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continue , tell me what you came here to do””heyyyyy heyyyyy ahhhhhh myyy godddd ””ahhhh ahhh ohhh feels good mister””yes it does cute asian faggot , it does look good too””you came here to get played with like a girl , its so cute, my gf love to share with me””here baby show him how i like getting sucked”he look , her mouth engulfing the cock , in and out all off the big cock”here your turn”floating legs up the thai boy open wide , sucking the big cock the gf kissing him on his face”suck his big cock, yes you are like me you like his big cock show him, dont be shy be a girl””get her cunt ready baby please”he watch the cute gf sit on the side of the pool daddy unlocking her”you been a very good gf, you deserve to try your friend pussy””thank you daddy”the lug out the sissy gf cock going easy in the thai boythe cute moaning started ”she love it , make her moan on my cock baby make her love it”the thai boy was falling into the trap, sucking and moaning his lil smooth cunt worked open for her daddy bigger better cockthe gf cum quick so much in the thai boy , it made huge splurt as she finihed moaning loud emptying a week load in the new prey they are trning together into a cock doll”ok its my turn””aieee its too bigggg huuuuuuu ahhhh ahhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhh ah ahhh ahhhh””oh its so big i cant , i cant ””yes you can open up, baby shut her mouth ”gagball onfloating and fucked hardshe started whispering to him ”you are a girl dont resist , take him all in , my bf cock so big it will make you a real pussy like me”tricked curious Asian boy into becoming what he fantasize about no one to help and stop his making into a cock loving asian smooth girly faglike the one before ungagged when no resistance was felt”ahhhh ahhhh ahhhh””see you like it just like me””wait till he cum, you will know this is what you want”and she was right the thai frame boy smile and giggle like a stupid looser taking all of it down his lil fuck holethe sight of this big hard cock exploding is too much for feminine smooth asian boythe craving for this will become permanentletting him go like nothing happen is part of the planMike knowing its better to let em go and be free about itbefore going back alone at night ,peeking inside the room by the window to make sure its the good timing, his sissy boy was humping on his toy, he smile He like the other , didnt lock his door , showing it was ok with night visitthe thai boy quick to close his computer screen and push his chair under the desk . hidding the pillow and the toy on the chair only had time to take his leggins up his bed room door open”hi baby””oh its you….””its daddy”the leggings drop he kissed his new boy feeling his small smooth frame”here get back on your chair”daddy pull itthe cock toy , white 7 ib like daddy up and wet from the content humping he sat the boy back down his panty crotchless ass slided back on the toy and daddy opened his computerhe turn the speeker on and put his cock outthe boy mouth wide open he took him , like a good fag , a very happy little asian fag sit on his cock toy, training for daddy ”you must have train on this so often, i really fucked you up easy yesterday””yess i do im so shy ahhhh daddy i love your big white cockkkkk””good girl , moan like one, talk like one and daddy will be back all the time”infront of cute sissy porn she did the same and started falling in the gameass up moaning daddy daddy like a great escort eskişehir little fag , as slap like a slut and loving ithis lil hole accepting its purpose , daddy smile , at hoe easy it is the cute asian boy making girly noise like a good bitchhe cum for the first time of the night and then showed her what a real cock isshe cum in her panty like a girl and he got the chastity cage outshe tried to stop him he slap her hands away, then her face twice”you dont move, you are a girl now, you talk like one, moan like one and cum like one”it was overhe had him forever and he left him naked begging to not be locked the auction was up next morningand a guy won her , he received the info and everything he needed to know the poor thai boy never understand why this tall strong daddy lnock at his door on a sunday morninguntil he open and the guy smile pushing
her in ”i have brought so many thing before we go out tonight”the who are you why are you here , never got answeredhe pull out a school girl outfit and the thai boy was not going to stop this tall strong daddyin a black straight hair wig he was made into a really passable little asian girlthey went out and the moral fright started in her headin the car the tall hot daddy was just smiling driving telling her she was way cuter than he thoughthe had a nice big car , he felt really small , his cute white string covering his little cage and smooth ball so niceher lil skirt going down to her knee , nice long white strocking on her legs , her lil feet in girly sandalsher cute blue and white camisole making great tits with her bra onher black hair smooth and floating has he got the roof top open , the hole roof”its a nice car you have””thank you baby”they stop in a mountain spot he close his engine put on some music and light up a cigarette ”its a nice spot want to smoke?””ok”he unzipped and said nothing elsebut his nice 9 inch huge cock was sprung out”ohhhh sorry i was getting tight in there im very sorry you are such a very cute girl””here let me light it up for you””ok….”looking at it was making her tingling on her seat”i like it here there is no one at this time”she coudnt stop looking at it , it was so large and big like she smoke quietly listening to the music the whole scene was too muchall he had was too lower down to her and he kiss her, the cigarette smoke mixing it was envoutinghe made her felther lil ass lift on her own she fall foward to it crawl like a sexy school girl about to discover he took her cigarette away and started smoking it throwing his nearly doneher hair rubbed slowly as she licked from the base up to the top, her eyes widening her mouth watering and she moaned the big fat cock head in her mouth ”gooooood girl oh baby you feel so warm, mmmmm i like that , you like big cock little asian doll?””mmmm mmmmm”loud moaning her lil tongue turning around his big head ”it so beautiful””its all yours forever baby, i want you to be my wife and become my secret down there”it was giving her shock wave of pleasure , his big string hand holding her pouch , her lil lock clit dripping in the smooth stringhe reach on her back pulling her closer her lil ass up he pull ger skirt and her sexy string her mouth was joined by one finger she suck it looking into daddy eyes”you know im going to be very gentle , always used the word <> if you dont like it ok baby ?””ok daddy”her head falling back down mouth open to her new best frienddripping around it mouth wet , savoring the big dick with a sensual intension behind a girly sexy cock suckingdaddy make lil circle, her moaning was so girly he told eskişehir escort bayan her how girly she look pussy up like this, his finger poking inside”oh you have a very smoooth little cunt baby””here head up ”he kissed her pushing it deeper and she moan his tongue owning her moaning little cute asian face”good girl , are you my cute sexy girl?””yes iam your girl daddy ahhhhhh ahhhh yes feels so good””her moan on my cock i like to feel you moan, you suck way too good baby, here lick it again”she was having fun, real sexy fun, all she care about was pleasing this strong hot rich daddyher lil cunt fingered deep again sucking and having fun her lil hole played with so nicely”here i have a sexy toy for sexy girl like you”pink glittering vibrator out and poking her”oh you are shaking””here suck it , its yours im giving this toy to you, i want you to like it and wear it when im with you”it was at least 6 or 7 and inch and vibrating pulsating ”ahhhh its biggg””not that much babby im way bigger””ahhhh wait daddy wait its too big””ok i guess you need it more wet ”he spit a large blob on it and push it all ther way it”ohhhh ahhhhhh mommy mommy help helpppp””ok ok im sorry here more wet”helpless daddy pushing her down on his big cock and he puged it back”mgffffff oooommooommyyyy””shhhhhhhh you are going to love it ””ahhhhh ahjhhhhhhh mommy mommyyyyyyyy””ok ok im sooo sorry you are very tight i thought you got fuck before more than that””i …i am tight daddy””i know i cant wait to see you call for mommy when i get in”she look terrified ”dont be afraid , daddy will be good””ahhhhhh ahhhh daddy ””tell me tell me how thaty pussy feels now ”he push it one last time and it fit in place buzzing down in her lil string pull back in place ”here perfect””you suck good like this shaking ”slap slap on her tight ass the plug toy deep pushing”hey stoppp””ouchhhhh ””mommy helpppp mommy””ok ok daddy is sorry””ahhhh stop mommyyyyyyy mommy””you too cute , call her te;; 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