A Mad Summer

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This is a little story about me, my wife Elizabeth, and her cousin Terence.

Elizabeth (Liz) and I had been married a year at this time in our lives. I was 24 years old, Liz was 23. Terence, Liz’ cousin was 24. Liz was very close to her cousin, her only family in the area, and we spent a lot of time with each other. We would double date frequently with Terence and his girlfriend, Tahlia.

Tahlia had received a job offer on the coast, and just couldn’t say no. Terence loved his job here and wouldn’t even consider moving. They split amicably and decided to try a long distance “friend” relationship, but no monogamous promises were made by either one of them. They decided to live their lives as single, sexually active people. In a while she found another boyfriend.

After Terence’s girlfriend left, it was not uncommon for him to drop in on us or have dinner and drinks with us on weekends. With the two of them being so close, Liz would tease Terence about being single, and having no one to give him sexual relief. She had no problem making comments about him “flogging his log”, or asking if he had “gotten any lately”. She was also very free with her physical touching of Terence, holding his hand with a melodramatic effect or letting him “accidentally” brush against her rather awesome “C cup” boobs taking him by the arm. An evening after a dinner she even would “accidentally” brush her hand across his cock trying to remove some food crumbs, or some other imaginary debris from his lap. But we were young in our early twenties so it was all a laugh.

At other times she would pretend to be his girlfriend, with my blessing, when we would go out. And she danced very close to him, or hold his arm or hand while strolling with him of course letting him have other accidental contacts with her boobs. Occasionally, I would sit in a different place in the club or restaurant, so that I could watch their interaction. She would often give him a peck on the lips when saying goodbye and, as time went on, those pecks on the lips started to last longer than would be normal for most cousins.

I must say all of her playing around with Terence didn’t bothered me in any way and I also confessed to her that on those times that she pretended to be his date while I watched from afar her playing this silly surrogate girlfriend play with Terence, sort of excited me. To say it clear I found that on more than one occasion I would find that my cock would get hard watching this.

Coming back to that weekend, all day long she would flash him glimpses of her braless tits. Or she would position herself so that he had a view of her ass bending over while doing her work. From time to time her nipples would get hard under her t-shirt and she would jokingly ask if that was causing the bulge in the front of his shorts. Then she would tell him that she was doing it just to turn him on like a girlfriend would do.

At the end of the day, we showered off the dirt and grime from our day working, and put on some fresh clothes and had dinner. Liz was an excellent cook, and we enjoyed a great dinner, and talked about the plan for the following day.

After dinner, Liz told us that the weather was so nice; we should open a bottle of wine to enjoy out on the deck, while she cleaned up the kitchen and dining room. I opened some wine and Terence and I went out onto the deck, where I poured some wine for the 3 of us. Terence and I were sitting on the steps of the deck, with him on my left, looking out at the excellent work that we had accomplished that day. I thanked him for his help because we would never have gotten as much done as we did without him.

Terence said it was no problem at all… that is what family does for one another. Smiling he said that we might have gotten more work done, if Liz hadn’t been flirting and teasing him all day. It was at that time that Liz came out and sat down on the step below me, between my legs, and said, “Like I am sure that you didn’t enjoy yourself, perving at my tits and ass.” Terence said that it had made the work more enjoyable and thanked her for the diversion.

It was now dark out, but the full moon was providing enough to see each other clearly. Going on with the tease Liz had pointed her hair high and was wearing one of those cut off t-shirts that hung just below those “C cups”, as long as she kept her arms down. But she was still braless and her boobs would wobble under the thin fabric of the t-shirt, when she would move around, and it was a very sexy view.

Terence, trying to get one over on Liz and do a little teasing himself, had put on his favourite cut-off sweat pants commando with no underwear.

Sipping our wine he looked at Liz intently and he told her that since she had been braless all day teasing him, so he had decided to not wear underwear. Once again we all laughed at that, but I noticed, as did Terence that Liz’ eyes were drawn to the leg of his shorts, where his cock was making itself visible.

While we talked, I started massaging Liz’ shoulders.

She said canlı bahis her left one was bothering her, so she turned towards Terence, still seated between my knees so I could rub it for her. Terence had stretched out his legs, and Liz placed her legs on top of his, laying back against my right leg.

Now if you can picture this, she was laid out as if on a lounger, and I had my left leg crossed up under my right leg. This gave Terence and Liz a clear view of each other. His shorts being rather loose fitting and with his legs open; this gave Liz a pretty unobstructed view of his hardening dick. I noticed that she couldn’t seem to get enough of an eyeful either.

With the massage going on she placed her left arm on my right thigh so her hand actually went behind me, giving him an excellent view of the lower part of her left boob. I was aware that she was partially exposing her breast to Terence, and I had the impression she had done it with the intent of showing off for him in another bit of teasing. He had seen her in the nude a few times when we skinny dipped with him and his older girlfriend, so her teasing exposure of her tit didn’t bother me and I continued to rub her shoulder and arm for her as we talked.

Of course Terence had not missed a beat. “Liz, your left nipple is peeking out,” he said quietly. He was only a bit less playful than before.

“I hope you don’t mind, Terence,” she replied in an alluring tone of voice making not a single move to recover.

Well, the promiscuous activity began to have an effect on all of us. I got a little braver, running my hand down her chest to caress her nipples through her top while continuing her “massage”. She didn’t seem to mind and I eventually eased my fingers under her top and got a handful. This also didn’t seem to faze her in the least. She just sat there smiling and enjoying my “massage” with little moans.

Evidently her partially exposed boob was causing him to get excited as he was frequently adjusting his lengthening cock in his shorts. Actually all of this flirting was arousing the three of us, as my cock was beginning to stiffen as well.

Liz loved the effect on him and she apparently loved the effect that it was having on me as well. I started to notice that she was pressing her back and ribs into my cock and squirming just a bit, accelerating the hardening process of my cock.

I don’t know if he did it on purpose but eventually his cock head started protruding just a bit from the leg of his cut-offs. With a triumphant smile she eased her leg just a little higher on his legs. “I must say you like the view maybe. Not bad for a surrogate girlfriend, uh, Terence?” she said blatantly teasing him. I assisted her in causing Terence to get even more excited by deliberately slipping her top up above her nipple so that it was in sight, and squeezed her boob and twisted her nipple to make it erect.

I asked Terence if he was enjoying the show, and he replied that he wished he could enjoy the sight more often. I looked down at her now totally exposed breast, told her how hot and sexy it looked, and slid my right hand down and uncovered her right tit and nipple as well. As I started caressing her right breast and nipple, along with the left, she started moaning a bit with her head back and mouth open, breathing a little deeper and faster.

Nobody said a word, the silence was charged with sexual tension.

She started getting more and more turned on and needing more stimulation.

In a minute or two I leaned down and quietly in her ear asked, “How about taking your top off completely to let Terence have an unobstructed view of your boobs, and make him happy for the evening?”

I could feel her tense up after my request.

“Ok, go on,” she said consenting to the removal of her garment.

Naked from her waist up, Liz started to relax again, with her back against my leg and crotch, with my ever hardening dick.

She was showing her beautiful pair of ample 34C cups. They had just a bit of sag that made them longish and pendulous, but her nipples stood out like pencil erasers.

I am not sure at this point how far Liz wanted this to go, but we were definitely enjoying the play, so I gradually expanded my massage to include her shoulders, neck, upper back and chest, all of her weak spots.

The increase in nudity had the desired effect on Terence. He was once again adjusting his shorts to accommodate his now blatant erection, and his penis came entirely out of the leg of his shorts.

Liz couldn’t take her eyes off of that hard piece of man meat, exposed right in front of her eyes, less than an arm’s reach away.

We had never “played” that much before having had only bedroom fantasies and the situation had me hard also. In a moment or two I felt her move her leg again.

She boldly went further into tease-mode, giggled, and said, “I see my boobs have an effect on you Terence”, while she started stroking his cock with her feet.

He remained motionless for a while as she continued bahis siteleri her foot-play on his steel-hard cock. His rod got even harder and longer, and she got even braver. Her feet went up and down his hard cock for a while and he looked like he was about to spurt.

“Do you want to cum, Terry?” she teased him again dragging her hand out. This was apparently too much for him to handle, because he jumped up, mumbled “shit”, and “goodnight!”; then hurried to his car putting his cock back in his shorts.

She didn’t lose her temper and while Terence was still backing out of the driveway, with his lights shining on us, she stood up flaunting her boobs again for him saying, “This is for your hand job tonight, Terence!”

Then she just gave me that “smile” letting me know she was hot and wanted it now.

All of the teasing had both of us right on the brink of orgasm.

We made furious love that night.

This was the first time things had gone that far with Terence.


For a month or so nothing else happened. Unknown to Terence, Liz and I made kinky love imagining that he fucked her, but we experimented with sex and it was normal for us to role-play about other guys having fun with her, always getting extra horny when we had sexy fun like this.

A second and more complicated sexy instance with Terence was on a road trip we made to another town for a football game that same summer.

The three of us we drove down, enjoyed the game and spent the night; we were in two different rooms.

On the way back, we decided to take all secondary roads and just enjoy the countryside.

About Sunset, we pulled into this little town on the sea and decided to stop for a second night at hotel. They only had one room, but it was equipped with a double bed and a single. We booked it; then we went out to find a place for dinner and drinks.

Liz had been braless for the whole trip, which wasn’t unusual at all for her when she was around him. At the restaurant the air conditioning was set pretty cool, and her nipples were in “super erect mode” and Terence and I both teased her about it.

She played it very cool (pardon the pun) and wasn’t about to act embarrassed, and again, she teased him about his lack of a girlfriend to work off his sexual frustrations.

After a pizza and a walk, we headed back for the hotel. Terence said he wanted to get a shower. It was at this point the teasing started again.

Liz told him that she was sure that he needed to release some of his sexual urges, and he just wanted to be alone so that he could jack himself off.

She proudly showed him her erect nipples through her t-shirt, saying that he needed a girlfriend with a nice pair of tits like she had.

Once again the three of us burst into laughter. She even brushed her hand across his rock hard dick, on top of his trousers to which he said, “Damn girl, you owe me about a fuck a day for all of the grief you put me through.”

“Maybe… in your dreams, Bucko.” was her response to that, and then she laughed some more.

We told him to “enjoy himself in the shower”, and that we were going for a walk on the beach.

Liz was rubbing my cock for me while we were sitting on the beach watching the waves.

She asked why I was so hard right now.

I told her that it was a reaction to her rubbing her cousin’s cock through his pants that got my cock hard… and, because she was rubbing me so well right now.

She leaned over and kissed my ear, and then she asked “Do you want to go a little farther down the beach, away from all of the people, so that I can suck your long, hard, cock until you fill my throat with your hot, sticky sperm?”.

I told her that sounded like a good idea, but maybe we should get back to the room.

While we were walking back to our hotel, I asked her if she wanted to play with him again. At home, after the incident on the deck, we had talked about her doing more than tease him, and jacking him off, or maybe even sucking him to completion and she never said no. The right night was arrived maybe and she said, “It’s ok for me if you are ok with it.”

Her answer didn’t surprise me. I even suggested that she fuck him while I watched, but she didn’t know about actually having him in a really physical way. She said that she was really uncertain about having him fuck her but since she has been braless and shaking her breasts at him as a tease for the last 2 days, she didn’t mind letting him see her bare tits again, or even flaunting him pussy and maybe a hand-job or a blow-job on his bed. I kissed her saying “As you like Hon” and speeded up to the hotel. The idea of her sucking Terence off made me excited.

When we got back to the room, Terence was in the single bed watching TV in just his undershorts.

Looking at him, Liz had a giggle and then walked straight into the bathroom to change.

I just stripped to my skivvies and slipped into the double bed.

She came out about 5 min later. My heart bahis şirketleri started pounding in my chest.

Following our tentative game plan to tease Terence, Liz had upped the game just a little.

She had a G-string and nothing else on. Her boobs were totally on display; even her whole back was bare, apart for the thin dental floss like string. With her hair pointed high, displaying her long graceful neck, she looked absolutely beautiful and sexy.

“Damn woman!” came out his mouth as he propped up on one elbow looking at her from behind. She giggled and nonchalantly walked to the front door with her boobs in full view to turn the main room lights off, then came back around to crawl in the bed with me. She eventually worked her G-string totally off, and laying at my side she was completely naked.

She had the side of our bed along the centre aisle between the beds, so she reached to turn off the bedside light.

The TV was still playing very low, but the light filled the room. We were lying on top of the covers; I was propped against the headboard as was she. Her naked body was totally in view, and perfectly visible in the faint light.

Terence was making small talk with us and she just kept up as long as he liked. Then out of the blue, she asked him if he had jacked off before we got back to the room again. Terence smiled and said, “No.”

She asked if he needed a helping hand.

Liz giving him a hand job was something we had agreed on as we walked back to the hotel so I entered in the conversation, teasing her.

I said “You are all talk; you would never have the guts to do that.”

She asked, “Is that a dare?” “If it is… I’m getting in his bed!”

Not two seconds later I said, “Take it how you want, I’m sure you won’t have the guts to give him a hand job” and giggled again.

She smacked my right arm, and headed towards his bed saying, “I told you if you said that again I was getting in his bed!”

She crawled in his bed on his left side.

Terence’s comment was, “Well hello there!”; then silence filled the room.

I pretended to just watch TV, but watched them from the corner of my eye.

He had his hand on her tummy, just caressing her quietly, but I noticed with each stroke, the hand was being drawn higher a little at a time.

She had her right hand resting on her side as she was laying but her other hand was on his shoulder.

I could see his left hand reach her breast fully cupping and caressing it. They now talked quietly on their own; I stayed silent, just watching, as he slowly worked on her breasts.

I felt a bit cut off, but didn’t make a move or protest in any way, as they even exchanged a peck on the lips and this was followed by another kiss, this time deeper and longer, with his tongue deep in her mouth.

I could hear their breathing becoming more frantic, and my cock had become a raging hard on.

As I looked at them kissing and touching, I heard her tell him, in a whisper, “go ahead, pretend like I am your girlfriend”.

He asked, “What about him?”

And she answered, “Don’t worry, I think he likes it.”

His reply was “Good!”

My cock actually got even harder and I found my hand stroking it as I watched them get more intimate by the second.

That’s when she turned on her right side and her hand went to his underpants, with a giggle. At that moment, I saw only her naked ass and his right hand cupping her cheeks, but I heard the distinct sound of a waistband “pop” as Liz led out a sexy giggle.

Hearing that sound, my heart started racing! It was the waistband of his underpants, and I felt for sure she had her own little fingers wrapped around his cock. I sat up on the bed for a better view than I had lying on my side.

I was right.

From this position I could see her stroking his erect cock as he caressed the bare skin of her hip. She also gave little kisses on the top of his cock.

It didn’t take long for him to move his hand up her side, then over her naked ass. Tentatively at first, he touched the side of it, and then he found a way between her buns. She helped him and he inserted a finger into her fresh vagina from behind.

I could just glimpse her hand on his cock and I heard her let out a soft sigh, a sound I know she makes when she’s really turned on, and then he whispered, “Do you think he is touching himself?” She whispered back “Yes he is.” Then her hand started working faster and faster, gliding up and down the shaft of his hard meat, while he was finger fucking her wet cunt.

I was super hard myself, gently jacking off to this sight before me. My wife was stroking her cousin. I just sat on the bed watching them while ever so slowly stroking my now dripping cock. I was shaking with excitement, and not saying a word.

She now rolled on her back showing her hairy pussy and he was on his knees between her legs.

His hand moved to her breasts as he started kissing her shoulders then down to her nipples, where he began sucking on one and then the other intently.

Again she let out that sigh arching up to him, allowing him full access as he started massaging her tits and twisting her nipples like they were radio knobs.

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