Carla’s wild initiation,,,

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Carla’s wild initiation,,,When living in Savannah, I used to attend my girlfriend Shelley’s lingerie party meetings.We had become a very nice group of bitches. Sometimes a new girl could be invited; but she could be considered part of the group after passing an initiation… When Shelley invited me for the next meeting, she warned me that Carla would be there for her very first time. Carla was a nice young babe in her early twenties; she was Shelley coworker and the girl was hot. She had been addressed some lines about having to pass an initiation to be invited for a second time. But this naïve brunette said she was willing to do whatever it took to be a member of our intimate group.I had met this nice girl before. She did not seem like the type of person that would be interested in one of our sex toy parties. She was a bit chubby, but also she was sexy and hot.But perhaps behind her innocent look was a raging sex kitten looking to be set free.Once in the meeting, we all bitchy ladies grilled the young girl with several random questions, that obviously, took on a sexual theme. We were willing to know what type of information she would tell us about herself.We tormented her by asking if she had ever kissed another girl; how often did she masturbate; if she had ever anal sex and finally, if she had ever fantasized about sex with a coworker…After answering some questions, we could see she was relatively inexperienced at sex; she had no lesbian tendencies, she played with herself daily, adana escort she squirted good and had her nice mound trimmed. She had never tried oral or anal; but she admitted to fantasize about a coworker.By the look she gave Shelley, I had a feeling she had a girl crush on my sexy girlfriend.Camilla of course was present there and she asked Carla if she would not mind modeling some lingerie for us. She gave us a shy innocent smile, saying she would do it…Shelley grabbed her hand and led her upstairs; but Laura then said we wanted to check out what the shy babe was wearing underneath her nice black dress.Carla did not hesitate for a second. She lifted her dress over her head and showed up her nice round chubby body. She was sporting a nice sexy red lacy bra and thong set. Camilla made a twirling motion with her fingers, asking the chubby girl to turn around and let us see more. Carla seemed to take a little pride in her striptease, doing so with a smile, before heading upstairs to see what Shelley had for her.We soon could hear some muffled moans and we all smiled, saying that Shelley was not wasting time upstairs. A while later Carla finally showed up again; she had her nice face red and sweaty.She came down the stairs, swaying her hips; wearing a nice sexy satin nightie that made the shy girl look very beautiful. Carla made another twirl for us, flashing her innocent smile as she took a seat on the arm of the couch. But Camilla then told her we wanted to see more. escort adana So Shelley ordered her to lower the top and show us her nice full boobs. She again did not hesitate, as she stripped down to show us her perfect small tits. Her nipples looked hard now…Camilla asked the girl if she was getting wet right now. Carla just gave her a shy smile.My sexy girlfriend suddenly stood up and stripped her tight skirt. Camilla sat down again and she slid her long fingers inside her black panties as she encouraged Carla to go on with the show.The shy girl then pulled down the nighty to her ankles and stood before us totally naked. We could see her nicely trimmed mound was glistening, after having been licked by our naughty host Shelly upstairs at the main bedroom.Carla was ordered to sit down on the couch and she did it, caressing her nude body.Laura took on a more direct tone, telling Carla she should play with herself in front of us before we would allow her to join our group. But before Carla could even touch herself, Shelly sat down close to her…She began rubbing and caressing the unexperienced babe.Carla finally loosened up. She opened up her thick thighs, exposing her neatly trimmed pussy. We all could see it was already dripping with moisture as the excitement of her initiation…Shelley again was there to help. Our sexy host ran her long delicate fingers along Carla’s smooth mound and opened her wet pussy lips. The young brunette tensed up and let out a little yelp as Shelley adana escort bayan began to massage her juicy vagina. Her soft moans soon turned to sighs of ecstasy with the sensitive touch of our skilled girlfriend.The pretty babe was not lying about squirting hard; as a nice spurt ran out between Shelley’s active fingers, making a little wet spot on the couch.Shelley purred like a kitten, as she took delight in the orgasm she helped flush from the girl.I was getting turned on too. The sight of the shy babe trying something for the first time was very stimulating. I wanted to join them; but I settled for sitting back and taking in the show. Shelley’s drenched hand was still rubbing and squeezing our young friend’s wet pussy, as suddenly Carla squirmed while she had another powerful orgasm. Apparently Shelley had the same feelings I did. Our sexy host was quiet up to that point, but dropped to her knees in front of this shuddering babe; making her spread even more her thighs, to give the young girl a nice lesson in oral sex.She ran her long tongue expertly over and around Cara’s puffy pussy lips, licking up her juices the best she could. She inserted a long finger to rub Carla’s swollen clit. The girl whimpered.The young thing wailed, as her chubby body bucked and bounced around, with Shelley holding her in place while sucking this nice clit. Carla finally unleashed a wild gushing orgasm directly into Shelley’s waiting mouth. She gasped and looked smiling at Camilla and me…She asked us who would want to be next…Camilla jumped in a second and she smiled at the chubby shy girl, saying she had passed her initiation with flying colors, while she was strapping a huge blue dildo in front of her black thong…

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