Asian High School Wife Pt. 8: Homecoming & Pro

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Asian High School Wife Pt. 8: Homecoming & ProTwo months ago I met and married my wife Kana, and life had never been the same after that. Kana was 18 years old, a Japanese girl still in high school. I married her to get her out of her repressive home life and incredible sex had followed for several times a day almost every day after that. Until I had to go out of town on business. By then my dick was so raw from fucking and I was so exhausted from lack of sleep that I was excited to be away from her for eight or nine days just to rest. But I had decided: Kana was one in a billion. A real-life, living succubus. She was insatiable and had an uncanny power to capture men in her spell. Even when I was 3,000 miles away from her, all I could think about was Kana. I was cybering with her at all hours of the night and madly beating off and dreaming of the next time I would see her again. She was undoubtedly my chronic obsession. For the first three or four days that I was out of town we were in almost constant contact and I got no break from my fixation on her. Finally I suggested that Kana should invite her cousin over to stay with her. This made sense. Kana was afraid to stay by herself in our house. I knew she had explored her sexuality with her cousin in the past, and he was a good deal younger than I was and I figured maybe he could fill in for me and maybe quench whatever fire burned in her, or at the very least give me a break. Was I jealous? Not really. I was in Kana’s orbit and m y only fear was ever having to leave it. I knew others would have to be in her orbit and if I played it well I could stay in her world for longer. Her cousin was a sensible, reliable choice. She took the suggestion well enough and I thought everything would be fine. Then I didn’t hear from her for 48 hours. I tried not to panic. You don’t know how much you love and long for someone until you worry for their safety. Finally, late at night I got a reply from the cousin, that Kana was fine. I was relieved. Then I got another text from him that morning, Kana was “under the weather.” I panicked all over again, afraid she was seriously sick or had been hurt. But she had just been drinking and I knew she would be okay. And I knew her cousin had been fucking her. The realization didn’t hurt at all. As a matter of fact I found it really hot imagining what the seduction must have been like. I had no doubt at all that Kana had brought the issue up, and I didn’t blame the cousin for failure to resist the irresistible. But still, when a video from Kana popped up on my phone a few hours later and I saw a faceless cock plowing my wife, then spurting cum onto her face, at first I was stunned. At first I was worried. Kana had said “cum on my face” just before he did. And that was our thing that we said, our inside joke. Then I realized that it had belonged to them first. I just didn’t want to lose her. But as for the rest, watching someone else banging Kana and shooting their load on her face, I found that beyond exciting and I spent my “resting” time in the hotel jerking off to the video over and over again. I got home on a cloudy Saturday, and all I wanted to do was see Kana, be alone with her. The first thing I saw was her cousin standing with my coffee cup by my car. I was nice. I knew he was important to her, her only connection to her former life. We had to get along. We looked at each other like the rivals that we were, expressed our mutual admiration and respect for Kana, the princess of heaven. As far as we knew, we were two of the only three people to sample her amazing and unique talents (if you didn’t count the black 12 inch dildo under Kana’s pillow), and the third living person didn’t deserve much mention according to Kana’s assessment. güvenilir bahis The poor guy had apparently not measured up to her standards. It was odd that he so easily said goodbye to her and was off. I thought he would linger and I would have to put up with him for a while, but he seemed almost eager to be gone. I had no idea of the full story of what went on. When I got upstairs I saw that it had changed things irreparably. Kana sat huddled in the corner of her bed under a plain cotton robe, not the alluring red one. I went over to her and sat stroking her hair. She looked miserable, in pain. I asked her what was wrong and she gave me a weak smile and said she would be okay. I pulled her to me and she gave a little yip of pain and moved away. I asked her what was wrong and she said “surgery was yesterday” and opened her robe and I saw her now considerably larger breasts. “The stitches stay for two weeks” Kana said as my eyes took in the changes. I thought Kana was perfect as she was, but Kana didn’t agree. She had wanted full, pornstar breasts, and now she had them. Had worked for them and paid for them all herself. And had scheduled the surgery and got her cousin to take her while I was out of town I added. I looked at this woman and decided I loved her more than life itself, A-cup tits or C-cup tits, and if the change made her happy, then I was happy too. But I would miss her flat chest and marble-hard dark red nipples. I held her and we just sat like that for a while, for once not about to fuck but like people with deeper interests. Then she said “the doctor said sex is okay if we are careful.” I kissed her head and told her I needed to unpack and get a shower. Did my wife love me at all, value me as different from any other male out there, or was she just a nymphomaniac? At that moment I didn’t know. I felt like I loved someone and lost them in a few short weeks. After a shower everything seemed a little better. I threw together a stir-fry dish I knew Kana would like and she came downstairs, wobbly, but she ate most of the food on her plate. I looked at her like every glance would be my last one. She returned my intense gaze and I just said it: “Kana, you mean so much to me, I’m already afraid of losing you, I don’t want you to go.” She put down the chop sticks and looked at me with something like pity. She came over and sat on my lap and cupped my chin and whispered “everything I have, I owe you, you made all of this possible, and all of *this* possible,” gently putting my hand on her new breasts. I wanted her to say more but that had to be enough. I left the food where it was and carried her upstairs and gently fucked her like I had been longing to for the last week, and then we went to sleep huddled together. The next morning I drove her to school and watched her walk in. Her old school blouses still fit but they were a lot tighter. I imagined what the guys in her class would be thinking today. Kana had changed her address at school so we were getting the mail now at our house. When she came back for lunch — she always walked the half mile home for lunch and we usually had enough time for no lunch but quick sex — I handed her the card from school that said she had to pay $34 if she wanted to attend the senior prom. She shook her head and said “no, not going to prom.” I said “why not?” She looked at me with what I knew was her careful look and she said “well before….before us, I had a guy I was going to go with, but that doesn’t make any sense now.” I said: “Kana, how many times do I have to tell you, nothing about us. Should take anything from you. Take that guy to the prom if you want, I want you to.” She looked at the floor for a minute and said “are you sure?” “Sure I’m sure,” I said, internet casino “let’s go get a dress after school today.” Her face lit up and she threw her arms around me and kissed me. What was I to her, really? But she was happy. “A few people are trying to get hotel rooms for an after party” she told me excitedly “and I know where I want to go for dinner.” “Good,” I said, “I’m glad you won’t miss this.” Kana’s prom dress was vixen black. It was low cut and showed off her new and improved tits. It had a lot of lace and matching lace stockings and lacy gloves that came up to her elbows with matching hair accents. They were able to make the alterations to the dress while we were at dinner, and we took it home that night. An hour or two later I was nodding off to a baseball game when Kana came down in the prom dress and matching black pumps. She looked absolutely stunning. She modeled the dress for me from every angle, and then from naughtier angles. At last I pulled up all the thulle and lace over onto her back as she bent over the couch and, being careful not to hurt her still healing tits I entered her from behind. “I wanted you to be the first with this dress” Kana panted. “The first eh?” I said laughing. “Your cousin might want to be the second, or the third at least” I said, running my hand up and down her thigh. Two weeks later on the day of the prom Kana’s tits were healed and ready for action. I had driven Kana to have her hair and makeup professionally done earlier in the day and she had her prom dress and all the accessories in perfect position. Whoever this k** was, he was probably going to faint at the sight of her. “One last thing,” I said to her, taking a box out from behind my back. I took out the strand of pearls, real honest-to-goodness pearls, good enough to hang around her neck. I fastened them from behind and hoped she knew how valuable they were. I wasn’t too worried. Kana had a natural instinct about things of value. She looked momentarily taken aback by the gift, and I was pleased. The k** showed up, late, in his mom’s old Hyundai and a rented tuxedo. When he saw me at the front door he looked like he wanted to run. I shook his hand and brought him inside. I got to see the look of utter amazement as Kana came downstairs in her black widow’s dress. Kana greeted him stiffly and we went outside. Kana wrinkled her nose at his car and I said “why don’t you guys take the BMW.” I handed the k** the keys and went over how to operate everything. He said he thought he could handle it as he took turns staring at the curves of the car and at Kana. I asked him if he needed any cash for dinner. Kana had expensive tastes. He said no, he was good, and I decided she would be worth it at any price. Then I turned to Kana and she leaned up to me for a kiss and brushed her body against me. “Thank you,” she whispered. “You know how much I love you right?” She nodded solemnly. “Hey,” I said, breaking the awkwardness, “did they ever get those hotel rooms?” “I’m not sure,” she said. I put a folded confirmation page in her hand and said “here’s three rooms for tonight at the Westin, just in case.” And I watched the little dipshit pull open the door of my car and she slid in, then he ground the gears of my M3 as he went down the street with my wife. That was a long night into the morning. At around 10 a.m. I heard a motor that had to be the BMW. I stayed upstairs, didn’t want to look like I was waiting for her to come back. She came upstairs into my room, our bedroom. She brought the pearls and the dress home with her, but the gloves, stockings and shoes were gone. I never asked what happened to them. “Hello beautiful” I said and stood up. “How was it.” “It was nice” she said but her face canlı poker oyna showed disappointment. I surprised myself in sharing her disappointment. Senior prom was only once and I wanted it to be more than just nice for her. She was in my arms and I kissed the top of her head and I realized she was crying. I tightened my grip on her. “Younger guys aren’t good at it, are they?” She whispered against my chest. “A lot of times, no, they’re not sweetheart,” I told her. “But you have to understand you are beyond most guys’ wildest dreams and that can be kind of a problem for them.” “Can you?” She began and I said yeah and laid her down on her bed, as she was still crying. Who was this girl, really? I pulled down the top of her prom dress and realized I was still getting familiar with the new breasts, then I made sure she got good and properly laid in the morning after prom, even if it was the sloppy seconds. Another week passed and we settled down into a happy existence. Kana had her victorious web cam show where she displayed her new porn star tits to rave reviews and even more impressive revenues. When she ended the cam show Kana came and rubbed her new tits in my face — something a hundred guys had paid money just to dream about, but I missed her old ones — and after I had performed as she expected and she had orgasmed twice with her usual 110 decibel air-siren shriek we sat and looked at her bank account from her web shows and it was enough, along with the scholarships I had helped her apply for, to pay for the whole first year of college. She sat on my lap and I signed her up for one of the local schools that offered her the most money. I asked her, was she happy and she said yes, she wasn’t sure about college but it was probably the right thing. I said paying for it and not going into debt was a really good choice. Then she threw her arms around me for real and I realized the difference. She said “all this is thanks to you, you’re so good to me” and I felt genuine affection from her, not just her need for sex. And then it turned into sex. Afterward, I realized I could never do enough for this woman. She was half asleep on my shoulder but I said “Kana, isn’t spring break next week, weren’t you going to Daytona Beach?” She said “I decided not to.” “Why?” I asked. “I don’t know,” she said…”would you come with me?” I was flattered and kissed the top of her head. “Sweetheart I’m an old guy I would ruin it for you, just go with your friends.” She was quiet for a while and said “you are never that busy, you could still go.” So we decided I would shadow her down to Daytona and stay at a different hotel, a nicer 4-star hotel because I had done my share of stints at fleabag hotels. I took Kana to the Mal and we had a great night where she picked out a new swimsuit and shorts and sandals. Then we went to our Mexican restaurant and I got Kana loaded on strawberry margaritas and then we went home and spent several hours dressing her up in what we had bought and then fucking long into the night. I dropped her off at school the next morning, both of us severely hung over. The next Saturday was the first day of spring break. I watched Kana in her first-ever pair of cutoff jean shorts and a tank top as she tossed her duffel bag of clothes into one of her friend’s appallingly shoddy Kias. I watched her faceless friends smirk at as as I pulled her in for a last embrace and kiss. I could never remember her friends’ names. Kana was the only woman that mattered to me these days. I leaned down and told her I’d be at my hotel later in the evening if she needed me, then whispered in her ear that I put a package in her bag that she might want, if she came across any interesting guys. “You have to be careful with random encounters,” I told her, “and have some if you want,” I said. “I want you to…if you want to.” She leaned up to kiss me and said “I would like some adventure this week. But don’t worry, I love you too.”Then the little bitch bit my ear and ran to the car.

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