A Very Special “Girl” Ch. 01

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As Christian stared out of the window on the bus ride home from school, he kept replaying the events of the day over and over in his head.

He had been sitting in his senior year biology class, reading over some class notes after the lecture had finished, when he felt a tap on his shoulder. Turning, his breath caught in his throat as he came face to face with the brightest set of blue eyes that he had ever seen in his life. A moment passed and he began to blush after realizing that he’d been staring at Tiffany Andrews, one of the girls in his class and the love of his life, a fact that was unbeknownst to her. Tiffany giggled and then smiled shyly, allowing Christian to see precisely why she drove him to his knees. While like any other man, Christian loved the curves of a woman’s body, he was first and foremost passionate about a woman’s facial features, of which Tiffany’s were his ideal: her aforementioned bright, blue eyes that shone as if there were irradiated by the sun, her delicate nose and mouth, and her incredibly sexy cheekbones. She also had long, silky, brown hair that possessed a natural curl and came to just below her long, graceful neck. Finally, as the piece de resistance, she had a smattering of light freckles across her cheeks and nose that added to her air of innocence and intense sexiness; Christian had often dreamed about coming all over them after Tiffany had fucked him with her throat.

Perhaps not surprisingly, her body was amazing as well: big, handful-sized breasts that always pushed against her tops, a tight stomach that could frequently be seen from her midriff-baring shirts, and long, sculpted legs that ended in a heart-shaped, juicy ass. She was a little bit on the taller side at 5’6″, and was generally in great, toned shape. In short, she was perfect.

After the brief moment of awkwardness had passed, they exchanged short pleasantries and talked a bit about their classes and mutual friends; while the two had spoken on several occasions and were friendly with one another, Christian felt that he hadn’t had the chance to get to know her as well as he would have liked, and her chronically busy schedule had kept his from asking her to do something together outside of school. The one thing that had never ceased to baffle him, and yet relieved him to no end was the fact that she had never had a boyfriend throughout high school. While there was of course some speculation as to the orientation of her sexuality, the way that she subtly flirted with him left him with no doubt that she found men to be attractive.

Eventually, Tiffany got to the head of their conversation by mentioning that she had been really enjoying their biology class, but that she was having some difficulty with the last couple of units. As the pair had a test coming up in a couple of weeks, she wanted to know if he would be willing to get together sometime and have a study session. After answering in the affirmative and setting up a date for the upcoming Friday night, it suddenly dawned on Christian what had just happened, leaving him flabbergasted.

Entering his empty house, Christian threw down his backpack, took off his shoes, and headed straight to his room. Upon entering, he flipped on his PC, took a piss in the adjoining bathroom, and began to strip his clothes off. After taking his pants off he noticed that his cock had slipped through the front hole of his boxers, and it was sticking out obscenely into the air. Removing his final article of clothing (after some careful bending to get out of his underwear), he began to gently jerk his cock and moved over to his full-length mirror. Staring back at him was a 6’3″, 185lbs, 18 year old male who looked like he was about to cum. Letting go of his penis, he continued to check himself out to make sure that he would be the perfect specimen for his upcoming study date. Semi-short, shaggy brown hair, blue eyes, handsome face, reasonably built body from hours spent at the gym, hint of a six pack stomach, and a lovely, circumcised cock weighing in at 6.5 inches long and 5 inches around. “She should be fairly pleased,” he thought to himself.

Lightly stroking himself again, Christian made his way to his desk and sat down in front of the computer. Logging into the internet, he opened up windows to his two favourite sites: and a picture gallery link site. After some brief searching, he found two items that caught his interest: a story about a young high school girl who had a fetish for sticking dildos in her ass, and a couple of websites that had sample pics and movies of guys and girls licking, fingering, and fucking one another’s asses. He also found a series of comics in which anime girls also had penises and were fucking one another with them. Feeling the cum boiling in his balls, Christian let go of his erection and began to play with his sack instead, wanting his orgasm to build up even further.

After a while he found another story to read, this one being about a pair of high school guys going on güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri a camping trip before starting college. The two were out on a hike in the woods one day when they came across a girl masturbating in a clearing. She caught them beating off while looking at her, and offered to let them fuck her if they did whatever she said. Going back to her cabin, she came back with some lube and had them fuck each other in the ass before letting them take her in the pussy and ass at the same time.

Finally, Christian couldn’t take it any more and went into his bathroom. From under the counter he removed a bottle of oil, put it on the side of the bathtub, and got in. Generously lubing up his hand, he began to gently rub his anus and moaned with pleasure. After a couple of minutes of rubbing, he took his index finger and slowly pushed it in and out of his ass, massaging his prostate in the process. Getting into a good rhythm, he started to stroke his raging erection with his other hand, and within minutes he began to cum in buckets, imagining that he was doing so all over Tiffany’s freckles and big tits. Sperm shot into the air and landed on Christian’s hand, cock, stomach, chest, and face as he cried out in pleasure. With each spurt, he could feel his anal muscles contracting around his finger, sending additional waves of pleasure through his body. Breathing heavily, Christian continued to stroke his cock as the orgasm subsided and he basked in the glow of pleasure that he had just experienced.

Friday came along very quickly, and Christian was as nervous as hell. Tiffany sat beside him in class that day and they had gotten along very well, which helped to put him at ease, and yet he still felt that there was a lot riding on the upcoming evening. Should he tell her how he felt about her? She he try and kiss her? If she rejected him, would he be able to handle it? In any event, he was still elated at the chance to even spend time with this amazing girl, and he knew that if things were meant to be, they would work out. One thing that he knew he had to remember was not to stare at her when they were studying tonight. Having been stealing glances at her all day, she was looking as sexy as ever in her tight, low-rise jeans, white button up shirt with a v-neck sweater over top, and hair put up in a messy twist at the back of her head, something that showed off her perfect face to him even more.

After class was over, the pair walked back to Christian’s place at a leisurely pace, continuing the chat that they’d been having through the day. Christian was elated to learn that the two had a good deal in common and that they meshed together very well. Both were flirting openly, and it seemed as if things couldn’t be going any better.

Upon arriving at his house, Christian led Tiffany, or Tiff as he was now calling her, to the kitchen where he proceeded to make a batch of grilled cheese sandwiches. As the pair of them ate, Christian couldn’t help but notice how cute Tiffany was when she was taking little nibbles of her sandwich: the way that her mouth moved when she was chewing, the half-smile that she was forced to make when she was talking with food in one cheek, and the way her eyes shone when she was talking or listening to him…

“Christian?” Tiffany asked, snapping Christian from his lovebird daze.

“What? Oh, sorry, what were you saying, Tiff?” Christian replied, having no idea where they were in their conversation.

“I was just asking you where you learned to make such great grilled cheese. It’s really tasty!”

“Oh, you know, just lots of practice I guess. It’s made with organic cheese, so maybe that’s the difference?”

“Maybe….Chris, I have to ask you something,” Tiffany said as she adjusted herself in her seat at the table. Christian couldn’t be positive, but he thought he saw her move her chair a bit closer to him in the process.

“Sure, what’s up?” Christian replied.

“Well,” Tiff began, “I’ve noticed that over the course of our knowing each other, as we’ve been becoming friends, you always seem a bit…surprised when you see me. And sometimes, like just now, you sort of just zone out when I’m talking to you. Have you noticed that, too?”

“Yeah, I guess so…” Christian replied.

“Well, I really like you, and I find that we get along together really well, but I’m just sort of worried…I guess what I’m trying to say is that if you feel that I’m bothering you at any point, or if you think that I was being a bit imposing by asking you to study with me, then you can just tell me and I can back off.”

Completely thrown off his guard by her words, Christian couldn’t help but laugh; she couldn’t be farther from the truth!

“What’s so funny?” Tiffany asked, a slight smile on her beautiful face, and yet a tone of seriousness in her voice.

“Oh, it’s nothing,” Christian replied. “It’s just that that’s not it at all.”

“Crap!” Christian thought, “What the hell did güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri I say that for?!”

“Well what is it then?” Tiffany pursued.

“Well…” Christian began. At that moment he looked up at Tiffany and saw that she was looking directly into his eyes. Suddenly he was consumed by every single emotion and loving thought that he had ever had about this oh-so-perfect girl of his dreams. He felt a wave of energy run up his spine and into his brain, setting his mind on fire. Without any sort of conscious control, he reached out on placed his hand on Tiffany’s.

“Tiffany…Tiff…you are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. I love your beautiful eyes, and your beautiful face…I love the way your hair caresses your face, and only wish that I could do so as well. You have the purest heart that I have ever known, and your passion for life leaves me in wonder. I have never felt so totally consumed by another person, and my soul sings when you are around. The only thing that I feel for you…that I have ever felt for you…is true, true, love.”

With that, the inexplicable wave of energy dissipated, and Christian was brought back into himself. However, the connection that he had felt between them was still there, and he could distinctly detect the presence of some bond that had been created.

Tiffany simple looked back at Christian with tears in her eyes, and suddenly she began to cry…and then to weep…and then to begin sobbing uncontrollably into Christian’s chest as he held her. Having no idea what to do or say, Christian just held her close and whispered that everything would be okay.

After several minutes had passed, Tiffany’s tears had stopped, and she pulled back from Christian’s chest, looking up at him with tear-filled eyes and a flushed red face: she was still as beautiful to him as ever.

“I’m sorry,” she began, “that was really, really beautiful of you to say.” Taking a moment to collect herself, she continued. “It’s just that…well…it’s just that I hadn’t thought about being in a relationship with anyone before, because I’d never really found anyone who I felt that I could be with. It’s really complicated… It’s just that when you said those words to me, I saw something in your eyes…felt something in my soul that told me that this is something so special, and so real…and…and it scared me.”

Christian opened his mouth to say something, but Tiffany reached forward and placed her fingers on his lips.

“Just don’t say anything right now…” she said, as she leaned forward and kissed him on the lips.

The two kissed lightly at first, feeling one another’s lips and showing their tender love for each other. However, eventually their passion took over, and the pair began to kiss one another with fervour, attacking each other’s mouth with their tongues, biting lips with teeth, and sucking on one another’s tongues. Christian broke the kiss, picked Tiffany up out of her chair, and carried her to the couch in the living room. There they began to kiss again, and Christian reached out to cup one of Tiffany’s breasts, eliciting a moan from her lips. Encouraged, Christian sought out her nipple and began to rub and pinch it through the material of her shirts.

Feeling Christian’s now-present erection through his pants, Tiffany began to grind her ass against it, causing it to grow even harder in the process. After several minutes of this, Tiffany dismounted from Christian’s lap, and knelt on the ground before him.

“What…?” Christian began to say before Tiffany shushed him once again.

Her hands made short work of his belt buckle, and with his aide they had Christian’s pants off in short order. Tiffany stared at the rigid cock before her, and began to gently play with it in her hands. While she had never been with a boy before, she had done a good deal of reading about sex on the internet, and seen her fair share of porn there as well. Tentatively she reached out with her tongue and licked the top of Christian’s cock, causing it to twitch violently to the side. Smiling up at him, she then attacked his penis a vengeance, first licking it all over, spitting on it, and then taking it into her mouth.

Christian was absolutely overwhelmed by the situation that had befallen him. Here was the girl of his dreams kneeling on this living room floor, sucking him off, when only moments before they had been casually eating grilled cheese at his kitchen table. His concerns with logic were quickly thrown to the side as yet another wave of pleasure surged through his cock as Tiffany’s head bobbed up and down on it. Although it was apparent that she had never had a man in her mouth before, her heartfelt effort, plus Christian’s extreme state of arousal, threatened to make short work of him.

Sure enough, with a minute or two, Christian’s balls began to twitch and he warned Tiffany that he was about to cum. She didn’t slow her pace at his warning, so Christian simply closed his eyes and groaned güvenilir bahis şirketleri aloud as he let wave after wave of ejaculate flow down Tiffany’s throat. Breathing heavily, Christian opened his eyes and saw that Tiffany was looking up at him, a perfect picture of innocence, lust, and sexuality. After several more sucks, Tiffany let Christian’s cock fall from her mouth, and let out a long “Mmmmm…” accompanied by a wicked smile. Christian groaned with lust at this again, and leaned down to kiss her mouth, tasting his own sperm in the process.

“Mmmm…” Tiffany said after ending their kiss. “It looks like somebody is a little bit kinky! I like that!”

Slightly abashed, Christian blushed a bit and began to pull his pants back on.

“Would you allow me the honour of returning the favour to you?” he asked.

Looking almost as if she was stuck on the spot, Tiffany eventually replied, “No, that’s okay…umm, I’m just not sure that I’m ready for that yet. Can we go and study now, if you don’t mind?”

Somewhat surprised by the sudden change of mood from sexual to studious, he agreed, feeling too good to ponder anything.

The pair made their way upstairs to Christian’s room, where he excused himself to go to the bathroom. After coming back a few minutes later, Christian’s world came crashing down around him: Tiffany was sitting at his computer, looking at his porn collection. His mind racing, he suddenly remembered that he’d forgotten to close his porn files from when he was looking at them the night before. And now, to his horror, Tiff was looking at some of the kinkiest pictures that he had saved to his hard drive.

At the present moment, she was looking at a picture where a girl was sucking on one guy’s cock while fingering her pussy, while another guy was fucking the first one up the ass. From where she was in that particular picture set, Christian already knew that she had seen several pictures of hardcore anal sex, bisexual ass licking, and, perhaps worst of all, his hermaphroditic anime.

Christian entered the room, his mouth open and ready to apologize, when she turned around with a serious look in her eye and told him to sit down. Sitting beside her, she scrolled through the rest of the picture set, which consisted of a couple more bisexual ones, and then turned to face him.

“Okay, here’s the deal: I’ll know if you’re lying to me, and if you lie to me I’ll never speak to you again, okay? Trust is the most important thing in the world to me, and if we don’t have that, we don’t have anything. I’m going to ask you some questions, and I need you to be straight with me, okay?”

He nodded, and she continued.

“Okay, first of all, does this picture turn you on?”

Christian looked at the image before him and saw a man having sex with a girl while sucking another man’s penis.

“Yes, it does,” he replied.

“Do you like the fact that he’s sucking on a penis?” Yes.

“Do you like the fact that he’s sticking his penis in that girl’s vagina?” Yes.

“Have you fantasized about sticking your penis in a girl’s vagina or sucking on a penis?” Yes.

With that, she clicked forward to a new picture. This one had a man being fucked in the ass by another man, and a girl fucking the other man in the ass with a strap-on.

“Would you like to be fucked up the ass by a nice hard cock?” Yes.

“Would you like to be fucked up the ass by a woman?” Yes.

Christian noticed that Tiffany was beginning to breathe deeply, and that she would occasionally squirm in her chair. He also made note of the fact that her nipples were poking through the material of her shirts, and that his cock was very hard once again.

Flipping to a new picture, this one of a girl about their age being fucked up the ass by a young guy, Tiffany asked, “Would you like to be the guy in this picture?”

“Yes,” he replied.

Finally, she came to a picture that Christian had been dreading: one of an anime girl stroking her penis, fondling her cunt, and having a dildo sticking out of her asshole.

Looking at him as he stared at the screen, she asked, “Does this turn you on?”

“Very much so,” he replied.

“You like the fact that this girl has a penis?” she asked, with what he thought to be a hint of tears in her eyes. “You like the fact that she has a pussy, too, and that you could fuck and suck both?”

Turning to look at her straight in the eye, he replied, “Yes, I do.”

With that, Tiffany lunged forward and gave Christian the biggest hug that he could ever imagine. She held him tightly for what seemed like an eternity, as he rubbed her back and stroked her hair.

Finally, she pulled back and, looking up at him said, “Thanks.”

“For what?” Christian asked, being very, very confused at this point.

“For being perfect…for letting me show you this,” she replied.

With that, Tiffany stood up, turned around, and pulled her pants to the ground. Christian had only a moment to appreciate her sexy little black panties before she pulled those down as well, keeping her legs tightly together in the process. Then, looking behind herself to look at me she smiled, turned around, and gave me the shock of my life: sprouting from between the love of life’s legs was a big, hard penis.

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