A Tennessee Education Pt. 07

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Sharon surprises everyone with unexpected news

In this final segment the story comes to its conclusion as Sharon gathers key characters together and once more upsets the applecart. I hope you’ve enjoyed the tale as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it. Again… this is a story of femdom, male slavery, male bondage, female dominance and advocates a lifestyle in which females rule and men obey. If this is not what you enjoy then please look elsewhere. If you do, I hope you’ve enjoyed the read!


A Tennessee Education Part 7: The Party

On the final Saturday of June, Sharon held a party of sorts. It wasn’t a large party. Rather it was quite intimate with only eight attendees. Sharon made simple plans sending slave girl and slave out to fetch drinks, and specific food items. The party was to be given that evening beginning at six. A week earlier, Sharon had sent a letter to her sister Debra. In it was a short note requesting her presence along with a roundtrip ticket to Riverton. Mariko received a similar invitation, not delivered to her school mailbox but rather by United States Postal Service. In the invite Sharon asked her to come if at all possible. She conveyed how much her presence would mean and that this was an important gathering. The other invitations went to Malik Johnson, the middle school IT guy whom she serendipitously met the evening when she and Jasmine had visited Mariko and to Jessica and her slave-husband. The other three attending would of course be slave, slave girl and she.

Unlike the previous get together when Deb was here, Sharon didn’t pay lots of attention to making sure the house was immaculate. Rather she let the slaves go about their ordinary business of completing weekend chores as usual.

After the slaves returned from shopping and got everything stowed away Sharon told slave to head to the airport. He stood a little straighter at the news and soon left. Sharon knew it would take him at least an hour before he got home. Grabbing slave girl roughly by the collar she pulled her upstairs. Soon she was between her legs and feasting on her cunt. Sharon enjoyed her through four powerful orgasms before pushing her away.

“Massage my legs,” she said rolling over, “and get undressed before you do. I should have had you do that sooner but I was too horny.”

“That’s OK Mistress. I love having you all to myself.”

Sharon didn’t respond. She laid waiting for her soft hands to start kneading her legs. She needed a nice rubdown.

Soon after Bobby got to the arrival terminal he spotted Deb as soon as she rounded the corner. He beamed the moment he saw her. She was so beautiful. Waving over the heads of others in front she saw him and waved back. Deb embraced him and planted a soft kiss on his cheek. “It’s so good to see you Bobby!” she said excitedly.

“You too; may I carry your bag?”

“Seems like my sister is trying to one-up me?”

“How’s that?”

“Didn’t she tell you?”

“Tell me what?”

“Oh, I forgot she keeps you in the dark,” she smiled, the twinkle in her eyes nearly mesmerizing. “She sent me an invitation to this party of hers along with a roundtrip ticket. Now that’s being persuasive.”

“No, I wasn’t aware but I’m glad you are here.”

“Me too,” She slipped a hand around his arm as he led her to the short-term parking lot and Mistress Sharon’s car.

When they finally got home Jessica and her slave were already there. Ten minutes later Malik came and soon after Mariko arrived. Formal and informal introductions were made and acquaintances and friendships renewed. Sharon set slave off to grill the meat while slave girl and Jess’s slave made preparations inside. The ladies sat enjoying delicious strawberry margaritas while Malik sat quietly eying the three beauties with a beer in hand. All too soon slave brought in slabs of perfectly cooked beef tenderloin bringing the girls conversation to an end. They all ate outside to the sound of robins and mockingbirds chirping and watching the impending storm build far off in the distance.

After a third round of drinks were served Sharon called everyone in. The rains would soon be here but she was thankful the weather held long enough for them to enjoy a warm summer dinner outside. She also wanted to gather everyone together inside where they could focus on her and not on the quickly darkening sky.

“This may have seemed like a spur of the moment gathering but I’ve been thinking about getting us all together for some time. Today seemed like as good a time as any; so here we are.”

Mariko listened with curiosity. She had some idea as to what she might be up to but wasn’t certain. Sharon hadn’t given any specifics on their day trip but Mariko parted ways with her feeling like she had heavy thoughts she was dealing with. She looked over those here. The three slaves sat on the floor, naked and at the feet of their Mistresses. She wondered what Deb was thinking seeing two men and a woman sitting comfortably without out a stitch of clothing on. Malik’s eyes kept moving güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri to Jasmine who looked stunningly beautiful. She grinned wondering just how much of what Sharon was saying he even heard. Deb kept looking at the slaves as well. Indeed she was probably the one who felt least comfortable.

“It seems like only last month when Mariko invited me to her home. After talking for some time she led me to the kitchen. It was then when I saw my first slave. I didn’t know who he was and at the time that wasn’t important. What I learned that night was there existed a way of living that was very different from the one I was raised in.” She glanced at her sister and smiled. “It was also so different from the relationship I had just ended after a lengthy dating period in which I nearly married.”

Sharon sipped her drink. “A week later Mariko gave me slave.” She ran her fingers through his hair. “He became my project and together we learned so much about what it meant to both serve and be served. I had no idea what I was doing and after he ran away one Friday afternoon while I was with my sister, I learned just how fragile relationships can be. I thought I knew how to make a man submit but I obviously had much more to learn.”

“But you had done very well up to that point,” Mariko added.

“Maybe, maybe not,” she said. “I did learn that it takes a long time to train someone to serve, obey and trust and it took me a long time to understand what real dominance meant. Slave started to come along fine with is progression into slavery but then slave girl unexpectedly came into the picture. I ended up having her kidnapped and brought here. She was the tough one. I did things I both enjoyed and hated but knew they had to be done if I was to make her mine. And now look at her.” She smiled down at Jasmine as she looked up with the same brightness in her countenance.

“She has come so far; so very far. I loved training them. I had so much fun with them and they have brought me so much joy. Joy I couldn’t possibly imagine.”

“You’re going to make me cry, sis,” Deb said wiping one eye.

“Awww, that’s so sweet,” observed Jessica.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to get so sentimental. It’s just they have become a part of me.” She stopped and took another sip from her wine glass. Continuing she said, “Do you know what I love? What I really love? I love tying them up. I love anchoring them to places that keep them from moving. I love walking by them and seeing them caged. I love punishing them when they disobey. I love stretching them mentally as a way to test their obedience in all kinds of ways. Like today,” she said waving a hand, “I let them both go shopping. They could have driven off. I even gave them my credit card. I let slave here go pick up Deb at the airport. He had two chances to leave me today.

“But he didn’t,” said Deb.

“No, he didn’t and that choice of his is what fills me with pride. While he was gone slave girl licked me and then massaged me. She felt so good. Who would have thought the snotty little country bitch would willingly want to do that?”

“Too bad she’s not as good as him,” Jess noted.

Mariko put her hand on the girl. “Keep calm Jess. We all know what you want.”

“I sure do. I always want it from him. He is that good!”

Deb fidgeted in her seat and then spoke. “Doesn’t he feel bad,” she pointed to Bobby, “when you talk like that?”

“Maybe,” Sharon answered, “but that’s not my problem. He has his duties and he knows he’s mine. I hope he’s secure in that and that alone.”

Sharon reached behind her chair and pulled out a large set of bolt cutters. Everyone gasped. “I know,” Sharon said. “But it’s time.”

“Sharon, you can’t!” demanded Mariko.

“That’s right; you can’t,” said her sister.

Bobby and Jasmine’s eyes filled with tears at the very thought. Sharon stood in the middle of the room and faced her slaves.

“It’s time. It’s time for me to let you two go.” Her words suddenly becoming choked as she started crying. “I will miss you but I need to let you go.”

“OK,” Mariko demanded. She stood and grabbed the cutters. “At least tell us why you want to do this? What’s gotten into you? Have you lost your mind?”

Sharon hugged the slender woman and immediately Deb joined them, wrapping her arms around both as they cried.

Finally Sharon breathed deeply and once more tried to gain some semblance of composure. “Sit down. I’ll explain.”

“I sure hope so,” Mariko said not at all sympathetically.

“As much as I love my slaves for the slaves they are, I don’t love them romantically. Because of that I feel empty inside. Even though at least one of them is with me nearly all the time I still feel alone. I’m sorry slaves,” she said looking at each one. “I love you because of what you do for me but I can’t make myself love you in that deeper way and I miss feeling that emotion. Does that make sense to you?” Her eyes looked at them as if pleading for them to understand.

“It does Mistress,” güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri Bobby said quietly as tears streamed down his cheeks. “But I will surely miss you.”

“I know you will.”

“I understand too,” Jasmine said softly.

Sharon turned to the others. “Do you understand why I need to do this?” She looked straight at Mariko. “Please tell me you do.”

Mariko nodded. It was a quiet, motherly, loving nod. Sharon felt a sudden weight lift. It was she, more than anyone else who she wanted approval. Mariko was the one person who had helped her in so many ways and served as more than her mentor. She really was a mother figure even though less than ten years separated them.

“Thank you Mariko. Thank you for understanding.” Sharon brushed a tear aside with the back of her hand and reached for the cutters. Mariko gave them back reservedly. She didn’t want to but felt, in this situation, she had no choice in the matter. They were Sharon’s slaves and not hers.

“Jasmine, you are my newest slave. You are also the most beautiful slave I’ve ever seen.” They both smiled. Sharon crouched and then embraced the girl. It was the first time she had ever let herself do so.

“I will always love you,” Jasmine whispered.”

Sharon nodded, said nothing but continued to weep. When she broke the embrace she kissed the girl on the forehead and brought the cutters to her collar. A squeeze was followed with a clunk as the cutters bit through the thick steel. Turning the collar once more she cut the opposite side. The two halves fell free hitting the carpet with a thud. Jasmine felt truly naked for the first time. Only then did her emotional dam break and she left the room sobbing uncontrollably.

Sharon was near her breaking point as well and knew she had to get this over with as soon as possible. As the others watched she quickly cut Bobby free of his collar. As soon as she did, he stood and embraced her tightly. The other women all wept softly as the emotional scene unfolded before them in an almost surreal manner.

“I will miss you Mistress,” he said so only she could hear.

Sharon nodded, her head buried in his chest.

“I don’t know what I’ll do now but I know I’ll find someone who will take care of me.”

Sharon looked up into his blue eyes and caressed his cheek. “You will do fine Baby. It will be hard but you will do fine. Trust me.”

“I always have,” he said smiling sadly.

“Almost always,” she jokingly teased while sniffling.

Bobby broke off and left Sharon standing alone in the middle of the group.

“I need a drink.” Deb said breaking the tension. “Can I get something for anyone?”

“I think I’ll join you,” said Malik. “This is getting too emotional even for me.”

The others stood and headed to the kitchen as well. Jess went to the bathroom. Jasmine and Bobby were nowhere to be found. After everyone had refilled their glasses or gotten another beer Sharon called everyone back together.

“More?” Jess said.

“I can’t end things this way,” Sharon replied. “Can you go get my slaves for me? I think their either upstairs or out back.”


When everyone found their way back Bobby and Jasmine awkwardly sat on two chairs they brought in from the dining room. They felt horrible, empty and naked in the clothing they now wore. Things just didn’t feel right. “Things weren’t right,” Bobby thought. “Why did she do this?”

“So,” Sharon said. “Here we are. Things are a little different from when you all got here.”

“That’s an understatement,” Malik said quietly.

“Bobby and I had a conversation some months ago. I think you and I were out back. I had cut your collar off a few days earlier and then went to see you.” She pointed to Deb. “When I got back he was still here. He begged me to take him back and I agreed to do so. But during the time we talked I told you,” she looked at him now, “that I might want to sell you. Do you remember that conversation?”

Jessica fidgeted in her seat.

“I do,” he said softly.

“Well you are free but I haven’t fully released you.”

Bobby looked at her confused.

“I thought about selling you. I thought about taking you to the women’s meeting so everyone could see and admire you. I even thought about asking Mariko to auction you off because I thought I got get quite a bit from you. You are a beautiful slave and have so much to offer.”

“You did?” Mariko interrupted. “My god girl, that’s a great idea!”

“Good idea or not, I couldn’t bring myself to do any of that.”

Bobby asked, “Why not?”

“Because you are a human being. Even though I treated you harshly at times I never ever lost sight of who you were. I always had your best interest as my slave at heart. I hope you knew that.”

“I did. You know I did.”

“So that’s why I didn’t put you up to be purchased by the richest mistress in the area. I wanted to look after you. I still want to look after you.”

Bobby ran his fingers over where his collar had güvenilir bahis şirketleri been for so many months. “That seems like it will be hard for you to do that now. I mean you broke up with me!” he said raising his voice ever so slightly.

“I know why you feel that way Bobby but I haven’t simply deserted you. I am letting you go because I need something that you simply can’t give me.”

“So now what?” he asked. “Where does that leave me?”

“Deb,” she said turning her attention to her sister. “Will you take him?”

Deb felt her face redden and her heart suddenly pound as the shot of adrenaline rushed through her system. It was the body’s normal response to stress; the fight or flight response and now it was acutely active inside her beautiful sister. “Me? Oh Sharon. I never in my life…”

“I know. I know you didn’t come here thinking I might ask you to do this but I hope you will take my offer.”

“Sharon,” she said pleading, “I don’t know what to say.” She looked at Bobby who suddenly felt alive with hope. “I need time to think Sis.”

“OK, then go think.”

Deb looked at Sharon and then at Bobby who appeared equally shocked, “Why me?”

“Seriously sis, do you really have to ask that question? I’ve watched you two. I’ve seen the connection. You even told me it was there.”

Bobby hinted at a smile his hope rekindling. He knew now why his daughter was invited. She was Sharon’s backup plan; her safety net. “Oh Deb,” he said to himself, “Please do the right thing.” He knew he couldn’t be a slave to his daughter. He simply couldn’t. Yet what if Deb turned her offer down? What if she was still too afraid of him? Maybe she hadn’t fully recovered from the damage the rape had caused?

“I need to take a walk. Do you have an umbrella? I need to be alone and don’t care if it’s raining.”

Sharon left to fetch her one. The others said nothing but all eyes fell on Bobby, the object of her decision.

Jess, who had for an instant seemed so hopeful now sat obviously anxious. If Deb decided to turn down the offer she had every intention of snapping him up if for no other reason than to use him as a sex slave.

Jasmine appeared nervous, wondering what fate Sharon had conjured up for her. She figured Malik was the one most likely to take her but he seemed to be more into submission than dominance.

Sharon sat after getting Deb situated. “This is so much harder than I ever thought it would be,” she said more to herself than to the others.

“It’s called breaking up,” Mariko said bluntly. “What did you expect? You are bonded to that man in more ways than you know, and he is likewise with you.” She looked at the two of them. “I understand why you are releasing him. I really do, but you’re naïve to think you will yesterday hold him near and dear and tomorrow not remember him.”

“I know Mariko. All I’m saying now is that it’s hard right now. That’s all. Please don’t make this harder than it already is.”

“OK dear. I’m really looking out for you mostly. You’re the one I don’t want to see hurt. So,” she said pointing to Jasmine, “what’s your plan for her?”

Sharon burst into laughter. She was so taken by the frankness of this woman she loved. “Oh Mariko, you are too much. Will you take her? I know you want her.”

Jasmine’s jaw dropped in surprise and Mariko grinned with joy. “You want me to go lesbian is that what you’re asking of me?” her eyes sparkling with life.

Sharon smiled. It was as if Mariko, in the course of her ‘what now’ diatribe had flipped the mood in the room from one of tension to one of lighthearted joy. Even Bobby and Jess, who just moments before, looked as if someone was about to rip their hearts out broke into laughter.

“Yes, I think you need a girlfriend slave Mariko. You as much as told me that your other boy slave relationships didn’t work for the same reason mine didn’t with him. We lacked a level of attraction and I think you’ve wanted this one for some time. So yes, I want you to go lesbian on me.”

“OK, I will. I will accept your offer and you are right, I have wanted this one ever since I took her upstairs to enjoy. Jasmine,” she said firm and strong, “come. Sit by your new Mistress.”

Jasmine looked at Sharon as if to say goodbye and crawled to the other side of the room and nestled up against Mariko’s leg. Everyone could see how happy she was. Sharon sighed. She had made the right choice, at least with one of them.

Malik spoke, “So, here we are. What’s the next bomb you’re going to drop on us before we leave Sharon?”

Just before she spoke, Jess stood. I don’t know about you all but I simply cannot wait a moment longer. I don’t know if I should ask or just take him or even if I have the right to take him but I want this man to lick my pussy.” She looked at Sharon with wide eyes. “Do you have any objection? I mean, he’s not really yours anymore now is he?”

“No Jess, I don’t have any objection.”

“Well then. Slave, let’s go out back where we have some privacy.” She grabbed his arm as if she had to seize the moment.

“Hold on there girl,” Mariko said, “There’s plenty of room right here.” She pointed to the center of the room. “If any one doesn’t want to watch the show, they can go get something to drink or take a walk in the rain with Debra. I want to see what all the fuss is about.”

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