Blonde next door.

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Blonde next door.I live a small village out side Bolton,small row of cottages,a few months ago a lady moved in next door.She looked to be about 55,permed blonde hair,always well made up beautiful face,nice tits and great legs.Perfect woman.Of course could not resist getting to know her,Charlotte was good company and i tried to help in any way i could just to be around and always flirting with her.Spent many nights in together,kissing and cuddling,but never getting to fuck her.Gained confidence to ask her for a week end away,with us both being retired we could go anytime to suit us.Many a time i thought Charlotte was too young to have retired,but when i said anything she always changed the subject.Very hot summers day for our trip to the Lakes,bags packed,Charlotte came out in a lime green halter neck summer dress,showing lots of cleavage,and very short, showing off her superb legs,and lime green heels.In the car could not resist aliağa escort keep touching her legs.In the Lakes we were staying in a expensive hotel,in Cark in Carmell,arrived and booked in room was very nice and nothing was too much trouble for the staff.Decided to have a wonder about going to Holker Hall,nice house,but the best thing was Charlotte got wolf whistled at by two youngsters.She was really thrilled with that,I told her i needed to take her back to hotel to fuck her,her answer was everything comes to those who wait.Got back to hotel in quick sticks time,got into hotel room,I had taken two Viagra tablets on the way back,being 68 did not want to dissapoint this beautiful sexy younger woman,Charlotte got changed into a black teddy type nightie dark stockings and black heels,I just got undressed,up and ready,Charlotte was pleasently surprised by my dick,it’s just over 7inchs long and thick and because of the escort aliağa blue pills really hard and stiff,she said she has not had any dick for about 4 years,and was not sure if she was ready for a good fucking with such a big hard dick.Got her on to the bed kissing and licking every sexy inch of her body,licking her pussy and clit was heaven,not stopping until she had her first orgasam with her arching her back and holding my head away from her pussy because it was so sensitive,but now it was my turn,i slowly rubbed my super hard cock in and around her cunt lips telling her how much i wanted to fuck her,i was nearly begging her,wanting to get between her superb legs.still with her black heels on then i slowly slid my dick into her,making sure she was ready,boy she was ready she took all my 7 inch no trouble at all,telling me to fuck her hard with her gasping and panting until she came again.I was ready to come,just when aliağa escort bayan ready to come i pulled out and sprayed her with my come from her cunt lips up her tummy over her tits even into her hair.Got told off spurting into her hair.Being a still warm summer night,we just lay there,touching,holding,kissing,then my dick started coming up again,Charlotte said could she get on top and ride me,we had another great fuck.We did not go down for our evening meal,just could not get enough of each other.Fucked her again during the night,over breakfast in the morning she said she had a secret to confess to me,really worried about what she was going to tell me.we went back to our room,she got round to saying she was 72 years old,what a relief i have always fancied older women,it does not matter what age she is we get on well, her body is in great shape,so i had no idea how old she was,other than as i said before she never wanted to talk about her retirement.In turn I had to admit to taking Viagra,which she said as long as she keeps getting plenty of good fucking is fine.I love this wonderful beautiful lady,as time passes i will post more of our adventures.

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