A Traffic Stop that goes Terribly Wrong (a differe

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A Traffic Stop that goes Terribly Wrong (a differeThis is a highly edited version of a story written by DaddyMd I just flipped roles so for once the wife is the cockold!My husband of 20 years and I were out for a nice dinner in a local restaurant. Naturally, after 20 years, you seem to look for things that can spark the interest of the other or things that keep the excitement alive. I had no idea how the events of this one evening would change our dynamics forever!My husband and I had been planning this nice evening our for over a week. It was a nice Italian Restaurant not far from home, but one that we did not go to often. It was a rainy Saturday evening and we were looking forward to a romantic evening out. We both showered, in preparation and dressed for a nice dinner out and then hopefully, some intimate fun at home after.My husband said I looked amazing, when I descended the stairs of our home: 5” high heels, stockings, a just above the knee flowing dress complete with a plunging neckline that was loose-fitting and allowed her firm breasts to move under the thin material, showing lots of cleavage and the occasional nip-slip. I also added just enough make-up to look sexy with a bit of elegance. Once in the car, he complemented me on my look as his hand found its way to my thigh, just above my knee. I pushed his hand away and said be good so I can drive and smiled as we made the 10 minute drive to the restaurant. I pulled up to the valet and the young man quickly opened my car door. As I walked around the car, the look on this young man’s face said it all. I’m sure that he got a peek down my plunging neckline and then another peek up my skirt as I got out of the car. He was smiling from ear-to-ear and I’m sure that I noticed a boner in his slacks. I reached for hubby’s hand and we went inside to a beautiful table in the courtyard. The wine was fantastic, as were the appetizers, more wine, dinner, desert and the last of the wine. My husband and I talked, touched hands, giggled and had a wonderful evening. I honestly couldn’t wait to get home!Hubby paid the check and we had the valet pull our car around. I made a point to tease the valet and definitely gave him a good show as I got into the car. My thigh-high stockings were clearly visible as I lifted my hem and slowly slid into the driver’s seat. Hubby turned to me and asked, “Feeling a little naughty tonight?” I am I replied!With that, he reached up under my dress, I shifted my hips and wiggled out of my satin panties. The valet clearly saw it all.“Did you give him a tip?” he asked.“Not yet” T took out a $10 dollar bill, rolled my panties around it and pressed the window-down. As I turned to the valet, he stepped up closer to the car and I extended my hand.“Here you are” I said, “Have a nice evening.”The valet’s eyes nearly popped out of his head once he saw the crumbled-up panties in my hand. As my wife transferred possession, she smiled, turned back to face forward and powered the window back up and pulled away we both laughed out loud.“You’re feeling a bit more than naughty”, “Aren’t you?”“wait till I get you home” I replied, “and find out.”We pulled away and that’s when he asked:“Are you okay to drive?” “We can leave the car and take an Uber, you know.”“No” I’m fine I replied, as he placed his hand on my thigh and anxious to get home. “It’s only a couple of miles and I’m fine. Plus, it will be a hassle coming back to get the car in the morning. I’m fine” I repeated as I pulled away, his hand reaching up under my dress.Oh My” he commented, “My nasty little wife is a bit turned on, aren’t you?”“Perhaps a bit” I replied, as I opened my legs a little bit wider. I was now definitely distracted as I tried to multi-task driving in the pouring down rain and if the wine didn’t make it challenging enough, getting my very excited wet pussy folds fingered certainly didn’t help. I’m sure that the car was weaving just a bit.I was on the main street, yet only about a block from our neighborhood street when the rear-view mirror lit up with the red and blue lights of a Police car! Both of us jumped as the Police car added the searchlight to our car, bathing the interior with a very bright white illumination. There was no place to immediately pull over, so I used my turn indicator to notify the Policeman that I would turn on the next street, which also happened to be the street that we called home. Once I made the right-hand turn, I immediately stopped the car and looked at my husband.“I can NOT get a DUI” I said, sounding very nervous. “It will not only cost us lots of money, but the insurance company could possibly drop us altogether AND I might lose my job. They do that now, you know, since I need to be able to use rental cars when I travel for work.”“I asked you if you were okay?” my husband responded, sounding very annoyed. “What are you going to do?”“Maybe….” I hesitated, “Maybe I show a little, he’ll….”“Really?” he asked, sounding a bit angry, “you want to show him some? That’s what you want to do?”“I just cannot get a DUI!” I repeated, “It will affect BOTH of us!” You have to help me do something anything to get me out of this! Then she says oh shit it’s a woman cop!It’s then that I heard the knock of the Officer’s flashlight on my window. I powered the window down, turned my head and looked directly into the white beam of her flashlight.“Good evening, Officer” I said, trying not to blink too much.“License and Registration” said the very deep, confident female voice of the tall, black police woman officer.“Yes Mam” I replied as I reached for my purse. I asked my husband to get the registration from the glove compartment, I couldn’t help but also notice that my dress was still hiked up quite high, exposing the tops of my thigh-high stockings. “Here it is” my husband announced, as he smiled, extended his arm and turned toward me and the officer. The officer took both the registration from and my license from me, looked didim escort them both over and then asked:“Where are you going this evening?” She questioned.“We actually live just 8 houses down this road” I nervously relied, hoping that since we were almost home that she might cut us a break, “On the right.”“And where are you coming from?” She asked.“Dinner” I replied.“Have you been drinking? She continued.“Well…” I stalled, “I had a little wine with dinner, but”“Step out of the car, Mam” the officer ordered.“Please” I pleaded, “we’re almost home…”“Your vehicle was weaving” the officer explained, “Now step out of the car” she added more forcibly.I opened the car door and the officer stepped back. As I stepped out of the car, she physically turned me toward the car and pushed me up against the wet car. “Don’t move” the officer ordered.“I’m afraid that my wife’s erratic driving was my fault” my husband Ben spoke up. “Your fault?” the officer asked. She leaned in and kept the flashlight on my husband.“I’m afraid that I was distracting her” my husband added, “as she drove…. I’m afraid that I was a little anxious to get home,” He added, “if you know what I mean.”I could not see my husband, yet I could hear the officers tone… it was strangely sweet, seductive, sexy towards him.“Have you been drinking tonight?” the officer asked my husband.“OH… Only one glass” he lied, “I really should have driven tonight.”The officer’s hand was still pressing against the middle of my back and firmly holding me against the side of my car.“For safety reasons” the officer stated as she directed her comments to my husband, “I’m going to ask that you drive this vehicle home. But I do not want you exiting the vehicle. Are you able to climb over the console and get into the driver’s seat?”“Go ahead.” The officer instructed.What felt like 10 minutes, Again, I could not see what was going on, but the officer maintained his flashlight, and his focus, on my husband. Eventual
ly, I could see that my husband was in the driver’s seat, his seatbelt fastened my husband was actually smiling up at the officer.“I’m going to administer the field sobriety test to your wife” the officer stated, and my heart sank.“Officer” I pleaded, “We only live 8 houses away from here. Is there any chance that…..”“That what?” the officer cut me off. “Hands behind your back. I’m handcuffing you and going to place you into my car for your own safety.”Before I knew it, I was handcuffed and being walked back to her car, I was sopping wet, my makeup was running down my face. “Wait in the car” as he opened the car and guided me into the back seat. She closed the car door and returned to the driver’s side of my car. It was obvious that he and my husband were talking but I could not hear a thing, other than the occasional police chatter over the car radio. The officer returned to the police car and turned off the annoying blue and red flashing lights.“I’m going to follow your husband home” the officer said, “to ensure his safety. I’ve shut off my lights to not alert nor alarm your neighbors.”My husband slowly pulled away from the curb and the officer followed closely behind. I leaned back and felt defeated. My husband tuned into our driveway and into the garage. The officer pulled into the driveway and shut off the car. She got out and opened my car door.“Do to the rain the officer explained, “I’m going to conduct the field sobriety test inside your home. If you resist in anyway, or fail the test…” she continued, “I will arrest you and take you to holding. Do I make myself clear?”“Yes Mam” I replied, feeling somewhat confused yet also optimistic at the possibility of NOT getting a DUI. She helped me out of the car and we both went into the garage, closed the garage door and then into the house. The handcuffs were still around my wrists. Once we were inside the kitchen, I saw my husband sitting on a barstool in the kitchen.“Let me tell you how this is going to work” the officer explained slowly, as she occasionally glancing over at my husband. “Your field sobriety test is going to consist of you doing exactly as you are told. The word “NO” does NOT exist in your vocabulary tonight. If you fail to do exactly as you are told, OR speak without being spoken too, I will arrest you both and take you both to holding. I will give you both only one chance to comply. No mistakes or it’s over. Do I make myself clear?”“Yes Mam” both my husband and I replied in harmony.“Then stand there and watch.” The officer said as she turned her attention to my husband. My wrists were still handcuffed behind my back so there wasn’t much that I could do. The officer walked up to my seated husband, her eyes locked on his, and she used her knee between his knees to open his thighs and his rapidly inflating cock. “STRIP.” She ordered. My eyes flew open at hearing her tone… and those words. Equally surprising is that my husband did as he was told, never looking away from her cold stare. I half expected him to be more embarrassed at what was happening and yet he seemed exited and almost challenging in his mannerism. Once his clothes were off, the officer looked at me.“Is THIS what distracted you?” she asked, smiling from ear to ear and she roughly stroked his eight and a half inch thick cock to full hardness.“Yes Mam” I replied.I watched in total amazement as her black fingers roughly stroked his cock.She then turned back to me and said I can see where this could be distracting!“She said take your dress off and she unlocked my hands. My eyes went wide as my husband stood and watched me. I unzipped my dress and let it fall to the floor. She looked at me and said you are a hot little white cunt, as she continued to stroke his cock.After a silent pause, my husband added, “Remember… you asked for this.”I didn’t even have a chance to answer him she unbuckled her gun belt and placed it on the counter. “Undress me, stud.”My husband obediently stripped her removing escort didim all her clothes and neatly folding them. She had the body of a black goddess, 5’8” of hard perfectly formed firm body, huge tits that were so hard there was no sag whatsoever, huge nipples and big black areolas flat tummy and hips to die for. Her pussy was shaved clean with a landing strip above. Her huge clit was fully exposed and hard lake a cock, I remember thinking she could fuck me with that, and I would love it! Her pussy lips were swollen open slightly exposing her pink inner pussy. Her ass looked as hard as the rest of her and her legs were hard and firm like those of a dancer. She was waking lust that could not be resisted, I remember thinking if my husband did not fuck her I would!“Why don’t you have a seat over there and just watch ” the officer said to me, motioning to one of the kitchen chairs, “We might all be here awhile,” she added with a huge grin.I sat on the kitchen chair, what I saw next was quite a show! The cop proceeded to pay homage to my husband’s cock like I’ve never seen! She was holding it with both of her hands, slurping, gagging, deepthroating, choking and humming as she tried to take it all. My husband put his large hands on the back of her head and began a slow face-fuck as the cop eagerly sucked his cock, yet she showed no signs of stopping. She looked like a porn-star as she tried to pull my husband, by his ass cheeks, deeper into her mouth. This went on for several minutes and where I should have found this humiliating and disgusting, I couldn’t help but notice how wet my pussy was! She looked over at me and smiled.“How you are doing’ over there?” she asked.My face was flushed my pussy was dripping all I could do is just nod. She smiled and said you can finger your pussy if you need relief, I’ll be using him for a while for my pleasure!“At this rate”, the officer added, “you might just pass your field sobriety test. Would you like to pass your field sobriety test?”“Yes Mam” I replied, “very much.”“Well then” She added, “Just a few more things to cover.” Suddenly I relized I was in fact slowly fingering my cunt. With those words, she stood up wrapped her arms around his neck and then kissed him passionately on the lips and she seemed to melt into him. She leaned close to his face and he almost lunged at her lips. They kissed some more as his powerful hands groped her naked body. He then lifted her entire body up and sat her naked ass on the kitchen island. I now felt that he was no longer concerned about me or my potential DUI, but was now focused on his own, wanton desires. His huge, hard cock was free and pointing directly at the cops very wet pussy.She reached out and put my husband’s hand on one of her boobs, he took one of her nipples between his fingers and pinched it. She winced but before she knew what was happening, his other huge open-hand grabbed her other breast. She jumped and gasped even louder. “You like that bitch?” He asked her, “You like it rough?”Her eyes were locked on his, yet she never answered him. ”Aww” he said, sarcastically, “you think that you’re tougher than me, don’t you?” With that, he took each of her nipples into the fingers of each of his hands and roughly pulled and twisted them until she finally screamed out. Her scream of anguish filled the entire house as tears streamed down her cheeks. He smiled and released her tender nipples. He grabbed each of her open knees and slid her hips to the edge of the counter. In spite of her recent exclamation of pain, her anticipation of what was next was obvious as she was literally dripping from her pussy. My husband then lined up the tip of his cock and slowly pushed the first couple of inches into the cop’s pussy. In a very surprising move, she moved her hands from the countertop, just behind her hips, reached up and wrapped both of her hands around my husband’s neck and locked her fingers as if to hold on tight. Her eyes were locked on his with a combined look of passion and defiance like I have never seen.
My husband leaned into the officer more and as he speared her pussy, she released a very primal, a****listic howl and then added:“Fuck me” she hissed into his ear, “Fuck me in front of your wife!”It’s then that I felt my own pussy throb and shoot my hot, sticky cum uncontrollably sprayed from my pussy and out onto my thighs and the floor below.I watched as my husband pressed against her bare tits, flexed his arm muscles and hung on for the fuck of his life. The fucking was hard and intense. The cop’s first orgasm snuck up quickly and from my perspective, surprised all three of us. She released a long, slow guttural moan as she threw her head back and opened her mouth wide.“AAAAHHHHHHOOOOOOOO… FUCK!” she yelled.My husband slowed his thrusting and picked up her body, off of the counter, by scooping her up, from under her thighs. He then turned in such a way as to give me a great view of his thick cock sliding up into the cop pussy as he lifted and then lowered her down on his massive manhood. White cream was coating his very cock and dribbling down to his massive balls. From the hardness of his cock, I assumed that he had not cum yet… so all of the white cream must have been from the cop Sally! They fucked like this for several minutes and only stopped because Sally climaxed for a second time. My husband Ben then placed her on the kitchen island and lay her somewhat limp body back. As he slowly withdrew, he turned his body so that I could see two things:One, that he was still VERY hard andTwo, that Sally’s pussy was so wet, slightly gaping and excited. Ben then helped Sally sit up and then gently slid her off of the counter. He took her by the hand and guided her out of the kitchen.“Follow us” Sally ordered, “This is the final task for your Field Sobriety test.”I followed as instructed through the house and tryed to keep up. The officer was taking my husband, by the hand, down the didim escort bayan hall and into our bedroom. As I caught up, the officer told me to kneel on the floor by the edge of the bed. I did as I was told. She layed down on our bed, her head on my pillow and said your both free and spread her legs open. “I want you to see something” Sally said to me. “Up until now, I’ve been ordering your husband to fuck me… and he had no choice to save your ass.”She then slid her finger into her pussy and started fingering herself, she looked into Ben’s eyes smiled, and he moved to join her on the bed. As Ben got on the bed, he lowered his head between her legs and began to lick her pussy. She reached down ran her fingers thru his hair and pulled his face tight against her pussy, moaned arching her back and said yes Ben you eat me so good OH GODDDDDD IMMMMMMM CUMMMMMMMMMMING! When Sally calmed down, she looked at Ben and said you can do anything that you want, right now” “anything. You decide…” Ben looked over at me and said sorry she is too good to pass up, I’ll make it up to you, then looked back at Sally sprawled out on our bed, and took his hard cock in hand climbed between her legs and buried his big hard cock all the way to his balls in one push’ Sally screamed out and came instantly, Ben just kept fucking her as hard and fast as he could. I looked back at his glistening, hard cock and, well, you guessed it, I came again, I felt so ashamed of myself.She wrapped her legs around his hips, pulling that monster-of-a-cock up into her wanton pussy. As he pushed in deeper, she moaned with intense pleasure.“Take it all, bitch” the Ben said, “fuck it until you can’t take it anymore.”For the next 15 minutes, Ben fucked her like I’ve never seen! I had a front row seat to the thrusting, the flowing juices and the screams…. Sally’s juices were running out of her pussy and coating his shaft and heavy balls. He was holding her breasts and nipples as he fucked her hard. Sally came at last two more times and he kept talking dirty to her.“That’s it, bitch” he encouraged, “Stretch out that sweet black cunt.”He then got nastier with her and that seemed to excite her even more.“Get ready for my white seed.” He threatened. “maybe you should carry my white baby?”Sally screamed out and came hard as I watched Ben’s balls shift and move as his cock throbbed, and I imagined him filling her with a huge load of cum up into her quivering pussy. Sally was howling, he was groaning and I, to my amazement, had cum again. Ben collapsed on top her and they lay there panting.Once they claimed, he rolled over to her. “Lean over here” said the officer, “and clean up any evidence. “ she added with a chuckle.I was confused at her orders and mesmerized at the appearance of her vagina. She was laying very still and panting. Her pussy was still open and wet… so very wet. Then I saw the beginning of Ben’s cum beginning to leak out.“Hurry up!” the officer yelled, “It’s not going to lick itself!”She reached down grabbed my hair and forced my face between her legs and said lick it bitch clean out my cunt! I purposely tried to avoid eye contact with Sally as I leaned down. I was clumsy, I’m sure, as I took the first, slow lap at her well-used pussy. She moaned out.“Easy” she whimpered, “be gentle…. I’m so tender right now.”I then tenderly licked and lapped at her, tasting what Ben left inside of her, she pushed me away from her tender center and was oblivious to Ben’s presence. Sally left the room and Ben pulled me to his cock and I sucked it into my mouth and cleaned his cock. Sally walked back into the room I noticed that the officer was fully dressed, gun belt and all. The officer approached me first and told me that I was NOT going to be taken in… that I had, in fact, passed my field sobriety test, but then warned me about the dangers of drinking and driving. She then approached Ben and leaned down. He wrapped his arms around her neck and to my complete astonishment, they both shared another passionate kiss.“You were right, Baby?” my husband said to the officer, once they broke the kiss. “She DID enjoy it… just like you said she would.” He went on the say “she’s even wet.”“Look closer” said the smiling officer, “She came several times without any physical contact, while we were fucking.”“What?” Ben said to me, “You CAME? You bad girl…” he added with a satisfied wink to me.Between being in shock at what I was now hearing and seeing, AND the embarrassment of cuming earlier, I was unable to say a thing. The officer and Ben kissed again, but this time it was a shorter kiss.“Sally said I need to get back on shift.” “It’s getting late.”“Okay Baby. But will you come back” Ben asked, “after your shift ends? My wife and I need to talk but then we’d love to have you join us in a few hours for Brunch.”“That sounds great!” the officer said. “After all,… I’ve really worked up an appetite.” You two talk I’ll let myself out.As the officer turned and left the bedroom, Ben slid up to me and reached between my legs.“I know that you had hoped to spice things up, after dinner up tonight” he said, smiling sweetly and gently fingering my sopping cunt. “…. So, how did we do?”“Are you k**ding me?” I said, still in a bit of shock. I couldn’t believe what had happened! Here, I was scared shitless that I was going to jail, then I was made to watch a black woman fuck my husband and I had eaten her out, then, on top of everything else, found out that this had all been prearranged!“Oh baby” he said, still gently fingering my dripping pussy, “you have a decision to make. The way that I see it, you can get mad and possibly ruin tonight… OR… you can be accepting and fuck me right now.”I sat there and tried to process the events of the evening, I had so many questions.“I know that you need answers” he added, “But right now, I’d really like to fuck you…..Fuck me, Honey, like you’ve wanted to all night.”“Okay, but FIRST,” I asked, “Just how long have you and ‘Officer Big-tits been fucking?”I giggled at my reference to her as “Officer Big-tits.”“Since s
he stopped me for speeding” he said as I gently guided his cock into my steamy, slippery opening, “a couple of months ago.”

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