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She was beautiful. Not the Barbie doll looks but that natural girl next door that promised warmth and class beyond the pretty face. She was sweet and kind spirited. She always had a smile for each person she met, no matter who. Every day she walked the 2 miles to school and back. She had taught at the school for the last year and always took the same path.

He had watched her each day since that first September brought her past his door. So beautiful. Each day made his longing for her stronger and a little desperate. He was usually shy but there was something about her that made him yearn for her. He had to find a way to meet her.

The more time passed the more convinced he became that she was his soul mate. She was the one woman who was meant for him…now he had only to convince her. He made his plans carefully. Each day he watched her walk past, and each day another piece of his plan fell into place. He must have her.

He watched her that last week of school, knowing the time was here. His plan must happen today or she would be gone for the summer. That last day of school she left late…finishing up all the little things a teacher must do before closing up for the summer. It was almost dark as she walked down the path behind his house. The lane was deserted, everyone seemed to have disappeared. Now was his chance…he waited near the bushes at the back of his yard…she stopped a few houses away to smell some flowers, the agony of waiting made his heart thump in his chest.

She approached the bush he was waiting by; something made her turn towards him, a sound, or maybe a feeling, the smile ever ready, already on her lips. He stepped forward as if to greet her…placed the cloth over her mouth and caught her as the chloroform did its work. She struggled, but only for a minute. She was so soft in his arms he could not resist stealing a first kiss.

He lovingly carried her into his house, down the stairs and into the gilded cage he had created for her. Here he would woo her, show her how he could love her…how he would love her. He felt the surge of power that came from being lord over a life…he knew was right to do this, to bring her here.

She murmured in her sleep, and gently nuzzled against him…this must be a sign that this plan would work, already she reached for him. He must work quickly if he was to put the full plan into action. First he undressed her, carefully folding her clothes and setting them in the dresser. He was shocked to see she wore thigh high stockings under her skirt and allowed her to keep them as well as the bra and panties that hid her womanly gifts. Gifts he was eager to sample he told himself…but in time…he must be patient if the plan was to work. She must want him too.

He gently arranged her on the bed so that her arms and legs stretched towards the 4 posters. Taking the red silk ties, he secured her to the 4 posters, legs spread leaving her open for his inspection. He went to the closet and brought out the high black heels he’d bought for her…she was still asleep…there was time. He gently placed a shoe on each foot then drew in a sharp breath as he surveyed his work…the nylons and shoes were perfect, better than he’d hoped. Quickly, he rushed for his camera; he wanted to remember this first pose.

He covered her with a silk blanket. He should have just enough time to go upstairs and prepare for her awakening. Silently he leaned down and pressed a kiss to her lips. He could almost feel her return the kiss. He left and locked her in.

Upstairs he showered, his hands working furiously to relieve the sexual tension that had been building in his loans for far too long. He paid special detail to his appearance as he prepared for their meeting. She must love him…she must.

He went to the kitchen to prepare a snack and chill the wine he’d bought for her seduction.

She felt the fuzzy headache first. Disorientated, she opened her eyes…what the hell…where was güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri she? Better yet, where were her clothes? Was this some kind of joke?

She tried to move but soon discovered she had little room to move against her bindings. She struggled, testing to see if she could escape. She felt fear, that was natural…but what surprised her were the feelings of curiosity and anticipation. What would happen? Who had done this? Why? She didn’t even think to scream, only let out a sigh and waited for her captor.

He hummed softly as he unlocked then pushed open the door. He saw immediately that she was awake. He was surprised that she hadn’t screamed. Wouldn’t most women scream in this situation? Intrigued even more, he approached her. “Hello my darling.”

She recognized him from around their small town, but had never met him. She knew he was shy from passing him on the street…he always looked away. How curious that he should abduct her like this. She waited without response, hoping to figure out what he wanted of her: curious now more than afraid. She had always had a secret crush on him. The kind you harbour deep in your heart and never reveal.

He spoke softly, “I guess you want to know why I’ve brought you here, like this.” Her eyebrows shot up, a silent answer, but any response was welcome to him. “I want to know you darling. I want…so much for you to know me” Silently he added…to love me.

She looked up at him and motioned to the bindings. “Yes my darling, I’m sorry those are necessary but they are part of the plan.”

He went to her and sat on the bed, reaching a hand out to stroke the hair from her face. She shivered at the touch, not afraid, but excited….what was the plan?

He was excited by her reaction and could not help but touch her again…sooner than he’d meant to but…she was so accepting. He drew the blanket down. When she didn’t protest he became bolder. He ran his hand lightly down her thigh. His gaze fixed on the heels he had placed on her feet. He licked his lips and glanced at her face. She looked quizzical but remained silent. He blushed slightly; he’d meant to remove the shoes before she awoke. But seeing her like this was almost too much to bear. He had meant to slowly seduce her, but the temptation of having her here, warm and so damn beautiful, he was fighting for control. He quickly got up and moved to the tray he had brought with him. “Would you like some wine?”

She surprised herself by nodding yes. He brought it to her and gently held her head up to drink from the crystal glass. It was her favourite. He had watched her for so long, had followed her, and remembered everything about her. She drank deeply, as if settling her nerves for what was to come.

He drained a glass himself, normally it would have been for courage, but he had never felt stronger or more in control in all his life. She watched him. Her mind raced with thoughts of what may be about to happen. Of what she was beginning to hope would happen. He refilled her glass and offered it, again she drained it.

There was a beautiful blush coming to her skin. His heart stopped. She was so beautiful it scared him to touch her, but he was compelled. He drank another glass of wine, never taking his eyes of her. She moistened her lips…he watched in agony. Her tongue was pink and wet.

He kneeled at her side, she turned to watch him. She was helpless, and she loved it. She had craved it without even realizing it. Her breathing became heavy. Would he dare?

He told her not to be afraid. She smiled. Could it really be this easy? Feeling the wine and his own excitement, he leaned in and kissed her on the lips. At first she remained still…but her own excitement was too much to deny now. She leaned in as much as her binds would allow and returned his kiss fully.

Boldly he caressed her breasts through her bra. She didn’t even notice him remove it: she was so enthralled by güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri his kiss. She remained silent, afraid to spoil the dream. His mouth tore from her lips and moved along a trail of kisses to her breasts. She gasped in shock as he claimed her nipple, suck on it and bit gently while she began to thrash against the binds. She looked askance at him, wanting to be free. He stared coldly back, shook his head. This was the plan and he had to follow it to the letter.

As he suckled her breasts his hands began to caress her body freely. He knew he could have her now…knew she would not, could not resist not now that her own passion was ignited. A groan escaped her lips. He smiled, pleased with himself that he had brought the reaction so soon.

He left her to pull and push at her bindings and crossed to refill their wine. This time only she drank, quickly as if she was parched. She was anxious for this to continue…the very thought shocked her. Was she this wanton…or was it the spell he had created?

He removed his shirt, her eyes hungry for the sight of him. “Do you like what you see?” he asked. She nodded her head. Not sure why, but wanting to please him. He came towards her and climbed on the bed between her legs. She wondered what his next move would be. She hoped he would take her soon, the waiting was killing her.

He smiled then, and reached down to her panties. She held her breath…what would he do? He grabbed the side of her panty and ripped it open, then the other. She was stunned. He threw her ruined panties to the floor. She waited. She knew she was getting wet; her sex must be soaked with all the excitement. He smiled down at her, the evidence of her arousal making him even bolder. He leaned over her, pinning her to the bead as he stole her breath in a brutal kiss. She shivered, ached, and waited.

He stood again and removed the rest of his clothes. “I’ve wanted you from the day I first saw you.” She smiled, realizing she had wanted him too. “I’m going to have you.”

Still, she said nothing. Would he ever take her?

She thrust her hips towards him, wriggling and pulling at her binds. He ignored he attempts to control the situation, she would not tempt him, he had a plan.

He knelt between her knees again, this time dipping down to kiss and caress the soft skin above her thigh highs. She bent her knees as much as she could, squirming to get away…or closer…she wasn’t sure which. He kissed her all over; deliberately missing the one spot she most wanted it.

His hands trembled slightly as he ran them down her stockings…his greatest fantasy was to see her in them and now he was running his hands down to feel the sharp heel of her shoe…the agony was too much, he felt his sex react with a violent tug. No, he had to wait…had to stick to the plan…had to make her crazy for him before he could take her.

She was really trashing against her bindings now. She began to whimper, but still did not speak. She wanted him badly but would not beg, too proud to ask her captor for anything, even the release she was becoming desperate for.

Slowly he drew his tongue along her stocking leg from ankle, she had lovely ankles, to the top of her thigh. She held her breath again, but was denied when he lifted his head to lick the other leg.

Naked, in thigh high stockings a pair of heels, tied to a four poster bed by a man she did not know…and her only thought was, please, please let him taste me.

As if he sensed her total submission, he bowed his head to her sweet, dripping sex, shiny already from his kisses and petting. He spread her delicate lips and suckled gently at her little flower. Licking and caressing her most tender places until he came to her hard little clit. She did cry out, briefly, but with a desperate plea as he grazed her clit with his teeth. She began bucking against the ropes wildly as he licked and sucked her clit. He slid a finger güvenilir bahis şirketleri into her moist shaft; she clung to him, eager for the friction and contact as he continued his attention to her clitoris. She was riding his finger now in an attempt to end her torment. He slipped in another finger; she stiffened but continued to undulate her hips in invitation and desperation. He slid in a third finger, still suckling her clitoris.

She was wild for release now, bucking and riding his fingers as he paid exacting attention to her sensitive clitoris. She was close to release, her inner muscles gripped and clung to his stroking fingers while his tongue sucked on the hardened bud. She froze, her hips in the air, all her muscles taunt, then was overcome with a cascade of shattering ripples. She rode her orgasm to the end, her body relaxing but her mind aware there was more to come.

Now was the time. He looked into her eyes and felt the power of her complete submission to him. She looked at him, and finally she spoke. In little more than a whisper, she rasped “please”.

He stood. She was confused, would he leave? He crossed to the tray and retrieved her wine. Bringing it to her lips she drank deeply. She followed him everywhere with her eyes. They had taken on a bit of desperation. Even with the glow of her release still upon her she ached for complete satisfaction. She wanted him, needed him…now.

She spoke again,”Please, I need you.”

His smile reassured her. He crossed to her and sat on the bed. He untied her wrists but told her not to move. She looked at him in confusion…wondering what was to come. He untied her legs. She waited, motionless. He grabbed her hips and turned her onto her stomach then retied her wrists. He adjusted the leg ropes so that her knees were thrust forward and her bum was in the air. As he retied her lovely ankles he rubbed his cock against them, one after another, delighting when the heel of her shoe caught his skin.

Although she was still desperate for his love making, she worried at the next event. Why had he strung her so, she could not move an inch this time. When she thrashed now there was no give, it only tightened her bindings. She waited.

He positioned himself behind her beautiful ass. He allowed himself a minute to study and caress the soft skin of her bum, and the beautiful nether lips that still dripped with her cum.

This was so right. He gave her one stinging slap on the bum. It stung, but she remained quiet. As he entered her she gasped from shock as much as relief. In one deep thrust he buried himself to the hilt. It took him a minute to regain his composure. He was in ecstasy. He was where he had longed to be, where he belonged, where he would find peace.

She was overwhelmed. He seemed to wait there, buried in her, waiting. She coaxed him and milked his cock with her inner muscles. She wanted this, needed this…was desperate to be taken completely.

He began to thrust in and out of her. She was forced to remain motionless against her bindings, but this only encouraged her to use her inner muscles to cling and push as best she could. He started slow but quickly began to speed up as the end of his long torment was so close.

He whispered her name. She moaned in response. As he came closer to his climax he held onto her, reaching around them and rubbing her still hard clitoris. She tried to buck against him, straining her ropes to push herself onto him farther. Her desperation reached a fevered pitch and she cried out his name, as she shattered into bliss. Her raging orgasm was too much for him to deny and he joined her in the release. He waited, until the last throb of his orgasm was over. Then slowly, reverently, withdrew from her.

He relaxed the binding until she was lying on the bed. He came to her and kissed her gently as he cleaned her. He removed the shoes and stockings and replaced the silk blanket. She didn’t say a word. He kissed her on the mouth, tasting still of her own sweet nectar…then slipped out and locked the door. No word of an explanation.

Tomorrow they could talk. For tonight she fell into a dreamless sleep, her senses too overwhelmed. Was she still his captive? Or a willing party in this elicit play?

Tomorrow would tell.

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