Bri’s fuck toy

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Bri’s fuck toyOne of major sexual interests is to be used as a sexual object/toy and to experience moderate erotic humiliation. Recently I had a particularly nice dream that hit quite a few of my sexual desires and I’d like to share it. This will be a multi part story so don’t worry I’m not stopping halfway through and leaving you hanging. Sorry about formatting being off the paragraphs kept merging when I transferred it from my computerMy girlfriend, Bri, and I decided to experiment with having a ffm threesome after much searching we connected with a beautiful girl in her early twenties, pretty face, brown hair, light tan skin, short, and with nice plump breasts and a wonderful ass. For my girlfriend and I this would be our first threesome and my girlfriends first time with another woman, so we were both a little nervous as the day approached.On the day of the threesome we checked into the hotel room we had rented for the occasion. Bri was very nervous as we waited for Shelley to arrive so we opened a bottle of wine and relaxed in the in room hot tub. I told her I was really looking forward to watching her with another woman, as I personally believe that two women having oral sex is truly one of the most beautiful sights in the world. After a glass or two of wine and a back massage Bri was feeling much more relaxed. Then we heard a knock on the door, Shelley had arrived. We spent some time with Shelley soaking her feet in the hot tub chatting and getting comfortable. Eventually Bri started to slowly stroke my cock and asked Shelley if she was ready. Bri then retreated to the bathroom and changed into some lacy blue lingerie, Shelley stripped down to her green panties, and I got naked.When Bri returned from the bathroom demeanor completely changed gone was the nervous woman afraid of saying the wrong thing, or embarrassing herself, instead standing in front of me was a strong and confident redhead, with a stern but mischievous look in her eye, and a leather riding crop. Bri turned to me “On your knees toy!” She snapped. “Yes goddess” I replied, as I dropped to me knees. “Now Shelley here hasn’t had any experience with having a human fuck toy before” she said as she walked around me, teasing me with light touches from her riding crop, ” I will use you to show her how fun they can be, I expect you to be on your best behavior, and that includes not cumming with permission, understood? ” “yes goddess” I replied. This was a completely new side of my girlfriend that I had never seen, I had no idea what would happen next, but I was sure it was going to be amazing.“Now Shelley the first thing to know about a human fuck toy is that they rarely need to speak to do their job” my girlfriend said as she sat down on the bed, slowly pulled off her panties, revealing a sizeable wet spot, and motioned Shelley to kneel between her legs. “Which leaves their mouth open for a multitude of useful tasks, like helping clean your pussy juice or piss stains from your panties” she explained as shoved her balled up panties in my mouth and then guided Shelley’s eager tongue to her sweet, wet pussy. I nearly came right there, I could tell Bri had worn these panties for several days prior to this, the combination of pussy juice, sweat, and piss was intoxicating. Combined with seeing Shelley’s face buried deep between my girlfriend’s legs, I could feel the precum dripping from my cock and it took all my effort to stop myself from cumming.”Ooh that’s Shelley suck my clit” Bri moaned as Shelley wrapped her soft lips around Bri’s rock hard clit and shoved her fingers deep illegal bahis siteleri inside Bri’s wet pussy. Bri’s voice suddenly changed getting very “OH, MY, GOD, YES, YES, YESSS!” Bri screamed as her legs clamped tight around Shelley’s head. I knew that Shelley had just been treated to a delicious little gush of Bri’s thick creamy pussy juice. Bri fell back breathless twitching slightly as Shelley licked up any remnants of Bri’s nectar. By now I could see that Shelley’s pussy had started soaking through her panties. The scene before me was so wonderful, two beautiful confident women enjoying each other’s bodies, without thinking, I said “such a beautiful sight” Bri sat up and they both looked at me. “It seems the little fuck toy forgot how to be quiet” Bri said in a scolding tone as she looked around the room, before her eyes came to rest on Shelley’s obviously wet panties. She then looked back at me and I could see the gears turning in her head. “Shelley stand up, and bend over the bed spread those legs for me, beautiful” Bri said. Bri got up, walked behind Shelley and slowly rand her hand up Shelley’s inner thigh until it came to rest on the now very wet gusset of Shelley’s silky green panties. “Ooh these are quite soaked Shelley, yes far too wet to wear, don’t you think Shelley?” “I do” Shelley replied with a little chuckle as she realized what was going on. “Well I guess we’ll just have to fix that” said Bri as she knelt down grasped Shelley’s panties with her teeth and slowly pulled them down to reveal Shelley’s beautiful, plump and dripping wet pussy. Bri stood up, and lightly spanked Shelley’s pussy before handing her the panties and saying “see if you can fix that fuck toy so it won’t interrupt us while I enjoy that wonderful little pussy of yours”. Shelley grinned walked up to me as said ” open up, slut” and then shoved her panties in my mouth. “Good that ought to shut him up for a while” Bri chuckled, “now bring that beautiful pussy of yours over here Shelley, and let me see how good you taste” Bri said as Shelley walked over to the bed. Shelley sat down on the bed and spread her legs. I watched in amazement as Bri knelt in front of Shelley and slowly pressed her lips on Shelley’s pussy gently kissing it. “Mmm that’s nice, now work my clit with your tongue, suck on it like it’s a little cock, yess that’s it just to like that” Shelley said as she coached Bri through her first time eating another woman out. I could see Bri really getting into it and it wasn’t long before Shelley was writhing on the bed as waves pleasure coursed through her body. “OH… MY… GOD… IM GOING TO CUM” Shelley gasped, “mmm thats it baby cum for me” Bri replied as she pulled her tongue out of Shelley’s pussy, replaced it with her fingers and started furiously sucking and tonguing Shelley’s clit. “YESSSSS” Shelley screamed as she grabbed Bri’s hair and pulled her in, “you are amazing at that” gasped Shelley as she fell back on to the bed, “well I had a good teacher, and it helps when your pussy tastes amazing” said Bri as she stood up.“Now back to the fuck toy” said Bri very matter-of-factly as she strode over to me. “As you can see this fuck toy has decent cock which I find more satisfying than a simple dildo… oh my what have we here?” said Bri as looked down at my cock and noticed the small pool of pre-cum and formed under my cock. “It would seem that the fuck toy has enjoyed watching us” said Bri as she deftly caught a drop of pre-cum in her finger and wiped it on my cheek. “I should hope so” replied Shelley. “Do you think he’s ready canlı bahis siteleri to be used?” asked Shelley. “I think so” replied Bri. “Ok slut, get on the bed” Bri snapped, I nodded and climbed on the bed. Bri straddled my legs and slowly crawled up my body pausing to lightly stroke my cock with her very wet pussy. The feeling of her soft bush and thick wet pussy lips lightly brushing against my hard cock was incredible it sent tingles throughout my body and caused to release an involuntary moan. “That’s it, moan for your goddess, you little slut” Bri said in her sexy, seductive voice as she continued to crawl forward com to rest on my chest. Bri reached down and pulled the panties out of my mouth tossing them on the floor. “Now, my little slut, make my pussy ready to ride your cock” Bri ordered as she pressed her beautiful, plump, creamy pussy onto my mouth. I immediately got to work using my tongue to trace the outline of her pussy lips and tease her clit. Her thick creamy juice filled my mouth with the unmistakable salty, sweet, tangy taste of her pussy. Bri moaned as I alternated between caressing her clit and darting in and out of her pussy. “Ooh that’s it, make me nice and wet” Bri moaned as she grabbed my hair and pressed herself as hard against my face as possible. Unbeknownst to me Bri also turned to Shelley and silently nodded. As I thrust my tongue deep into Bri, grabbing as much of that delicious pussy cream as possible, I could feel my cock getting rock hard and drops of pre-cum flowing down it. Then to my surprise I felt at warm, heavenly caress of a tongue followed by a pair of soft lips sliding down my shaft. I briefly paused, slightly confused. Bri looked down gently caressed my face, chuckled and said in a soft sexy voice “don’t worry, my toy, I asked Shelley to help get you ready as well, but don’t you dare cum, understood?” I nodded yes inadvertently pressing against Bri’s hard, little clit. That pressure sent waves of pleasure through Bri’s body. Without a word she grabbed the back of my head and started grinding her pussy against my face. My nose and mouth completely enveloped by her lips and as she slid her wet pussy up down my face thrusting hard against my nose, allowing me only brief gasps of air I started feeling light headed. Just as I was about to pinch Bri to avoid passing out, her legs clamped the sides of my head, she lifted herself off my face and leaned back and gasped as a powerful orgasm washed over her beautiful body. As I lay there watching Bri in the throes of ecstasy, her pussy slowly pulsating, as her hands gripped the bed sheets I was overcome by her beauty, and the sight of her orgasm. I could hold it any longer, I knew I was about to cum.Fortunately, Shelley also figured that out and suddenly I felt her hands clamp down hard on my cock, running my orgasm. “I don’t think so!” said Shelley in a soft, authoritative voice. Bri who had recovered by now chimed in “thank you Shelley for keeping an eye on him, I think it’s ready for use” referring to my cock. Bri turned to me and said “get up, it’s my turn to relax” Bri laid on the bed, legs spread wide open as she slowly fingering her pussy. “Now then toy, I’ve done an awful lot for you today” “yes, thank you goddess” I replied Bri nodded approvingly and said “You will thank me by using that cock of yours to fuck, and cum in me while Shelley rides my face, you are not to stop until I say otherwise, understood?” “yes goddess” I replied. While Shelley positioned herself over Bri’s face I gently stroked the outside of Bri’s pussy with bahis firmaları my cock getting nice and wet. As I watch Shelley’s thick, magnificent ass move back and forth as she ground her pussy into Bri’s face I slowly pushed in and out of Bri’s warm, wet, pussy going deeper with each thrust. The feeling of her tight pussy gripping my cock and coating it with her sweet nectar was absolutely divine. I slowly sped up as I listened Shelley’s moans and the sloshing sounds her wet pussy made as Bri zeroed in on her clit. I thrust myself faster and harder each time, the wet sound of both Bri’s and Shelley’s pussies spurring me on. Shelley started thrusting harder and harder, moaning and gasping about what a good pussy eater Bri was. Suddenly Shelley fell silent, looked into Bris eyes and start leaning backwards, I grabbed Shelley and held her up, cupping her soft, voluptuous breasts in my hand. “yeah hold her up and play with her tits while I suck her clit, help me make her cum, baby” gasped Bri. As massaged Shelley’s tits Bri bared down on her clit Shelley gasped in a high-pitched voice “I’m, going, to, cummmm” “that’s it cum for me, cum for me!” Bri replied as Shelley’s body tensed up and then relaxed. Shelley laid down next to us basking in the afterglow as she watched me make love to Bri. I thrust faster and faster, soon I felt myself nearing the edge, I grabbed Bri’s hips pulling her close as I gave a final thrust and exploded deep inside her. Bri’s legs wrapped around me pulling me close I could feel my cock contracting again and again I came, harder than I had ever cum before i was sure that I was spent. But Bri wouldn’t let me go. “Absolutely not, you are my fuck toy ad I say when you’re done, now keep on fucking me like the slutty little fuck toy you are!” Somehow, I managed to cum 3 more times and Bri was satisfied. I laid back on the bed breathless.“WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS? YOU LEFT YOUR DISGUSTING FILTHY MESS ALL OVER MY PUSSY” Bri yelled in mock anger as she stood up. “How is Shelley supposed to enjoy my pussy with all of your disgusting cum in it? You never think about others!” She said. “Sorry Goddess” I replied, Bri turned to Shelley and said “watch this is my favorite thing to do to him”. Bri climbed on the bed and stood over me straddling my face “well you don’t expect her to clean it up do you?” “No, Goddess” I replied. “Good, then open up” I opened my mouth as Bri slowly started fingering her pussy until a huge glob of cum plopped out and into my waiting mouth the combination of our juices tasted amazing and I held the sticky blob of cum in my mouth waiting for instructions. “That’s it, now open your mouth and show Shelley what a disgusting fuck toy you are” I turned to Shelley and showed her my mouthful of cum “my, what a big load you have there, but you better make sure nothing got left behind!” Shelley said with a grin. “Right you are Shelley” Bri exclaimed before looking at me and saying “you heard Shelley now swallow that cum, and get your tongue in there and clean me out!”; “Yes goddess” I replied as I swallowed my cum. Bri lower herself on to my face the sight of her beautiful red pubic hair matted with cum, sweat, and pussy juice was absolutely breathtaking and the smell, intoxicating. “do your job” Shelley said as I gently kissed Bri’s pussy lips, before wrapping my lips around her clit and sucking until she squirmed with delight. “That’s it, clean me out” Bri moaned as I pushed my tongue into her pussy to find any remnants of my cum. By the time I was finished the salty sweet taste of cum mixed with her nectar and sweat filled my mouth. Bri looked down and my face between her legs and lovingly stroked my hair and softly said “thank you fuck toy, you did well, now you rest for a bit well Shelley and I have some girl time, and afterwards we’ll have more fun” More to come so stay tuned

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