Adult Book store fun

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Adult Book store funI moved to a new area and decided to check out the local adult book store. It was about normal with an area in the back with booths and glory holes. I stopped by one evening and there was no one there except the clerk. A couple nights later, I stopped by and it was empty again. This time I decided to go into a booth and watch a video and hope someone came in. After about 10 minutes, I heard someone come into the store. A few minutes later, they came into the booth next to mine.I had pulled my pants off and was stroking my cock. I looked through the hole and saw the other guy standing their stroking his. I moaned a little and he looked over. The hole was big enough he could see most of my face. He turned and moved his cock towards the hole. Of course I opened my mouth and his cock slid right in. I began sucking as he fucked my face. After barely a minute, he began to groan. I sucked harder and let out a moan. He erupted in my mouth and swallowed every drop. I kept sucking but he pulled away. He pulled up his pants and left.After a couple of minutes, I decided that was all I was going to get so decided to leave. On the way out, the clerk asked if I had fun. I smiled and said a little but wanted more. I asked if it was always slow. He told me that Tuesday night around midnight was the busiest time. I asked why and he said the bar a block away had lady’s night but most of the women were just teases so guys came in horny with blue balls. He then said if I was still horny, I could suck him off. I smiled and jumped at the chance.He told me to come around the counter and sit down. As I came around, I saw that we was sitting on a chair with no pants on and his dick hanging out. He told me to suck his cock and if anyone came in to just keep sucking. I was nervous but excited about maybe getting caught. I sat down and began sucking. He started to get hard as I sucked up and down his shaft. I licked and sucked until he grabbed my head and began fucking my face. After a few more minutes, he erupted down my throat. I kept sucking until I had every drop. Once he was empty and I had licked him clean I thanked him and got up. He said, “see afyon escort you Tuesday” as he smiled at me.I spent the whole weekend thinking about Tuesday. After work, I stopped at the bar. I saw what he meant. There were about 10 girls dressed like complete sluts and grinding on everyone. There were also about 20 guys, most of whom never even got a chance to talk to the girls. About 11pm, I left to go to the bookstore. When I arrived, the same clerk was there. He said that I was early and that I should come behind the counter to wait. I smiled and quickly came around and took my place in front of his chair.I sucked his cock in my mouth and began working up and down his shaft. I was excited for what might happen. After a couple of minutes, I heard the door open. I got scared and stopped sucking. He grabbed my face and pulled me back on his cock. I went back to sucking as he said hello to his customer and gave him tokens for the video booth. After another few minutes, I heard the door open again. This time I kept sucking. I was excited to know that I was sucking the clerk’s cock while he was talking to his customers. This time, I was several guys. They greeted him by name so must have been regulars. He asked if they struck out again at the bar, they laughed. He then told them some gay cock whore was going to be by in a little while and they could at least get a blow job. They asked if he was any good and he told them he gave great head and swallowed so they should have lots of fun with him. They got their tokens and headed to the video booths.After they left, I thanked him for the complement. He asked if I really wanted to have a great night, and I told him I was down for anything. He told me to strip naked and leave my clothes behind the booth. I was shocked and excited and afraid. I asked what if the police showed up. He said they never come here, but if they did, he had unlocked the office which was in the back of the arcade area. I could go in there and lock the door. After a moment of nervousness, I decided to go for it. I stood up, stripped naked and began walking to the arcade. As soon as I stepped from around the corner, a few escort afyon more guys walked in and saw me. I smiled and went back there.When I entered the area, I saw 2 guys standing outside a booth watching a video. They looked over and saw me and they smiled. One of them said, “get on your knees and get to work whore.” I came over, got on my knees and began sucking his cock. After a few minutes, he told me to blow the other guy. I began sucking the other cock while stroking his cock. His friend erupted in my mouth and hungrily drank it down. As soon as I had ever drop, I went back to the first cock. He only lasted a couple more minutes until he fed me his cum. I licked his cock clean and thanked both of them. They pulled up their pants and left. I looked around the room and there were about 5 more guys. One of the guys pulled a chair to the middle, dropped his pants and sat down, he told me to come over and suck his cock. I crawled over to him on my hands and knees. When I got to him, his cock was standing straight up. I began by licking his balls and then kissed my way up his shaft. When I got to the top, I took him down my throat until my nose was in his pubic hair. I began sucking up and down his shaft. After 2 loads of cum in my belly, I was on fire and needed more cock.The other guys circled around me and were stroking their cocks. Then I felt someone get behind me and began rubbing my ass. I wiggled my ass and let out a moan. I felt some lube on a finger begin to probe my hole. He worked his fingers in me, which was just making me more horny. He took his fingers out and began rubbing his cock up and down my crack. Each time he went past my hole, I would push back. He kept teasing me like this until I could not take it any more. I took the cock out of my mouth and shouted, “god damn it, stop teasing me, shove your big hard cock in my ass already!” He laughed and called me a slut as he rammed his cock in my ass. Just as I was putting the cock back in my mouth, I saw a couple come into the arcade. The guy behind me held my hips as he began to pound my ass. I tried to keep sucking but all I could really do is lick and kiss the cock afyon escort bayan in my mouth while I was begin pounded from behind. After barely 2 minutes, the guy fucking me grunted. I knew he was ready to cum and really wanted to feel him shoot in my ass. I yelled, “oh yes, let me feel you shoot your cum deep in my ass, fill me with it, I need to feel you shoot it in me!” He erupted and shot his hot cum deep in my ass. He held me tight as he finished. Once he was done, he pulled out, leaving me feeling empty.Fortunately, as soon as he pulled out, someone took his place. He wasted no time shoving his cock balls deep in me and pounding my ass. He fucked me hard until he was ready to dump his cum in my ass also. Once he blew his load, someone else took his place. The guy I was sucking decided he wanted to fuck me also so moved out of the way. I put my head down and left my exposed ass sticking straight up. Over the next hour, I satisfied every man in the place. Everyone shot their cum in my ass or down my throat. Several did both. After the last guy added his load of cum to my worn out ass, I looked around. The couple were still there standing and watching.The girl told me that was the hottest thing she had ever seen. She had seen her husband fuck a guy once, but had never seen a gay gangbang. As I stood up, cum was running down my legs. I scooped some up with my hand and slurped it into my mouth. I told her that I loved cum and could never get enough of it. We walked into the store, where the clerk was cleaning up. He said they had been closed for awhile but he wanted everyone to have a fun time. He told me to bend over and spread my ass cheeks for him. I assumed he wanted to fuck me also so quickly did as he told me.I bent over the counter and spread my cheeks. He leaned over and began licking the cum off my thighs. He then licked his way up to my ass. I let out a moan as his tongue probed my gaping hole. He licked and sucked my ass as I squirmed and grunted. This felt amazing. “OH my god, you are as much of a cum whore as I am,” I shouted. After he had me all cleaned up, he stood up and shoved his cock in my ass. He barely lasted 5 pumps until he blew his load in me. After he was done, I stood up and looked at him. He said that he usually sucked off several guys each night but I was much more of a cum whore than he was.I think I have a new party spot for Tuesday nights.

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