At The Gym

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This is my first attempt at fiction, inspired by a friend of mine who goes to the gym frequently.


My name is Jim. I’m Mid 40’s, salt and pepper hair, 5’11” 190 pounds. I have been married for 21 years and recently widowed.

I know that over the years I have let myself go. My drinking in my younger days have added a few pounds to my mid-section. Caring for my wife and making a living has not given me much time for myself. I know that emotionally and physically I have been drained. I look at the mirror and I don’t see that skinny, 29 inch waist, body of my youth, and never will again! Its been a few years since my wife has passed, she was my love and my life. But looking back, those long conversations we had, I know she wants me to move on with my life. She wanted me to be happy, but I’m not happy with myself.

I have a friend, Ray who owns a gym and recently has had problems keeping reliable cleaning staff. He called and asked me if I would consider working for him for awhile. He needs time to search for a reliable crew, and in the back of my mind, I sensed he was trying to get me out of the house. He knew in my youth, I had worked at a bank on the cleaning crew. He also knew I had a high work ethic and could do the job. Working at night would keep me occupied, not allow my mind enough time to wallow in self pity over my wife’s death. With it being winter, working out at the gym would be my best bet to get in shape. It was too cold out for me to do any walking outside.

I picked up the phone and called Ray. After a few rings Ray answered, “Hello, Ray’s Gym.”

“Ray, this is Jim,” I answered. “I’ve been thinking over your offer and would like to help you out. But I need some help as well. I have not worked out in forever. If I could use your equipment, it would help me get in better shape, and I could come in and clean at closing time.”

“Jim, I would really appreciate your help, and of course you can come in anytime you want to work out,” Ray replied. “Can you start this week?”

“Sure,” I answered. “I just need some help developing a work-out routine.”

“I have someone in mind who would be great for you to train with. She is young, full of energy, and it doesn’t hurt that she is good looking as well, he laughed.”

“Don’t worry about any cleaning supplies, I have everything you need here. Come in Sunday and I will show you around.”

“I will be there, around 1 o’clock , Sunday,” I replied.

It was a busy week, but I was looking forward to helping Ray out. It would get me out of the house, and keep my mind occupied. Sunday rolled around. I lay there in bed, hoping I would be able to work two job’s for awhile. I’ve done it when I was younger, but even though my mind said I’m not that old, my body might say differently. I drag myself out of bed and stagger to the coffee pot. I’m a little apprehensive as I sip my coffee, not sure what I’m getting into. I arrive at the gym a little before 1pm and Ray is waiting for me.

“Jim, this is Debbi. She has been a regular for sometime now. You know we are a small gym and I personally trained her. She will work with you to get you back in shape in no time. Let me show you around, where everything is kept. I keep all the cleaning supplies in the back room.”

“Nice to meet you Debbi,” as we head toward the back.

I had no idea how right he would be! Debbi is 5’3″, dark brown shoulder length hair. Bright hazel-eye’s that light up the room. She is wearing yoga pants and a loose fitting sweatshirt, but I can see she has ample breasts. She looks to be mid twenties, ah well, to be twenty years younger, I muse. She is hot! I might like having a second job after all!

As we tour the gym, I keep stealing glances at her. She has started her work-out and I have a hard time concentrating on what Ray is telling me.

“Jim!” I look at Ray. “Sorry, I was a little distracted.” He smiles at me as I continue to learn my cleaning duties. After showing me around, Ray tells me to come in around 8:00pm Monday, and that will give me time to work out before they close.

“Since you work during the day, I have asked Debbi if she could come in a little later in the day to help you work out. Of course I offered her a discount on her fee’s, After I saw the way she was watching you when you weren’t looking, I’m not sure that was necessary,” he laughed.

Yea, casino siteleri right, I thought, what would she see in an older man like me. At least she is nice eye-candy and will make working out more enjoyable. I shake Ray’s hand, “Thanks Buddy, this might help me out of my funk.” I wave to Debbi as I leave, and she smiles and waves back. Hummm, I ponder as I head home.

Monday morning. As a service tech, my job keeps me on the run most of the day. I have little time to think of my new job at the gym. After work, I relax for awhile, the tv’s on, but I can’t help but thinking if I bit off more than I can chew. Working one job is ok, but working out, then cleaning the gym? Then the vision of working out with Debbi, erases any doubts, I have to try this. The conversation would be welcome, and I wouldn’t be sitting at home by myself all night. Besides, I could lose a few pounds from my gut.

I arrive promptly at 8:00, I hate to be late to anything. Ray is at the desk and shakes my hand. “Good seeing you buddy, you ready for a workout? Get changed, Debbi is waiting for you.”

I headed to the locker room and proceed to change into a pair of running shorts and a tee shirt. I look in the mirror, I really don’t look bad for my age, but really would like to lose a few pounds.

As I head out of the locker room, Debbi is ready, she smiles at me. “Are you ready for a workout?” I think to myself, what have I gotten into, but with a trainer that looks like her, I will suffer thru, I might actually enjoy this.

I looked around and had seen older women, as well as people a lot younger than me. I didn’t feel so self conscious, and relaxed. We spent the next hour going over the weights and Nautilus machines. By the end of the hour, my body felt like mush, wondering how I was going to clean up the gym after this workout.

Debbi reassured me, it would be easier over time as I got more in shape. She said “You did well for your first time, see you tomorrow.” I swore I saw her wink at me as she turned and headed to the showers.

I locked up and started my cleaning after everyone left. I was tired, but the gym wasn’t as busy today. I was able to get the gym cleaned up in short order and headed home. It seemed like a long drive home, even though I just lived a few blocks away. I slipped my sore body into bed and drifted off to sleep.

It was an uneventful day at work. Busy as usual, but every now and then I thought of Debbi how good she looked, and wondered what she looked like under that loose fitting sweatshirt. When I got to the gym, she was waiting, wearing her yoga pants and sweatshirt. It was hard to keep my mind on the work-out. I’ve always been a breast man and felt a stirring in my groin, thinking how I would love to get a peek of her lovely breasts! Just thinking about it had my cock stirring in my shorts. It made me realize how much I missed the intimate contact with a woman. She wore me out again, and after I got home, I slid into the covers, thankful to drift off from the soreness enveloping my body.

The next night, Debbi showed me the sit-up bench where you hooked your feet around the upper bar. I struggled to raise my back a few inches off the bench. I was proud I was able to get my back up off the bench, considering I haven’t really worked out ever. I caught her eye and could have sworn she was looking down the leg of my shorts as she helped me figure out how to use the bench. She tells me to use the bench for a few minutes, while she runs to the bathroom.

When she came back, I have to control myself. She shed her sweatshirt and is wearing a tank-top. Oh crap, I feel a rising in my pants as I see for the first time her gorgeous breasts straining her tank top. “It’s starting to get hot in here, I hope you don’t mind?”

I know I shouldn’t be looking, but her beautiful eyes are staring down at me, as she bends over and helps me move my legs out of the machine. It’s over now as I come to full hardness and she smiles as she looks at my crotch. “You are progressing nicely with your work-outs Jim, we will have you in shape in no time!”

I’m really thinking of a different workout with her right now! As we moved thru the gym, Debbi stopped quickly and turned slightly toward me, when she saw an old friend across the gym. Of course I was staring at her tight ass and ran right into her. My hands canlı casino reached out to steady myself and all I got was a handful of firm breast. Wow! If my cock wasn’t hard enough, it sure was stiff now!

“I’m so sorry Debbi, I…um…Im sorry, I was looking the other way,” I stated sheepishly.

She looked at me with a sly smile as she gently and slowly guides my arm off her breast.

“I’m done for now Debbi, I need to hit the shower and get ready for work.”

“Looks like you need a cold shower as she smiles and winks at me, herself heading to the locker room.”

As I shower, I can’t remember how long its been since I had a raging hard-on like this. Soaping up, I take a few strokes on my rock hard cock, wishing it was Debbi’s hand soaping my dick. My mind drifts as I imagine her hand on my cock. Slowly working her hand around the head as she holds her naked body against mine. I can feel her hard nipples poking my chest. As I come back to reality, A couple more strokes and I blow my load all over the shower wall. Damn it, its going to take longer to clean up tonight.

We were the last few people at the gym and she smiles at me as she leaves for home.

“Good Night Debbi, sweet dreams,” I say as I lock the door and start straightening up the gym. As I head into the women’s locker room, I smell the familiar smell of a woman’s overheated sex. It permeates the air. As I glance down, I see a pair of panties on the floor. They are still warm and the scent of hot pussy juice radiates from them. They were soaked. They must have fallen out of her bag when she was getting ready to leave. I could only imagine how her shower was if she was as hot as I was. I could see her running her fingers thru her slit frigging her clit to orgasm.

I place the panties in my pocket, I will return them to her tomorrow. I finish cleaning the gym and head home. I am still sore from my workout, as I slip into bed and bring the panties to my nose for one last whiff before I pass out for the night.

Work passes quickly the next day, my muscles are sore from all the workouts. But the thoughts of being with my luscious trainer pushes me on. I get there a little early tonight and change into my shorts and shirt. Debbi asks me to spot her as she does a few bench presses. No sweatshirt tonight, and I’m pretty sure no bra either as I stand behind her ready to spot. My dick starts to harden as I visualize me playing with those awesome mounds of tit poking up at me. I look down and she is staring right up the leg of my shorts.

She smiles and says, “Spot Me.”

Looks like I’ve already been spotted! My cock is stiff as I try to concentrate on helping her out.

As she finishes her workout, she pauses to rest and we talk while sitting on the bench along the wall. I reach into my pocket and discreetly hand her the panties from last night. “I believe these are yours?”

I look at her questionably? She blushes.

“They must have fallen out of your bag as you were packing up last night,” I replied.

She blushes, I see her chest starting to turn a slight crimson color.

“Ray didn’t tell me I would be training a man as handsome as you” she stated rather unabashedly.

“I didn’t realize my trainer would be a woman, much less a beautiful woman.”

“Thank You, Now lets get you into shape mister!” as we head toward the treadmills. She ran me thru a vigorous workout.

The gym was mostly empty tonight as there were threats of an incoming winter storm. After the workout she offered to help me clean up, so I wouldn’t be caught in the storm. I graciously accepted, if only to spend a few more minutes with this doll-baby. We locked the door, and turned the open sign around to closed. She started straightening up the gym and taking out the trash while I worked on cleaning the locker rooms. While I was cleaning the ladies locker-room, I felt a pair of hands on my waist, as they spun me around and pushed me down toward the bench. I look up to see two bare breasts staring me in the face.

“I’m finished with the gym area, but really need a shower. Join me,” she whispers. I start to protest, but she put her finger to my lips to silence me. She grabs my cock and slowly rubs it thru my shorts. My little head takes over as I lean forward and sucks her right nipple into my mouth. I swirl my tongue around her nipple kaçak casino as it hardens in my mouth. I take the left breast and slowly tease her nipple as I lick around but do not touch the nipple directly. She squirms in front of me as I suck in the nipple and gently tug on it.

I elicit a moan from her, as she pulls me to my feet and pulls down my shorts and underwear with one smooth stroke. We furiously shed our clothes and immerse ourselves in the warm jets of the shower. She lowers herself and engulfs my hard cock in her mouth. She slowly pulls my cock back out of her mouth. She licks my cock from the base to the top. Then she engulfs my shaft with her warm lips and slowly slides her lips up and down my shaft. I am so excited, It’s been awhile, I’m not ready to end this way. I slowly pull her off my shaft and lean down to kiss her. She snakes her tongue into my mouth as we dual with our tongues.

She raises back up as I softly squeeze her breasts. I slide my fingers down her soft body as I suck a nipple into my mouth. I slide my middle finger into her slit as she shivers when I brush her clit. I slowly outline her lips with my finger, gently teasing her. She is moaning now as I slowly enter her with my finger and gently stroke in and out.

“Not yet big boy, we need to get this funk off.” She reaches for her soap and she starts lathering up my back. As she washes my back, I feel her soapy hand snake around and grab my cock. Her breasts pushing against my back. She strokes my cock a few times as she keeps it hard. I turn to face her as she lathers up my chest. My hard cock resting against her stomach. I grab the soap from her and lather up her breasts, tweaking her nipples with my fingers, before continuing to wash her breasts.

We wash each other off and as we are about to finish, I end up washing her back. I hold her close to me as my cock rubs against her back, my arms reaching around cupping her breasts. One hand slides down into her hot pussy, sliding up and down brushing her clit. We quickly rinse off as our passion rises.

“I need you in me now,” as she drags me to the bench as she pushes me on my back. I look down as she straddles my cock and slowly lowers my hardness into her steamy pussy. Its like a tight glove that envelopes my rigid cock. With a sense of urgency, she starts pushing my cock deep into her cunt until our bodies join together. I reach down and finger her clit as she starts sliding up and down my shaft. She leans over as she is humping my hot cock. This places her breasts right in my face as I reach up and squeeze her nipples with my fingers. I love to play with her large breasts as she rides my cock. She leans into me a little more as I pinch her nipples and hold her tighter to me.

Her body is tensing as her head jerks back, she moans “FUCK ME!” I grab her shoulders and start driving my hard cock into her as deep as I can. She is bouncing on my cock as I thrust up into her. I place both hands on her ass as I pull her deeper into me. I start to feel her getting wetter as our bodies start slamming together. She squeezes my cock with her tight pussy muscles. I can feel her pussy clenching my cock, her tension almost unbearable.

I am close to cumming and she can sense it. “Cum in my hot pussy, NOW” she shouts, as I unload into her cunt. Her body spasms as her muscles tense and her body shakes with a violent orgasm. She trembles as I raise up and cuddle her in my arms, I can feel her cunt still spasming on my cock. Her body is still shaking as she rocks slowly on my cock. We lean back on the bench and hold each other as my cock slowly softens in her cunt. I can still feel her gently squeezing my cock as our combined juices ooze onto my legs.

I laugh as I say, “Thats the most intense workout this week” as she playfully smack my chest.

“I’m not finished with your training yet mister,” she states matter of factly.

Suddenly the tv’s in the gym area blast a winter storm warning on the screen, the sound jolting us back to reality. We quickly get dressed and look out the front windows of the gym. Snow is falling in large flakes and the snow is quickly building on our cars. There is too much snow for Debbi to drive safely across town.

“My apartment is just a couple of blocks from here, if we hurry, we can ride the storm out there,” I state quickly. “I just went to the grocery two days ago, so we have plenty to eat.”

“Ok, well we better get a move on then, maybe we fine tune your workout regimen when we get there,” she states excitedly.

I turn off the lights and lock up as we head out into the blinding snow…

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