Circle of Friends, 2018

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Circle of Friends, 2018I met him online at a DIY porn site. He could tell from my favourite pictures and videos that I was very bi-curious. I explained that I had never performed fellatio before but that I was desperate to try it, all my recent fantasies had revolved around this one act. He assured me that he was a very patient man and understood how nervous a first timer like myself could get. I asked him to send me some photographs of his cock and he obliged; I must admit, it was a tremendous example and I masturbated over it at once, slurping up my cum, imagining that it was his. It was such a thrill to look at his erection and know that it would soon be in my mouth and not just on my computer screen.We arranged to meet in a motel, just off the M54. I arrived early and sat in the bar for a little Dutch courage. Over the course of our conversations and exchange of pictures online, he had soothed away most of my fears, so effectively in fact that I told him that it would be ok to bring a friend, if he liked. I figured, might as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb. He brought eight friends, I’m guessing. I had to guess because we had agreed that I would wear a blindfold. Seeing as how all this had already taken place in lurid and graphic detail in my imagination, I figured that it might be easiest if I was to remove myself from the reality of it güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri all, just a little. After all, all I really wanted to do was to try it and, if I didn’t like it, then there would be no recriminations, no hard feelings.If I didn’t like it? I fucking loved it! I took the cheapest room, posting the room number in a private message online. I took a quick shower and passed the time surfing porn, wearing only a towel. I left the door unlocked, as agreed, opened the bottle of wine I had brought and settled down to wait. He was late, only by a few minutes but it was enough for me to almost loose my nerve. When he did actually knock on the door, I almost jumped out of my skin. My heart was still pounding in my throat as he walked into the room and introduced himself. Scarcely had the door closed behind him than he had kicked off his shoes and dropped his trousers. A cliche, I know but his cock really did look bigger in real life! I pulled the blindfold over my eyes, and without delay, he strode purposefully up to the bed, and pressed his erection to my lips. I was startled by the heat, so much hotter than I was anticipating, even through his foreskin. He didn’t thrust, he just held it there, waiting. My heart was still banging in my chest as I parted my lips fractionally. As I did so, he pulled back güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri his foreskin and his erection seemed to self propel into my mouth. It was wonderfully hot, sweetly salty and, most importantly of all, it was another man’s penis in my mouth. I was thrilled! Behind my blindfold, I closed my eyes and sucked him deeper. His bell end seemed to fill my mouth completely, pushing my tongue aside as it invaded the space. I began to suck with real purpose and the most delightful sounds filled my head as his cock slipped to and fro over my lips. The taste of his pre cum began to fill my mouth as it spilled out over my tongue. Oh God, it was a sublime sensation.In hardly any time at all, I was sucking cock as if I had been doing it all my life, which of course I had but only in my imagination. Only once did he have to remind me to take care with my teeth. In fact, so enthusiastically was I blowing him that I totally failed to notice that there were other men in the room. It was only when he withdrew and his cock was replaced by another, that I became aware of his friends, who are of course my friends now as well. All around me I could hear the soft wet clicking of very many cocks, each man masturbating as he waited his turn. Like a blind man, I held out my open hands and was immediately rewarded with güvenilir bahis şirketleri a pair of hot thick cocks. I pumped my fists over the wonderfully stiffened flesh while the cock in my mouth thrust into my head. When it slipped free, I turned to take another and then another. I was becoming quite dizzy as I spun first one way and then the other, always with my mouth open, always receptive to another cock and always getting it. My towel fell away and instantly, I could feel someone wrap their lips around it. If there is a Heaven, then this must be it, I thought. I was so turned on, that I climaxed almost immediately and I hadn’t done that since I was a teenager!The sight and smell of my climax seemed to trigger everyone else and soon the semen was spraying all over me. I got the impression that they were all aiming for my mouth, or at least my face but it didn’t take too long before it was in my hair, hanging from my chin, dribbling down my chest and sliding down my throat! Before that night, I had always been afraid of giving head because I was terribly unsure as to how I would cope when the other guy blew his load. I mean, what would I do with his ejaculation? Should I spit? Swallow? Or just let him unload in my face? Well, that night, I did it all and I loved every minute of it. After experimenting, I knew that I was a swallower. I love the taste of fresh semen and the sensation of having it pulsing over your lips, splashing over your tongue and being smeared all over your mouth by a nice hard thrusting cock is pure ecstasy, better than any d**g out there. Suffice to say that I have never looked back and have become a regular in our circle of friends.

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