your coat. ” I offered.

“Thanks!”, replied the brunette.

As I slipped off the coat I was pleased to see that she was stark naked under it. She had shoulder length dark brown hair streaked with gray that framed a pleasant but not a beautiful face. When she turned around to face me I saw that she was the classic pear-shaped female: small breast, perhaps a B-cup, with a thick waist that swelled to at least a 46 to 48 inch hipline. In addition she had fully developed thighs that flowed into these incredibly shaped heavy calves. Her pussy was covered by a thick forest of dark hair that wisped towards her navel and swept towards her inner thighs. I figured that she was around 55 years old. Prime Stuff, Man! She was a chubby-chasers dream.

“Mona has told me so much about you. ” She then kissed me fully on the mouth letting her tongue lightly flick against my lips. Her hand fondled the length of my stiffening dick … “Hmmm, nice tool. By the way my name’s Pam. ”

“Nice to make your acquaintance. ”

“Hey! Don’t forget me. ” Exclaimed the ash blonde BBW standing next to Pam.

She dropped her coat to the floor and approached me. This Scandinavian looking women in her early fifties smiled and introduced her self as Nell. This woman was equally appealing just in a different way. Full floppy breast somewhere in the neighborhood of 42-Ds with large pink areolas. They hung heavy over her round belly that was sensually situated above a nest of blonde pubes. She had a big ass and wore black nylons and pumps that set off her shapely legs. Grabbing me around the waist she hugged me grinding her breast into my chest while kissing me canlı bahis deeply.

God how I adore older women. They know what they want and have no false modesty about obtaining it.

Mona said, “Well now that we all know each other let’s go into the other room. ”And with that we sauntered towards the room down the hall.

The room was subtlety lit with some candles. Mona escorted us to our comfort zone: four overstuffed chairs that had been set up to form a cross. I sat directly across from Pam. Mona on my left sat opposite Nell. I pour wine for our guest. A fire crackled in the fireplace adding to the intimacy of the atmosphere. Light strains of an Indian sitar raga filled the background. While the gentle fragrance of incense wafted to and fro.

Everyone spread their legs far apart so their genitalia were fully exposed to each other.

Pam’s labia had dark edges that pushed their way through the thick carpet of brown curls. She had hair that ran around the crack of her ass, went down her legs just below her groin area with a little spiral that grew towards her navel. She explained that she had always been hairy and had even been ashamed of it at one time. A former lover convinced her that he truly loved it, so she stopped trimming it and even let her armpit hair grow. If you like hirsute women you would have adored Pam. With a pussy like that set between those tremendous thighs, I was in hog’s heaven.

Our blonde companion was no slouch. Her tits flopped over her round belly. They were tits made for sucking. Her nipples were about ½ inch long and all ready growing hard. Nell’s hands and toes were immaculately manicured with a deep crimson nail polish. She called it her whore look. Well I know one thing, it was a great turn on. I just ogled her shapely but heavy legs encased in sheer black hose held in place by a garter belt. This made her pussy hair seem even lighter by comparison. She had really dolled herself up with lipstick, mascara, and eye liner to complete her slutty look.

Mona set the pace by fingering her twat and then inserting the dildo vibrator into her waiting cunt. As if on cue we joined in masturbating ourselves giving an unabashed show for one another. It didn’t take long for the pungent aroma of hot pussy to fill the air.

Nell grabbed the long double headed dildo and silently began rubbing her clit length wise with the entire 2 foot length. Little moaning sounds were made and I swear she came within five minutes. Convulsing in her chair as pussy juice dripped from her crack. A red flush covered her massive chest.

My opposite partner had pressed the soles of her feet together which fully opened her cunt displaying her womanhood for the rest of us. Pam’s style was different. She was a talker. As we watched she had taken a brush off the table next to her and began fluffing her pubes. “I was always an exhibitionist. ” She explained as she combed her pussy. “I would expose my self all the time when bahis siteleri I was young. Occasionally when my parents would be entertaining guest, after taking a shower I would walk naked into the room full of people. I would feign embarrassment, but made sure everyone got a good look before exiting. I’d run to my room and frig myself to a wondrous orgasm. ”Now she made sure that her cunt lips were fully exposed by combing the hair away from her slit. Her clit was swollen and stood out from it’s protective hood to which she applied a slow rotation. She was one of those women that have a huge cunt. The brown tinged labia were easily 2 inches wide, the slit being 6 inches long.

Pam continued to talk as she rubbed her clitoris. “I’d look for opportunities to show myself off. So I stopped wearing underwear. Restaurants were always fun. I’d flash a man if his wife’s back was towards me showing more and more. ”

“My all time favorite was and still is the adult book store. I frequent the few here in town. I modified this dress that buttons up the front with Velcro fasteners. When I browse the magazines I silently open the dress and pull the sides apart fully exposing my body. ”

As she talked Pam’s masturbating became more intense. The full matronly smell of her hot sex issued forth. “I’d invite the patrons to come over and grope me. I didn’t care what they touched or sucked. Once four men were servicing me. It was awesome to be the center of such a lustful group of guys. after achieving an orgasm I would meet the group in the video arcade remove my dress so any passer-by could see my naked body and fellate them one by one. I love sucking men to completion and swallowing their scummy loads.

It was at this time that Pam passed the brink and slid into a powerful orgasm fueled by the recall of her past perversions. “Oohhh fucking Goddddd… Ugh, ugh ughhhhhh…” She fell back in the chair panting heavily.

I slowly jacked off as I watched all these intensely sexy BBWs openly talk dirty and share their sex so willingly. Moving my hand up and down I was able to pull my foreskin over my swollen cock head. Slowly and leisurely I jerked my meat enjoying the exhibitionist role. My nipples were rock hard and I pinched them to increase my pleasure. The women watched as I pounded my meat. A bead of clear pre-cum formed at the tip of my cock.

“Stop!” cried Nell. She dropped on her knees between my thighs and taking my cock in her well manicured hand carefully licked the now copious drops of pre-cum from the tip. The blonde then slowly and with great precision began licking my penis. Starting at my balls she worked her way towards the swollen head. After applying her fellating skills on my knob, she would work down to my ball-sack and suck each nut lovingly taking each in its turn into her red lipsticked sucking hole. All this was done to a low moaning sound.

As if she was competing, Pam picked up the double headed dildo and put it into bahis şirketleri her saturated fuck-hole. After it was well lubricated with her cum she removed it and inserted it into Mona’s waiting cunt. Pam deftly stuck the other end into her hot pussy and began the sensual work of fucking herself and Mona at the same time.

Mona began squirming her ass up and down meeting the heated thrust of Pam’s dildoing . “I’m going to fuck the hell out of you my little slut. ” promised Pam She reached up and pulled Mona by her shoulders. When their faces met she began to French kiss Mona deeply. Their tongues intertwined as they continued their coital dance. Pushing and shoving as one till the joyous release of a full blown orgasm swept them away.

“Ohhhhh…FUCK ME HARDER…HARDER…OHHH. . HARRRDDDD…” screamed Mona as the dam of her passion overflowed. Fuck juices dripped from her well worked pussy down the crack of her ass. “Oh Christ! That was wonderful. ”

Mona was on her knees after removing the dildo from her cunt. She began to suck the clit of Pam’s well lubed pussy while working the dildo in and out at a furious rate. Pam swayed to the sensuous bombardment of her sex. Within moments she began to experience ectasy. Fuck juices dripped off of Mona’s face as she pressed her tongue and chin into Pam’s obliging cunt.


Pam collapsed on to the floor and Mona continued to ease the dildo in and out causing continuos ripples of mini orgasms for Pam.

Nell’s voice grew husky as she continued the dick-play. “How’s my boy enjoying this?” she said lewdly. Her vise-like grip caused my mantool’s veins to engorge and the head of my cock to swell and grow very red. With her free hand she used her long nails, just the tips, to pull my boiling nuts in my ballsack. As she did this I twisted my nipples adding to the completeness of the sensations.

The feeling of total exposure was awesome. Here I was open and wanton as my most private sensations were on unabashed full exposure to three women. Two of them I had just met in the past couple of hours. I thought yes this is it, But no it wasn’t.

Mona pushed next to Nell moistened her index finger and pushed it into my ass moving it in and out. Pam also approached and knelt down watching the show about one foot from my completely engorged turgid fuck-rod. I was fast reaching the point of no return.


The first blob of jism shot into Nell’s face catching her over her left cheek. Tightening her grip as she jacked me off harder caused the rest of my hot cum to fall near Mona’s waiting mouth. She greedily licked the spunk. Pam pushed Nell’s hand away and completed the act orally sucking the remaining cum from my spent balls.

I laid back in the chair wallowing in the feeling of total sexual release. As I reached for my wine glass to quench my thirst Mona remarked, “That was fun. What do you want to do the rest of the evening?” The she smiled mischievously.

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