Chance encounter, and possibilities……the outco

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Chance encounter, and possibilities……the outco
Well after I had met Bob I came home and did a few things that needed done, including writing down what had just happened, I had not had a real meet in a while, a few fleeting ones in toilets in Edinburgh, but nothing arranged. I was still feeling horny and around 3 o’clock I decided to head back out, I went back into the toilets in the shopping mall and he was there, I smiled as he said hello to me, I took it from the way he said it that there was nobody else in the toilets.
“Do you have a car?” he asked I said I didn’t “Want to come to my place?” Didn’t I just and asked him where, he told me and it wasn’t too far away, he said follow me to his car , I did this, my cock rock hard as a walked behind him and the fun that I craved so much.

We reached his house and he ushered me into the livingroom and disappeared, coming back in, he said you can get changed in the bathroom. I went through and thought changed means undress canlı bahis so stripped off and headed through to his bedroom, he was only in his Tshirt and pants by then, (pants in our country means underwear by the way). He was quite forceful sounding in his instructions.

“Get on the bed” he ordered ” lie down, put your head here” pointing to a pillow at the foot of the bed, I did so and went to facing, but he said “no on your back” I lay on my back expecting him to feed his cock into my mouth and maybe throat fuck me but he got on the bed on his knees and got into a position to 69, I took his cock in my mouth, it was still flacid but was still twice as thick as mine and a good length he hardened as I sucked on him, he arched his arse back and I rimmed him and probed him with my finger, he played with my cock

“you’re hard already” he said

“and horny” I gasped. we played around for a while, I loved the feel of his cock in my mouth and deepthroated him, he held my head bahis siteleri their until I was choking for breath, doing this several times before he asked if I wanted to take some pics, I had brought my phone through for that very purpose. “no face pics though” he said. So we spent some time taking pics, well he took most of them, “video too?” I nodded.

He got some lube and lubed us both up, I was a bit disappointed that he lubed is ass, meaning he wanted me to top him, he was back on top of be and maneuvered himself so that his cock ass was directly above my cock, it has been a long time since I fucked someone, last time was when I crossdressed and was another CD, more than 7 years ago! Anyway I lubed my cock and he pushed down on me taking my cock slightly inside him, he switched positions and wanted me to do him from behind, he was tight and it wasn’t easy, I wasn’t really expecting to fuck him and I lost my erection a little, he realised this and started bahis şirketleri to work on me getting it hard once more, he held my cock and moved himself to take it again, “don’t move” he said”I’ll push back” And push he did, my cock slid in his tight hole and I gently moved fucking him slowly, I felt a bit uncomfortable, not enough lube, but was in there and didn’t want to start again, I was also a wee bit put off by the smell of him, he hadn’t douched, always a put off for me. I rode him for a little more, but came too quick and came inside him upping the tempo as I did so, before gently pulling out, feeling a bit sore due to the tightness and not enough lube.

After exchanging a few words he said I could clean up in the bathroom, I did so and got dressed, he was in the livingroom when I came out and had taken my phone through. “Can you send me the pics” he said, we paired devices and I bluetoothed the photos over. I checked the video, but it was very poor so never sent that, I might upload it at a later time, but am not happy with it.

He gave me a lift back into town am not sure if I will meet him again but never say never, I will need to go back into the toilets though, he said he often meets guys there.

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