A summer to remember. Part 2

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A summer to remember. Part 2After that afternoon, spent swimming and pleasuring eachother, I felt alittle bit ashamed of myself. If I was to be honest though, it was incredible, and really all I could think about. Even though he was much, much older than me, I craved the way he could make me feel. Maybe it was just young hormones, maybe just young curiosity, but he could pleasure me like no girl had before. This man’s touch seemed to be more sensual, more passionate and more willing. He seemed to want to pleasure me and loved doing it, instead of the “If I have too” attiitude the girls I knew before had had, and it was addictive. Somehow, his eager, loving attention also made me want to return those feelings. I didn’t suck his cock that afternoon, but I knew if I went back to his house, at some point I would. Deep down, I think I wanted to. I knew I wanted to. I just needed a nudge.He had told me after that first encounter to come by anytime and I wanted too. I wanted to go right up to his door. However, at the time, I was nervous, ashamed of hatay escort my lusts and cravings. My feelings caught between the two, I drove by his house several times before stopping and walking up to the side gate, near the pool. He came out to meet me. This time, before I dove into the pool, I stripped down and was completely nude. My young mind wanted him to know I wanted more. I got out, dripping wet, and quickly laid down on a lounge chair. There was no hiding my eagerness. “Can I touch you?” he asked and with my eyes closed, I softly said yes and nodded my head. My cock began to swell just at the thought of it, before he even had touched me. His hands sent jolts of electricity through me. Making me feel as if I was melting into the chair. My head began to swim. I was ready to beg him to suck me when he stood up and began to take his clothes off. This was the nudge I needed.I sat up, eye level with his crotch, as he undid his fly, freeing that thick cock of his. I just stared at first, then licked up his shaft. He moaned softly, making escort hatay me feel incredibly sexy and encouraged. I don’t know what I was expecting, but his cock tasted amazing and felt even better. Taking his hardening dick between my lips and down his shaft was thrilling and felt wonderful. I couldn’t believe how turned on it made me as I licked around his fat, engored head and traced the veins of his thick shaft with my tongue. My own cock throbbed and drooled clear, sticky pre cum.He put his hand on the back of my head, encouraging me, directing me. “Oh yes, yes” he moaned. I loved being able to make him feel this way, to bring him this kind of pleasure. It was somehow empowering and sexy. I bobbed my mouth up and down his dick like a porn star. He didn’t tell me that he was about to cum, but by the way he was breathing and the way his legs were shaking, I knew. In that instant I also knew I would let him, no make him, cum in my mouth. Then, his warm, salty sperm began to flow. It didn’t exploded into my mouth as I maybe imagined, hatay escort bayan but more flowed, filling me. Oh so wonderfully filling me, with his essence until it spilled out from between my lips and down my chin and chest. So sensual and erotic, I felt on the verge of cumming myselfHe layed me back and edged me, over and over again, towards orgasm. I was just putty in his hands and in his mouth as he molded me into his quivering, cum shooting, masterpiece. I was so lost in the exctasy and pleasure. Pleasure I had never known. Pleasure I didn’t want to stop. It wasn’t long until I was back at his house. Craving the feelings and pleasures I had experienced before. He seemed so pleased to see me it took away all of the nervousness and made me feel bold. We both knew why I was there, but he didn’t make me feel ashamed or embarrassed. After all, he had those desires also, I guess. Of course he did and when I fully realized this my sexual world began to open up. Not ashamed, not nervous, just excited and filled with young sexual energy.We spent many afternoons that summer sunning, swimming, drinking and pleasuring eachother. There was also a lot of sexual exploring and sharing, dinners and traveling. But, that is a story for another time. It would be the best summer of my life.

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