A Son’s Love For His Mother –1

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A Son’s Love For His Mother –1

I have been inspired by the porn I have watched, stories I have read, and, of course, real-life incidents that have made me into the person I am today. The base for my story is definitely true events during different parts of my life, and I have tried being as realistic as possible.

Happy reading.

My lust for my mother grew bigger and bigger, every passing year, and I have reached such an extreme stage that I cannot sleep without fapping for my darling mother. I love her and I care for her, and I wish the best for her like every other son. I have the utmost respect for my mother.

But the moment I enter my room and close the door, i****tual love fills inside me, turning me into a dirty a****l desperately craving for his mother’s mature pussy. I was introduced to sex and to the world of porn when I was 18. Internet at home gave me easy access to all kinds of adult videos, and yet I felt attracted towards my mother.

Initially, I hated myself every time I had dirty thoughts about my mother, but images of her in her inner-wear or being touched inappropriately by strangers kept coming back to my mind. I felt like I had no control over it and found myself filled with remorse. Puberty had also taken a toll on me.

My growing sexual cravings left me with no option than to watch porn. I would at times think really dirty about the girls in school and fap for them, but mostly I would be dry humping myself on the bed thinking about all the porn I watched. I was a proud porn addict.

My board exams were almost here and my very poor results in the model tests forced my parents to block the internet connection. I felt devastated. There was nothing I could do about it, and I could not sleep for the next two days. A month’s study leave was what I had to prepare for the 12th standard board exams.

I found myself unable to do anything. I was told only to concentrate on studies and not being allowed to leave my house meant that I was stuck at home, along with my mother. Yes, my mother !! And that is when I started to have dirty sinful feelings for her again. Having spent time with my mom for almost the whole of 1 week, I found dirty images of her coming back into my mind.

She would be around me right from the morning till I slept, and spending so much time with her had the devil in my mind creeping out. I found myself checking out her curvy body, her firm boobs and always trying to catch a glimpse of her cleavage. I realized everything else I was doing to keep myself sexually happy was to keep myself away from lusting for my mother.

I realized I was watching porn only because I wanted images from porn to replace the dirty thoughts of my mother. I realized I was fapping for my schoolmates only to stop myself from wanting to fap for my mom. I realized it was my mom I really wanted, and I am filled with feelings for her, that a son should never have for his mother.

That night I could not sleep. All I could do was imagine my mother in different porn movies I had seen. All I could do was imagine being on the bed with her. I was hard, I could feel my young dick throbbing with excitement, and I rushed to the washroom to shoot out my load for her.

I tried fapping for my mother and even after being completely overtaken by lust, I just could not masturbate myself to an orgasm. Instead, I started thinking about how my mother brought me up. I started thinking about my dad. My dad was my superhero, always working hard for us.

I could never do something that would hurt him. And I cursed myself for wanting to fuck his wife, my mother. I was upset, tired, sleepless and confused. I told myself I will never think dirty about my mom for the sake of my dad, and our family. But the question still remained – would I have fucked my mother otherwise?

Next day, after waking up, I found it difficult to face my mother. I just could not look at her. All the courage I had built to shamelessly lust for her seemed to have been washed away. I was stuck in a turmoil of feelings and emotions. I was angry at myself for having wanted something I should have never wished for.

I wanted to punish myself. I felt losing control over my life. I was sexually frustrated, and I started understanding how badly my addiction to porn has affected me and my life. I loved my mother, but I also found myself wanting her more and more, in sinful ways.

I had less than 3 weeks for my board exams, and I had still not started studying. I was well on my way to messing things up, and that is when the golden idea struck me. “Why not ask my mom to help me study?” I told myself. I did not know if I wanted it so that I could be close to her or if I really wanted to study.

Both were the answer, maybe. I wanted to start studying, but I also wanted her presence. I knew it will not help me get rid of the lust I have for her. I knew it may make things worse. But such was the state of my mind, I was not able to even convince myself to choose between right and wrong. I was going to study, but only to be with my mother.

All I wanted was a valid reason to be with my mother. I was craving for her body, but I just could not accept it myself. I knew it was wrong, and wanting her help to prepare for the exams, was my way of trying to make a wrong right. I was not able to make myself understand, I am her son, and she is my mother.

I could only see myself as a young boy craving for a mature woman, a scenario I had seen in a few porn movies I watched back then. My mother was very happy when I asked her if she could help, and she immediately said yes. We started right away, and she sat next to me, just like I wished. I was enjoying spending time with her, and I was also studying.

In fact, I was studying more, and for longer hours, so that I could have her by my side even more. I would go through the lessons, and then have my mother ask me questions. Soon my study time was close to 14 hours a day, and my mother was stuck by my side, not able to do even her daily household duties.

She started asking me questions while in the kitchen, while she ironed our clothes and even as she watched her favorite serial on TV. I was by her side all the time, and she was teaching me late into the night. She would ask me questions in her nightwear, and the nighty and tight t-shirts she used to wear gave a wonderful idea of her majestic structure.

I loved it even more when she would stretch her arms during the mornings, sitting in front of me wearing a sleeveless salwar top. Or raise her hands to tie her hair, and in the process give me a great view of her shiny clean shaven armpits. She would oil her hair as she asked me questions, sitting next to me, and sometimes come to check my notes right after her morning exercise.

I honestly preferred her dirty sweaty body over her clean fresh body, and even the aroma of her body was adding to my lust for her. Every day I had a new reason to be hard, and I was really enjoying my study time. Preparing for my board exams with a horny erect dick was a truly erotic experience. The last week of my study holidays saw me being forced to cover my hard dick, from poking out of my shorts, on multiple occasions.

I started having this feeling that my mother too was enjoying this, and I was having extremely hard erections. illegal bahis siteleri Maybe it was just my dirty mind playing games, but more than once, I felt my mother was teasing me. She gave me the first hint when she spread her legs open really wide, as she was teaching me biology. She was completely dressed, but she was continuously spreading her legs out really wide, and then bringing it back together, to close it.

She repeated this until we completed the topics related to reproduction. I was sweating, I was exhausted, and I was having an erection so hard I felt I was going to explode. I just had to have my hands over my penis, to keep my hard dick covered. And when my mother said, “That went well son, hope you will not forget this. We really do not have time to do this again now.”

I did not know how to react. I knew I had to believe she was talking about the topics we completed. But I just could not stop thinking if she was trying to tease her teenage son. Such was the impact, I started to feel the room fill with lust, every time my mother and I were together. She started bending over the table every time I asked her a doubt, showing me her cleavage each time.

Her fleshy boobs looked like out of a dream. Sometimes she would sit at the edge of the sofa, with her bust pushed out on purpose, and legs spread wide, making my dick raise. She even made me say-out-loud mathematical formulas, standing right outside the closed door of her bathroom, as she had a quick bath.

“We do not have time to waste, son. So just shout out the formulas for me to hear, and think about nothing else,” she said. I started to recite the formulas, rubbing my dick like a possessed freak. My mother was wet and naked inside the bathroom, just a meter away from me. My plan of asking my mother to help me study had worked out brilliantly.

I got more than what I had wished for. And though I never really masturbated for her, she had herself made me so hard and horny. I had cum shooting out of my dick, the moment I pulled it outside my shorts. The last day of my study holidays had me relaxing, as it was my English exam the next day, and I was confident of doing well.My mother was helping me to study during my board exams. I was extremely satisfied with all the time I spent with my mother. But my mother had one little surprise left for me, and that made me think even more whether she was teasing me all along. I was in the living room when she went inside the common washroom adjacent to the living room. I could hear her pee.

Before I could even start to imagine her sit and pee, the door to the washroom opened and my mother stormed outside into the living room. I could not believe my eyes. I just could not believe what I was seeing. I was stunned. There stood my mother in front of me, wearing just her kurti, and no pants. Her kurti was long enough to cover her knees.

But the sides had such a high cut, I could clearly see her black panties in between the sides of her top. “Have you gone through the wild wind poem, son? It is very important. So you must look into the questions at the back of your textbook again. I really want you to do well. That is all I want, son,” she said before going back into the washroom.

I could not move an inch, I was shocked. She came back outside seconds later, this time with her pants on, and smiled at me like nothing ever happened. This was more than what I could take. Though she stressed how badly she wanted me to score good marks, every-time she looked and sounded like a tease. Her actions had me asking myself questions I could never find answers for.

My exams finally began, stretching for a period of two weeks. As soon as they got over, I got my computer and internet connection back. I was ecstatic. I felt I got my life back. I just could not wait to get back to watching porn. I was a little upset to know my dad and mom were going abroad for a three-week trip.

I was going to miss my mother’s presence. I was used to having her around me, and I wished I got more of her body. I clearly wanted to know if she was teasing me for real too. But I had access to porn back, and being able to walk around with a hard dick all day long, watching porn non-stop, was enough to make me happy.

My results were out a month later. And to everybody’s surprise, I did pretty well. My mother was very happy and said she deserved all the credit. I was more than happy to give her all the credit. Not only did she help me learn and pass, but she also gave me enough to satisfy my lusty desires.

I had scored enough marks to get an admission in the same boarding school my elder sister had studied, in Ooty, a hill station in Tamil Nadu. And my dad was very happy to get me a seat there. I knew the school was a great place to be and having heard my sister talk about it. I knew I was going to have fun.

Packing for school and leaving home brought back feelings I had not had in the last few years. Seeing my mom cry as I was leaving home made me regret all my sinful thoughts about her. I suddenly felt I had no lust for her, and all I had was love. Love a son would have for his mother. Love a son should have for his mother. I had no dirty feelings left for her in my mind.

I realized how dearly she loves me. I was at boarding school for the next few years, and I spent very little time with my mother during this period. Whenever we talked, I had only love and respect for her. I had completely stopped watching porn and it was helping me. I felt good about myself.

I was also dating a girl from my class. I really loved her. We made out a few times, and it was amazing kissing her. I never felt I was missing porn. I was having a great time at school, and I was even getting good grades. I waved goodbye to my hostel and boarding school after my exams.

My mom welcomed me back home with a hug and told me I have turned into a smart young man. I was never a touchy person and always tried avoiding hugs and even goodnight kisses at home. And for the very same reason, my mother’s hug sent shock-waves through my body. I had no desire to lust for her. But I could not resist acknowledging the fact I felt her boobs crush on my chest, as she hugged me.

I feared I would end up wanting her again. My mother had cooked all my favorite food, and I ate all of it. I spent the evening unpacking with the help of my mother and settling down in my room. My mother had so much to talk about. By the time she finally said goodnight and left my room, it was well past 1 am. I was so tired, I fell asleep immediately.

Two hours later, I found myself waking up with a very bad headache and completely wet boxers. I was too exhausted to move until I realized I had an orgasm while sleeping. My boxers were drenched in my sticky white cum. I could not believe I had a wet dream, which was my dream fantasy.

I forced myself out of the bed, to clean and change my boxers. It struck me that I had dreamt of fucking my own mother. I had cum in my sleep, dreaming about cumming inside my mother’s pussy. I was so tired, it was taking me too much time to come back to reality. I just wanted to be in the dream. I was still inside it. I could still feel my dick sliding in and out of my mother’s wet pussy.

I could still feel my tongue inside canlı bahis siteleri my mother’s mouth. I could still feel my hands on my mother’s bare boobs. It felt so real, I could not believe it was just a dream. It was so intense, I could still feel her skin rubbing against mine. All I could do was lie on my bed, still in my wet boxers, as I tried recollecting the dream.

My mother, in her green cotton nighty, sat on my lap, her face facing mine, and the thin spaghetti straps, on the right side of her nighty, conveniently untied, to have one of her busty milky breasts out in the open, waiting for her son to start sucking his own mother’s hard nipples. Her knee-length nighty was lifted up to her hips. I was now having my hands on her thick round ass-cheeks.

I groped her firm butt, and as I started moving my fingers towards her virgin ass-hole. She forces her face onto mine, with a****listic lust, and kissed my lips with extreme passion. She was longing for it, and she could not wait anymore. I kiss her back with equal fervor, pushing my tongue inside her mouth, tasting her for the first time.

Her libido was at its peak as she lifted her hips, took my hard cock in her hand. She sat on it, pushing my erect meat inside her mature love hole. She was so wet, I could feel my dick slide inside her pussy, as she moaned loudly. Very soon I was fucking my mother in the face-off position. She was riding my dick with such greed and excitement.

It looked like she lived all these years just to have her son back inside her pussy. She moved her hips around in a circular motion, grinding her pussy walls against my dick, making sure every inch of her pussy got to feel her son’s young hard cock. I was aroused beyond words could explain. I was biting and kissing her sexy creamy neck, licking and groping her boobs.

I wanted to leave bite marks all over the body. I wanted to claim her body. We continued fucking and my mother was now riding my cock even harder. She was nearing an orgasm, and she wanted me to cum inside her too. I found myself lifting my thighs to push my dick deeper inside her. Just seconds later I could feel hot milky liquid over the entire length of my dick.

My mother moaned as she had an intense orgasm. She was still ejaculating, and her wet juices were flowing out of her pussy, onto my body. My mother was exhausted, and she collapsed against my body. She wrapped her hands around me and started kissing me on my neck. I was still pushing my dick in and out of her pussy when I heard the sound of my dad’s car enter inside the compound.

For a second, I held still, shocked, only to hear my mom tell, “Cum inside me baby, make mummy yours.” There I was in my dad’s room, sitting naked at the edge of my dad’s bed and fucking my dad’s wife, who desperately wanted her son’s cum inside her. I heard him get out of the car and close the door. But I could not pull my cock out of my mom’s pussy and leave his room.

Instead, I continued fucking her harder, making her moan with greater pleasure. “Now baby, now, cum inside your mummy. Cum inside mummy’s slutty pussy. Let daddy see your cum leaking out of mummy’s pussy,” my mother screamed as my dad rang the doorbell. I could not hold back any longer, and my mom’s words had pulled the trigger.

I was shooting thick hot cum inside my mom’s pussy, and I could feel my load fill her hole. My dad continued to ring the doorbell. I continued shooting semen deep inside mom’s pussy. My dick was leaking as I finished recollecting my dream. I was rock hard but yet felt like hit on the head. I couldn’t sleep either.

All I could see when I closed my eyes was my mother jumping on top of me, and I had no idea when I fell asleep. The next morning, as soon as I woke up, I was searching for porn on the internet. It had been more than two years since I last watched porn. After dreaming about fucking my mom last night, it was impossible to not get back to watching porn.

The kind of porn I found on the internet that day was very different from what I was watching two years ago. The internet was now flooded with high-quality milf porn. Each of these milf pornstars successfully managed to convince me that there is no greater pleasure than fucking a mature pussy. In the following days, I realized i****t porn too was very widely available in most porn sites.

I failed to last even for 5 seconds when fapping to i****t mom-son videos. Each of these videos started reminding me of the lust I once had for my mother. I was once again addicted to porn. But this time it was not to help me stay away from lusting for my mother. The only reason I was watching porn now was to fantasize my mother in each video I watch.

This along with the images from my dream of fucking my mother, developed, in me, an uncontrollable lust for my mother. The next few weeks saw me become more daring. I started staring at my mom’s body more frequently, and for longer periods of time. I was ogling at her boobs.

I cared less about what will happen if she caught me checking her out. I even started searching her cupboards to find her bra and panties. Though she always kept them locked and away from every-bodies reach, I did manage to get my hands on one pair of her lovely pink bra and white panties. I could never find the complete treasure she hid.

But I had found enough to know my mom had boobs of size 34e and a waist of 36 inches. She had amazing curves. I had overheard one of her conversations with my aunt, where she told that her hips were around 24 inches. I confirmed my mother was of size 34-24-36. That was the size the hottest milfs would have. And with her beautiful face, glowing skin and shiny hair, my mother was a perfect milf.

For the first time in my life, I masturbated thinking about my mother. I was not watching porn, but just vigorously stroking my dick imagining my mother is waiting to have my load all over her milf body. And I was cumming as I had never before.

Every time she told me she will be back soon after a shower, I would pull down my shorts, and stroke my rock hard dick, imagining her naked in the shower. I was addicted to my mother. I was enjoying every bit of it.In two months time, I joined another college in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. I was an above average student. College life was amazing and I had some wonderful friends. My sex life also was great. I lost my virginity in the very first year. Though I did not talk to all the girls in the college, I had a fling with the ones I talked to.

I had a playboy image throughout the three years in college. I ended up having dated 5 girlfriends. I even had a couple of encounters with mature women. Getting physical with my teacher in college, and then with my distant relative, who lived in the same city I studied in, made me feel like a champion. Mature women were my trophy.

Despite all these, and opportunities for more sex, I continued to lust for my mother. My thoughts were always filled with her, and in my mind, she was always naked. Every scenario I imagined my mother in, she would be naked. Whether it was buying grocery at the supermarket, driving her car, cooking in the kitchen, or serving me food, my mother was naked in every thought of mine.

I would talk to my mother every night, and most times I would be masturbating, bahis firmaları talking to her on the phone. I would be wearing nothing when I call her, and just her voice would be enough to make my dick rock hard. I would stroke my dick as I talk to her, and cum while she was still on the line. I used to desperately wish that she noticed the change in my breath.

I really wished she understood I was masturbating talking to her. I would come home whenever possible. After each visit, the bond between my mother and me was growing stronger. I started talking to her more than I ever had. She was really happy to hear everything happening in my college.

I never told her anything about my sexual encounters. But I would tell her everything else, making her happy. She loved the attention I was giving her and she started seeing me as a friend she could share anything with. We would talk late until midnight, or watch a movie in the home theater or just play board games.

She really enjoyed my company. We were spending a lot of time together. We were becoming really close, and I was now more a friend than a son for her. And that was exactly what I wanted her to feel about me. I wanted her to forget I am her son. I wanted to be the person she loved the most. All I wanted and dreamt of was to fuck her – strip her naked and push my dick deep inside her pussy.

I slowly started being touchy with her, something I had never been my whole life. I would leave my hand on her thighs when watching TV, press the flesh around her shoulders in the context of giving her a stress buster massage, call her for a selfie and then have my hand on her hips or sometimes even lightly grab her hips, saying “Let’s pose.”

And in between all this, I managed to brush my hands over her boobs multiple times, and once even pressed my thumb on her lower boob, while helping her with the dishes in the kitchen. She loved me so much. She could never think any of these were inappropriate. In her eyes, I was the best son any mother could have.

“I am so proud that my son is my best friend,” my mother would tell me every day. I always wanted to tell her, “You are going to be even more proud when your very own son starts fucking you,” but I would just smile and tell her “I will always be your best friend.” My mother was a star among my friends too. She never looked her age, and nobody would believe when I tell them she is in her 40’s.

My mother had come to my college a couple of times. Most of my mates, when they first saw her, thought that she was my elder sister. And when they finally believed she is really my mother, “Your mummy is fucking hot,” was what everybody had to tell me. Though they tried not to talk much about her in front of me, I would guess they were all over her deliciously curvy body.

My mother was fair, she had creamy skin and the perfect body. Even my best buddies could not help but openly lust for her, and seeing their stiff pants made me even hornier. I was enjoying watching my mother being lusted for by every single guy in college. The entire hostel was talking about her that night.

I acted like I knew nothing about them craving for my mother. I was sure everybody had fapped for my mother more than once that night. A normal son would have fought against the entire college that day, to protect his mother’s modesty. But I just locked myself inside my room, pulled my pants down.

I stroked my dick hard imagining my mother standing naked in the middle of the college ground, as more than 500 boys run towards her to grab her and fill her holes. I wish I could fuck this Arabian horse,” I had heard one of my seniors tell the boys around, looking at my mom’s round ass.

And very soon everybody was calling her the Arabian horse. I loved getting turned on hearing it. 3 years went by as I finished my college and returned home as a graduate. And just two days after I came back home, it was my birthday. My mother was very happy to have me back.

And I was even more happy to have her right in front of me. I was so sexually addicted to my mother, I was convinced I had crossed that line where seeing her merely as the woman who gave birth to me, was not possible. I was at that stage of sexual ecstasy where I wanted her to be my wife. I wanted to own her. I wanted to make my mom mine.

I wanted to be the one she would spread her legs for. I wanted to breed her. All throughout my lust filled life, I had not seen her naked. I had not tried to expose myself in front of her either. Even my inappropriate touches were mostly ones that could be categorized as harmless. But that was all going to change. For my birthday, I decided to gift myself, my mother.

“I want to love her, I want her to know my love for her, and I want her to accept it. I am not going to stop myself from making advances on her anymore, and I will grab every chance I get to let her know I crave for her.”

She had baked a chocolate truffle cake for me, and she wanted me to cut it. I so wished she was stripping herself as she sang the happy birthday song for me. I cut the cake and gave her a piece of it first. And when it was her turn to give me a piece, I gladly sucked it off her fingers. I could see my saliva shining on her fingers.

“This tastes so good mom, you are amazing,” I told her as I thanked her for the cake. She wished me and came forward to hug me. This was just what I was waiting for, and I made sure I was giving her the tightest hug she would have ever got. I had my hands wrapped around her with force. I was pushing her deeper and deeper into my body.

I was literally trying to crush her. I wanted her to feel the degree of sexual craving every single inch of my body had for her. My mother too was hugging me back with all her love. I kissed her on her cheeks, a kiss filled only with lust and no love. I am at least 8 inches taller than her and she returned the kiss on my neck. I got turned on at the touch of her lovely pink lips on my neck and start to feel my dick harden.

Our heights were such that my dick was at the same level as my mom’s pussy hole. And when my dick started growing harder and pushing into my mother’s body, I bet she was feeling it, even though both of us were completely dressed. But she showed no change of emotion and continued to hug me. I was sweating now and turning even harder but kept hugging her tight.

We did not break the hug until we hear the gate open and see dad driving his car inside the compound. “Ohhh.Your dad is here,” my mother said, as she broke the hug and smiled at me passionately. I had never seen her look so flushed before. I did not know if she enjoyed feeling the hardness of my manhood, or if she just loved me so much.

Maybe she did feel my dick turn hard, but she loved and trusted me so much, she believed I would never lust for her, and my erection was very normal for somebody of my age, when in touch with the opposite sex. But such was the deep sensual pleasure I felt when hugging her. I could only stand still looking at her smile at me.

I wanted more of it, and I wanted to have my body stuck onto hers for the rest of my life. I came back to my senses when I heard my dad ring the doorbell. “I love you son, have an amazing year,” she said softly. As I looked at my mom going to open the door for dad.

I felt my hard cock starting to leak. I knew I needed my mother more than anything else in this world. I was going to do everything to have my dick inside her mature pussy. I came into this world out of her, and now I was going to get back inside her.

To be continued.

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