Aunt in law part 2

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Aunt in law part 2
After fucking this hijabi aunt in law of mine on holiday, a couple of months went pass till one day during the morning someone rang on the door, as I opened it to my shock it was Aunty Tania. I invited her in and took her to the living room. As she sat on the sofa I told her that my wife was at work and that I was working from home for a few days. To my surprise, she replied saying she already knew and that’s why she came.

Aunty Tania: ‘I know she’s at work. Me and her are going out in the evening. I thought id come here and have some fun with you’

She reached over and cupped my balls squeezing it and massaging it.

Me: ‘Are you sure you want to do it again’

As she was cupping my balls and squeezing my shaft my cock was getting hard. She slowly pulled down my pajamas and boxers and having my erected cock swing up and down.

Aunty canlı bahis Tania: ‘i’ve missed this bad boy I want to feel him inside me again’

She began slowly sucking my cock with her hijab on, my cock grew harder and harder inside her mouth, after a while I couldn’t take it anymore I pulled her and stripped her naked and pushed her back on the sofa and climbed on top her kissing her and running my hands down her meaty body. Moving down towards her large breast and playing with her tits in my mouth. She began to moan and her body began to shake and twitch in pleasure. I went down further south past her chubby belly to her vagina which was fully clean shaven. She was already soaking wet and I began licking it and sticking my tongue deep inside of her. She moaned and pulled my hair.

I could no longer take the hard-on. I got up and perabet went to the room looking for a condom to put on. She followed me and asked me what I was looking for. I told her I was looking for a condom. She grabbed me by the hand fell on my bed saying forget the condom I want to feel you raw inside of me. I aligned up my cock with her vagina and slowly pushed my cock in just the tip. Her face had gone red in her pale white skin. She wrapped her giant meaty legs around my waist and pull me in closer my cock completely slid into her fat meaty pussy. She rolled her eyes back and let out a moan. I slowly picked up my pace and pounded her meaty pussy all you could hear was her moans and my groin slapping against hers ‘fap fap fap’. After a few mins I lifted both her legs up and pounded her deep till my cock was ready to explode perabet giriş she screamed as I gave my last thrust and released my load deep into her meaty pussy. As of exhaustion, I passed out falling on her chubby belly that cushioned me. I looked at her as she was panting to regain her breath.

After a couple of mins, I got up and grabbed my laptop to begin my work. We were both naked and she played with my cock all day getting me hard and sucking on it while I was working. We took a break every hour fucking in all sorts of different position till about 5 pm when she took a shower and waited for my wife to come home.

This continued for a number of days until I returned to work. We couldn’t arrange for another fuck session for a while. After 3 months my wife had told me that she was pregnant, I began doing some maths in my head and last time we had sex was 3 months ago. I messaged her to ask and she confirmed that there was a 90% chance it was me that got her pregnant as she didn’t have sex with her husband until the following week when she missed her period.

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