Angels Shoe Shopping Adventure

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Angels Shoe Shopping AdventureAngel got a BIT WILD shopping for shoes 1 time in Las Vegas———————————————1 time when we were in Vegas Angel wanted to go shoe shopping, but she wantedto do it in a KINKY way & see how many pairs of shoes she could get for FREE.Before we left our room she had me take a marker pen & write ‘I’LL TRADE YOU’in about 4 inch letters from her upper right thigh, across her cunt mound, toher left thigh so that when she sat down to try on a pair of shoes the shoesalesman could easily see it written there just above her shaved cunt. Then shehad me take 2 little red clips I had brought along & put them on her cunt lipsjust to draw further attention to her pussy.1st she put on a pair of thigh hi stockings. Then she put on a SHEER redblouse & a short red zip down skirt with NO panties on & zipped it down justenough to hide her pussy. However if you looked just right you might see those2 red clips hanging below her pussy.Then we left to go shoe shopping. Angels intent was to let the salesmen seeher pussy & her advertisement written above it & see if she could get fucked inexchange for a pair of shoes.1st we went to a mall nearby & looked there for shoe stores that were not realbusy. Since this was a Wednesday morning that was not too hard to do either.Just as Angel & me entered the 1st shoe store she unzipped her skirt about 2inches so that now her cunt was slightly visible & the 2 red clips were realvisible too. Then she walked around looking at shoes on display while I juststood back to watch the action. She found 2 pairs of heels she liked & asked asalesman if they had them in a size 5 (she had SMALL feet). While he went tolook she sat down in 1 of their chairs so she could try them on when hereturned. The guy returned with 2 pairs for her to try on & sat on the littlestool they had in front of her. Now Angel raised her right foot & placed it onhis knee so he could remove her shoe while at the same time giving him a reallynice view of her cunt & what was written there. As soon as he saw her cunt &what was written over it he asked “Does that mean what I think it means?” Angelreplied “If you think it means that I’ll fuck you in trade for a pair of shoesit does.” He replied “We can’t do that right here in the open!!’ Angelresponded “No, but we can do it behind a display rack or in your back room,whichever you prefer.” He said “OK, the back room will work, but lets let youtry these on 1st to be sure they fit.” With that he removed Angels shoe & putthe new shoe on her, the whole while looking at her cunt too. He askedher “Don’t those clips on you hurt?” Angel replied “Yes, a little, but they arethere more for you to see than me to enjoy. Do you like them on me?” Hesaid “Yes, they look cute attached to you like that. By the way, do these shoesfit OK?” Angel said “Yes, now let me try on the other 1.” as she put her otherfoot up for him to put the other shoe on. Angel then said “OK, I like thispair, but do you have them in Red?” he replied “I’ll have to look, but probablyyes.” Angel then said “I’ll look with you then & give you a better look at metoo at the same time. He responded “OK” & they both got up & headed for theback room.Just outside the doorway Angel unzipped her skirt & let it drop to the floorleaving her bottomless while still in the showroom. She did not even look backto see if anyone could see her then, but I did & no one was anywhere in sight.Then she & the salesman went in back together. I then walked to the backroomdoor & stood in it to watch both them & the store itself too in case anyonecame in.Angel took no time at all getting down on her knees & letting this guys cockout for her to suck hard, which did not take much either. Once he was hardAngel laid over some boxes of shoes so that he could fuck her from the rear. Ittook this guy less than 10 minutes of fucking Angel to start to cum. Angelquickly got off him & dropped down in front of him to take his cock in hermouth as he cummed in her while she sucked his cum down. Then she stood up &asked ‘Well, was that a fair trade?” He replied “Those shoes are only $10, Thatwas worth a LOT more than them.’ Angels response was “Hey, a trade is a tradeno matter the value. Besides I like the shoes & I also like getting fucked soI’m happy.” He said “Well, if you’re happy then so am I & thanks for trading mewith something so nice too.” Angel said “You’re quite welcome.” With that sheheaded for the door I was standing in to come back into the showroom. As shepassed me she took her skirt from me & then went over & sat back down, stillbottomless.The salesman came out a güvenilir bahis şirketleri couple of minutes later with 2 pairs of red heels forher to try on. When he saw that her cunt was still bare he asked ‘Aren’t youworried that someone might come in & see you like that?” Angel replied “NO. Ienjoy being seen & why cover up just yet when I may want both pairs of heels &will need to trade for the 2nd pair too.” He replied “You just did by beingbottomless for me to enjoy seeing & the 1 time fucking you was good enough for2 pairs anyway.” Then he took her feet & changed the shoes to the red ones.Angel then got up & walked around in them a few steps & said “I like them, I’lltake both pairs then. Thanks.” She was standing there bottomless facing bothhim & the front of the store for anyone to see if they looked as they passedby, but no one passed by just then thankfully. Then she picked up her skirt &put it back on finally, but she did NOT zip it down far enough to hide herpussy as she walked to the checkout counter to get her shoes bagged for her.She was still wearing 1 pair of her new red heels too. As we left she zippedher skirt down just far enough to block an easy view of her cunt while welooked for another shoe store.We found another shoe store a few minutes later & went in it. There was 1salesman behind the counter. Angel walked around looking at shoes & while doingthis she unzipped her skirt enough to make her cunt visible again. This timeshe found a pair of sexy high heeled boots she liked & again asked if they hadthem in size 5. While the salesman went to look she sat down again to wait.Right after this a 2nd salesman came out of the backroom & passed by hersitting there & saw her bare pussy with the 2 red clamps on it. He did not seeher sign yet though. He commented “Damn, I wish I had been your salesman now.That is a very lovely view. Angel just replied “Wait a minute & you will see alot more of it too. About then her salesman came out with a pair of boots forher to try on. As he sat down in front of her Angel again put 1 foot on hisknee for him to take off her shoe & give him a great view of her cunt at thesame time. He responded about like the last salesman when he saw what waswritten above her cunt & asked ” Will you really trade that for a pair ofboots?” Angel replied “YES, if you want to trade me that is.” He replied “Thatis totally up to George here, he is the store manager.” Angel replied “Wellthen I guess I’ll need to fuck both of you in trade then.” George said “I’ll gofor that. When & Where?” Angel replied “Here & Now if you want, or we can go inthe backroom for privacy. I don’t care either way.” With that remark Angelunzipped her skirt the rest of the way & got bottomless again. Then sheasked “Can I at least try the boots on 1st to see if I like them? Either way,you 2 can still fuck me even if I don’t like them.” The salesman then gladlyhelped her remove her shoes & put on the boots. Angel got up & walked around aminute in them & then said “How do they look on me? Would you 2 like to fuck mewhile I’m wearing them?” George then took Angel by the hand & began walking herto the backroom as he said “YES.” The other guy was right behind them too, & sowas I to watch & keep an eye out again.Once in the backroom Angel asked “Just how do you guys want me, 1 at a time orboth of you in me together?” George said “Do you mean we both can fuck you atthe same time?” Angel replied “Yes, either with 1 of you in my cunt & the otherin my asshole, or both of you in my cunt together. Whichever way you wish.”George said “I’ll take your cunt & Bill can decide where he wants to go then.”With that he laid down on the floor & Angel unhooked his pants & took out hiscock & bent over sucking on him until he was hard. Then she straddled him &stuck him in her cunt & laid down over him for Bill to pick his hole. Bill didNOT need her to suck him hard. He had a 10 inch hard-on ready to stick in her.He put a bit of spit on her asshole & shoved his cock about 8 inches deep inher ass. Then these 2 guys proceeded to fuck her while Angel returned the favorby fucking them back about as hard as they were fucking her. This time Angellet them both fill her with their cum before they got out of her. Then she goton her knees with them standing & licked both their cocks clean. Once they wereclean she reached between her legs to finger some of the cum oozing out of hercunt & asshole & then licked her fingers clean. She did this 3 or 4 times before she finally stood up & just let the last of their cum ooze down herstocking covered legs. Then she walked out to the showroom canlı bahis şirketleri to get her skirt &put it back on slightly.She was then standing there with her new boots on & asked “Well, was that agood enough trade for these boots?” George said “Yes. I do hope you enjoy yournew boots as much as we enjoyed trading you for them. Personally I think thiswas the best sale we’ve ever made here. You are more than welcome to come backfor new shoes anytime you wish.” Angel replied “Thank you, if we lived here Iprobably would too. That was fun for me too. I just love being DPed & thenlicking guys clean afterwards.” Then Bill bagged her red heels for her & Angelwore her new boots out as she zipped her skirt down a bit again.Now we left the mall to see if we could find either a stand alone shoe storeor 1 in a strip center so Angel could get more shoes & be a bit more daring asshe did too. We soon spotted a Country Western clothing & boot store so westopped there since they had both boots & clothing.When we entered we saw 3 salesmen & 3 or 4 customers, from what we saw anyway.Angel was walking through the clothes racks when she saw a cute zip down Denimskirt with red lace trim. Angel just took off her skirt right there to try it on, again making herself bottomless for anyone to see as she did this. Needless to say, a salesman saw her like this & walked up to say “You know, we do have changing rooms for that.” Angel replied “YES, but then no one would be able to see me like this & know I’m also here to have some fun.” About then he saw the ‘I’ll Trade You’ written above Angels pussy & asked “Does that mean you will trade for clothes or whatever?” Angel responded “YES, that is exactly what that means. Do you want to trade me for this skirt?” He said “I’m willing, butthe manager would have to approve it 1st. I’ll go get him.” Angel said “OK, I’ll just try it on while you are gone.” Then Angel proceeded to put the skirt on & asked me if I liked it. I said “YES, it looks great on you.”, which it did too. It was about 3 inches above her knees (On other women it would have been a micro mini skirt) with a kind of U shaped front hem. The zipper should have stopped about 1 inch above the hem, but Angel did not zip it down that far. She only had it down about 1 inch & her cunt with the 2 red clips on her lips waseasily seen, as was her sign above her clit.Angel was still like this when the saleman & his manager came up. The managerlooked at Angel & saw her bare pussy with her sign & said “I understand you arewilling to do some trading with what you have there for clothes, etc.” Angelreplied “Yes & just how much trading I will do depends on 2 things mainly, Howmany men wish to use me & WHAT I see here to trade for. I do LOVE this skirt,but I’m hoping to find some cute cowgirl boots too.” He said Well, I’m sure wecan find you some of those too. I do have 3 salesman here & me. Would that be afair trade for the skirt & a pair of boots? Angel replied Well, I might find ablouse I like too, but if not these will work, yes. Would you mind if I took myblouse off now too so I can see if I can find a blouse I like?” Angel had takenthe skirt back off as she asked that & was now bottomless again, taking herblouse off would have made her naked except for her stockings & boots she waswearing. The manager said “NO, go right ahead & look around awhile.” Angel thenremoved her blouse & got naked & started walking through the clothes aisleslike this. She did find a blouse she liked & tried it on. It was a cowgirl style sheer blouse with a bit of fringe around the edge. She then took it back off& handed it to the salesman as she headed for the boots area. By now the other2 salesmen were watching her too, as were also 3 men customers.Angel looked at the cowgirl boots & soon found a cute white pair with redroses on them that she liked. She asked the salesman again for a size 5 & wentto sit down to try them on as he went to get them for her. He soon sat down infront of her to help her put them on & then spotted the dry cum on herstockings & said “It looks as if you’ve already done some trading today.” Angelreplied “How do you think I got the new boots I am now wearing?” He justreplied “Well, I’m glad you came here too for more trading.” Then he helped hertake off the boots & try on the new cowgirl boots. Angel got up & walked aroundin them for a minute then she asked “Where would you guys like to have me nowto complete our trade?” The sales manager said “Right here will work justfine.” Then Angel said “OK. Do with me as you please. Fuck me, ride me or eventake 1 of those cute whips canlı kaçak iddaa over there & whip me if you want. I am all yours touse as you wish.” He replied “OH, a KINKY little slut aren’t you. Why don’t wewhip you into shape then 1st.” With that he had Angel bend over the back of achair, grabbed a short bullwhip there & began wrapping it around her ass. Hewas not whipping her real hard, but the whip was wrapping around her ass &hitting her cunt too as he whipped her. He whipped her 10 times leaving somenice marks across her ass then handed the whip to 1 of the salesmen so he couldwhip her some more. 10 more hits then another salesman for 10 more hits. Nowthe last salesman told Angel to stand up & hold her hands at her sides while hewhipped her 10 times across her back & her tits. Then 2 of the customers eachgave her 10 more swings across her back & tits too. Angel now had been whipped30 times each across her ass & pussy & then across her back & tits. She was notcut anywhere, but she did have some lovely stripes around her body with somenice welts to go with them. Angel had taken all this nicely too. She hadsquealed some as she was being whipped, but she did not scream even 1 time.Now she asked “Are you gentlemen going to fuck me now & if so, how do you wantme. I do enjoy being sandwiched between 2 hard cocks while I suck on a 3rd ifyou would like doing that to me. Besides, this is a Country Western store & Icould then be your COWGIRL.”That was all it took to make them decide too. 1 guy dropped his pants & laidon the floor for Angel to mount. Angel then asked “Do you want my cunt or myasshole on your cock?” The sales manager said “Your cunt. Then the rest of uscan fuck your asshole while you suck us too,” Angel did not say anything then,she just stradled over the guy & lowered her cunt down on his cock & laid overhim to be ass fucked. While a couple of guys fingered her asshole & stretchedit open the manager had her sucking his cock to both get him hard & wet at thesame time. Then he went around & shoved his cock in her asshole & beganassfucking her while another guy gave her another cock to suck on. Thissandwiching Angel continued until all 5 other guys there & me had assfucked her& let her lick our cocks clean too after we had filled her ass with cum. ThenAngel got off the guy in her cunt & licked his cock & balls clean of not onlyhis cum, but all of ours that had leaked out onto him. Angel herself hadclimaxed 6 or 7 times from all this fucking too, so she was a very happy sluttoo.Angel then got up & walked towards the sales counter naked with cum oozing outof both her cunt & asshole onto her hose again. The main reason she did thiswas because both her clothes & the skirt & blouse she had picked out were thereso she had no other choice then go there naked. Except she was now wearing hernew cowgirl boots & carrying her other 1s.During all this time I also had found 2 pairs of zip up dress cowboy boots Iliked. 1 black pair & a brown pair. I bought & paid for these.I found out when we got to the front counter why we had been uninterruptedduring the fun with Angel. The manager had hung a ‘CLOSED FOR LUNCH’ sign onthe front door & locked it. He went & took down the sign & unlocked the doorwhile we checked out. As I was paying for my boots 2 more guys came in & sawAngel still naked standing there. 1 of them said “Damn, it looks like we missedall the fun. That gal looks like she has just been ridden hard. She still hascum leaking out of her.” Angel responded “Sorry guys. Yes I was ridden hard & Iloved it too. As you can also see, I had them whipping the hell out of me asthey rode me too. I like taking it rough. However we are now leaving so youcan’t ride me some more just now.” The 1 guy said “Well, I’ll say you do lookgood freshly ridden. Sorry we were to late to get in on the ride.” 1 of thesalesmen then said jokingly “She was 1 hell of a good ride too. She damn nearbucked me off 3 times. I had to fight just to stay in her wild asshole, butdamn it was worth it.” Angel looked at him & replied “I’m glad you hung INthere too & enjoyed the ride in me. I do want to also thank all of you guys forgiving me 1 hell of a ride too. I thoroughly LOVED having you all ride me theallotted time until you filled me with your cum. Thank you all for a really funafternoon.”Finally now Angel picked up her old blouse & skirt & put them back on, to anextent. She only zipped her skirt down enough to hold it in place & shecompletely forgot to button her blouse. Her cunt was easily viewable & her titswere hardly covered as we walked back to our car. She stayed like this untiljust before we pulled into valet parking at our hotel too. Then she finallybuttoned her SHEER blouse & zipped her skirt down to right at her cunt.Angel was quite happy too. She had been fucked a LOT & had 2 new pairs of heels & 2 new pairs of boots too plus another cute skirt & blouse to wear as well.

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