Ana acting as a stranger at the club

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Ana acting as a stranger at the clubAfter dinner that Friday night, my loving Ana told me she wanted to go out for some drinks. It was fine for me and then she suggested a new topless bar just outside town.Of course her girlfriend Helena had been there before and the slut had recommended my sexy wife to go there…On the way Ana suggested me to play a game. I would go in first and sit in a booth. She would go in later and sit at the bar where I could observe her from some distance. I went in and took up my place. The bar was pretty crowded. Few minutes later Ana walked in and I noticed that several heads turned towards her. On the way there, she had taken off her bra and now her tight blouse provided a good nice view of her bare breasts. I even could notice her nipples had grown hard with excitement…My sensual wife was going to make this an interesting night. She sat at a bar stool close by so I could see as well as hear her. It was not long before a man sat close to her inviting a drink. They laughed and joked as they watched the topless female dancers on the bar stage in front of them. The man was giving Anita some dollar bills to put in the girls garters for him. After a while he was stuffing the bills down her blouse. She did not pull them out to give the girls and when he asked her why she told him it would be better if he retrieved the canlı bahis bills and gave them to the girls himself. It was obvious that he was waiting for the invitation because he immediately started fishing down her blouse. It was also obvious that he was not just catching dollar bills. Some of his friends started yelling to him to go deeper. Anita told him to let her make it easier and unbuttoned her blouse. The attention of several men shifted from the strip dancers to Ana, who was nearly naked from the waist up. The naughty hands of her partner were up her tight skirt and down her sexy blouse. At one point a naked man ran between them to steak across the runway stage. I could see them whispering to each other and they got up and walked towards the back of the bar. A few minutes later Ana and his new friend came running down the hall totally naked. They jumped up the stage…Then both started to dance together for the audience. All the guys there loved it and were cheering up for more.Then they both ran off the stage to a roaring applause. They walked arm and arm up to the bar and got some drinks; both still fully naked. I saw several men were around them, hands were all over Ana…My wife then walked to the back and got her skirt and blouse; but she looked around like she was really enjoying the attention. And the men of course enjoyed bahis siteleri the fact that she was naked… I thought that I was going to come in my pants watching her. Ana looked around like she was looking for a place to sit. She mentioned to her new partner that there were seats at the booth that I was at, so they walked over to where I was sitting.She boldly asked me if they could sit at my table. Ana sat across from me in the middle, his friend at one side and another stranger on the other side.She looked so at ease there; naked between those two men. She struck up a conversation with me and the man beside her. There were some naked female dancers sitting with men; my sexy wife looked just like another strip dancer. She asked if we enjoyed their performance. I could see that she wanted to continue with the charade. The other man beside her said he thought that it was great but wished that he could have participated.We watched the other dancers for a while. Anita was playing with the men on both sides of her. They were giggling and laughing and soon one of the guys reached over and started caressing her boobs, making her nipples get hard.She played with both men for a long while. Then she got up from the table and asked his first friend to go with her to the ladies room.Ana handed her clothes to me as the man grabbed her soft bahis şirketleri hands and led her to the back side of the bar, directly to the ladies room.The other guy just sipped his drink and watched the naked dancers on the stage.After twenty minutes, I saw my wife and her partner coming back from the ladies room.Ana had a light smile in her face. I knew that smile; it was the same she had after a good fuck session.When she came closer, I could see her makeup was smeared on her face and her hair was a mess. Her nipples were hard and glistening in the shadows.Worst of all, I could notice she had some fluids running down between her bare tights. It was evident that she had been well fucked by that guy in the privacy of the ladies room…But she was not done yet. Ana kissed goodbye to her first lover and dragged by the hand the other guy. She smiled to me devilishly as she walked away again to the back of the bar.A long while later she came back alone. This time I could see some bruises on her neck and bite marks on her breasts, close to her hardened nipples.The second guy had really used her like a slut doll…I gave her the clothing, but she grabbed my hand and we walked out of the bar. Ana was still naked, and she received cheers from every horny male there in the bar…She begged me go to the back seat on our car at the parking lot.Then I asked if she had a good time with those horny guys and my slutty sexy wife just smiled. She looked exhausted from sex.But then she bent over the back of the seat and looked at my bulging crotch, saying those guys had not taken her tight rosebud…

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