Alene Raven’s New Life Ch. 17

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“Do you understand?” Alene asked in a clear voice.

“Yes, mistress,” Paula replied in a monotonic voice, “I will stay still and quiet.”

“Angie could you please support me in case I lose my balance?” Alene reached a hand to the girl.

And so, Alene slowly started pulling her monstrous cock out of Paula. Inch by inch, it left Paula’s pussy, leaving behind a hole as wide as two fingers. As Alene’s cock became free it pulsed and contracted, expressing its discontent at stopping before achieving gratification, which made Alene lose her balance. She fell back into Angie’s cum covered boobs.

Alene’s arousal was off the charts, never was she so horny. “deep breathes Alene,” she said to herself as she looked at her cock, “you’ll get your action later, please, I need to focus.”

As if her cock heard her, it deflated back to its dormant proportion and her balls shrunk, as if saying: “ok, I’ll rest for now but when I awake next I won’t go easy on you.”

Alene exhaled and stood up. “Thank you, Angie, now let us fix this little problem.” Both girls nodded yes and got to work.

“Paula, you will obey Angie just like you obey me.” Alene commended.

“Lift you right hand,” Angie ordered and Paula did, “great, so how do we do this?” she asked.

“Paula, I want to know the name of every person you extorted.”

Paula took a piece of paper and wrote down about 20 names including her own and Angie’s.

“Now, I want you to destroy güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri everything you have on them.” Paula opened her pc screen and started clicking and deleting while Angie kept a watchful eye, making sure Paula didn’t hide something.

After about 30 minutes most of the cum flooding the office drained as Paula announced, “I did as you requested, Mistress,” Angie confirmed.

“So what next?” Angie asked, slapping the unresponsive Paula across the face, “are we going to keep the witch like that forever?”

“We can’t, the spell will end in a few hours.”

“And then?” Angie asked.

“She regains her free will and can do with it what she wishes.” Both girls went silent, thinking hard to find a solution.

“I got it,” Angie declared, “let’s do to her what she did to us,” Alene looked baffled.

“First of all, we need pictures of her, private pictures. We’ll blackmail her, this way we can have leverage if she tries to fuck with us again.”

“Good idea, but we need more,” Alene explained, “this woman is clearly not sane, she is in this business for years, she had experience blackmailing 20 women. How many did you blackmail, Angie, because I personally had zero.”

“you got a point there.” Angie agreed, depressed.

After 10 minutes of thinking Angie jumped again. “This time I got it! I know how to solve this.” Alene nodded her head, signaling Angie to go on. “What weapon did Paula use on us?”

“She güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri had photos of us, but we said it wouldn’t work you dummy,” Alene resented.

“No Alene, you got it all wrong. The pictures are just a tool, the bullets for the weapon!” Angie went on, “her weapon was fear! Our fear made us do what we did!”

As she heard it, Alene’s eyes lit up like a Christmas tree. “OMG, you’re right girl,” she almost yelled, “all we have to do is get her to fear us and she won’t mess with us again.”

Angie’s face suddenly turned serious, “Alene, I trusted you when you asked. I’ve been working with Paula for the last seven years. I know her inside and out. I was her toy and most of all – I Want My Revenge!” the fire in her eyes burned furiously, “please let me lead this, trust me like I trusted you.”

After such a show of determination, Alene couldn’t say anything other than, “lead the way.”

Angie grabbed her phone and started recording a video of Paula, naked with legs wide open revealing her open pussy.

“Tell us about the blackmails Paula,” Angie commended.

“I blackmailed 20 women, I had nude photos of them and threatened to post them online, the first one was 10 years ago…” Paula went on for 20 minutes telling the camera everything.

Angie ended the video and took a few photos. She backed everything up and went on, “now Paula, open your bank account.”

Paula clicked a few times güvenilir bahis şirketleri and the screen before them showed everything they needed.

“She has 300 grand in her savings. Paula how much is 300,000 divided by 20?”

Paula opened the calculator and crunched the numbers, “15,000 mistress.”

“Good, now look here.” Angie instructed and handed Paula the list of her 20 victims, “call your bank and have each person receive 15 grand from your saving, then make me an active partner in your account.”

Paula did as instructed and even though her banker was a bit shocked he did as she told him.

“Now, call all the girls and apologize.” Paula did as asked.

While she made the calls, Angie talked to Alene.

“Are you sexually done girl?” Angie asked.

“Far from it, I didn’t even start, what you experienced was the tip of the iceberg,” Alene replied causing Angie’s eyes to widen.

“Your magic sure is something, it’s hard for me to comprehend, but seeing is believing.”

“So what next?” Alene asked, “I really would like to talk to my girlfriend and let her know of this.”

“Next, we go to Paula’s house and you let your beast loose on her.” Angie started explaining her plan…

“How could this happen to us Alene? We have to be more careful from now on,” Nadia said with a fearful voice over the phone.

“You’re right, we should. Thanks to Angie we’ll fix it, but listen, I need you to do as I ask.”

“Sure Alene, for you anything” Nadia obeyed with a voice full of love.

“Take the book, get in your car and drive to the address I’ll text you. We’ll be there in an hour.”

“Sure thing love, stay safe.” Nadia said as she ended the call, she grabbed the spell book and stormed to her car.

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