Auditor Tales Ch. 03

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After this wonderful night I drove her home. “Please come in and have a coffee,” she said.

“That would be great,” I said, “I need some.”

Apparently her parents were not a home. “Normally they go out shopping on a Saturday and won’t be home till late afternoon” she said. The house looked really nice. Not too big but spacious. Francis walked into the kitchen while I was looking at their garden. I could see it was very well maintained. Lots of roses in various colours, other flowers I don’t know the name off. Francis came in with two jugs of coffee. “Please, make yourself comfortable.”

We drank our coffee and both we didn’t know what to say. “I can’t believe we did what we did last night,” Francis said at the end. “Never done it that way, but I really loved it.”

“I agree,” I said. “Neither did I but it was one of my secret fantasies.”

“I know it was just sex, but you are so nice to me. You really make me feel a woman again.” Francis smiled at me. “I love you for that,” Martin. “We have to do it again.”

“I love to touch your breast, to look at and lick your pussy, Francis. It is really great, and you are the woman I like to be with.” Francis blushed and said I had to come and sit next to her on the sofa.

We kissed and her tongue travelled through my mouth. She is a great kisser, I said to myself. We were getting more passionate and my hands were over her huge breasts.

I removed her blouse, and again I had a look at her massive breasts. Although still in her bra those güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri tits were magnificent and my cock was getting bigger. I need to get those tits out and touch those nipples I was thinking. Francis was just one step beyond. She unhooked her bra and her tits were coming out. So was I. My cock was knocking on my pants. Let me out it said. Francis released my cock my pulling down my pants. “Rub it over my tits” she said “I love your cock over my tits.”

I could not resist that type of request. I moved my cock over her huge tits. It was just getting bigger. How unbelievable. And before I realised it I came. My sperm flew over her tits and Francis started to lick my cum. She started to shiver and I put my hand between her legs. I felt her pussy through her panties and she was wet. As soon as I touch her cunt she came. She closed her eyes and breathed deeply.

“Oh, Martin, this is great. No one ever did what you do to me. I love you.”

“I love you too, Francis, you are a very special lady.”

We stayed a little while on the sofa enjoying each other.

“You better go now, Martin, I need to think this over. I wish you could stay, but it is not possible.” I did not think much about this so I left. “See you next week in the office,” I said, “take care.”

I drove home, which took me about 3 hours, but it was really worth it. As if a dream comes true. Back at home I went straight to bed. I was tired. I woke up late afternoon and my erection was feeling güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri painful. Images of Francis came to my mind, her tits, her wet cunt. I stroke my cock and a few moments later my cum spurted over my chest. The feeling was great but nothing could match Francis tongue over my erect cock.

During the next week there were not so many opportunities to get to Francis’ office. I spoke to her over the phone a few times and it was just the odd conversation lines. But on Friday afternoon I went to her office.

Francis was very pleased to see me. “I have to tell you something” she said, “come over here and sit next to me, so no one else can hear this. Every time after you spoke to me over the phone this week, I went to the ladies and just came in a few moments just touching my pussy and thinking about you and your big, nice cock. Even at some moment I peed over my hands and licked my wet fingers, tasting my own pee.”

I did not know what to say. Did I do this to a woman?

“What can we do about this?” she asked.

“You come over and stay with me at my place. This coming weekend would be great.”

“I can’t, I go out with my friend, I promised,” she said “a lady friend, my neighbour.”

“All right, next week I leave for Vienna, but when I am back we get together for a couple of days” I said to Francis.

“I would love that, Martin, just tell me when and I will stay with you.”

After my return from Vienna, I stayed and worked there for three güvenilir bahis şirketleri weeks, I scheduled a weekend in the mountains (the Ardennes to be more precisely). On that Friday we both drove down to the place. It took us a couple of hours and our conversation was very pleasant. Francis asked me about the time in Vienna.

“The work was not that exiting, because I finished the audit in half the time the schedule was set to. Actually there was a very beautiful girl working in that office. That was a least very pleasant.”

“Did you take her out?” Francis asked.

“Yes, I did and it was very nice” I said, “I will tell you about it another time.”

We arrived at the cabin and moved our bags inside. I knew the fridge would be stacked with food already and there was enough to drink. Francis looked at me and I looked at here. We both started to undress. I looked at her huge breast and she at my already pulsing cock. “Come over here and lick my pussy,” Francis commanded. “Oh, I love this, it has been such a long time you did this.”

I fiercely licked her lips and clit. Her taste was sweet and musky at the same time. Oh, I love this cunt. I moved my tongue inside her and licked her inner walls. She became wetter and wetter, her juices flowing over my face. I could die for this. Suddenly I felt her shiver. I recognised it. One shiver again and there she goes. Her pee came out with such a force I had to remove my face. But not for long, I opened my mouth to drink all she had to give.

That was much. I swallowed almost everything. What a lovely taste and what a lovely woman she is. Her stream of pee ended in a trickle and she moved aside.

“I am sorry Martin, but I could not hold it. Did you like it?”

“Like it? I love it.”

The weekend just started.

To be continued.

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