A Visit to the Sex Doctor Ch. 04

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Pease note: story is fiction. Contains depictions of harmful activity. Do not try.


My dear slept with Magnus the night of their ‘date’. I mean they spent the night in our bed, nude and cuddled. Their relationship had progressed from hand jobs to tit fucks. They kissed far more often than I was able to kiss my betrothed. There was a real emotional connection forming and growing stronger.

I slept on the downstairs couch, even though I had not had the usual ball punching session that would leave me in a fetal position unable to stand or climb stairs. I awoke to the banging of the bed upstairs, audible all the way down to me in the living room.

I knew what was happening, but part of me was worried things had progressed. I hurried upstairs.

Peeking in, I saw that Magnus’s ‘morning wood’ was pumping between my love’s juicy tits. They were nude on our bed. I guessed that that juice on her was his pre-cum, extra voluminous first thing in the morning. She was holding her balloons together for him, and he had his hands gripped upon them, fingering the nipples.

Magnus drove my future bride wild sexually. She climaxed every time he called her on the phone. The Asian fingered herself to glory whenever he shot a huge load, especially when it was humiliating to me.

Lying underneath him, letting him have his way with her big breasts, I could see her hips were rotating. Her pussy glistened with dew. She couldn’t reach it with her fingers, not in the current position they shared, but I could tell that she ached to do so.

He was quickening, telling my girl how amazing she was, how beautiful she was, how sexy she was. Staring into her eyes. His voice drove her wild on the phone. In person, with the smell of his sweat, and the visage of his muscular body pumping her boobs, his voice was driving her out of her mind.

CJ loved it whenever he came. In the shower, or all over her, or in my mouth. When the giant ejaculated, it was almost as if the blond Asian babe achieved her own satisfaction. It was clear he was getting very close to finishing. The cock head thrust straight at her face, a front row seat in 3D view.

My sweetie came. Girl cum sprayed from her pussy, and she screamed her climax. She had orgasm without any physical stimulation. A true no touch girl gasm. Her legs shook, her hips shook, her pussy trembled and convulsed, spitting more and more thick girl cum onto the bed. I heard the liquid ‘splort’ out her spasming cunt muscles, between her high pitched screams that is.

She was still convulsing and flooding when Magnus erupted into her face. Her mouth wide from screaming, large geysers of sperm shot into her mouth, as well as all across her face and hair. Baby kept her concentration, milking the brown spear non stop with her round boobs. When it was done, my wife to be was covered entirely from the neck up, I mean creamy facial goo had been applied from ear to ear, chin to forehead. The pillows were doused, the head board was splattered white. A picture of CJ and me that was on the shelf near the bed had been hit by a flying load and knocked over.

He rolled off her and they lie there catching their breath.

CJ saw me. She managed to rise somehow and stagger over. Her face was a complete cum sicle. When she opened her mouth, I could see it was filled to the brim with his spunk. Her tongue submerged in the goo. We kissed, and tongued. She kissed me so rarely, that I excepted it gladly. She tongued her mouthful of cum to me to swallow. When we broke our kiss, she met my eyes and held me in her gaze. Without a word I licked her face clean.

That image stuck with me through the morning commute.

Mr. Dumas had me in his office again.

“You’re going to be ‘on platform’ during this years’ annual company retreat up to Big Lake.” He stated as a matter of fact. I had two rotations before my wedding, which was now only four months away. Along with missing my dear’s family gathering, I was going to miss the company’s four day weekend up at the lake. Boating, swimming, cooking out, fishing. Our large company rented out two dozen cabins and an entire area for their use. It was great fun. I had taken CJ last year. She was shy, but a big hit. I tried to keep her covered with one piece, full coverage swim suits, but her body was too amazing to hide.

I voiced my agreement. My boss has been a battle axe for the years I’ve known him. His recent divorce, still in litigation, had transformed him into a truly vicious, sadistic animal. It was scary to look into those burning eyes. Mrs. Dumas was really killing him in court.

“Tell you what, George. I’m going to take that sexy little blond thing you live with, take her up to the retreat with me.” His voice was so hungry, it seemed he wanted to chew her flesh right off her bones.

“Sir, she is my fiancé. The wedding is only four months away.”

“Yes, your requested honeymoon dates have been submitted to personnel. I have the forms bahis firmaları around here somewhere to approve and sign. Thing is, word around the office is that you don’t mind that tanned Asian beauty stepping out with other guys.”

Somehow the conversation ended with my committing CJ to accompany my boss to Big Lake for four days. To stay with him in a cabin, a ‘couples’ cabin. One bed. Three nights. All this while I was on my ten day ‘out’ rotation. Furthermore, I was to see she had proper attire this time. String bikinis, and he wanted a different negligee for each night. He was going to assign Rob, another guy in the office, known for his raunchy attitude toward women, to take my girl shopping. I was to supply her with a credit card to cover the costs.

The arrangements were made. When I told Rob about it, he was all smiles.

“You know I’m going to make her try everything on for me. Have her walk around for me to see it all. I’ll probably use my smart phone to take a video of each outfit. There are a few adult stores I have in mind, and we’re going to shop them all. I’m sure all the other patrons will enjoy the fashion show. We’ll go on a real busy night, to get the crowd reaction, know what I mean? These places have outfits that are nothing but strings and transparent material, it will be a ton of fun.”

He was torturing me, reading my pained expressions.

“Make sure those credit cards are loaded. The spiked heel platform shoes I have in mind for her cost a bundle. I figure one spiked pair for each negligee.”

When I finally stumbled back to my cubicle, a bit in shock, there were two messages waiting on the phone system.

First, my wife had a date with Magnus this weekend. It had been a little while since they had last gone out. She was really excited, a concert of some sort. She was going to buy a new dress for the occasion. Well, I was going to buy it, really.

Secondly, it was Alna’s office calling to demand my appearance at an examination the next day. This was worrisome, my love wasn’t going to be there. Alna would not be holding back.

After work, CJ was as fluttery as a teenager when we went to the mall to pick her ‘date dress’ out. It took a couple hours, but after everything, we had something special. And what I mean by ‘after everything’ is that the associates seemed to insist she try just about everything on. These guys ranged from teenage boys on their first job, to store managers who seemed suddenly to insist they take part in my Asian babe’s shopping experience.

The sales guys (and in one case I swear the teen texted all his friends to hurry to his job to check out the busty beauty) and spectators were treated to tight dress after tight dress. I tried a little to emphasize that CJ was my bride to be. But this was deflated somewhat when she kept asking me, or the sale guy, or the man standing next to her if ‘Magnus would like this?’

She always received enthusiastic replies to questions like, “Is this dress to short? It shows all my legs!” or “Are my boobs going to fall out up here on top?” As bubbly, and as giddy as she was, even my love hesitated when it was suggested she model the underwear she was interested in.

Only a little prodding from the crowd convinced her. Soon she was stepping out of the changing booth in bra and thong. Her big tan tits really were pushed way up by a bra that was small to begin with. The thong had no coverage in back at all. Lace ran down between her buttocks, her ass was completely on display. She stepped around in her high pump shoes, turning this way, the other, fully around in a circle. Smiling to all the enthusiastic fans she was winning.

Now, this fashion shop at a completely glass front end. So everyone walking by could see into the store. What’s more, phone camera’s were out and snapping away. I couldn’t even get close to her, the others were crowding so much. Whenever CJ began to get the idea of returning to the change booth, she was steered further away, to a prize garment or other. Maybe another pair of shoes to look at, anything to cause distraction, and keep her walking around nearly naked in this public mall.

She’d been in her lingerie nearly a half hour when someone asked how the silk material felt. She answered that it felt sinfully wonderful, but somehow this progressed to men feeling the material themselves. Now there was barely anything to this lingerie at all, as small as a bikini. So this meant their hands of course ended up on her breasts and crotch area. She was getting felt up by a dozen strangers up against the glass store window. Faces and camera phones crowded the window as well.

My efforts to restore this experience to an actual shopping excursion took nearly another 20 minutes. By this time, the growing mob was at least two dozen, and every one of them had an intimate knowledge of the firmness and roundness of my sweeties’ big tits. And detailed feel of the softness and curves of her hips, ass, and thighs. How could this kaçak iddaa happen? As uncomfortable as this whole mall trip was to me, CJ was basking in the attention, drinking it in. Her ‘ooh’ and ‘ahhh’ as hands touched all over her was inviting them to continue.

Nearly 500 dollars later, we had a sequin green mini dress that was built for a slight girl ,which CJ was. Trouble being, my baby was way too top heavy for the design. Any sudden bending at the waist would send her tan melons bouncing out to public view. The shiny green high heels were about 9 inches tall. They were sexy beyond belief. One might expect them on a stripper or porn star, but my little shy love made them work for her.

I told my near bride about my misgivings concerning visiting Alna’s office. I was suspicious her twin meant to kill me. As I came downstairs, fixing my tie, CJ was hanging up the phone.

“I talked to my sister.” Oh God! No! “She says to cheer up! She is going to remove the cock cage today and have a look. Also the balls are SO big honey, it’s not just my daily punching. She says she might arrange to drain them a bit for you. Do you realize you’ve been leaking? There have been stains on the couch sheets, and I notice it too whenever I land a particularly good punch. I’ve been punching cum out of you the last couple weeks.”

“You mean she’s going to…” Visions of Alna’s body under that cherry red hair had my cock trying to grow!

“No silly! Not like me and Magnus! She said she has a procedure to curb the ‘runoff’ you’re making. I’ll be at the gym, I teach two zumba classes and then I am going to take care of Magnus in the men’s locker room. We have quite a fan club amongst the weight lifters. The locker room is packed for our ‘show’ and the showers are too small for all the guys to help me soap down afterward so they take turns. (He he) I don’t have to lift a finger and I am scrubbed top to bottom!”

We agreed we’d meet at home in the evening. She reminded me to take a taxi to Alna’s medical building. Evidently the ‘procedure’ was going to be intense, and I would need the wheelchair for the night. I hadn’t brought up her impending trip with my boss yet.


Alna’s receptionist, a black skinned girl with a name tag reading just “Caramel” looked at me sidelong while I waited. I think she was smirking too. She was beautiful and had a chest like a porn star.

In the examination room I stripped and lie on the examination table. My cage ached and ached. The thought of being freed by my sweetie’s sexy twin sister had my crushed cock pulsing. When the big titted Asian entered, she was wearing a white Doctor’s coat, but her legs stemmed out beneath, down to glossy white high heels.

What surprised me immediately was that she was followed in by a tall blond woman, with even larger boobs, also in a white coat.

“This is a visiting specialist from Europe. Dr. Annina Ucatis. She is going to assist me during the demonstration and treatment session.” I was able to peek down her lab coat when she leaned forward. The massive mounds and cleavage distracted me from the fact she was strapping my arms down. Except she wasn’t strapping me to the table, she was actually placing my hands behind my back and securing them with a plastic restraint cuff.

“I consult with the sperm bank adjoining this office. I understand your treatment includes eating a large amount of male semen!” Her German accent was at once seductive, and unsettling. She was demanding an answer.

“Well, yes. Doctor Alna proscribed it. I’m not exactly happy about it.” I reluctantly offered. Eating Magnus’s cum was gross. It was slick and sticky at the same time. And salty as all get out.

“Let us see if we can get you more used to the process. As a favor to my friend Alna I am redirecting all 37 of today’s sperm donors to this room. Now they have been instructed to refrain from ejaculating for a minimum of two weeks prior to today. So they should all be very ready to release, and offer quite remarkable flow amounts.” Dr. Ucatis was smiling warmly, but my stomach was doing somersaults.

There was a knock on the door and a big man entered. Annina greeted him, a Russian name it seemed to me. Caramel had brought him and was peeking in the open door.

“Can I watch?” The black girl asked.

“Sure!” Alna said. So busty Caramel stepped in with her big rack and got into a good spot to watch.

I was guided to my knees in front of him by Dr. Ucatis. How was I supposed to bring him off with my hands cuffed behind my back? I asked. The big Russian cock was in front of me, over double my puny dick size.

In answer, Alna clop clop clopped in her glossy high heels until she was right behind me. She sunk her hands into my hair, gripping the back of my head.

“Like this, little boyfriend.” Alna pushed my face toward him, the dick plopped into my mouth. Then the Asian leaned onto me, jamming down so that the meat stick worked itself down my throat. I kaçak bahis was choking, gagging, and my eyes were tearing up. She was mercilessly brutal, slamming me deeper, impaling my neck with cock.

Alna pulled my hair back, then worked me forward. She got into a rhythm, and the big man face fucked me deeper than I could have imagined. Only a couple minutes later he came. I felt the hot spray splashing all around the inside of my neck and throat. Some of the big load shots fired directly down into my belly. After more than a dozen hose pulses, he pulled out. But he let the head linger in my mouth so that my tongue could swab it clean. That’s when I got the strongest taste in my mouth. I could feel his thick ooze slowly seeping down my esophagus into my belly.

“Oh my God! That was awesome!” Caramel was giddy and laughing. Hell, she was even clapping her appreciation. The receptionist let the Russian out, and waved the next guy in from the hallway. He was African.

“Can I try this time?” Caramel asked.

“Sure!” Alna replied. “It’s a bit of an arm workout.”

So the young girl got behind me, was she even 21? She took hold of the back of my head, and fed the black skinned cock down my throat. His cum was even thicker and clumpier than the first guys’.

It was like a sorority party. The girls took turns, laughed and joked. They commented on how well I was swallowing up every drop. By the tenth guy I was starting to feel queasy. I know Alna will be furious if I threw up, but I couldn’t help my rumbling belly.

All three were disappointed when it was decided to give me a break. The next 27 men have waited more than two weeks, they can wait a few more minutes. Dr. Ucatis offered.

But time was not to be wasted. I was placed on the exam table, my legs placed in stirrups that spread them open. Alna went straight to squeezing my balls. Brutally and painfully. She didn’t care one bit.

“My, these are full! Dear sister says you are leaking. Would you like me to remove your cage?”

“Yes! Yes! Yes!”

“Ok, I have the key here somewhere. But understand this, if you ejaculate, I will pincer off those balls!” She wasn’t kidding. She even showed me the pincers. The blades were exactly the right size for overfilled testicles. They looked like a pair of bolt cutters, and worked almost the same way. She snapped them shut a couple times. The metal sounded like hedge clippers.

“Ooohhh! Do it! Do it!” Caramel giggled.

Alna removed the cock cage, and my cock sprung erect! It was scarred up pretty bad from its captivity. But it was free! Free! 3.75 inches of happiness wand. I can’t remember ever being so happy.

Doctors Alna and Annina bent forward to examine closely. There faces were less than an inch from my joystick. They were so beautiful, the cherry haired Asian and the statuesque blond Aryan. Their exhales sent warm breath over me. They had given the pincers to Caramel, which I was less than comfortable with.

“Is he cumming? Can I cut them off?” She asked. I was in some real danger. I hadn’t cum in months, and my hot fiancé had been feeding me Viagra and vitamin e, and strip teasing me, edging me daily.

“Very soon, most likely.” Alna said. She and Dr. Annina each grabbed a ball. Squeezing and rolling them around in their fingers. “Some punches, Doctor?”

“Sure!” The German answered. And so the two of them made fists with the hands not holding my balls, and brought their arms back into a wind up position.

Punch! Perfect unison, like they were rowing a boat together. I stopped breathing, literally. As if I had forgotten how to breathe. Punch! Punch! Punch! Somehow I forced gasps of air into my lungs.

Punch! Punch! Punch! Punch!

“I want to try!” Caramel yelled. She set the pincers on the counter top.

“Sure!” Alna agreed. Despite the fact that Caramel had no medical training. Alna grabbed both balls together, behind them at the base. This caused them to puff out forward and draw them tight. They were already insanely tight of course from being expanded beyond their storing capacity. A big, inviting target, with no where to go or hide.

Punch! Punch! Caramel alternated hands, left and right.

Punch! Punch! Punch! Punch! Punch! Punch!

Finally, forever later, the black girl was out of breath.

“Well done! Always finish on a good note!” Alna said. And with my legs spread by the stirrups, the slight Asian kicked at me with those heels. The spike landed dead on target with the toe of the shoe and foot following through.

“Oh my God! I can’t believe they didn’t pop!” Caramel laughed.

“Tell you what. If he cums, I’ll let you choose whether we cut them off or pop them!”

Dr. Alna then proceeded to remove her lab coat. Right in front of me. She stripped completely nude. Well, she did keep those glossy high heels on. My cock was aching and shuddering at the sight. She turned around, showing me that incredible ass.

“Now, where did we leave off?” Alna turned around holding a ten inch dildo. It had ridges down the top, was even thicker than the one she used last time, and had metal studs protruding along its length. She strapped it on and moved between my legs.

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