Adventures of a Hair Lover Ch. 03

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We managed to get up in time to catch the tail end of the evening meal. It seemed strange to be sitting across from Heather and Cassie again, twenty-four hours after meeting them, and be on such different terms of intimacy. All four of us were playing footsie under the table and exchanging delighted, sparkle-eyed, grins above it as we ate and talked. It felt wonderful. There was a joyous free and easy flow of affection and sexual play among us. Annie and I were somewhat concerned at first about how the other people in the camp would react to our unusual bond but Heather and Cassie assured us that these were very tolerant people regarding relationships and this proved to be true. Later, the only comments we heard simply reflected the fact that we were viewed as a quartet without any negative implications.

While we were eating, the low throbbing sound of drums began to emanate from the woods, some distance away. Cassie and Heather explained that dancing around a bonfire to the beat of drums was a regular feature of these gatherings. Annie and I were both less than feverous with enthusiasm but it was clear that our two companions were eagerly anticipating the event so we quickly finished eating and joined them in finding the path that led to the constant thumping beat that called to us out of the gathering dark. As we got closer I felt the sonorous pounding quickening my blood and deepening my breath, touching something buried within.

They’d neglected to mention that most of the dancers danced naked so it was a bit of a shock for me when the bonfire came into sight and we saw the flashing forms of a number of naked men and women circling around it, moving to the insistant pounding cadence of the handmade Native American style drums. Heather and Cassie pulled off their dresses as soon as we reached the circle of people watching the dancers. Annie wasn’t far behind. I however, chose to remain with the other spectators.

Heather was the hairiest woman among them. I enjoyed watching her dance. She seemed to melt easily into the intoxicating rhythm, oblivious to the wild swinging of her breasts. I was enthralled by the shifting views of her hairiness revealed by the fire’s wavering light.

Cassie was more sedate, less absorbed. I enjoyed watching her too. Her hairiness, I realized, was almost as extensive as Heather’s but much lighter, more subtle. Annie, my darling wife, was her usual spritely self and danced with quick joyful leaps. I saw that the three of them maintained an awareness of each other through playful touches and glances.

After observing the variety of movements and soaking up the primal excitement of the drums I found the courage to shuck off my t-shirt and cut-offs and join the exultant throng. The three women quickly noticed my presence and each greeted me with a smile or pat. It was a new experience in a weekend crammed with fascinating new experiences. I would never have imagined how exhilarated I could feel dancing naked with a bunch of other naked people around a fire in the woods to the solid hammering pulse of drums.

We danced for almost six hours, taking occasional breaks to sit on the grass with the spectators and other weary dancers. Finally Cassie announced that she’d had enough. I was ready to go too but both Heather and Annie were caught up in the fever of the dance.

“You guys go back to the tent and we’ll show up when we show up, okay?” Annie said.

So Cassie and I put on our clothes and fumbled our way along the pitch black path. “We should have brought flashlights,” Cassie grumbled irritably, at one point. For the most part, however, we were silent. I sensed that she was absorbed in her own thoughts and I didn’t feel much like talking myself. I felt physically tired and yet light-hearted. When we got back to the tent we lit the propane lantern only long enough to take off our clothes again and arrange the bedclothes. There was an inexplicable tension between us that nibbled at the back of my mind but didn’t capture my full attention. I just assumed that something was bothering her. After seeing that she was settled I shut off the lantern and lay down a couple of feet away.

“Good night, Mark, ” Cassie’s voice said out of the darkness.

“Good night, Cassie,” I said.

Just as I was balanced on the edge of consciousness, ready to tip over into sleep, I sensed her moving beside me. “Mark?”

“Hunghh, ” I responded, swimming up through a series of muddled thoughts.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know you were asleep. It’s alright. Never mind.”

“I’m awake now, ” I said, although that wasn’t precisely true.

“I was just wondering…,” she said, trailing off into a long pause.

“What is it Cassie?” I asked gently, my mind finally coming into focus.

“Mark, would you like to make love to me?” She said in one breath.

Tired as I was the aphrodisiac of a woman’s expression of willingness had an effect. I turned toward her, stretching out my hand. She was lying on her side, facing me, and my hand touched the swell of her hip. “Yes, I would, ” I said. güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri Her hand reached under my arm and discovered my limp cock. “But it may take a little effort. I’m tired.”

I leaned towards her and my lips nudged her face in the dark. In response she rolled over on her back. Then my lips covered hers. It was a soft, sweet, kiss. I ran my hand over her belly, enjoying the mossy feel of her hairiness, and then cupped her crotch. She opened her legs and her mouth grew warm. I gently pressed a finger into the delicate groove and felt her hips lift. I began kissing her earlobes and neck.

“Oh yeah, ” she breathed, “I like that.”

I moved down to find each of her sweet puffy nipples with my mouth. And then I moved her arm so I could push my nose into her pit.

“I’m pretty stinky from the dancing,” she said apprehensively.

“I like it,” I said, “you smell good. That’s one of the things I like about hair. “

She laughed in disbelief. “Heather’s right. You are a funny man.”

“I just love loving women the way they are.”

“Well, you’re sweet. Annie’s lucky. But you’re still a funny man.”

I continued to move down her body, rubbing my cheek on the soft hair of her belly and pussy, until I was crouching in the V of her spread legs. Settling on my stomach I began to shower the insides of her thighs with soft kisses. I’d start at her knee and work my way towards her pussy, pause, and then move down to her other knee.

“You’re a goddamned tease,” she said the second time I did this.

“Hmmm, ” I replied as I began moving up her thigh a third time. Pause.

“Oh yeah!” She sighed as she felt my tongue insinuating itself into the folds of her inner lips. I savored the rich musky scent of her, the first tangy taste. I pushed my hands under her bottom and pulled her furry pussy open with my thumbs. Very gently, with just the tip of my tongue, I found the knobby button of her clitoris. “Oh Mark! Oh that feels good!” She sighed. After exploring the area around her clit for several moments I slid down the channel between her inner lips, flicking my tongue from side to side, until I discovered the mouth of her vagina which I probed as far as my tongue would go. Then I made the slippery trek back up to her clit. I repeated this circuit again and again. At first there was no sign of a response. And then I felt a faint fluttering in her stomach muscles. Later, as my tongue made a tight circle around her clitoris she caught the back of my head with her hand. “Oh!” she moaned.

At this point I concentrated on her clit and, at the same time, inserted my forefinger into her pussy and began moving it in and out. I could sense that she was close.

“Oh God Mark! ” She started pushing herself up against my mouth. Between her hand at the back of my head and her jerking hips it was getting hard to maneuver but I gamely did what I could. She was very close. With my finger still inside her I opened my mouth and began rubbing the flat surface of my whole tongue, in rapid sweeping movements, across the face of her vulva.

“Oh, oh, oh God! Oh Mark!” She rocked her hips hard against me. Clenched tight. Trembled. And then softly subsided into a pool of relaxation. I moved up her body, kissing her on the way. I paid special attention to her nipples and then covered her mouth with mine. “Hmmm, ” she said, caressing my ribcage. “Thank you, Sweetie,” she added when I moved on to kiss her neck and earlobes.

“You’re quite welcome, ” I said with a chuckle.

She reached underneath me and found my cock. What there was of it.

“I don’t know if I’m capable of doing anything more,” I said.

“Let me see what I can do,” she said, “come on, lie down.” Once she was positioned between my legs she began rubbing her head against my belly and crotch, her hair whispering on my skin. Then I felt the warmth of her mouth close over my soft cock as her fingers played with my balls. I ran my fingers through her hair. She was batting the head of my cock around with her tongue. I felt the stirring of an erection. She began bobbing up and down on the lengthening shaft. “I love to feel a man’s cock get hard in my mouth,” she said, lifting her head for just a moment. In another minute I was fully erect. With my cock still in her mouth she began feeling around on the bed until she found what she was looking for. My wet cock stood in the cool air for just an instant before I felt her rolling the condom down over it. I smiled in the dark. She must have planned this.

“Fuck me, Mark, ” she said, lying down beside me and opening her legs. I scrambled up until I was kneeling over her. Her hand caught me and pulled me towards her until I felt the head of my cock engulfed in warmth. I pressed the full length of my cock inside her in one smooth thrust. “Oh God yes! ” She moaned. I grabbed her knees and pushed them up until they were pressing against the sides of her breasts which lifted her pussy to just the right level. I began thrusting into her with an almost demonic concentration. Not fast. güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri Not hard. But with a passionate attention.

“God it feels good to fuck you, ” I grunted through clenched teeth, “your cunt is so hot and creamy. Do you like how I’m fucking you?”

“Yes, ” she moaned.

I pulled out until only the head of my cock was inside. “Do you want me to stop? “

“No, ” she moaned.

“What do you want me to do?” I asked.

“Fuck me, Mark. Goddamn it! Fuck me.”

I began thrusting into her again. Faster this time, with more urgency. The only sound was the rapid patta pat of our bodies smacking together. I took my right hand off her knee and started rubbing my thumb around her clitoris. It threw me off balance a bit although I managed to maintain my pace for several thrusts. Then my back gave out. I fell onto her, catching myself on my elbows.

“Did you come?” She asked.

“No, my back hurts. We need to change positions. “

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah, ” I said. I started moving inside her. “This feels better.” I wrapped my arms around her shoulders and bent down to kiss her. She met me with an open passionate mouth. I kept fucking her with long deep thrusts. I felt the tingle of my approaching orgasm.

“Play with yourself, ” I said.


“Make yourself come. ” I felt her hand moving down between our bellies. We were kissing again, moaning into each other’s mouths. My climax glided in on a smooth hot track.

“Oh, oh, oh God!” She cried. “Oh yes! Oh God!” I rode through the choppy waves of her delight as my own release drew closer and closer. Then, just as hers subsided, I came with a groan and ground to a halt.

I cradled her in my arms and kissed her sweat-damp cheeks and brow. “That was nice. Thank you.” I said.

“Hmmmm, ” was her response.

I pulled away from her, skinned the condom off my cock and deposited it in the garbage bag. After drying myself with a washcloth I laid down beside her. She was lying on her side so I snuggled up to her backside, spoon fashion. She made a quiet sound of pleasure when I began softly stroking her skin but a minute or two later I realized she was asleep. I lay in the dark with my arm around her waist. My heart was full of a feeling of deep tenderness as well as a sense of gratitude to these three women for opening themselves to me and to each other so fearlessly. It was like heaven, I thought. I had to laugh, softly. Certainly if there was anything like heaven in any realm of human experience this was how I’d like it to be. Sometime later I heard voices, female voices that came closer and closer. Finally I could hear them clearly enough to tell that they belonged to Annie and Heather. For an instant I wondered if I should pull away from Cassie and then decided not to. My next dilemma was whether or not I should greet them when they came in. I chose to play ‘possum. They fumbled a bit getting into the tent and then I was aware of lantern light.

“I told you they’d do it, ” Heather said.

“Yeah, ” my wife said enigmatically.

“Poor babies looks like they wore themselves out,” Heather added. Annie didn’t reply. “I think Cassie’s a bit stuck on your husband,” Heather said after a long pause.

“I think you’re right,” Annie said, “and he isn’t exactly pushing her away.” There was a pause twice as long as the first.

“Does it bother you?” Heather asked.

Annie gave a deep sigh. “I like Cassie a lot, ” she said, “but I can’t help being a little afraid. But I can’t insist on my own freedom and deny Mark his.”

“For what it’s worth,” Heather said, “Cassie likes you too and I really don’t think she wants to hurt anyone or take Mark away from you. “

“We’ll just have to see what happens. This is all pretty new, ” my wife said.

There was the rustle of clothes being removed and then the lantern went out. After a few moments of silence there was a distinct sigh of pleasure. I fell asleep to the sound of their sexual play.

I woke up to find myself surrounded by a delightful landscape of naked female bodies. Cassie, on my left and nearest to me, was on her stomach with her hands pushed under the pillow under her head. I reached out to stroke her bottom and lower back. She mumbled something, shifted her position a little, and then opened her eyes.

“Good morning,” I said.

“Hungh!” She replied and closed her eyes.

I heard movement behind me and rolled over on my other side. Annie was watching me. I leaned over to give her a kiss. “Good morning, darling. How are you doing?”

“I’m having some problems,” she said with a little grimace, “but let’s talk about it later.”

Heather stirred. “Good morning everybody, ” she said.

“Good morning,” Annie and I responded. The three of us talked quietly about last night’s dancing. Both Annie and I expressed our wonder at how powerfully we’d been moved by the experience. Heather told us that it had been a good night of drumming. Annie said that she and Heather hadn’t gotten in until after güvenilir bahis şirketleri three a.m. After we’d been talking for awhile Cassie woke up and joined us.

“If we’re going to get any breakfast we’d better get going, ” Heather said at last. At this we all roused ourselves and began dressing.

“I don’t know about you guys but I could use a shower.” Cassie stated. “When I can smell myself I know it’s bad.

This created the agenda for the next three hours. We did manage to find some breakfast although we were among the last to arrive. And after eating we walked down to the shower area and took over one of the open stalls. We were like four kids, splashing, laughing and soaping each other’s backs. There was a warm interplay of jokes, transparent glances, and physical contact. I detected a certain amount of tension, and a sense of distance, between Annie and Cassie but neither seemed to be so caught up in their feelings that they were unable to join in.

“Annie, would it be alright with you if Mark and I go for a little walk?” Heather asked as the four of us were in the last stages of toweling ourselves off.

“I’m not his keeper, ” my wife said, “so yeah, it’s okay.

Heather looked at me inquisitively and I responded with an affirmative shrug and a questioning look. She gave me a smile and turned back to Annie and Cassie. “And I think it would be a good idea for the two of you to have a talk before things get out of hand. ” Cassie’s face showed a hint of color as she hesitantly looked at Annie; Annie grimaced slightly but nodded. Heather folded a large towel and draped it across her shoulder. “Come on Mark, ” she said, taking my hand. Still naked, except for our sandals and a small pouch that Heather carried, we took one of the paths leading out of the meadow and into the trees.

For a time we were both silent, connected by our handclasp and the sounds of our footsteps and breathing. I walked beside her feeling faintly mystified.

“Annie has been singing your praises ever since I met her,” Heather said, breaking the silence. I made a short strangled laugh that was meant to indicate modesty. “But I have to say I thought you sounded too good to be true. I was very curious to meet you. ” She gave me a sideways smiling glance and then continued. “I don’t know if all the things she’s told me are correct but I do know I like you. I like you a lot. “

“I like you too, ” I said.

“And I wanted to tell you how much I’ve appreciated the way you’ve accepted me.” She fell silent for a time and I could sense her struggling to put her feelings into words. “It hasn’t been easy for me to feel good about myself,” she said in a low voice, rough with emotion, “for a bunch of reasons I’m not going to go into. But I’ve done it, even though it’s not always easy. Shit still comes up sometimes. “

“That’s true for everyone, ” I said, “we’ve all got our stuff. It makes life interesting.”

“Yeah, you’re right, ” she agreed with a pained laugh. “But what I’m trying to say is that I really appreciate how I feel around you.” She stopped and our eyes met. “I like the way you look at me, Mark. I’ve seen the way you’ve looked at my body. I’ve seen how turned on you get. And it goes deeper than my being hairy, I know it does. “

I felt myself blush and licked my lips. “I just like women, I guess.”

“Yeah, I think you do. It’s funny. Annie’s a skinny little thing who can’t grow hair for shit but the love the two of you have for each other is so thick you can practically cut it with a knife. I’m so envious of her I could scream. ” She said this lightly but there was an edge to her amusement. “And yet you respond to me more fully than any man has for a long time.” Once more I sensed the pain within her moving close to the surface and put my arms around her, feeling her large breasts press against me. “No, no, it’s okay, ” she said into my neck before pulling away. She took my hand again and we continued up the path.

Several minutes later she guided me off the path and through a patch of undergrowth; almost magically we came upon a small grassy area surrounded by trees. “I found this the first day we were here,” she said. “Cassie and I were hiking and I needed to pee so I went behind those bushes and voila. ” She spread the towel on the thick grass and sat down and I sat beside her. Neither of us seemed to have any doubt about why we were there and a moment later my lips had found hers. She leaned back and I followed her. There was a quality of tenderness and intimacy that hadn’t existed earlier as well as a lack of urgency. We kissed for a long time, sweetly exploring each other’s mouth; from time to time we’d pause to gaze into one another’s eyes. At the same time our hands were stroking the contours of each other’s body. Finally, after opening a condom she’d taken from her pouch and rolling it over my cock, she opened her legs and I slipped in between them.

“Oh, that feels good, ” I sighed as my cock slid into her enveloping warmth. She murmured affirmatively. I moved slowly, holding myself above her on extended arms, gazing deeply into her eyes. A profound openness blossomed between us. We didn’t seem to be moving in the usual pattern of build up and release. This seemed more like a growing flow of energy that wouldn’t completely recede. We moved together for a long time, exploring this slow sweet union.

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