A Massage

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A MassageI was playing baseball with my friend and we needed some extra people, so he got his sister, Haley, and her two friends. She was really hot, especially in her baseball uniform. Her friends were ok, too. He had told me several times that Haley wanted me, but I didn’t believe him because I knew she had a boyfriend. We did flirt sometimes, but she did that with a lot of guys.One of the guys hit a long ball. I was running like a deer to snag it before it went over the fence. I jumped high, and caught it, but I knew the moment I leaped, that I was in trouble. I had strained my right groin. I threw the ball weakly to the infield. My friend and Haley helped me up. She asked where it hurt and I said my groin. She smiled and said she was an expert in that area.I smiled but I was in too much pain to respond. I got in one of the golf carts and drove to my friend’s house, which was right next to the ball park. I limped into the guest room and lied down. Shortly, I heard Haley coming in. I wasn’t wearing any underwear because I was trying to tend to my injury. I had an ice pack on it. I was under the covers. I just wanted to rest.Haley came in and saw me. She asked how I was doing. I said I was in pain. She told me I needed a massage. I said I was good. Then she asked why I was so unfriendly.I said I wasn’t, but that she was always hitting kaçak iddaa on me and she had a boyfriend. She responded that a massage was nothing. She took off her baseball cap, came over, and said “let me just see if it’s serious.” I said that I had an ice pack on it. She pulled the covers back and saw me covering my cock, with an ice pack between my legs.She took away the ice pack. I was in too much pain to fight with her. She started rubbing my leg. It did make me relax. As she kept going, I realized she was pretty good at massage. I let her massage my legs, my chest, shoulders, and then she returned to my upper legs. I was still covering my manhood. She took the right leg and pulled it away. I winced. She apologized gently and then began massaging it from my ankles all the way up. She stopped when she got to my groin.She said, “Your hands are in the way.” I said, again, that I was good. “Thanks for the massage.” She took my hands and pushed them aside, then quickly covered my groin with her hand. She massaged it skillfully. I asked her how she learned to do that and she said nothing, but just smiled. The back of her right hand kept touching my sack.She told me to turn over. I did, making sure to cover my back side. She promptly removed the cover and massaged my legs all the way up to my buttocks. She then began kneading kaçak bahis them deftly. It was as if she was squeezing all the stress out.Eventually, I just let her have her way. she massaged my groin from the back, giving special attention to my crotch area. Her hand came up and “accidentally” touched my sack again. I said, “Hey!” She laughed and said she couldn’t help it. I told her that her inadvertent touching made my balls itch. She said she would take care of that. She put some more jelly in her hand and rubbed it over my nuts from behind. She scrawled gently on the sides of my sack where they touched my legs. I moaned.Haley asked me to turn back over. I covered myself and turned over. She reached under the covers and gently scratched me all over my scrotal region. It felt so good that I let a sigh escape my lips. On cue, she moved up to my shaft and began massaging there. I whispered that that wasn’t what I meant. She responded that my swelling member didn’t seem to mind. She was right. I said it felt good, but I didn’t have any lube.She went into the bathroom and came out with baby oil and petroleum jelly, which she mixed together and reaching under the covers, smeared all over me. She pulled the covers off and there I was, standing at attention. She snickered. I reached for the covers but she stopped my hand and said güvenilir bahis she wasn’t laughing at me.“You need to relax, bro.” She began rubbing my manhood and gave me the best hand job I had ever had. I was ready to orgasm, but she stopped. She unbuttoned her baseball uniform, and reached for her baseball cap. She put it on backward and took off her bra. Her breasts peeked out from the baseball uniform.Haley licked the underside of my rigid manhood. She licked the very tip. Then she went down on me, licking her way back up slowly. She kept doing this until I was about to cum again. Then she stopped. She began licking my nut sack. I thought it would never end, and I didn’t want it to. How did she get so good at this?Finally, she began sucking and jerking on me simultaneously, I lurched a couple of times, then let loose in her mouth. She pulled off her cap and I finished inside of it.Her mouth still held my love juice. I asked her what she was going to do with it and she shrugged. There was a knock at the door. Instinctively she swallowed it and put her cap back on. She said, “Just a minute!” Then, she buttoned her uniform. My friend came in and said, “What’s up?” “I was changing his ice”, she said, looking at me. I kept looking at her cap, not believing what she was hiding inside of it.My friend said everyone was going on and on about the spectacular catch. That’s when Haley said, “That was a great catch. My hat’s off to you!” Then she took her cap off in one sweeping motion.I laughed so hard my friend thought I was nuts. I loved that girl from that point on.

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