A Teaching Moment by a Coach

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A Teaching Moment by a CoachWhen I started teaching I naively thought there would be a comradery with my peers, sort of like a sports team or firemen or policemen, a them; the students, against us; the teachers, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. It seemed like everyone was looking out for their own interests. Be it a better classroom, or assignments or even additional duties. I’m not saying everyone was this way and most of the veterans would happy to help with a suggestion or two but all and all you had to keep your back to the wall because the knives were always out. An exception to this “yea me fuck you” was Coach J. It seemed he would go out of his way to help anyone. Maybe it was because he wasn’t threatened by others cutting in on him as he was the head coach who was in charge of the varsity basketball and football teams. Coach J was in his fifties, six foot six, still muscular with a slight gut that comes with age, the darkest of complexions and a big bright toothy smile that was framed by his shaved head and a full graying goatee. It was said he use to play professional football for a few years until an injury ended his career. He was married with c***dren and grandc***dren.When I first met him, which was the week before the school year was about to begin, I found him to be friendly in a drill instructor kind of way. He was intimidating but fraternal which made him approachable. Notably to say his looks and personality were attractive would be to put it mildly. I remember him telling me if any of his players got out of line in any of my classes I would be sure to let him know as he would straighten them out in a heartbeat. I think that endeared him to me even more because he genuinely cared. Half way through the fall semester I had made a questionable choice in good judgement one Friday night after a home football game. Unfortunately it seemed this would come back to haunt me eternally. It may have also led others to have the perception of me that I was naïve and gullible, an easy prey for exploitation.It was a Friday afternoon and school had just been dismissed. I was walking past the gymnasium didim escort towards the teacher parking lot when I saw Coach J picking up assorted athletic equipment and placing it in the gym equipment storage room. I waved and as I did he waved me in, saying he could use a little help here. I was flattered and truth be told a little excited to be spending some time with the Coach. I took off my heels and placed them along with my bag in the coach’s office that was shared by all the gym teachers. We spoke casually about school and the students while picking up hardware and paraphernalia and returning them to storage. As we finished putting things away Coach nonchalantly mentioned that a few of his students were boasting about an incident involving one of the teachers, that a party had occurred where d**gs and sex were freely exchanged and revealing pictures were taken. He chuckled as he said he wished he could see those pics. I thought I felt my heart stop and my stomach drop. The way he looked at me out of the corner of his eye, for sure he knew I was the culprit. His hardy laugh broke an eerie silence that had befallen us, telling me he would love to meet the teacher who would be so reckless yet so dynamic to engage in such roguishness. I remained speechless as he turned and locked the equipment room door.As he approached me his smile disappeared and a stern look began to cross his face. I could see a determined assertiveness in his eyes. My heart began to race, was it fear or anticipation. He had now closed the distance between us, my back against a shoulder high stack of mats. He was well a head above me as he looked down. His hands fell upon my shoulders and easily forced me to my knees. The bulge in his shorts was pronounced. Out of instinct I pulled his gym shorts down to reveal a beautiful Black semi erect cock escaping its jock strap. Lowering the strap I freed it completely. As I looked up at him he told me what we had both known all along; I knew from the first moment I saw you, you were a Black Cock sucking white slut. Now I’ve always been the type, even since puberty, where I would immediately escort didim surrender myself to the Black Dominant Alpha males. I think I’m wired in such a way where there’s something inside me that thrills me to the core when I’m taken and used for their sexual gratification no matter what it might be. Surrendering takes away my ability to resist thus letting me revel in the moment and enjoy my submissiveness and all it encompasses. Being with Coach J now was no different. Automatically I took his dick in my mouth. He was uncircumcised which made it even more appealing for me. While I held his hips firmly I used my lips to slide the foreskin back and my tongue swirled around his thick head. I could taste the sweat, urine and remnants of sperm as I licked. As I began sucking his thick shaft responded, his erection becoming more pronounced. I buried my nose in his pubic hair, the sweat and musky odor intoxicating. I cupped his nut sack with a hand as I continued to suck the length of his cock. I felt one of his hands on the back of my head as he began to fuck my mouth like it was a cunt. The head of his dick was now hitting the back of my throat with every thrust. I couldn’t help but gag at his length and girth as it cut off my air way. I could feel him begin to throb in my mouth. I knew well the signs of impending ejaculation and I was prepared to swallow the reward he was about to deliver. Imagine my surprise and disappointment when he stopped, instead grabbing me by the hair and yanking me to my feet. Letting go of my hair his massive hands went to my blouse, pulling at the bodice, s**ttering the buttons about the floor and immediately attacking my breasts, freeing them from my bra. With his hands groping my tits and my diamond hard nipples being pinched and pulled between his finger and thumb I couldn’t suppress the moans coming from my inner soul. Now he glided his hands down my sides and across my butt until reaching the hem of my skirt. Reaching under and up my thong panties were soon in his grasp. He tore at them like they were paper and dropped them to the floor. An index finger quickly found didim escort bayan the wetness seeping from my vagina as he slid it between my lips. I was trembling. My body had instinctively given my desires and lust away as it had done so countless times in my past. Obviously sensing my craving to be impaled upon his throbbing Black muscle his powerful arms went under my legs and he raised me up like a doll. As he lowered me I could feel the head of his cock separating my lips and easily penetrating my tunnel until I was resting on his muscular thighs. My low groans were now turning into whimpers. Now with his enormous cock fully seated inside my cunt he stopped. Beg for it whore. Tell me how much you love Black cock, how you loved giving up your cheap pussy to those players. So I did what he had commanded, I begged and confessed how I had wanted to be taken, how I enjoyed being fucked that night in the woods. I admitted I had always been an easy fuck for any Black that came along, that I was a tramp and a slut, a white bitch in heat when it came to Blacks. All the time I was confessing my sins he was deep stroking me with his manhood. His thrusts and pounding began to quicken. I wrapped my legs around his torso begging to be filled with his potent Black seed. I tried to muffle the cries of my orgasms but to no avail. The walls of my vagina contracted and gripped the muscle that was now ravaging me. He did not disappoint either as he exploded deep inside my cunt, stream after stream of thick sperm filling me until his nut sack had been drained. I released the grip my legs had on him and he lowered me to the floor. I could feel the warm semen running out of my slit and down my legs. You’re not finished yet as he stood in front of me, his massive meat now hanging down. I knew exactly what he meant as I got to my knees and began to suck the cocktail of my cunt juice and his sperm from his d
ick, swallowing the remnants of our union. When he was completely satisfied with my cleaning abilities he nestled his cock back into his jock strap and pulled up his gym shorts. Pick up your mess and go, we’ll talk again some time, a euphemism for I’ll fuck you again I’m sure. I gathered my buttons and destroyed panties and slip quietly out, grabbing my heels and bag along the way as I found myself smiling, having finally enjoyed the end of a work week.

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