Asian Massage Parlor Experiences

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Asian Massage Parlor ExperiencesSince learning about Asian Massage Parlors, i became very curious. The first time I ever visited one back in 2012 was a night that I was very horny and could not shake the craving to flash my cock to some stranger. I actually did do a window flash while masturbating prior to build up the courage to finally try visiting a parlor myself (I will post about my flashing experiences later). So after some quick research to learn about the etiquette, I drove over to a local shop I had passed by several times on my way home from work. Upon entering I was greeted by a middle aged Chinese woman. She didn’t have much in terms of breasts or ass, but she had a pretty enough face that I decided to pay the for an hour and was led to the backroom where I was told to undress. I got naked very canlı bahis fast since I was so horny and asked to use the restroom just so I could wander the parlor naked. The masseuse laughed since I made the walk to the restroom naked, something that probably wasn’t very common (I use this move every time I visit She folded my clothes neatly in the mean time and she asked me to lay on my stomach. She laid a towel over my lower half which i removed and told her I didn’t want to be covered, which she didn’t mind. I made sure my cock and balls were visible between my legs. As she began rubbing my back, legs, and shoulders I reached over and started to fondle her ass. I asked her if it was okay, to which she said “yes, it’s okay”. Upon the flip she noticed I was very hard and erect. While bahis siteleri smiling at me she asked me “What is this?” I told her she made me hard and I asked her if she offered any special massages while pointing at my uncovered erect cock. She said “$25” So i agreed and she grabbed the lube and began stroking my shaft not long after. I sat up halfway as she was stroking my cock and began reaching into her shirt and started grabbing and exposing her breasts. I could tell she wasn’t too happy about it, but she didn’t stop me. Not long after I had her erect brown nipples in my mouth and I was kissing her neck. She kept commenting on how hard my cock was and how big I was. It didn’t take much longer and i shot my cum all over her hand. She then offered my cum to me to lick off which I declined (something bahis şirketleri i later regretted since she was such a freak, would have loved to gauge her reaction). I kissed her on the cheek and thanked her. She returned with water and asked if I wanted to shower before leaving. I agreed and masturbated again in the shower and she asked me to come back again soon. I visited this shop a few more times before it got shut down and habe since visited a few different parlors with some mixed results (some shops were more legit and didn’t offer happy endings). My most recent visit was last year in a different city. This experience was differrent since the masseuse slipped a finger in my ass unexpectedly. It burned and didn’t feel as good as I expected, but she probably just felt like going for it. I hope to visit another shop soon once I get enough cash to do so, I just hope I can get full service this time and find a shop with younger women. I learned of one shop that might be promising, but I’ll have to check it out when the time comes.

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