Ann’s Art Project Ch. 05

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The idea had been brilliant. Fixing the handles to the column worked like a charm. Ann even managed to position the circular pot-holders in a way that they were completely invisible from the outside. Their thin, golden metal band was truly hidden right inside the wood!

When Ann pulled the handle down to test the setup, the mechanism immediately snapped in place with a satisfying click forcing the holder rings that sat in each opening down on the outer rim of each rubber object and securely fixed them in place. The foam boobies finally stayed where they should.

“Damn, you’re a genius, sweetie!” grinned Sue, “This is perfect!”

“Thanks!” beamed Ann, “Do you think anyone will figure out that those breasts are different from what I showed before?”

“Well, only if they look very closely and if they have seen your real ones before.”

“Which limits it to the dean, his assistant and bunch of students…”

“Low risk I would say. You just need to take care of the dean. Make sure he only ever sees your real boobs from up close. He would immediately see that something’s different. That guy is so in love with your tits!”

“Only the dean…That should actually be manageable if you’ll help me.”

“Of course I’ll help you!” laughed Sue.

“Great! So let’s celebrate! I’ll invite you to a nice dinner and then we’ll hit the bars, what do you think?”

“Sure! But I still need to show my video to the dean first. Want to join?”

Needless to say, Mr. Roberts was totally blown away by Sue’s ‘hatching’ movie. And when Ann assured him that it was indeed her very own breast that spectacularly broke through those shells, the poor man almost fainted. He immediately agreed to show the video at Ann’s booth and even told Sue where she could get the necessary equipment.

The two girls partied so hard that night that they needed a full day for their heads to stop buzzing again and so it was evening when they finally met again, both exhausted from the night before.

“Ugh, my head…. What did I drink last night?”

“The same stuff as I did,” groaned Sue, “And that guy at the bar… did he ever stop staring at your boobs?”

“Nope, but he paid for every drink!” Ann chuckled, “Anyway, let’s get going. We need to get this monster to the exhibition hall. The show starts tomorrow at eight!”

It took them more than an hour to get the column to the place. The hall was busy with people setting up artwork and installations. Ann got assigned to a generous 100 square foot space framed by three black partition walls with bright spotlights illuminating the center.

The column looked absolutely great in there! The lighting really made it shine and her plate with the title ‘Breasts of a happy woman’ sparkled invitingly.

Sue dashed off to get everything she needed for her video display while Ann looked for a ladder she could use whenever she needed to get into her exhibition piece. She then carefully fixed the pair of plastic breasts on her column and made the clamps close down on them. Taking a few steps back she marvelled at her work.

“Great! Looks like I’m ready to go!” she thought as she scanned the room.

Suddenly, her phone started ringing. She looked at the display. Unknown number. Who could that be?

“Hi, who’s there?”

“Ann? It’s me, Roberts…”

“Dean? What a nice surprise! Anything I can do for you?”

“You know that the show opens tomorrow morning, right?”

“Yes, at eight. I’m setting up my stuff right now.”

“Fantastic. Can we meet at 7:30 in that cafe next to the exhibition? I think it’s called ‘Coffee Heaven’ or something. Want to introduce you to a reporter who is writing for the magazine ‘The New Artist’. It’s the first time for them to visit our exhibition and I would like to make them aware of your spectacular work.”

Ann could barely speak. Her tummy was churning, her hands sweating. How the hell was she suppose to react? She stammered, “‘Coffee Heaven’ you say? S…sure…I’ll be there!” and hung up. Fuck! She really needed a plan!

Sue showed up, her arms full of equipment.

“Can you help me, please?” she moaned as she dumped everything on the floor, “I need to fix this reflective screen to that back wall and find a place for the projector. Maybe we can hang it from the ceiling?”

“Sure. Let’s ask one of those maintenance guys. Follow me, I need to tell you something.”

Ann quickly instructed someone from staff to set up everything for a video art project and then pushed Sue into a quiet spot.

“Listen, I just got a call from the dean…”

“What did he say?”

“He wants to meet me tomorrow 7:30 and introduce me to some journalist writing for ‘The New Artist’.”

“Wow, that’s great!”

“Sue! I’m panicking! This is a freaking disaster! What do you think those guys will do at 8?”

“They’ll want to take a good look at your artwork and ask you about your message and…. Oooohhh!”

“Exactly! They will take a real close look and … will find out I’m bahis firmaları a fraud! Those replicas are nice and all but they won’t pass the dean’s touch-test! He’ll know something is wrong!”

“Hmmm… that complicates things indeed. Let me think….”

“I need your help, Sue! When we return from that coffee shop, I need at least a few minutes to get in that column and …”

“Hah! I know! I’ll just rush in there a quarter to 8 and explain them my project, too! I’ll keep them occupied for a bit while you sneak into the column. Then, I’ll walk them over, show them everything… and for some reason you can’t attend. Obviously I have to cover for you and explain everything and promise that you will be available for an in-depth interview later.”

“That… actually sounds like it could work! Thanks, Sue, that calms my nerves a bit.”

“We better take a picture of you in front of your work, too! You can show that to the journalist so he has some photo of you to print.”

“Good point! Do you have a good camera we can use? I only have my phone with me and it makes crappy pictures.”

“Yes, I just need to go back to my place quickly. How about you get home and dress up a bit? The picture needs to be good, otherwise they might want to take one themselves…”

“Right. So let’s meet in… say… one hour?”


Meanwhile, Mr. Roberts was on the phone, promoting his new favorite student to the renowned magazine ‘The New Artist’.

“Listen, Ms. Shinozaki, this girl is absolutely spectacular. You need to see her breast sculpture! Never in my life have I seen something so… real!”

“Mr. Roberts, I already told you that my time budget is very tight. I have to visit a number of artists already and HQ gave me a pretty long list of art that I need to cover. Ms… what was her name? Ann? Ms. Ann isn’t part of that list though.”

“Then you really need to rethink your priorities. I’ll tell you, that girl will be huge! Just give her a few minutes in the morning. Join me at 7:30. We’ll meet her in that coffeeshop next to the exhibition, ‘Coffee Heaven’. Give her a few moments to explain her vision, then we’ll head over and let her show her work. That’s all I ask!”

“I don’t have time for that Mr. Roberts! I already have an appointment in the morning! And by the way, every other artist nowadays does something edgy, with bare boobs and stuff. This isn’t new nor spectacular. It’s just a young artist looking for attention! I really don’t understand why you are so excited about her.”

“Please, Ms. Shinozaki! You haven’t even seen her art! Just give her a chance. You won’t regret it! Promise!”

“Oh well. I’ll see what I can do.”

“Thanks so much. I assure you, it will be worth your time.”

Ann looked great in her black mini, and Sue took great care to put her and the column into the best possible light. She made the young artist pose in various ways, made her smile, laugh and groan until she was satisfied with the result.

When Ann browsed through the pictures on Sue’s camera she gasped, “Wow, look at me! This is fantastic! And those boobs on the column look definitely like the real thing, too!”

“Thanks! Let’s print them out and go for a quick bite!”

Ann barely made it to the meeting in time. She again wore her sexy, black mini as she entered ‘Coffee Heaven’ at 7:30 sharp.

“There you are! Glad you could make it!” greeted the dean who already had a coffee and a sandwich on his table. An exotic-looking woman next to him eyed her skeptically.

A woman! The journalist was a woman! That would complicate things. Men were so easy to fool when they had a big pair of juicy tits in front of them. Women though? The complete opposite!

“So this is her? The artist?”

“Yes, that’s her. Ann, please take a seat. Want some coffee? Tea?”

“Thanks, but I have only a few minutes. Need to prepare for the show. But my friend Sue would be available later if you want to interview her, too. We’re doing a joint project this time.”

“Sure, sure. Now let me introduce you to Ms. Shinozaki, a well-known Journalist of the renowned ‘The New Artist’ magazine. I told her about your art and she…”

“Thanks for the Introduction, Mr. Roberts. So Ann, I haven’t seen your art in person yet, just the explanation by Mr. Roberts. So tell me, what is it all about?”

“I… I have pictures with me. Here, see that column? See those breasts attached to them? Those are mine… that’s my art… an… exhibition of my very own… womanhood. I… I wanted to make a statement… A statement against the oppression of femininity, against the blatant disrespect of those wondrous sources of life… I…”

“Really? Isn’t it a bit… bland and uninspired to make some art focussing on breasts? Everyone and their dog does it right now. So what’s different about your art? Why does it matter?”

“It matters because my replicas are incredibly detailed, almost life-like. The spectator can truly feel the warmth, the caring nature, feel welcomed kaçak iddaa and… nourished, protected…”

“I see. So you… you modeled those objects after your own… body?”

“Yes. These are near perfect replicas of my own breasts.”

“So… why did you make these? And what should that tell the audience?”

“As I said, It’s my statement for a respectful future, where girls don’t need to be ashamed of their big breasts. For a future of freedom, where not every nipple is censored whenever it shows up on social media or elsewhere, where the female form is appreciated, loved and praised!”

“So this is a political campaign?”

“No, not really, It’s just my very personal way of stating my opinion.”

“Right. So… how did you create them? What’s your technique? Are those breasts as incredible as Mr. Roberts tells me?”

“That you have to judge for yourself. Just visit me at my booth,” Ann glanced at her watch. It was already a quarter to 8. Where was Sue? “I’m terribly sorry but I really need to go now.”

The door suddenly opened and Sue came strolling along.

“Hi there!”

“Hi Sue,” said Ann relieved and muttered,” Just in time. As usual!” Then, in a more serious tone she continued, “Sue, this is Ms. Shinozaki of ‘The New Artist’. And our dean Mr. Roberts, but you know each other already, right?”

“Right. Glad to meet you Ms. Shinozaki. I would like to explain you a bit about my video project. Ann assisted me and her breasts play the starring role in it!” she smirked.

The journalist looked at her watch, “I really need to get going, too…”

“Please, just a moment? I had this vision… this vision of female breasts breaking through a hard shell.. Like a chicken hatching. I had to recreate this dream. It symbolizes the advent of the movement, the Great Beginning!”

“So you’re a boob artist, too?” the Journalist smirked.

“Well, if you want to phrase it that way, Yes! Ann really inspired me. And we did great work together. You really should have a look!”

Ann finally managed to sneak out and ran towards the exhibition center. Only 10 minutes left! Hopefully Sue could occupy them a bit longer! The artist dashed through the gates and towards her little booth. The hall was still almost empty. Thank goodness!

As soon as she reached her booth she switched on Sue’s projector and the connected laptop that was hidden behind some cover. As the video started playing, she pushed the ladder to the back of the column, opened the handles to remove the plastic breasts. Then, she climbed up, threw the plastic objects inside her tight new home and let her legs slip into the dark space.

“Hurry!” she muttered to herself as she pushed the shoulder straps of her dress downwards. With a quick flick of her wrist she opened her bra and let it slide into the column. Bare-breasted as she was, she descended downward, careful to position herself correctly. When her toes met the ground, she pressed her soft, naked breasts against the small holes and pushed the button above. The motors whirred to life and she felt the odd pull on her melons as they were slowly forced outside.

Was everything alright? Did it look good? Was something amiss? Ann’s heart raced. She had no clue how everything looked from the outside. All she could do was hope that everything worked out.

The pull increased, tugging at her body. It felt like her fleshy globes were ready, sitting outside of the wall that separated her from everything, outside of her reach, waiting for those taxing eyes, those curious hands. She shivered with excitement.

The artist heard the P.A. system crackle. A loud voice echoed through the hall.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to the General Exhibition! Today we welcome our esteemed members of the professional art community. Our sponsors, journalists and established artists will have a full day to revel in stunning art and converse with young, upcoming artists from all over the world. Starting from tomorrow, the general public is invited to get a glimpse on what our great artists have to offer. Enjoy this spectacular show of amazing art!”

The exhibition opened! Ann could hear people passing by, chatting, joking. If she could only see that she was positioned correctly, that everything looked like it should! But she couldn’t see a thing, trapped in that column!

Suddenly there were hands on her, fingers poking in her sensitive breasts. She gasped.

“So this is it?” she heard a woman saying, “This is the incredible piece you have been talking about?”

She remembered that voice.

Another very familiar voice responded, “Yes, this is it. Just look how perfect those globes are!”

It was the dean! And that other person was the journalist! Thank god she had made it in time! She heard Sue saying, “Like it? And by the way, please don’t miss my video project. Just look at how those breasts hatch from hard shells! Can you see how they bulge through those first cracks?”

Ann strained her ears and tried to figure kaçak bahis out what was going on. The thin, cold finger suddenly jabbed into her sensitive flesh and dug deep into the tender ball. Ann had troubles keeping silent. Her heart raced, she tried to breathe normally even though her whole body just wanted to scream!

Another finger drove into her other breast, digging deep into the tender orb. “These indeed feel very real,” she heard the reporter say, “Not artificial at all… I wonder how the artist accomplished this…”

Ann felt the fingers relaxing, then brushing over her hard nipples. Suddenly they clamped down on one of her nubs and yanked it upward.

Tears were streaming down Ann’s face and she nearly bit her tongue off. She heard Sue saying, “So what do you think of my little video project? Pretty innovative, isn’t it?”

Sue was such a good friend! She tried so hard to get the brutal reporter away from her! Ann so hoped her friend would succeed. She felt the fingers finally leave her exposed breasts. Steps. She was walking away! Thank god!

“Kind of neat! Funny idea and ok-ish execution. I may even mention it briefly in my article.”

Ann suddenly felt warmer, gentled hands on her throbbing bust.

“So, Ms Shinozaki, what are your thoughts about Ann’s work?”

“Well… It’s a bit bland… that column and all… But the material she uses is indeed fascinating. So yes, I think the girl has potential. But she has to develop her style more, needs to mature, sharpen her message, create some more thought-provoking artwork. It’s a neat start, but she still has a long way to go.”

“I think you’re a bit harsh,” Ann felt heavy hands caressing her buzzing boobs,”It’s her first piece, and she impressed us already with the material alone!”

“Maybe, but there is so much great art out there… Anyway, I need to head over to some other artists. Was nice to meet you again, Mr Roberts.”

“Will you mention her work in your article?”

“Probably. As said, I am quite impressed by the material she used, so …”

“Good, good. Thanks for your time, Ms Shinozaki, enjoy our little exhibition.”

Ann was listening intently. Were they done? Were they leaving?

“Oh, Mr. Roberts, one more thing…”


Ann heard footsteps. Suddenly, something was pressing her breasts together.

“Those golden handles… In the picture the artist showed this morning they were pointing downwards, not upwards. Somebody must have changed them. I assume this is not in the interest of our absent artist. We should really fix that… I mean, she certainly wants us to experience her art like she envisioned it, don’t you think?”

Ann felt one clamp move. Blood rushed through Ann’s ears. Oh my god… this was not good…. this was definitely not good!

She felt the clamp on the other side squeeze down, too, biting hard into her already straining flesh. The holding mechanism for those fake tits now grabbed her real breasts and mauled them brutally.

“You are right! How observant of you! We definitely should fix this for our artist!”

The trapped girl sucked in air through her clenched teeth, desperately trying not to panic. The pain was immense as the cold metal mechanism clamped down on her melons and snapped in place with a sickening sound. Stars appeared in front of her eyes. Ann almost fainted.

“What an interesting color change! And the form changed a bit, too, didn’t it?”

That was the reporter. Ann felt dizzy. Her tits hurt so much!

“Quite fascinating indeed!” agreed the female voice, “Now I’m really curious how she achieved that trick!”

Ann felt hands on her taut, hard balloons testing her flesh, squeezing the hurting orbs.

Sue’s jaw dropped as she saw the journo and that dean pushing down the handles. She could only imagine what pain that caused to Ann. Her boobs were so swollen and red like tomatoes! She had to do something! Sue dashed to the column and reached for the handle.

“I think they need to point up!” she declared firmly and pushed the handles into the release position. Sue could hear faint whimpers from within the column, Ann must have been in terrible pain.

“No, no, you’re wrong,” insisted Ms Shinozaki, “Those have to point down. I’ll show you!” and reached into her bag. “Look, this is the photo I got from the artist herself. See? The handles point downward! That’s how the artist wanted it! They need to point down to make the artwork complete. The symmetry is much better and I’m sure the artist had lots of reasons to design the piece this specific way.”

“She’s right Sue, ” said the dean who watched the squabble with interest, “This picture that Ann showed us proves it. The handles have to point down. So can we please correct this now? I don’t want Ann to see us messing with her sculpture like some bloody amateurs…”

Ann was terrified. Her tits hurt so much from the bite of those awful clamps that her face was drenched in tears already. She would never have thought that those metal holders intended to keep the replicas in place would ever get a hold of her real boobs! The clamps were so strong, the force so immense that she shuddered just thinking about it. There they came again. Ugh…

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