A Surprise For My Husband

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A Surprise For My HusbandIt was a quiet warm night in the middle of the summer as my husband sat shirtless on the couch focusing on his game with his headphones and virtual reality headset on. His dark curls twisting up around his gaming headset and his breathing slowed as he focused on a mythical world I couldn’t see. Something about the energy in the air and how gorgeous he looked as he relaxed after a long hard day had me feeling horny and my panties were so subtly getting wet. Quietly I slipped off my jeans and t-shirt standing in the doorway in nothing but my lace bra and panties feeling the warm summer air brushing against my skin. Softly I crept towards him and crawled into his lap guiding his hands to my lace covered breasts and letting him squeeze them gently. He tried to pull the headphones from his ears but I pulled his hands away wrapping them around my tummy and spreading my legs grinding up against his hard cock trying to rip free of his work jeans. Pushing him back against the couch gently and lacing his fingers against mine before pushing them back against the cushions I kissed him hard. Spreading my lips and letting my tongue explore wrestling against his and grinding my hips against the zipper of his pants soaking my panties even more. Moaning against my lips he pushed back against my hands, slipping out of my fingers he traced his hands along the eskişehir escort lace of my bra to my back fumbling with the claps as he unhooked it and slipped it down my arms. Tossing my bra aside and dragging my nails down his chest while pushing his hands away I slide off of his lap onto my knees on the floor. Gently gripping his cock through his jeans and squeezing ever so slightly just enough to remind him of his impressive size. Bending down and grabbing the corner of his jeans with my teeth I pulled his zipper down and his gorgeous cock sprang free nearly doubling in size and pulsing with its new found freedom. He stood up for a moment just enough to drop his jeans to his ankles before collapsing back onto the couch. Pulling his cock against my lips I began to slowly swirl it around the head eliciting a loud groan of relief and him nodding his head back against the couch. Flicking my tongue along the slit making his cock jump with sensitivity and the muscles in his legs twitch with anticipation against my arms. Completely distracted by my tongue sliding slowly down his cock he dropped his ps4 controller to the floor with a thud and moaning louder pressing up against me. Stopping him I pushed his hips back down against the couch and slowly trailed my tongue down along his balls softly sucking on them and causing his cock to pulsate into the air in escort eskişehir frustration. He groaned and bit his lip before digging his nails into my shoulders reminding me not to tease him too long. Giggling I pulled his cock into my mouth and swirled my tongue around it as I pushed my self to sink my nose down to nestle in his pubic hair. My throat slightly gagging at the intrusion but I am used to size and quickly adapt to the intrusion. Bobbing my head up and down I begin sucking and swirling my tongue around slowly pushing his to the back of my throat and slightly gagging each time I reached the base of his cock. His body keeping time with my head bobbing and his hips thrust up to meet my lips before sinking down again. I can feel his body becoming tenser as I suck him faster and faster trying to get him to the very edge when all of a sudden his cock lightly jumps against the roof of my mouth signaling that he’s close. I stop immediately and gently bight on the tip reminding him that he can’t cum yet. He groans in irritation but still waits to feel what I will do next and relaxes again surprisingly patient. Climbing back up into his lap I guided his hands to my panties, pushing his fingers up against the lace and into my hole humping against his hand and feeling the wet lace graze against my clit causing me to lightly shake in his hands. Moaning eskişehir escort bayan I humped his hand harder before letting him slide his fingers out and slide my panties aside. Slowly he expertly guided his cock into me despite not being able to see or hear where I was and pressed his hands against my hips lifting me up gently and sliding me down hard again onto his cock causing me to scream as I stretched rapidly to his engorged size. Humping against him I sunk my nails into his chest, pulling at his chest hair as he was pistoning my body hard on his cock. Sliding his hand over my hips he began to rub the lace of my panties against my clit while holding my ass in his other hand, balancing me perfectly as he pumped his hips against mine. I began to shiver and shake completely lost in the moment of my sexy husband drilling me harder than he had ever done before. Even with no sound or sight, he knew exactly how to handle me. I began to scream louder and louder ignoring the open door and windows and the fact that the blinds were open so all the neighbors could see us from their living room windows too. Collapsing onto his chest I came shaking and gasping for breath as he continued to pound into me, gritting his teeth and groaning, and finally with one final hard slam into me he came sending me spiraling into another crashing orgasm as his cock pulsated inside me filling me up with his cum. Sighing with relief he slipped off his headset and pulled me against him as we heaved in fresh air completely spent from the sexual energy pumping through our veins, we drifted off to sleep naked in the living room for all passerby’s to see.

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