Birthday Surprise Pt. 01

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“Chapter 1”


Thomas quietly crept toward the bedroom at the end of the hall. The door he approached was slightly ajar, allowing a fractile of light to spill into the pitch-black corridor which he lurked. Thomas smiled as he inched closer. His right hand was casually concealed behind his back. Within his palm he cupped a thick, wet, white cloth that he’d folded into a tiny, inconspicuous square. Thomas peeked through the crack in the door once he reached the bedroom’s threshold. The sight before him sent blood rushing to his cock…

Thomas’s wife, Alex, relaxed angelically atop the covers on the far side of the bed. She wore a thin, silk nightgown which flowed down the length of her torso, ending just above the bend of her knees. A small lamp on the bedside dresser illuminated her fit, curvy body within a soft, delicate glow. Thomas smiled wider as he continued staring at his beautiful wife. Her bare feet crossed at the ankles as her upper body rested against three oversized pillows that she’d wedged between her back and the bed’s firm, wooden headboard. A large, tome-like book sat in her lap while her hypnotic, bluish-gray eyes scanned the pages below. Thomas squinted to read the cover…

“The Guardians…” Thomas mouthed to himself.

It was the newest release from Alex’s favorite novelist, John Grisham.

Thomas blissfully continued surveilling his wife. The text between her legs seemed to occupy the entirety of her attention. Thomas continued to watch. Whenever his wife would turn the page, her dyed, ginger locks would ever so slightly sway from side-to-side. Thomas could barely contain himself as he prepared to enter…

“Hey” he smiled, with his right hand still hidden behind his back.

“Hey,” Alex replied without looking up.

“What ya doing over there?” he walked closer.

“Just reading…” she responded robotically.

“Nice,” Thomas smiled, making his way onto the vacant side of the bed.

Alex continued to read.

“What’s it about?” asked Thomas.

“That’s what I’m trying to find out…” she replied, slightly annoyed.

“Is it any good?” bahis firmaları Thomas smiled, wiggling his body closer toward the center of the mattress.

Alex exhaled a deep breath.

“Babe,” she angrily waved the book in front of his face. “I’m clearly only several pages in. It’s far too early to tell whether or not the story is actually…”

Thomas was no longer listening. His cock throbbed and anything his wife said immediately converted into a faint, white noise. A devious smile curled across his lips. Thomas removed the cloth from behind his back and pounced forward with palpable delight.


“MMMMPPPPHHHHHHH!!” Alex roared into the damp, white square.

“That’s it babe…just breathe it in!” Thomas smiled as he smothered his wife.

“TMMMMMM, STPPP!!” she yelled inaudibly.

“That’s right…” he smiled. “The harder you fight, the harder you breathe. There you go…”

Thomas continued pressing the moist rag against Alex’s nose and mouth.


“Mmmmmhhhhhhmmmmm,” Thomas smiled. “That’s it. Just slow and steady. Let the chloro do its work…”

“TMMMMMMM!!” she yelled again.

Thomas didn’t budge. The only thing that changed was his smile. It grew wider.

Alex began aggressively tapping on Thomas’s shoulder. Thomas immediately removed the cloth.

Alex gasped for air.

“Babe, are you okay?” he asked.

“Yes, Thomas, I’m fine. I’m just…not in the mood.”

“But…it’s my birthday week. We always do this on my birthday week.”

Alex continued catching her breath.

“I…I know, Thomas,” she said apologetically. “I’m just…not in the mood.”

“Really?” he asked, deflated.

Alex held up her book.

“I’m sorry, Thomas. I just had a really long day, and I’m really into this book right now, and I just…”

Thomas took a deep, somber breath. “It’s okay. Don’t worry about me. I’ll be fine.”

“I’ll make it up to you.”

“Sure,” Thomas skeptically replied.

Alex rolled her eyes at Thomas’s self-victimization.

“Hey,” she said. “Can I get your opinion on something real kaçak iddaa quick?”

Thomas turned to her. “With what?”

Alex reached over to the bedside dresser, grabbing a tiny perfume bottle.

“I just bought the new fragrance.”

A smile spread across Thomas’s face.

“Oh, yeah?”

“Yeah, and I only have three days to return it. I just wanted to get your opinion before deciding whether or not to keep it.”

“Okay,” Thomas smiled.

Alex responded by spraying six humid mists onto the nightgown covering her chest.

“Do you mind letting me know you honest opinion? It was pretty expensive. I don’t want to keep it if you don’t like it.”

“Sure, I don’t mind.”

Thomas leaned over, hovering his nose just inches above the silk covering his wife’s D-cup breasts.

“So.” she prompted. “What do you think?”

Thomas took a deep inhalation. Then another.

“Hmmmm…smells kinda like…sweet chemicals or something…”

Alex brought her left hand to the back of Thomas’s head, lightly massaging his scalp.

“Oh…does that mean you don’t like it?” she teased.

“No, I didn’t say that…” Thomas continued to breathe. “Just trying to figure out the notes…”

“Oh, that’s good. I want you to be thorough before letting me know what you think.”

Alex pulled Thomas’s head closer until his nose pressed against gown’s damp fabric.

“Yeah…” Thomas exhaled laboriously. “It’s…rather…interesting…” he droned.

“Oh yeah?” Alex smirked. “What is?”


“What was that my dear?”

“…feeling light…headed…”

“Oh, you are?” she rolled her eyes.

“..yeah…need…a break…” Thomas mumbled, gently feigning resistance away from Alex’s chest.

“Oh, no, no, no,” she countered. “I’m going back to the store tomorrow. I know your feedback now.”

Alex increased the intensity which she pressed her husband’s face against her body. Again, Thomas meekly attempted to pull away.

“Babe…” he mumbled into her gown. “…whatr yew…doon…” he drowsily droned.

“Just giving you what I promised…” she grinned as kaçak bahis her husband pretended to fight.

“…bbbbbabe…plzzz…” he lightly pawed at the hand pressing against the back of his head.

“I need a full review, my dear. Still waiting.”

Thomas involuntarily snorted into the wet silk.

Alex immediately rolled her eyes. “If I have to get another one of these nightgowns dry-cleaned, I swear to God…” she thought to herself.

“…bbbhbb…” Thomas whimpered. His attempt to remove Alex’s hand from the back of his head grew weaker.

“Yes, dear?” she smiled, grabbing the book with her other hand.

“…bhhhhbbbb…” he moaned softly.

“Yes, dear. I’m here. Still waiting for your review…”

Alex could feel Thomas’s body relaxing into complete submission.


“Yes, dear.”


Alex could feel Thomas’s jaw slouch open. “Great,” she thought to herself. “First snot, then drool. I’m just going to swipe his credit card and buy myself a new gown altogether.”

“Yes, dear, I’m still here. Still waiting.”

As Alex continued applying pressure to the back of Thomas’s head with her left hand, she used her right hand to place her novel atop the nape of her husband’s neck.


Alex smiled as she opened the book to the page she’d left off.


Thomas snored into the moist material smothering his face. Alex smiled.

“Finally…” she thought to herself. “…some fucking peace and quiet. Now…” she continued, scanning the page for the last sentence she remembered reading.

“This clown makes a living testifying across the county…”

“Ah yes,” she exalted. “There we were…”

Alex uncrossed her ankles, stretched her toes, and recrossed her legs in the opposite direction. The back of Thomas’s neck provided a perfect resting spot for the spine of her novel as his constant, rhythmic snores produced a pleasant, ambient background. Each word Alex read sucked her deeper and deeper into the pages below. A grin returned to her face while her eyes continued to feast.

“…always for the prosecution and for nice fees, and in his twisted mind…”

To Be Continued…

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