Celebrating Her Birthday

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Celebrating Her BirthdayCelebrating Her BirthdayBy: Londebaaz Chohan My elder sister Darcy called me. She was almost crying when she told me that her husband was going away on a trip and would not be home for her birthday as well as her marriage anniversary, asking me if she could visit me for a couple of weeks until he returned. Knowing that mom and dad would not accept her visiting them because she had been nasty at times with them more often than not; they had written her off and I almost had no choice, plus she knew that my college was closed for the spring break and I lived alone off campus. Anyhow, I agreed and she was over. I remember, it was Sunday, when she came over little after sunset. She called to inform me that I did not have to make any special arrangements for that night because she planned to eat before showing up at my place and I just called in for some Chinese dinner for myself from the corner Chinese food shop. It was truly after the dinner when we sat with a whisky bottle and I noticed that Darcy looked sexier than before. I cannot say for sure but I think when a woman gets shafted on a regular basis and man ejaculates inside her, she starts glowing, her face looks brighter, her tits gets far more attractive and she begins oozing sex. Darcy had married her lover, who was a senior official at the same bank, where she worked. It was already 3 years but she had no k**s, though everybody in the family knew that she and her husband had been trying to have c***dren of their own. Seeing Darcy, I could tell, she was in stress and it was taking a toll on her body. She had the proverbial weight of the world on her shoulders and looked older than her age of touching 30. After couple of rounds of whisky in coke, we discussed many a subjects to end up talking on the attempt of getting pregnant. Darcy had been through it all. She had spoken with doctors of all tests for her and also her husband. She had even considered in vitro choice because nothing was working in their case.I admitted that I was not a fertility expert doctor but wanted to share with her something, I had read somewhere to make a lot of sense. She agreed to listen to me and I told her that she and her husband had been trying too hard, which had affected their bodies and even the hormonal system in a negative way, causing her not to conceive. I told her that in the opinion of the experts, the involved partners do not enjoy the sex but they overwhelmingly simply go through the motions for having a baby.I told her that somehow, she had to relax. Darcy admitted that she was astounded even by the looks of her husband and her in-laws. I began sharing some ideas, I had read to help her take the stress away from her mind to get pregnant while she was naked and sexing. I told her that she really had to let herself go instead of being preoccupied to get pregnant as a result. I told her that it would be much better if I could show her, what I meant. She was so stressed and unsure of everything to willingly agree to try anything. I told her that only thing I wanted from her was to trust me and just relax. She was very sure of not losing anything and consented to go with my plan.We both finished our glasses and I made her stand facing me. I untied her short silky robe, she had on amasya escort and pushed it off her shoulders. Her beautiful breasts swayed a little through her silky support bra and the nightie as she tried to resist a little but then calmed down. She was a bit hesitant, unaware of my intentions but I assured her to trust me. She looked very sexy through her nightie although it was not a shear or see through kind but my cock began to swell. I took her towards the sofa to sit with her back towards me and also tried to hide my huge erection with a cushion in between our bodies holding her close to me.Then I gently leaned back towards the sofa arm and held her also to lean back against the cushion between us two. Moving her long hair to a side, I kissed her neck and whispered in her ear to close her eyes as I ran my hand on her arms and legs. I kept repeating in her ear to relax. She confessed that she was loving it all, I was doing to her and relaxed thoroughly. I repeated for her to let herself go when having sex with her husband and also asked her to use her wildest imaginations for what we were going to do and be fully fused in the heat of the affair. I told her that it was wonderful to think of the fantasies and particularly the one which get us heated up during sex. To make it easy for her, I asked her if she fantasized about fucking a complete stranger and she flatly refused. I suggested the lesbian sex and asked her, if she ever fantasized to have sex with another woman and she again denied. I continued and gave her the next choice of threesome. I think, it struck a chord with her because she paused a little and then moaned softly and did not deny or disagree. I told her that it was great to find something she liked. Now I blankly asked her, if thinking of two men having sex with her at the same time, could make her wet any time and she gave me a very clear, “Ouh yeahhh” response after slight reluctance. Now, I knew, what and how to go ahead from here. I asked her, if she has had sex with two men at the same time before today and she immediately told me of her days in the college dormitory, where the boys and girls lived together, in the separate rooms of course. There were no more than 2 girls or 2 boys in any one room. For some reason, Darcy’s roommate left the dorm as well as the college, only after a month or less of starting the year and the room across from her was already vacant. Now the 2 boys living in the room next to her, towards the laundry room had the coast clear for them to have sex with Darcy as it got very easy and also with decent protection because either she could easily slipped into their room or they could go into her room. Darcy was saying they, their and them words so I had to ask her, if she really meant, both of them together. She hesitated once again a little but told me that not from the beginning but she had every doubt that they played a game with her and set the stage as if one of them caught the other when she was fucking him in his room. Alan was alone in the room when he called her to get into his room. As she came in, Alan jumped out of the window, put a lock on the door and jumped back in the room through the window. While at the peak of thrusts, soft moans and other acts of hard, deep fucking, escort amasya Gary; the roommate came in after unlocking the door. There was not enough time to do anything to avoid the situation. Gary said that, he would not settle for anything less than a chance to fuck her also, right there.Darcy was feeling no shame and told the story of getting fucked by both of them boys multiple times that night but not at the same time. This opened the flood gates though and all three started making engagement in any of the two rooms, which slowly but surely got to the stage when both Alan and Gary were fucking her for almost a year, after which they moved out to a rental facility off campus and the only motivation was the arrangements for fucking. By now, both boys were fucking Darcy at the same time and in any and all poses. One fucked her in her pussy while the other fucked her mouth. Both of them fucking her pussy or one fucking her pussy and the other boy fucking her ass was also very common. All this arrangements came to an end when one of the boy was caught in some serious disciplinary action and was shunted from the college and the other also left to go to some other college. Darcy said, “It was couple years now but it still made her hot, thinking of those days”. With this, I reached down, took Darcy’s hands and began exploring her body with our united hands. My hard cock was throbbing fast between our bodies. I started whispering to her, “Four hands are exploring your body, caressing you everywhere”. I made her hands reach and grope her tits through the nightie. Made her fingers to massage her areolas and the stiff nipples. “Two mouths kissing you all wet, licking you, tasting you”. Darcy was breathing hard and deep. Her body was heating up. I took my hands away but she kept playing with her breasts and nipples as I took charge of her belly and thighs. “You are completely naked, Darcy and those two are working your body slowly with their hands and mouths”. She was moaning endless and constantly playing with her bare breasts and exposed hard nipples, twisting and tugging on their pink soft core. My extremely stiff hard on raged through the cushion and I wondered if Darcy could feel it poking her.I brought my hands back on her hands, feeling the velvety soft skin of her boobs, lacing my fingers through hers. Now our combined hands massaged her mounds as I breathed hot on her neck, feeling her body shiver. Taking her one hand from the boobs, I placed it on her lower belly. “Feel one of them move between your legs”. My hand slid our united hands in the thin elastic waistband of her lingerie bottom. “You are burning with desire and ask him to touch you as he reaches near your pussy”. Our hands glided over her trimmed pubis as my middle finger slid into her soaking wet slit. She was wet in her depth as well. My finger got her juices all over as they slid up and down her special opening. With wet finger, I began making circles around her clitoris. Reaching slightly down, my middle finger got pushed into her slick hole and she gasped silently. Slowly, I removed my hand and brought her hand down to her clitoris asking her how she feels as she massages herself. She moaned aloud, “Oh, the mother fucker goes down on me like he always did”. Darcy was amasya escort bayan losing herself in the fantasy but I needed to know more, how she was feeling. “Oh, I have to be careful. They both are going to fuck me. I do not want to be pregnant. I cannot convince them to wear condom, I do not know where a maternity help center nearby is to get some help for myself”. She spilled more information for me. Now I knew, for her young sexually active life, she had always been fighting; not to get pregnant. Darcy stopped whispering after that information and I knew, I shall have to dig more out of her and get her let go completely. I began twisting her nipples between my thumb and the finger and asked her, “How big is his cock”?“They are both extra-large. They both want to fuck my pussy and I keep asking them to use my ass. It hurts my pussy when they enter my pussy, Gary is thicker than a horse and he enjoys fucking my ass but Alan prefers my pussy. Thankfully, he is not as thick but he is longer than Gary and he also hurts as he hits my cervix”. “What are you doing to the huge cock now”? I kept probing her with the straight questions.“Oh, fuck! I cannot open my mouth enough, I am running my tongue around Gary’s cock head while my hands stroke it”. She suddenly starts rubbing her clitoris much rapidly, “I want to suck him. He pushes into my mouth. Oh, no. Now they switch places and get me on my knees. I know, Gary will be fucking in my ass soon as I suck Alan”. “Yeah, Gary rubs his huge cock head up and down my ass slit, pulls my cheeks apart in search of the hole. He teases me. I tell him to fuck me. I ask him to plunge that dick in my ass. I have two cocks inside me, one in my mouth and one in my ass”. She was getting elaborate and losing herself. “Ohhhh, fuck, I need a cock in my pussy”. She cried and with that, she lifted her hips off the sofa, struggled to throw away the cushion between us, held my erect cock, almost tore off my clothes to make me naked and jammed herself on my cock balls deep as I tugged her nipples. Darcy jumps rhythmically on my cock and soon brought herself to an orgasm, pushing my cock inside her pussy with one hand. Slowly, her climax subsided and she collapsed back on the sofa. “Oh, my God, that felt really incredible”. She was still panting and trying to catch her breath. I took her hand away from her pussy and brought to my face for licking her fingers, painted with her pussy juice, one by one until all completely cleaned. My cock still hard as steel, I told her, this was what she was supposed to do every time she fucked with her husband. Fantasize, something to sizzle her and take her mind off everything else, particularly the worry of making a baby or not making a baby and concentrate on the all-powerful act of fucking instead of producing a baby.She gave me a big smile and agreed that if she can get so lost in sex with her younger brother, she could do far better with her husband. Now, she realized that she was naked and we had also fucked a little but she was so elated, not to pay big heed to it. Slowly, she got up off my raging bull and disregarding my erection, just dressed herself, to cover her tits and pussy as well. Pouring another glass of whiskey, she asked if I could let go as much also and we could fuck instead of only fantasizing Alan and Gary fucking her in her pussy and ass. The offer was so sweet that, I had to agree, because I respected and cared for my elder sister.The end. Your comments are appreciated. Londebaaz Chohan March 23, 2020.

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