BiSexual Training

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BiSexual Training
Years ago while traveling through a Sales route, I regularly stayed at an old motel in a small town in the outskirts of a major city that I worked in during the week. The motel innkeeper was from India and he kept his small clean motel busy by running his own porno films after 10:00 pm at night till 5:00 am in the morning on a special channel !
One midweek evening I checked in late about 9:00 and at the same time an attractive couple drove up beside and checked in the room beside me. As I walked to the ice machine retrieving a coke and ice for a late night drink , the husband came up beside and mentioned that he and his wife chose the old motel for the movies as this was their special night out ! He smiled and said why dont you join us for a drink once he found out I was from a city 300 miles away ! I had noticed his wife was very attractive and busty so I quickly said yes !
I ran to my room and quickly shaved and showered hoping for the evening to turn sexual as I have fantasized many time about hooking güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri up with another couple ! I knocked on the door and was met by a beautiful brunette about 35 in a short baby doll night gown ! Her tits were at least 44 DD and I could see the nipples rock hard through her gown ! Smiling she introduced herself and as the movies were already started I could see her husband was already in his undershorts and the signs of a big hard on beginning to form beneath the cotton material ! He laughed and said we thought you might not come over so we started without you!
Laughing I sat down on the bed between them and as she turned the lights out , I watched with glazed eyes as she dropped that gown and now clad only in a thong walked over to the bed and pushed me on my back , and quickly pulled my shorts off ! I had changed and only put on a jock strap so my asshole and cheeks were fully exposed ! As she and I began to kiss I could feel my cock begin to reach a full 8 in erection güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri as I licked and sucked those beautiful rock hard nipples at the end of those enormous boobs . Suddenly, I found myself in a 69 position on top with my mouth on her beautiful vagina , her legs tight around my neck holding me down against her pussy and her mouth slowly sucking my hard on as her middle finger was pushing slowly in and out of my ass !

I was so carried away, at first I did not realize that my ass was at the end of the bed and her husband had taken a position in a chair directly behind the bed with the TV and porno running above him ! As she was sucking me so firmly my passion was rising and I could feel my cock leaking some in to her mouth as she moaned and whispered to her husband , hey baby look at this ass and cock ! Suddenly, I felt a wet tongue insert as deep into my ass as he could get it ! As I felt his beard rub my ass cheeks, I realized that I was face down in her pussy ass up güvenilir bahis şirketleri fully exposed to his manipulations and she had reached up and pulled my ass cheeks wide apart for him to get full access to my asshole!

Normally, I would have immediately felt uncomfortable as this had never happened before, but his tongue felt so good as he expertly worked it in and out up and down! Later on I realized that he had stripped his shorts all the way off and was using a tube of KY jelly to lube a large thick 7-1/2″ cock at least 2″ in diameter ! The big mushroom cockhead was almost 3″ in diameter. As I sucked on his wifes cunt she began to spurt and spurt with a huge climax and scream as my tongue had finally produced the desired result I thought could only come from a hard fucking !

I raised my head just long enough to go down on her again and begin licking those excess juices , and thats when it happened, I heard her say oh Baby your mouth is so fine, we ve got a surprise for you, she reached behind me and I felt my ass cheeks being pulled wide apart, and her husband pushed that rock hard thick cock up my ass and began to fuck me slow and deep ! His wife began to suck me harder and I could nt hold it anymore I shot spurt after spurt deep into her throat as she moaned and he pounded my asshole ! After that night I never saw them again !

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