A world far away

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A world far awayIts a world that nobody would believe , a world far in the seas on a small island known only by the few select Elite who go there to relax and run away from a stressfull lifeNone of them really caring who we are before, only what this island creates to the pleasure of the membersI was targeted by them, was it my web browsing history or my ordering of sexy sissy lingerie , or the fact i had no familly at all, after mom and dad died in a car crash years agoI cant really know and i doesnt mather anymore, i cant leave this world no moreI was k**napped on a friday night, dress in my sissy outfit watching porn, all i remember was getting a cloth on my mouth and all went black when i woke up i was in a wooden box , in my sissy outfit , mouth lock to the wall , breathing fresh sea water air as i felt the waves rocking our ship, my ass was resting on the other side of the open box holei was i a cage on a ship i started panicking but i coudnt talk, some round rubber in y mouth kept me wide open ”this one awake , here guys”i ear em cheer and i had cocks in both holes fucking me reckless ,i was fuck by so many cocks i coudnt know how much , rocking in the box holes , grunting and calling me names , letting me know i should get use to get fuck all the time”we dont know what they do to you after , but im sure you gonna be fuck all the time”we never seemed to arrived, was it a day? or 2 i dindt know, swallowing cum feeling hungry nothing to eat beside stranger big cock loads after loads all day longwe arrived at the port and i was now in a plane somebody using my ass telling the other guy with him iam loose like a cunt the place landed as the 2nd guy unloaded in my mouth , dropping me off someone thanking themi was feeling a cloth on my mouth and i went to sleep i woke up in a hospital bed, a faint cute girly moans to my right as my eyes open and look aroundthe cute girl legs up getting fuck by a large black daddy, her perky tities licked as she moans girly just little cute high pitch sounds coming out of her moutha very sexy nurse came to my bed i look at her smile , asking me if i feel alright?i look up at her and tried to say yes”ahhhh”my mouth letting out a similar girly noise”ahhhh gnaaaa agggnnaaa ”trying to ask her wtf is happening”good girl , you sound very pretty”she pull my draps bayraklı escort and i had tities inside a cute pink bra ”gnaaa ahhh haa naa ”she touch my tits removing my bra it felt so freaking smooth and hot i started making cute sound without control””ahhh naa ahhh eeehhh huummmm””cute little girl love her new tits played with”the little bitch fucked next bed making noises just like mine”he is going to be in love with you too””just like this one ”she left and i was enable to move i saw him enter the room and look at the other guy fuck his doll , cute moaning and tapping echoing in the roomhe came close ”hi cindy, welcome home baby girl”he remove his pants and i was help on his 9inch my lil mouth just open when he put it in, looking up at him rubbing my face calling me a pretty withe girltouching my titties ”ahhh mmmm gnaa”cute moaning , like the other girl , both moaning is all we could do, our vocal cords operation m\leaving us doing girly hight pitch sound forevermy mouth numb and used like a wet love cannal he made my drool and gag making girly noise his bbc back in i was soon legs up moaning my ass fuck open , looking at my daddy fuck me like a teen girl the sissy next to me leaving soon after we started , in silence dress in a lil skirt her cute tities braless in a topi was fuck and cum in moaning looking at my owner fuck me into his bitchhe took me legs spread on my hospital bed after my make over and i was half believing what was happening, still confuseuntil we got out the hospital and on our way to his house i met so many white sluts , some black guy even walking a pack of 4 on leash all dress like little kitten plugged by diamond star and making kitten noises as they get pull in the park , in the middle of the area he slaped one hard and he fuck herloud kitten noise making every sissy look down , the one of us still not used to this world , freshly arrived and walking with our daddy ”hey mister drop her off , we will return her home later””not today boys”daddy keeping me arm on my shoulder passing a group of very young teen black boy fucking 2 little girl on the playground modulemoaning cute girls getting drop here to play with the neighbor friendsi was dizzy when we walk pass a back alley4 guys holding down a pink school girl covering her face in cum”your sister escort bayraklı is the best bro ”the cute slut holdings cock stroking sucking we walk to the bus stop ”no body have cars here ”a bus soon there picking usdaddy holding my hand as i walk thru the alley watching cute white girl licking sucking on bbc we sat and i was help laying on him, he got his bbc out and i was sucking , the bus filled with cute moans and sucking soundthe daddy on the other bench had 2 cute blond girls between his legs, big titties out and sucking together, drinking his cofee rubbing on their head like little petsi sucked slow and good watching them suck daddy rubbing my head telling me i am a good girlgetting my titties out”go kiss em””go, i want you to kiss those girl”the other guy smile getting me a place with them all 3 titties out rubbingand they took my head dowwn on his bbc kissing my face pushing me down on him”ah gnaa ah ah””ah hee ehhh laa”all of us only making noises of lil pet , sucking him daddy takking place on the bench with him all 3 sharing 2 bbckissing moaning i started liking having friends like them , they were so cute!i was pull of the cocks as we arrived to our placehe walk me tits out on the alley only replacing my shirt ounce we walk outi felt like a little slut, all around just little slut with black guys and then he drop my hand and ran toward somethingi tried to follow but i coudnt keep up until i turn the corner and saw him slapping a girl down stripping her pants ass up and he fuck her , **** the poor thing behind a building ”come here i want you to look””this one stupid slut supposed to be home doing laundry””but all she do is get out and suck on boys at the park”he fuck her hard smacking her ass calling her a bad dauhgterand cum deep in her cun stripping her plugging her back and put her on a leash”walk your stuppid sister home”he gave me her leash and she look at me , weak walking ass up making girly crying sound all the way homeeveryone knowing her in the hoodknowing she love to get out and take cocks all night we ate dinner and daddy put us to sleep it was late night when i woke up our window open by my sister i was curious and joined her outin the back yard , ass up they came all night to fuck us , i tried to leave but my sister strap me to herand she kiss me bayraklı escort bayan all night our titties together frotting fucked by young boys togetherwe went to sleep , cum bucket little pet kissing moaning lil sound to talk my sister looked very happy she had a girl living with heri woke up completely alonei went outside in the back yard to see if someone was there but no one could be seeni went back in and soon my backyard door slide open”mike not home?”said a cubby daddy”aga ahh”he just push me over the table and lift my legs up my panty down my cunt open up by him so hard and quickdaddy came back just 10 min later her was angry at his eighbor”you know the rule bro, you werent home””yeah yeah is your home?””yeah bit the sons neverleave her alone you know at their age””yeah yeah you always say that”daddy filled my mouth and they fucked me up all morning”tonigh the twins are coming for diner””oh you lucky asshole”i listen to them talk about those 2 blonds i sucked with in the bus ”oh they met already, damn i love those 2 girls they moan exactly the same”i went to sleep full of cum for a nap daddy told mewhen i woke up he had put me a nice dress on my bed and my sister was back helping me to the shower , we clean our boddies together making cute girly noise fitting finger on each other lil cuntback out of the shower in sexy night white dress , translucide our diamond hearth plug watch my our daddy as we got to himwe made dinner and they arrived him and his 2 sons all 4 sit and eat , the twins , my sister and me sucking under the table going from cocks to cocks we all got to the pool after the dinnerand like all the time neighbors watch getting suck by their slut wishing they were part of itthe 4 sissies moaning in the pool all night until it was their turnleaving us in the pool to sleepsthe pool was invade by all of them waiting for it to be donei was passed around all night in the pool all of them loving my new tight girl holes the twins ass up on the pool side spit roast by a line of guy waitingby the morning i was in the grass with my friends all in a pile waking up by daddy and like all the time every sissy were in the living room in a line ass up fucked by the sons and daddy of the twinsall of the sissy of the neighbor sent to pay their dept10 little wore moaning waiting for their turnall 4 going to get clean and come back to watchall day they fuck those cute girl so many all pack together sucking the 2 sons we watch kissing he twins moaning tities out begging for bbcwatching making cute noise myselfi want to be fuck

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